Shopping Business Model

Shopping made easy

Nowadays, shopping has never been easier. Consumers can enjoy shopping in the comfort of their own home. Online shopping gets you more time to find the products and services that you need. You can thoroughly compare each product or services from their features, price, and package freebies. Spending hours searching the product’s database will surely get you the best deal that you are looking for. If you are not satisfied with the product’s database, you can find another online shopping network that offers better products and cheaper price. You have all the luxury to find the right products that suit your budget and will not compromise quality. All you need to do is sit down, find the product of choice, and have fun shopping.

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Product Review Business

Offering Product Reviews

A study from 2013 reveals that 79% of consumers are trusting the reviews that they read online. 90% of consumer’s decision is influenced by online reviews according to the article published on Marketing Land.

Reviewing products you have used

One of the powerful ways to earn in blogging is by writing reviews about products you have used. It is one of the strategies in affiliate marketing used by digital marketers to sell products from their partners. Creating reviews needs time, as you will need to have used the product that you are reviewing.

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Content Marketing Business Model

It’s the essence of your website

Content should capture a reader’s interest. It’s the meat in the pie and the stuffing in the mattress. Without it, it’s not going to be that great. The content is for your visitors so it should be relevant and make sense, not obscure, distorted and grammatically incorrect. Content should ultimately be appealing to readers as appose to an advertisement because that’s what ads are for.

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Search Engine Optimization Business


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a discipline used by digital marketers to improve the visibility factor of their website in search engined. Fully optimized SEO websites are usually on the first page or listing (also known as the Search Engine Results Page or SERP) of the non-paid search results. A website will only be indexed if there’s regular traffic and it keeps on improving the site rankings.

SEO is not all about getting a website optimized for search engines, it also includes the optimization of user experience in visiting the website.

SEO -Search Engine Optimization is therefore, a strategy to increase traffic or visitors to a website but also to give the user a better search experience. Ultimately the strategy involves having a high-ranking placement in the search engines first results page or SERP. A high ranking is to appear on the first page without having to scroll down the page.

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Pay Per Click Business Model

Pay per click (PPC) is a search engine marketing strategy that attracts visitors to your website to boost its traffic. It is a risky gamble for technopreneurs if you don’t have a good understanding of how it works, it will cost you a fortune if you’re not careful. A well-strategic PPC campaign can generate large audiences to your website resulting in the increase in revenue. We all want that to happen now, don’t we? So here is an overview of what are the challenges are moving ahead, strategies to build, and the first steps in making a successful PPC campaign.

What is PPC and why is it important for digital marketers?

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Blogging Business Model

A blog is typically writing about a certain topic, interest or hobby for an audience

The blogs are posted to the same page one after the other and as often as the blogger (the author) is posting. The more popular and interesting the blogs are the more traffic or audience it is going to attract.


A way for a Blogger to make money from their blogging website is from ads

Blogging sites typically make money from the ads on the blogger’s website. The ads are usually in relation to the blogger’s topic.

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Are you a person who likes to take your time plodding along and in no real hurry?

Do you like to take your time to understand the information making sure you know exactly how it suppose to all work before taking any real action – and when you reach your target you feel a sense of calm and order?

Or are you someone who likes the pedal to the metal?


5 Good Reasons To Earn From Home

1. You are the boss!

Today, I decided I would work from my carport. It’s a beautiful day and I have a great view, I have my tools in front of me, I’m set!

Why not earn from home and be your own boss? This idea may not seem so far in the distance as you might think. Imagine being the only one to tell yourself when to get up for work, where to work, what to wear to work, who you will work with and why you didn’t do this a long time ago! Being your own boss is freedom!

For some, it’s scary to leave the comfort of a wage or salaried job to work for yourself. Scary to think that you will have to make all of the decisions about every aspect of your business. What if you make a bad mistake and the business falls down? What if I go broke? Aren’t all business owners stressed to the max? Well maybe that’s the case for some business owners, but not for all.

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Has Online Shopping Changed the Way People Live?

It sure has – The internet has a huge influence on all of our lives now – it is fast and convenient and it is a time saver and also a money saver for many people.  A lot of people I know buy everything online, and it all gets delivered right to their door.

You can shop 24/7 and browse the pages and prices of the product you are looking for.

Ordering and buying your groceries from your local supermarket any time, any day is a huge attraction for many mums who otherwise would have to take the kids along usually making a long job longer. Find price comparisons between stores in a few seconds instead of physically going to the other store etc…etc… My 90-year-old mum bought her last ensemble online after browsing her favorite clothing stores all from the comfort of her rocking chair. It was delivered in days. She was impressed and so was I!

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