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Website: and
Price: $9,997 for 40 spots
Price Special: $997 for 40 spots
Owner: Allen Martin aka Christian Gasper
Ranking: 0/10


It's not clear at all about how and when AMC Marketing was started. Offers from AMC Marketing often appear by email ads to provide services to start your own online affiliate marketing business and within 2 – 3 weeks of doing so, you will be earning $100 a day and after 6 to 7 weeks earning $200 a day.

It offers a significant price drop from $9997 to $997 for just 40 spots, and payment can be split over 3 months. A money-back-guarantee will also apply if a subscriber is unhappy with the results during the first three months.

Pros and Cons


When I recently visited the AMC Marketing website it appears to have related information but looks sparse.

A Red Flag image:


When visiting the it says that “This web space is expired.” Even if there is a legitimate reason for the site being down ( I could not find an explanation), its members may have experienced ‘down time' causing disruption to their own businesses.

Screenshot -

The other website is a WordPress website with nothing significant on it at all. It looks like it was started without any content being added. Hmmm! Something is starting to smell fishy…

Screenshot - Unfinished Website 'Real Allen Martin':

According to a report on RipoffReport a subscriber who has since reported Allen Martin (probably not his real name) or Christian Gasper (probably his real name) to police in the UK, says that red flags appeared when after subscribing he received an email informing 1st month subscribers that they will not be receiving any services until the 2nd payment is made. Attempts to contact him failed when he asked for a refund.

By consumers, for consumers…

Ripoff Report txt image:

Who is AMC Marketing For?

It does not state.

Product Info:

It does not state specifically.


The support offered was not specified.

Final opinion:

It absolutely sounds and looks dodgy to me! I would stay well clear of this one.

Verdict: Scam (not legit)

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Please feel free to drop me a comment or offer feedback or ask a related question as I'm happy to help you out for sure!



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16 thoughts on “AMC Marketing REVIEW

  1. Allen Martin Consulting Marketing is a total scam and Allen Martin is still scamming people underground. His real name is Christian Gasper from Germany.

    He claimed to setup a $200 per day business for his clients at the cost of $997 but run away with all the money and disappeared! Till today, he has scammed at least 50 people in the range of $997 to $4997!

    You can read all of Allen Martin’s Internet Email Marketing Scam here:

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for your very direct comments. It will help people hopefully to keep an eye out especially if he is still operating!
      There are alot of scammers out there so be vigilant!



    2. Allen Martin aka Christian Gasper the serial scammer has used multiple faked aliases to scam people such as Allan Martin, Johnny West, Mark Newman since I last posted here.

      Live Video proof of his impersonation -
      Please share the video on FB to warn the others of the scammer!

      He is now launching seemingly cheap products in the price range of $4.95-$7 at but after purchase, he will upsell you his expensive Done For You Campaign and 1-1 coaching which are in fact scams to put more money into his pocket! They are totally useless!

      In fact, his cheap front end products are information you can actually get for FREE by doing google web search.

      His latest scam is Commission Manifest launched at WarriorPlus.

      Beware of this serial scammer whose real name is Christian Gasper from Wiesbaden, Germany. You can find his full address at ripoffreport. He now has 10 complaints at ripoff!

      Thanks for setting up this website to warn others of the scam, Rina! All the best to your online business!

      1. Thank you Smith for the UPDATE on Allen Martin aka Christian Gasper the serial scammer!!! WTH! I can’t believe he is still up to no good! I will share the video on facebook. Thanks again Smith!

  2. I have been looking for information on this marketing program for a friend. Because of issues he’s having with his account. Do you think the company is running off of a trusted sever and if this is the best option out here for marketers? I’m asking for a friend. I don’t have an account and depending on your recommendations I may not ever go with this program.

    1. Hi James… To answer your questions bluntly…..NO!!! and DEFINATELY NOT!!!     

      AMC Marketing is 100% a SCAM… Tell your friend to get out of there quick!

      Want to see who ranks top? Click Here

  3. Really useful review. There are so many scams online that promise big returns with little effort. It pays to do your research before signing up to do anything.

    I would be very wary of any website that promises that you will be earning $100 a day just 2-3 weeks of signing up.

  4. Hi, Rina! Not even taking into consideration, (yet) that as you said this company “AMC marketing” that you attempted to write a review of had its page missing on the Internet; the asking price to join was outrageous.

    I would seriously question the wisdom of any rationale person who would be willing to forking over almost $10,000 to have the opportunity to be trained in an online business by some guy who most likely no one had ever heard of in their lives.

    The fact that he then knocked down the price to just under $1,000 seems to be one of panic by this Allen Martin, aka Christian Gasper individual. No one had been fooled by the original, insane price so he drastically knocked it down.

    However, as you stated when you went to research the site of this AMC marketing company, and instead you found out that it was down, with absolutely no other info, available it lead you to conclude, along with anyone else who tried to visit the site that it was nothing but a complete scam. Either that or else the Feds had found out what a fraud Allen Martin was and shut down his business. I wonder if his current place of residence is a 10 x 12 foot jail cell?


  5. Hi Rina.

    Thank you for the review. We are lucky there are people like you combing out all the scammers on the internet. AMC Marketing are one of the many thousands we have to watch out for.
    Would you consider adding all your reviews into a ranked table?

    Good work and keep up with your reviews.


    1. Hi Louis! Thanks for stopping by. It didn’t take long to figure out that this guy was just out to get what he could from valnerable people. So yes…stay clear of this one.

      Regards 🙂

      I have just this weekend added the score for all of the reviews so now you can how they rank straight from the menu bar.

  6. With the good also comes the bad. Online is an avenue for all sorts of scammers to prey on innocent people that are trying to change their current situation.

    AMC has a track record for scamming people and this is why people have to do proper research before committing to any promise to change your life deals on the internet.

    Thanks for exposing AMC even more, for their website to say its web space has expired just about sums up the business.

    Buyers Beware!!!

    1. Thanks for the comments Excelle. AMC Marketing and Allen Martin aka Christian Gasper have a track record for scamming people. Doing proper research and reading reviews is the only way to lesson the chances of getting SCAMMED! No two ways about it…

      Regards 🙂

  7. It is really sad that some people like Allen Marten is taking advantage of the ignorance of the others.

    I am also a newbie to online marketing and working hard to live a descent life. I am thankful that I am not one of those who falls to the bait of AMC Marketing.

    Thanks for giving us a warning.

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