Earning Online With Affiliate Marketing Websites – To Help Pay The Bills

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Footing all of the domestic bills…

Sending kids to school, putting food on the table and footing all the domestic bills can make your head spin. If these are common occurrences, then augmenting your current earning makes sense. So why not try earning online with affiliate marketing websites. It’s not unusual for affiliate marketers to have 2 websites running and earning at the same time. It’s simpler than you think!

The Internet is an enormous digital market where online businesses can easily be missed, or not found, by the target markets. To bring it to the targets’ attention, seeking massive help from people or companies that own websites is a good strategy. This is how affiliate marketing has been conceived to help, and it worked. Today, this is the lifeblood that’s coursing along through the veins of online affiliate programs.

If this is the first time that you have come across affiliate marketing, it isn’t too late. The Web is big enough to accommodate you if you are interested in generating some extra bucks. What do you need to know about affiliate marketing? How do you earn through affiliate network advertising? Who are the right affiliate marketing vendors to know and strike a deal with? Wealthy Affiliate can help you get an online affiliate marketing business up and running from scratch. NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. Read a Wealthy Affiliate review here

Footing all of the domestic bills…Affiliate Marketing: What is it?

Affiliate marketing is a form of advertising practice or model where third parties facilitate a sale through generating traffic or leads to a website that compensates them for their efforts. It is a classic, Web-based strategy that allows online businesses to connect and work with other website owners to achieve their marketing and sales goals.

This advertising model became popular because it is economical for the merchants, not to mention effective, and quick for anyone who wants to earn some cash. It is a triad of relationships between advertisers/vendors/merchants, publishers/affiliates, and consumers.

  • The advertisers or merchants are the affiliate marketing vendors who have products or services to sell. They drive the affiliate programs by paying affiliates for the efforts exerted in promoting and selling the merchants’ products or services.
  • The publisher or affiliate is the intermediary between the seller and the buyer/consumer. For playing the role, your website is monetized as you are rewarded a commission whenever a site visitor or consumer heeds with a CTA (call to action).
  • The consumers are the targets of all the affiliate marketing effort. They are the ones that advertisers and publishers want to convert or respond to a CTA – filling a form, clicking links, making a purchase, etc.

Footing all of the domestic bills…The Motivations of an Affiliate Marketer

The best thing about affiliate marketing is how it pays off quickly – a “no-fuss” way” to make money online. Over and above, the affiliate program can let you be in business without worrying about the usual elements of business or marketing. With it, you don’t need to have your own products or be worried about their production, costs or storage. Packing of stocks, delivery/shipment of orders and customer service are the advertisers/merchants duties and worries.

Should you decide to jump into the “bandwagon,” you can join as many affiliate programs as you want without having to pay fees. You can enjoy a passive income from a vast, global reach, even when you are out of the house or doing something else. You can earn, even when you’re housebound to raise kids, nurse an elderly or just have a grand time working without the hassles of commuting and traffic.

How it works

Selling products is one way to earn from this marketing effort, but not all schemes require a sale to earn a commission. There are different programs that offer different commission payment schemes – Cost Per Lead (CPL), Cost Per Click (CPC), and Cost Per Sale (CPA).

Most schemes would require that you have a website, but there are other ways to undertake and grow affiliate marketing, even when you have no “digital estate.” The important thing is to build your reputation, so your recommendation would be respected as an expert’s choice.

How do the merchants or advertisers track your marketing successes or performance to be properly compensated? After joining a program, you will receive a unique affiliate ID, link or code that will track your performance. This is how you will be differentiated from the others and how you will get the credit for every converted visitor. You use this when you direct traffic from your website to the merchants’ sites, to access the affiliate program’s systems, and to monitor real-time sales and commission data.   


Footing all of the domestic bills…Bigger and Better: Affiliate Network Advertising

If you are interested in making affiliate marketing a full-time job or business, elevate yourself or your company to become a third-party affiliate network. Your job as an affiliate network advertiser entails that you act as the intercessor between the merchant affiliate programs and the affiliates, so they find each other.

Affiliate network advertising is a bigger game with more merchants and publishers to link. There will be more work, covering an assortment of advertising mediums, and of course more commissions to earn. And because affiliate marketing has always been in high demand, expect competition.

How can you make the publishers and the merchants choose you? Offer them “add-ons” in the forms of benefits and/or services. These may include tracking tools, technologies that will provide access to an immense sellers’ or affiliates’ base, payment processing tools, reporting systems, etc.

Affiliate Marketing for Success

Affiliate marketing can be an excellent method to earn some bucks to cover part or all of your financial needs. How much you will earn from it is a matter of choice. It can be an easy way to earn some bucks, but money won’t just roll in without toiling on it.

There will be a competition. To succeed, you need to “know” your target market to increase the traffic to your website and make them click your CTAs. Be smart with your strategies. Use Google Adwords to direct your target audience to a sales landing page. Take advantage and stay current with your choice of tools, metrics, and trackers to monitor the performance of your marketing campaign. Pick reputable affiliate marketing vendors.  Focus on just a number of products that you personally believe in after trial use or research.

Your affiliate marketing effort will not bring in money overnight. Just praying or hoping for the conversion or for traffic to come non-stop won’t just happen. You need to be patient, but more importantly, embrace the best practices and set up your strategy properly to achieve success.

Feel free to contact me with any related question or just leave a comment and/or feedback 🙂



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4 thoughts on “Earning Online With Affiliate Marketing Websites – To Help Pay The Bills

  1. Hello, Rina. Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity to earn money online. Of course it takes time to learn all secrets of online business.
    What I like about affiliate marketing what we can choose products and services which we know and like. We know these products because we use them.
    If I would be a consumer, I would be glad to hear from professional who knows what he talks about.
    Besides it, companies save plenty money for marketing their products. This job perform affiliate marketers.
    Overall everybody wins. The customer picks best product which suits his needs, affiliate marketer gets fair share from company and the company sells products.
    It is good for everybody.
    All the best, Nemira.

    1. Thank you Nemira for calling by. I appreciate your comments. Yes affiliate marketing is a win win for all the reasons you mentioned. It’s worth giving it a go. Who knows, you could be earning more than you ever dreamed possible. Cheers!

  2. Affiliate marketing really seems like it could be for anybody. I understand that it shouldn’t be viewed as a get rich quick scheme as those are methods are often scams. But the idea of the minimal starting costs to get started with affiliate marketing is appealing. It seems like it may be a lot of work, especially in the beginning but it seems like it is worth it to give it a shot. Great article!

    1. Hi Chad. It’s not a get rich quick scheme in the sense that it’s not ‘money for nothing’. You must put the work into it and build a good foundation first. After all, you can’t have a skyscraper without a well built solid foundation for it to be built on. Affiliate Marketing is not for everyone 🙂



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