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If you dream of being an online entrepreneur earning a passive income from your online efforts then you have ARRIVED in the right place. You may think It’s out of your reach though, because you have no marketing or sales experience and your computer skills aren’t that hot. Well, stay tuned because I have the solution for you.

No Thanks, I want to get registered for FREE Affiliate Training and to build a profit ready website now…

What Will Change For You In A Month From Now?

Can you see yourself earning income from your online efforts in a month from now? OR…. maybe you’re thinking to yourself….

The technical side sounds very complicated and out of my skill range.

….I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ONLINE MARKETING AND SALES….I have absolutly no sales and marketing experience therefore theres no hope for me then….

….IT WILL TAKE TOO MUCH OUT OF MY TIME – I ALREADY WORK FULL-TIME…. I have little spare time to make a success at being an online entrepreneur.

Well, none of this matters anyway because I have a SOLUTION and it does not require you to have any experience, or know anything about sales and marketing, or be computer savvy, or to have loads of time…. Just 2 HOURS a day will do it!

This Is My Story!

I knew NOTHING about how to start an online business. Everything I tried previous didn’t really explain or teach me anything and I was getting frustrated. I was wasting time and money on useless products that weren’t helping me and I started to have doubts about whether I could truly create an income online.  But thankfully, I stumbled upon a very plain looking website with a post that popped out at me. The heading was ‘Learn Affiliate Marketing – No Experience Necessary’…

I was like.. ok maybe there’s a chance…. I was doubtful though in my mind that I could learn enough to be successful…. I was starting late in life aswell and too old to start anything anyway right?… I didn’t think I had the technical know how…. and ….I doubted that I had the time to make a success of it… 

Boy!!! I couldn’t have been more wrong about that…. In just a month, I made my first commission and now I’m a PROPER online entrepreneur….

I FOUND this same solution I am about to REVEAL to you, and all of my PAIN and SUFFERING went away…

AND NOW!…. I am on a MISSION to help YOU…. to have the same SUCCESS (or better) as I have had, and CONTINUE to have!

Hiya! My name is Rina Walker

I’m a web based entrepreneur and I was shown and trained step-by-step how to be one.

I was given all the tools I needed, all the training I needed, all the coaching and support ALL in one place! I didn’t have to go elswhere to find what I needed. It was all there!

My life has changed. I work part-time from home or from anywhere in the world and I am my own boss. I call the shots…. not someone else!

I love what I do and I will keep doing this well into my retirement and for the rest of my life.

Everything I know about being an online ENTREPRENEUR I now want to share with you. 

What Would Your Life Be Like If You Too Could Have The Success I Have Had?

Any amount of income can be achieved with affiliate marketing. Whether you are sleeping or playing, the business (when built out properly) will generate an income for you, night or day.

Imagine the freedom you will have to do the things you dream of doing. Imagine not having to work the long hours you are working now, or earning less than you are worth?  

What if you could work from where ever you wanted – at the beach, on holiday, or from your most favourite place in the world – because you can with just a laptop and an internet connection. 

How amazing would it be to just have the life you dream of and the income to make it happen! Don’t delay any longer. Get started today, THE PROPER WAY and make it happen NOW!

I’ve worked online now for almost 3 years, and it’s been the best decision I have ever made. I work and play on my terms! I’m happier and healthier because I now have time to concentrate on my wellbeing. My whole family has benefitted, all because I committed just 2 hours a day to get some training and be shown step-by-step, day-by-day, how to be successful online by people who care about my success.

Wealthy Affiliate University is a Worldclass Community based Training Facility and Secure Hosting Platform for Entrepreneurs starting at any level from Novice to Experienced. Over 1 Million Members from around the World reside and manage successful online businesses from the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. Premium Membership available, Worlclass Training, FREE to Start….

The One-time Offer That Will Change Everything….

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  • It’s entirely possible to build a live website within half an hour and get it ranked in Google in this period of time….
  • It’s even possible to earn commission within the 7 day training. Many have achieved their first commission earnings within the 7 days….
  • Take a good look around the Wealthy Affiliate University, the Power House training platform for the building out of profitable web-based business….
  • Take a peek into how PREMIUM tools simplify the processes providing you with a very interactive and hands on experience….
  • Meet the community and chat live with some of the members in the Live Chat feature…
  • See all the tools, training, support and know how ALL on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform….
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  • 50 Lessons for the Online Entrepreneur Certification – There are 5 Phasees which include 50 Lesson in this course, and this training is going to be fundamental to the core of your knowledge base. You’re going to be more than adequetly equipped to succeed within ANY online niche of your choosing….
  • Get access to an Incredible Catalogue of Industry Training – There’s thousands (1,000’s) of modules covering pretty much everything training you could imagine in regards to the running of an online business. Experts on every subject matter are contributing to your online education within WA and what you get full access to as a Premium member….
  • Classrooms are Evolving Daily (12 Classrooms in total) – WA have the most diverse range of online training anywhere in the world and the classrooms are constantly in use. There are NUNEROUS ways in which you can build and monetize a business online from drop shipping, e-commerce, local marketing, SEO, Facebook ads, email marketing, adsense, lead generation, pay-per-click, etc. The entire list of these topics are being covered within these classrooms….
  • Earn Revenue Creating Your Own Training – Opportunities exist withing WA to earn from training you create yourself – Earn some extra cash by simply giving back to the WA community! As a Premium member (after 3 months) you have the opportunity to create your own trainings via video, text courses as well as tutorials. Payments for your training are sent to you monthly. It can also be a way to pay and offset your full member costs at WA….
  • Create Your Own WA Authority Blog   – You’re very own profile blog at Wealthy Affiliate can be used to share your journey and your online experiences. The blogs are among some of the highest ranked blogs in the world. The result of this is Revenue! Every person who ends up joining Wealthy Affiliate through visiting your blog, you get full referal credits for….

#3 – Six (6) Months Private Premium One-On-One Coaching ($2,900 Value)

  • Enjoy and prosper with 6 MONTHS of personal face-to-face coaching via live weekly calls and real-time instruction via screen sharing technology with your own personal coach, one-on-one. 
  • Speed up the building out of your business and get earning faster. This coaching can completely accelerate the building out of your business and the process can lead to earning a lot quicker as a result.
  • Know that your back is covered and you’re well on your way to building an income generating, profit earning web based machine. Having your own face-to-face coach via a live call showing you real-time instruction is like having a navigator. You are the driver and your navigator navigates you on the smothest and quickest way to get to your destination.
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#4Six MORE Months Premium Accelerator For Serious Entrepreneurs (save $229)

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PLUS Access to over 3,000 WordPress website themes and 50,000 add on plugins (premium) 

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Rocketing Your Success….In Summary….

Wealthy Affiliate is a place to build beautiful profit ready websites when you don’t know how to. With a couple of hours a day you can do this because it’s not rocket science but needs to be shown to you the proper way. If however, you are already earning online and want to scale up your efforts then this is the place to acheive that too!
This massive offer is designed to rocket you to success. You have 6 – 12 months of training from the best in the industry including personal one-on-one, face-to-face coaching and live instruction via sreen sharing technology. The benefits to you are far beyond what you can imagine looking from the outside in. After today, this offer will be gone.

Remember, you’re just one click away from online success…

-Rina T Walker

10 thoughts on “READ This Very Special Offer…before it’s too late!”

  1. Hi Rina, thank you so much for putting this up, I’ve been looking for a better way to make money online.i have been a freelancer for a while but the clients keep bringing unimaginable and unrealistic deadlines to their jobs and it’s frustrating. If with enough training I can really lean with wealthy affiliate them I’ll go all in because I’m very attentive and I think k this is just the one  for me. I’ll be sure to click your link, Thanks for giving me a better alternative

    • Hi Jackson 

      I’m sorry to hear the frustrations you feel with working with some of your clients. If you are thinking that you can make money online without having to work for your others such as your clients needs, then an affiliate business can certainly do that for you. Wealthy Affiliate has the best training to get you started quickly and with the experience you already have can indeed be an advantage. Be sure to look me up in Wealthy Affiliate if you decide to register. I will personally help you and so will many others in the WA community. All the best

  2. Hi Rina, Getting my mind off earning by working in an office to working online is a big change for me. However with those explanations and the support, this program seems to be what could work for me. I am generally a disciplined person but accountability in the first part would be good for me to keep me on track. Thanks for this introduction. I can imagine myself in a different successful space in 6 months. 

    • Hi JJ thanks for the comments. Staying on track with the training and building out of an online business is achievable with good support from a community such as in Wealthy Affiliate. Having screen sharing time with a coach is amazingly helpful and can really make the difference in regards to staying on track and being accountable for it.


  3. This special offer seems like a very reasonable package of tools and features that the entrepreneur can use to rapidly get started with an online business using a path that many have followed with success. When I see all that you get and compare it with other options, it is a deal worth considering.

    Is this a limited time offer and what will happen if I do not act immediately? Are prices going to rise for this package soon and if so by how much? I would like to have a couple of my friends look at this because they have been looking for something like this.

    The Wealthy Affiliate platform has a very good reputation in regards to the tools, training, and features and I see that you can use it to create a website, find a niche, build content related to the niche on that website, and tap into a very active and helpful community. Definately worth a look…

    • Hi Dave! It is a limited offer which means there is a certain amount of time to take advantage of it. Prices will not rise but the nature of the offers will. For example, when the sreen share coaching reaches it’s capacity, it will not be offered again until there are more available places to take more trainees.

      So be quick…


  4. You provide a very encouraging case for the potential to succeed with affiliate marketing.  You have certainly proven that persistence pays off.

    You have also made a very compelling case for the Wealthy Affiliate program and platform where you can learn and earn.  It provides all the necessary ingredients for a successful internet business.  We just need to provide the commitment, dedication and effort.

    Thanks so much for your detailed description of your journey and a viable vehicle to get there.  I am definately going to try the free 7 day training for starters. It also seems to be a very reasonable price to start your own business. 

    • Hiya Hoseph

      You will be pleased I think with what the platform at Wealthy Affiliate offers no matter what your star-up budget maybe or not be for that matter. Any person with any budget has an opportunity to have a profit generating online business. Be sure to message me when you arrive there. I am there to help everyone who asks. Have a great day.

  5. Hello Rina, interesting post this is and I got enlightened.

    This is really a very great opportunity open to everyone. While reading this post, I just can’t help but to imagine myself having to sitback at home and work on my own terms without waiting for anybody’s commands or being ordered around. Going by the value estimation of this platform and the price it is going for, I’m definitely opting in for this. I just wish I would be well thought and I can make profits soon. Thanks for this and hope I will be able to link up with you when I joined the platform?


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