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Have you ever thought that you would have to pay someone thousands of dollars to have your website designed, created, formatted, ranked, hosted etc? BizWay Image: 

Well, back in the day this might have been the only way to have your own website, especially for business.  But those days are over!  You can have a very professionally designed, content filled website for business or other reason, and you can do it all yourself.  I did with this free business website builder. Try it here or use the following plugin to search a domain name for your website.

I created this WordPress website all by myself…with a little help from my friends at Wealthy Affiliate.  

There are many others providing similar services but I went with Wealthy Affiliate as it suited my ability range, and in terms of website building I’m not that flash. Well, at least that’s what I thought. But you see, the ability is in the website building software and tools that Wealthy Affiliate provides.  

How to make websites for free, in minutes

I had this website up and running in just under 30 seconds! The tools and instructions are totally user-friendly and quick and easy to use. Once my website went live, I was taught how to put the sparkle in it and had it looking exactly how I wanted in no time. I’ve made more changes to it as I got smarter (thanks to the chunk size lesson bites I had in Wealthy Affiliate) so now my readers have a better experience when they visit the website. In Wealthy Affiliate, you are taught every aspect of building effective and efficient websites for online business success. The following is a list of features involved in website building and it’s all provided for you, but read a Wealthy Affiliate Overview to find out more.

  • WEBSITE DOMAIN NAME'web design' image:

Please leave a comment and feedback with regard to any related topic. Feel free also to suggest any related subject matter you would like to see here. I will do my best to add it to the website.



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6 thoughts on “Free Business Website Builder

  1. online marketing is a great way to earn online. this is a great article to help many people who are looking to start their own business and how to grow it. also the many ways to use social media to help promote your business. Thank you for this article im going to use this to help my online business as well.

    1. Hi there Turtle Dove

      I appreciate your comments and wish you much success with your online business and glad that my article can help with your earning online journey.



  2. Hi Rina,

    I found the SiteRubix free website offering about six months ago and I have never looked back!

    At the time I needed a quick and free website to get up and running quickly. I had seen the Wealthy Affiliate ads before but I had never checked out the offering.

    Well, I liked the services so much that I purchased a premium membership and now I have a number of domains hosted there. Some of them are domains of my clients!

    I recommend Wealthy Affiliate and Siterubix.


    1. Hi Britt. Thanks so much for your comments. I wish you every success and perhaps we will cross paths again soon in the Wealthy Community.



  3. Hi there TeRehina
    Loved your webpage.
    It shows how far technology has come I guess that we can join an online university like WA and have all that technical stuff related to designing websites done for us.
    All that stuff taken care of for a reasonable price.
    I know where I’ll spend my money!

    1. Hello and thanks so much for your comments. Internet technology has indeed opened up opportunities like we have never seen before. With little money anyone can be earning online in no time.

      Every success to you for the future.



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