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Getting Going Online

Getting FED-UP with trying to find a LEGITIMATE online opportunity?Online transaction image:

If you said YES, then you’ll want to read this entire page. I’m going to try and do everything I can to help you out and show just how you can get going online in the next few minutes.

If you’re like most people who have tried to achieve online success and have only ever experienced hitting a brick wall, I feel you. The frustration of the puzzle pieces not fitting together when trying to start an online business is what can turn a lot of folks bonkers…  – and a state of “mass confusion” can set in.

So that’s why I’m here

“I want to HELP get you sorted, and I want to show you the PROPER pathway to Getting Started Online!”

I personally have been totally frustrated by the vast number of scammers and their products out there. In fact, I want to be able to try before I buy…you know…give it a whirl before committing to it. That’s why you will only see that I recommend products and services that are either entirely free or at least free to try before you pay a cent.

Think of it like this…

Smart Phones. Before you buy, you want to take a good look at it, turn it on, check out all of its features and ask all the questions and GET answers from the salesperson. No one wants a dud or something that is the second rate deal.

That is exactly the reason I recommend that you ONLY try products that will let you have an inside look and let you feel and touch the products before you give them even a PENNY of your own money.

So, here at, we only advocate that you try before you buy any systems.

So now, I want to get into the online success thing and what YOU need to achieve success in the online world. But before that, I have a question I want to ask…

What is the most significant thing that prevents you from being successful online?

I’m asking you this question because it’s what is stopping you from achieving success and keeping you from realizing your DREAMS.

Fear of failure is crippling to a person who lets it get in their way and prevent them from reaching their goals. Is this the thing that is stopping you?

What are you scared of??? there is some reason as to why you have not achieved success yet. I want to hear why you think you are not achieving success so please leave a comment for me below. It will help me to understand how I can better help folks who come to my site – and the MORE people I can contribute and help to succeed the better.

Perhaps you have been affected by the fear of being scammed! If this is the case, then that’s a REAL BUMMER and SUCKS! But, I will turn that around and point you in the right direction and on the right track! You will know which online programs are legit and ETHICAL.

Join over a Million Members

Who Have Started Their Own Online Business.

Building an Online Business requires just these THREE things!

The things that make the difference to someone achieving success online or not comes down to three main things. That’s right…just three key things!

So what are these three major things! Well, hold on TIGHT!!!…no just kidding, it’s not that dramatic!

People, including myself, have spent a few hundred thousand hours building out online businesses, making mistakes along the way, but more importantly learning from our mistakes. Personally, I have learned an enormous amount about online success and about how people create success differently, but they all have something in common that help them earn money online!

(1) They have Help from those who are Already Very Successful Online!

Have you ever been frustrated when you get STUCK on something? Well, this really sucks when you don’t have anyone to help you get un-stuck!

So where then are you suppose to go to get the BEST help?

(2) They have a Kick-Ass Website they Own!

SUCCESS equals having your OWN Beautiful Profit Generating Website!Website Navigation Diagram:

If you’re trying to be successful online without a website you own, you are in for a rude awakening. Your success will be short-lived or not at all!

Are you worried? Well, there’s no need to worry because the good news is you could have your very own live online website (now very easy) up and running in literally a few minutes from now…and you won’t have to pay a thing for it.

Things that are free to try and free to use is the best way to get started!

(3) They LEARN diligently and Practice Regularly!

Learning anything requires plenty of proper practice. Otherwise, you are unable to do anything. Remember when you learned to ride a bike? I was five years old when I learned to ride a bike, and that memory is still crystal clear in my mind. I had help though from my older siblings – one held the back of the bike steady while the other held the front and they gave me instruction – I listened and got better each time at steadying myself until I could go solo! The education and support helped me achieve success.

So, through training and through self-motivation and the more you learn and the more you know, the more that becomes natural to you. Take your favorite top athlete for example. How do you think they get to the top of their sport? They practice so much that they eventually “score”…naturally

So this is what will happen when you get trained, but also when you correctly practice.

Getting Going With $0 Dollars

You probably are getting a sense for a common theme running through here.'Getting Ready To Move' image:

To succeed online, I believe you will need help, you will need a website, and you will need training.

When you sign-up for $0, here is what you are going to get.

  • Personal Support and Help
  • The opportunity to get personal help from me (Username: RinaNZ)
  • Help within a community of 10,000’s of users
  • Live Chat support
  • Ongoing topical discussions
  • 2 Free Websites
  • Fully functional WordPress Sites
  • Ready to make money online
  • Training Galore
  • Live Video Classes
  • Tutorials
  • Courses
  • Entire Classrooms

Get All of this for a big fat $0…zero…dollars…absolutely no credit card required… It may seem outrageous, but that’s because it is. You won’t find robust training like this anywhere and support like this anywhere. There is a Premium option that you should consider, because that will only give you access to WAY MORE!

One-on-One ZOOM Coaching

As a bonus I am offering anyone who registers for a one year PREMIUM Membership in Wealthy Affiliate, personal face time for 45 minutes a week for as long as you need it in the first year. The coaching sessions will take place in a ZOOM call – this technology allows the sharing of our computer screens allowing for LIVE realtime instruction.

Join over a Million Members

Who Have Started Their Own Online Business.

46 thoughts on “Getting Started – Without Getting Scammed”

  1. First of all, I like your header image, it’s very unique from any other I’ve ever seen. your article is great! I almost got into another company until I found out the company was a scam, that’s when I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. Your page is very informative & definitely needs to be read by many before joining just any online company to help them make the right decision.

    • Hey Rick! I much appreciate you stopping by and for your comments. 

      I wish you every success in Wealthy Affiliate…I know you will be treated well there, unlike some, well actually a few. So you made the right choice. Dedicate yourself to working through the training, taking action, and getting help when you need it, and you will absolutely achieve success.

      Regards 🙂

  2. Great post, thanks for the information. There’s so much ***t out there that sucks money out of people’s pockets and gives very little back. I really like the way the content flows and you make it really easy to understand the process of how to make money online.
    Thanks for the heads up – I’m going to check it out now!

  3. Hi Rina,
    Really enjoyed your article. Yes scams are enough to put a person off, but I find the article to be encouraging. More than anything I really enjoyed your passion and enthusiasm to assist others.

    Learning diligently and practicing regularly is such a huge part of online success – once again, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on ‘getting started online with your own revenue earning website.
    Mat A.

    • Nice to have you call by Mat A. Thank you for your comments also and I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

      Wishing you the best…

      Regrds 🙂

  4. This is a really great step by step guide of the basics of starting an online business. It can be overwhelming at times, but you have broken it down here very well. It is also awesome that you have a completely free program to offer. Thank you for this post!

  5. Excellent article. I love the idea of trying it before you buy it and I am honestly weary of attaching a credit card to anything these days because you never know where the next scam is coming from.

    Learning from those who are successful is the greatest key to one’s own success which leads to owning not only the vision but the ability to achieve that vision.

    Thank you for giving me the tools necessary to learn and grow. I will be revisiting your website often.


  6. RinaNZ, I like your website, you did an excellent job pointing out every person whose ever wanted to started a business but didn’t have the help, pointing out their nightmare; mine included. I was being coached by a half assed wanna be mentor with no coaching on what to do whatsoever a long ago. So your website definitely gives people hope and your message was excellent. If I was looking to start my own business, I can say that your website and you would’ve convinced to.

    • Hey R.J. So cool to have you stop by my website. Thank you too for your comments. You are right, it’s not all lost to those who rope you in with bs. There are LEGIT people who know what they are doing and ready to impart their knowledge onto to others.

      I hope it worked out for you!


  7. Hello, I really loved your site. Awesome job with the whole layout and organization. I also love the fact that you have reviews sections to help your subscribers to make their decisions. Earning money online is difficult but very possible. I myself have learned so much from wealthy affiliate in such a short time and I know that so many people could benefit from this program as well. Awesome job!

    • Hi James, thanks for visiting the website and for your comments. It’s great to hear that you have learned so much at regarding online affiliate business. I wish you much success.

  8. Hi Rina, I like your summary on what it takes to be successful online:
    1. Help from successful people
    2. Own a website
    3. Learn & apply lessons
    I think the most important of the three is obviously number 3. One can easily own a website. Great people willing to help. But one must learn AND apply the things learned!

  9. Hey there. Thanks for the post.

    I agree with everything you have posted, and I think Wealthy Affiliate does a great job of helping you master those three things that everyone needs to be successful online.

    The only criticism I have of Wealthy Affiliate is that I don’t think their training on how to use social media is very helpful. All the information up to that point is great, but it seems like they get to that point and then kinda gloss over it. I was having trouble getting my numbers up until I just decided to dive into facebook head first on my own and try to figure it out. Since I have been promoting my website on facebook, the viewership has shot up. I wish they would offer a little more training so I could have had that effect earlier.

    • Hi Dustin! Brilliant to have you call by and for your comments. My experience with social media is that it changes very often, so I’m not sure they would be able to keep up lol. This is my take on it. Yes, social media can make all the difference to directing and increasing traffic to your website.


  10. Hi, I have been trying to earn money online for the past two years or so. You have mentioned that you can start an online business for 0 dollars. That sounds too good to be true. How can I trust you with that?

    I have passion in gaming and helping other people so my niches are quite wide. Should I focus on one first?

    • Hi Jacob and thanks for the comments and questions. It’s true that you can try the program for free. That’s the way it should be. I will be there with you to support and give you my expert help. Others are also there to do the same. 

      Go with your passion, gaming in this case and helping others will be inevitable in the members community as you will see when you get in there. You have nothing to lose.

      You can get started here.

  11. To be scam free online you need to avoid the shinny object. Avoid going for all product online. Only go for proven and well verified products.

    My greatest challenge was to make my first dollar online. Making money online takes time. It is not as easy as they advertised online. You must be ready to work at it. And you can work at it if you don’t love what you are doing. It is great to love your niche!


    • Hiya John! Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to comment. Earning online certainly requires your attention as you are right, it will not happen on it’s own.

      I also remember earning my first $1 online and it certainly did take me a good amount of time to build my business up to that point, but when it did happen, I was convinced that if I could make $1 then I could make $10,000.


  12. Legitimate opportunities to make money online are rare these days. Many times something is being offered for free only to be upscaled in the process. Free offerings are even more dangerous than giving out 500$ for a specific program. Free webinars can also be a big surprise because at the end of the video you will be offered a “unique opportunity offered to only a handful of people”. I understand that we live in the age of marketing and social media, but isn’t it obvious that most online offerings are just after your money?

    • Hey JohnB! Yes it can be hard to spot the good ones among a sea of crappy programs that don’t deliver or are not straight up only to find that you need to fork out more money for something you didn’t know you needed in the first place. 

      Of course the good thing about a program being free first is that you can carry out DUE DILIGENCE, and do some of your own snooping before reaching for your wallet. 

      If they wan’t your money first, then make SURE they allow a refund if you decide it’s not for you.

      Hope this helps JohnB

      Regards 🙂

  13. Hi Rina. I think your three main points are spot on. Most people who are successful were fortunate enough to have a good mentor. Having effective sales funnel or “kick ass web sites” as you put it, are a must to grab attention. And whenever things go well, it never happens overnight and certainly takes time and patience. I couldn’t agree more with our points. Your “Starter $0” options looks like a viable solution to address these points.

    • Hey Nathan thanks so much for calling around and for your encouraging comments! Enlisting the help of others who are already successful will also lead you to succcess, undoubtedly without having to make the same mistakes. So, it’s also smart to ensure that you have access to people like this as well – which you will have in Wealthy Affiliate.


  14. Hi Rina, very good post you have here. To answer your question, you hit the nail on the head, people are worried that they are going to get scammed. I know I am. I have spent countless money trying to learn various things and am now reluctant to spend more but your offer of zero start up has got me intrigued and why not. I will take a look for sure.

    • Hi John. Not getting your monies worth is indeed annoying and dissapointing as well for many. Being able to get a feel for something first without paying for it is indeed key. 

      I wish you much success John! 

  15. Great write-up on getting going online. After so many searches on web ultimately I have got the best system of making money online. Though it’s not easy to earn online yet if we stick to our aim and work constantly in positive manner I think earning money online is not a bid deal.
    Hope, you’ll provide more valuable and meaning full wright-up for newcomers in the days to come.

    • Hi Himbru! Thanks for visiting. I try add new information to the site every week. You could register from the top menu to recieve new articles as I post them. Wishing you every success in the future.

      Regards 🙂

  16. Hi Rina,

    I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been scammed…. casino scams, chain letter scams, envelope stuffing scams… too many to mention.

    But I am really serious about leveraging the internet to make money. I know it must be possible because I see other people doing it so I think I must be able to do it to…

    But the biggest thing stopping me is I just need a track to run on. I need from start to end, step-by-step. I think if I had this I would really succeed because I’m definitely not afraid to put the time and effort needed.

    I am interested in one thing you said you said you need a website to make money online. But what do I need to start the website about? Do you think the Starter course will work for me?

    Sorry for the questions, I just don’t want to get scammed again and want to find out as much as I can before diving in head first.

    Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you!


    • Heya Simon, so nice to have you drop by. One thing I have learnt about scams is that some are obvious! If it sounds too good to be true then it probably isn’t. Other scams are not so easy to identify. To spot these ones, carry out as much research as you can…or READ the reviews of people who have tried the product themselves and have carried out extensive research. Want to see who ranks #1? Click Here

      I don’t mind the questions at all. 

      So to answer them…

      A GOOD program will provide you with website functionality…

      and SECURE hosting as well…

      but also provide STEP-BY-STEP training for any level of experience including zero experience…

      Training should INCLUDE, ‘how to choose a niche’, how to build your website out, how to promote niche products on your website, how to get traffic to your website, what the best strategies are to convert traffic to your website into, and then how to scale your business…

      So what are you waiting for?

      Regards 🙂

  17. I really enjoyed your article and the detail you went into about getting started online with building a website. That’s a great idea about offering to mentor someone for signing up and would be very helpful. Wealthy affiliate is the real deal and I’m glad your sharing it to others.

    • Thank you Mike! I enjoy helping others get started and it means a lot to me to see them succeeding with their online business.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

      Regards 🙂

  18. Hi Rina, It truly is a shame that any person attempting to make money online legitimately has to be aware of the incredible amount of scam opportunities that exist. But then again, human beings being flawed, a percentage of people don’t think twice about intentionally hurting people – through bogus offers that look so enticing but instead are poisonous.

    However, with a program such as what you promoted in Wealthy Affiliate, a serious minded person motivated to achieve success would receive a great amount of training, tools to build his/her own outstanding website, and a dedicated community of people all of whom are looking to succeed with an online business.

    As I’ve done, it’s just up to people such as yourself to educate people seeking to make money online in a business to not be enticed by get-rich quick schemes as well as guarantees of massive wealth coming from scam opportunities that would only end up in heartache for the individuals who naively get sucked into them.


  19. Hey i really enjoyed your article, very detailed and convincing to get someone to join. I also really like that you are offering anyone who commits to 1 year of premium you will do a face to face training sort of thing. I may need to come up with something to offer people who joins under me. I have 2 sites right now, my main site which teaches poker to people and my 2nd which im promoting WA there. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Justin! Thank you for taking the time to call by. Awesome that you have started your online business journey. I wish you great success!

      Regards 🙂 

  20. There are so many different opportunities out there that it gets very confusing trying to decide which is ones are legitimate and which are a waste of time.

    I am interested in your 1 on 1 coaching.

    How long do you think it would take to get a website setup with your guidance? Also will need to have any technical skills?

    • Hiya Chris!

      Glad you stopped by and thanks for the questions Chris. Firstly, it can be really confusing as you say trying to choose a legitimate programme or platform to host your online business. That’s why you should never have to PAY for it first! If it is a scam, then you have just wasted your time AND lost money! Others won’t be honest about what you are really paying for – they will hide the fact that there are EXTRA costs envolved and unless you buy them, you won’t earn a cent!  Then there are those who are open from the beginning promising the MOON in terms of potential earnings – but alas…it will COST you a ‘trip to the moon’ to get there. It does not have to cost you an arm and a leg to build a successful online business.

      You asked how long it would take to setup a website and what technical skill is required.  It takes literally seconds to a few minutes and NO technical skill to set up your first FREE website in Wealthy Affiliate.  If you can read and follow instructions, then you can do this.  I want to point out that you still have’nt paid a dime, as this is still part of the trial period to let you experience the Wealthy Affiliate way! So,… there is nothing to lose. 

      Durring this point you probably don’t even need my help…because it’s that SIMPLE! Kyle and Carson are the co-owners of the WA platform and have made sure this is the case no matter ones technical skill. Even so, I’m available to you the minute you register. You will also be greeted by other members of the WA community. We all want you to succeed! This is why help from us in the community is available to you when you need it 24/7. 

      When you decide that the WA platform is the path you wish to take, and you are ready to RAMP up your onlne business, and continue with the training, then becoming a PREMIUM member for A YEAR is the way to go! At this point, you have qualified for FACE-TO-FACE real-time coahing with me! Pretty exciting times ahead!

      I hope you take the plunge Chris, because you will definately have success in Wealthy Affiliate if you put the time and effort in, no doubt about it.

      Rina 🙂

  21. Thank you for this eye-opening post. I am one of those people who once joined an affiliate marketing programme which turned out to be a scam. Since then I have been extra cautious wherever I set my foot.
    I am glad that you are sharing information about products you have tested. Indeed, fear debilitates people’s will to work. Let alone go ahead and dare to start a business.

    • Hiya! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. So many people can be put off by a bad experience. But, I would say to people not to be put off as making a living online with affiliate marketing is a great option when you are shown the proper way.

      ALWAYS do due diligence, read reviews and go for the programmes that will let you try what they are offering for FREE. Then at least that way you can walk away from it without losing MONEY.

      Rina 🙂  

  22. I think that the most usual reason for failing online is that you don’t have people guiding you and supporting you. It’s a difficult journey to make on your own but a really wonderful one to make with others who have been where you are, persisted, and succeeded in their business!

    • Hi Jenny! You are so right about having people around you to guide you, as it can indeed be daunting on your own. The other thing is of course is that you can be shown the proper way by experienced people who started from the same place as you and with no experience. A very important facture to consider when getting started.

      Thank you.

      Regards 🙂

  23. Rina, ditto the “thank you”. Love your reasons and passions. If I could find something that I can teach others to duplicate, I will also be helping people to make money online. Half of our family is from the Philippines, so if I could teach people how to make $10-$20 per day, their lives would be transformed. This is my ultimate desire.

    I’m currently a wind energy construction professional and it takes me away from home most of the time. So I sadly miss my family and many family and school events.

    My greatest struggle is the marketing. I had (still have thousands) an amazon product that was better than the competition but others were better at advertising and I ran out of cash. (Need to step back into that or figure out how to sell them otherwise) I’ve spent lots of money learning things but either ran out of money or the training wasn’t right. But I still believe online is right. I haven’t looked but it sounds like WA is a training arena with discussions and affiliate products. Great idea. I believe owning a website and using constantly new content is the way to go. Other than that, I’m not sure.

    My current desire is to start and run a few niche websites. A couple in the renewable energy field and one for treasure hunting on a specific subject. (That would be more for fun) One renewable site would be extremely lucrative and would be used by the entire renewable energy sector.

    My challenges are that I do not know how to BUILD a good website (and I want professional, not Wix) 🙂 And then I do not know how to market and make money online. I know there are affiliate links, advertising (once you have traffic), e books and other things I don’t know, but this is what I need to learn. -Landing pages, funnels,, email awebers…. so much I don’t know.

    I’m a writer (not by trade yet) and can fill in most of the content… But I need to know how to build, how to advertise and how to make money.
    At the moment, I essentially have the subject matter and the expertise to write about it/gather it, etc but I don’t know how to put it together.

    I don’t mind paying for services, paying for training and paying for people to help me… but I can’t afford to keep throwing money away on each and every Anak Singal or Bitcoin that comes my way and sounds enticing. 🙂

    • Hi Will! Thanks for taking the time to read the article. I hear you Will! I hear that you need help to build a profit ready niche website, that you get the expert help to launch a successful income generating business.

      Here are my recomendations for your consideration, but first I want to say that everything that you are wanting to help you build an online business you can absolutely have.

      My first recomendation is that you register with Wealthy Affiliate for free, so that you can try the platform designed to launch and host your business. Waste no time getting started with the training!

      You will have 7 days to try the training and really look around the platform where you will also build a live niche website. You will have the advantage of already knowing your niche, but I recommend that you start with one niche until you have a handle on marketng and promoting your niche. Don’t worry about what you don’t know as you will be shown each step in all of the training modules. You also have the advantage of already being an expert in your niche, i.e. renewable energy, as well as having confidence to create related content.

      My second recommendation is that you ask all the questions you want in the first seven days within WA as a free member. There is a huge community to help you get the answers you are seeking. You should be able to make up your mind by day 7 as to whether or not you want to continue building out an online business on the WA platform.

      My third recomendation is that you take advantage of the heavily discounted 1 month premium membership so you can experience the premium member features – this cost just $19 for a further 30 days. As a premium member to get to try everything and message any WA member to get further expert help. This takes you on the road to becoming an expert yourself in affiliate marketing… something you can eventually help others achieve as you mentioned.

      Ok Will, it is now up to you. If you do decide to register for the free WA membership, I will be there to greet you and my time is yours.



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