How to Choose A Niche Market

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In essence, a niche is a group of people looking for something regardless of what you choose. Whether they are looking for help to ease an ailment or how to fix something or to find reviews on the latest digital cameras. Or maybe they are looking for the best baby strollers online; it’s always going to be a group of people looking for something – information about something, looking for help, looking to buy something a lot of the time. So if you can think of it this way it will make finding a niche way simpler. Another thing is any niche can be successful, but it is you and your website which will make it a successful journey. A niche doesn’t start off being successful; it is you that will make it so.

No matter what niche you end up choosing whether it’s cars, sport or business, or promoting Wealthy Affiliate, it is you who will turn your niche into a successful journey. You will do this by writing content, by communicating and interacting with people in a 'Playing a guitar' image:way that creates trust – when you earn the trust of individuals you are going to create a successful promotional channel or even channels within your site.

What do you love?

What are the things you love to do, love to watch, love to wear, love to read, love to visit…
By choosing something you enjoy, the better. Why? You are less likely to get bored with it.

Finding Your Niche isn’t that hard

A niche is obviously central to your online business; without a niche, there is no business. A niche can be a hobby, an interest, a service or physical product. There are many choices! So, choosing a niche is choosing stuff that a group of people want…

Examples of a group of people – Artists, horse riders, new mums, fisherman, basketball fans, Star Wars fans, the elderly living at home etc…

3 Point Niche Definition

  1. A niche does not exist unless identified by a need or want of a group of people
  2. A market niche is a small but specific & well-defined segment of the population.
  3. A ‘need’ or a ‘want’ a ‘passion’ or ‘interest’ or ‘hobby’ is a niche.

Market Niche Simplified

Books, Diets, Fashion are broad; too broad to be effective in affiliate marketing – so, let’s break each of them down as follows…

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  • Books (interest or hobby): – A book or books for example about a subject like ‘Kite Making’ is a niche.
  • Diets (need): – paleo, gluten free, low calorie, low carb, are all a sub-niche of ‘diet’.
  • Fashion (passion): – Kids, Women, Men, are niches in themselves.
  • The latest gadget (want): – IPhones, IPads, Play Station, so on and so on.

Niche Examples

A niche product (or service) is produced & sold for specialised users within a niche market i.e

  • People who read books > people who read recipe books > people who are interested in making seafood dishes = ‘A Seafood Recipe Book’.
  • Permaculture > Permaculture design courses > urban permaculture design = ‘Small Backyard Permaculture Courses’

Need More? – Read A Niche Training Here

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It’s Up To You – what is your interest and what do you love?

There are more ideas than there is space on this page so I am not going to try and fill the page or anything but…the following is a statement that hopefully, you can get great meaning from in regards to niche business ideas.

Think of everything that humans have ever sold to anyone since man has been on this earth. That’s how vast this topic is.

There is even a group of people who are buying tickets to the moon. Running out of niche ideas is near impossible!

I want to help you find your online business niche so you can get started on your journey to success as quickly as possible. So, if you are still needing help to figure out what your niche is, I want you to reach out to me. Leave a comment (or question) below in the comment box, and I will reply to you within a reasonable amount of time.


Rina 🙂

10 thoughts on “How to Choose A Niche Market”

  1. Hi, Rina, and thanks for the wonderful site! I really appreciate how you’ve defined and then worked out examples of how to identify a niche market. I thought I had one at first, but have since decided it would be better to break it into far more specific interest groups. Your ideas about how to do that are going to be very helpful as I begin building out.

    • Hi Boddy and thanks for dropping by. There is a tool called Jaaxy that helped me enormously to trim down a broad niche to a specific niche based on what people are searching. The tool is called Jaaxy and you can try it for free – read a review here.

      regards 🙂

  2. For beginners that are reading my comment, take heed to the words that I am about to write..

    Be sure that you write about a niche you actually like unless you plan on outsourcing the work.

    You need more than a good niche. You need to get involved in something that you can enjoy… if not, you will get bored at what your doing and you will be likely to give up, which is not what we want!

  3. Wow, thank you, this was a very simple explanation of what a niche is and how to choose one. I’ve seen articles where they go on a 4000-word thesis.
    Having said that, I find choosing a niche still kind of difficult, it helps if you have certain tools to help but at the end, you’ll still be wondering if it was the right move. I guess you’ll always be wondering that until your websites starts to see some traffic.
    What tools do you use for niche research?

    • Your welcome! Thanks for stopping by and for your comments. To answer your question regarding a niche research too, I use Jaaxy to search out relevant keyword searches related to my niche. I have written a Jaaxy review for my readers so please go on over to see just how massive this tool is.

      regards 🙂

  4. Hi. I just started a blog and struggling with a niche selection here. Some people advice me to go for profitable ones, but how do I gauge that? Do I go for big product prices or choose something that people buy a lot online?

    It would be helpful to get some tips as I feel that I’ve been stuck on this topic forever. Thank you!

    • Hi Cathy! Well you are not the first to struggle with finding your niche! While most will have a few ideas, it actually is not necessary to struggle with it. There is great training for people just like you. I started like this as well. I had no idea about where to start, let alone knowing what niche I was going to end up going with. 

      But I got some great training! I trained with Wealthy Affiliate in the end and got every thing I needed to know. They offer a BOOTCAMP training for those who struggle with finding their niche. 

      I highly recomend this training. They have a FREE trial period so you can get a feel for the training. They cover every aspect of online business including how to find your niche.

      The bottom line Cathy is you can go with your own niche or you can train as in the Bootcamp training whether you have a niche or not. It’s that simple!

      Thanks again for your visit Cathy. Feel free to ask more questions.

      Rina 🙂

  5. You’ve broken down the idea of a niche nicely. I wish that I had found this article when I had started out because I had so much trouble finding a niche and breaking it down.

    Now that I know how to find a niche, how do I know if there is a big market for it? Can you give me a few suggestions?

    • Hi Reyhana, thanks for your comments and question. 

      There are a number of ways to check a potential market. One strategy I use is to search the niche in facebook pages and visit results to see the size of communities, likes, posts etc. 

      Google searches are also a good indication, depending on search results. Clicking through the top 3 search results is recommended. 

      Here is a link to a website that tracks visitor numbers to a website you search, which is handy to track the numbers to your competitors. 

      There is much to learn but be sure that you are learning the proper way. 

      Regards 🙂


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