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So what’s all the hype about Lurn? Is this the real deal or is LURN another overactive, overzealous underperformer in the online marketing industry? In my Lurn review, I shall reveal all the details about the product and determine if it is any good or not. Read on!

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Price:  $37.oo Motivational Course

              $1,497.00 E-mail Marketing Course

              $2997.00 Publishing Academy Course

Owner:  Anik Singal

Overall Ranking:  80 out of 100

Lurn Product OverviewCartoon Image of the Lurn founder:

The company is owned by Anik Singal who is a digital marketer for more than 13 years. He formulated and mastered a digital marketing technique that made him millions of dollars on a constant scale. Now he is giving back to the people by sharing his craft to help others make a successful digital marketing business. offer subscription-based and free affiliate marketing courses that are suitable for beginners and experienced digital marketers. Each training package contains a step-by-step easy to set up guide, latest online marketing tools, and motivational instructions to help you hit the mark. So what are the advantages and disadvantages if you sign up for this service? Let’s find out.

Pros and Cons of Lurn


  • Offers free content
  • Easy to set up
  • The jumpstart kit is ideal for beginners that want to explore the world of digital marketing
  • Experienced digital publishers will also benefit from this course by expanding their entrepreneurial arsenal to grow their business
  • A learning curve for experienced digital marketers
  • Introduction to the new tools and software that will make your digital business easier
  • Convenient, inspiring, and easy to understand courses.
  • It will give you a perspective on what are the challenges that you are going to encounter and how are you going to come out golden.
  • An effective guide on how you’ll be able to maximize profit through information gathering techniques, how to maintain and get new satisfied customers
  • The course is like gold refined by fire towards perfection. It offers the use of the latest digital marketing techniques through experience crafted into the simplest and proven way towards a successful affiliate marketing business
  • If you are not satisfied with the program you can get a refund. The terms will vary depending on the course that you had chosen.
  • Reputable experienced founder with a proven track record


  • A bit expensive and overhyped
  • The powerpoint presentation in the courses is not enticing
  • Experienced entrepreneurs might find it a bit basic but it will teach you how to look for other products
  • Delayed dispersal of content might exhaust guarantee period
  • Not appealing affiliate product recommendations for experienced digital marketers
  • Poor customer support
  • Some tools don’t work as it should
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Who is for?

The course is suitable for everyone that want to explore digital marketing, dreaming of financial freedom, and people that want to convert their passion into money. They offer courses to help boost your entrepreneurial mindset, launch an effective money-making email marketing strategy, and a proven technique to help you maximize the profit that you can get towards information.

The training courses are absolutely newbie friendly so no worries about that. You can quickly cope with the easy to follow instructions provided in each module.

The Lurn starter packs are:

Future of Wealth – They stopped enrolling new students for this course.

Inbox Blueprint – lets you fully automate email marketing. The price may vary depending on the package that you wish to acquire.

  1. Top of the line training system (videos, practical learning materials, and live examples)
  2. Tools and software
  3. Pre-setup website including the niches
  4. All-in-one package includes quality content and brand specialist
  5. Niche detectives provide reliable data in one place. You can access it anytime with a just single click
  6. Traffic Boost
  7. Reliable quick support access
  8. Site reviews

Publish Academy – a great resource for digital marketers who are up to the challenges and equip themselves with the latest techniques to hit the mark.

You can get it for free by signing up with a valid email address. Later on, you can opt for the subscription-based services that they offer for this package.


Have you had experience with LURN? I would love to hear what your experience has been – use the comment box that follows.










  • Offers free content
  • Easy to set up
  • Reputable experienced founder with a proven track record


  • A bit expensive and overhyped
  • The powerpoint presentation in the courses is not enticing
  • Some tools don’t work as it should

8 thoughts on “Lurn Review”

  1. Hi thank you for sharing this review about Lurn. It kind of sounds like a company I wouldn’t want to join since it’s kind of expensive and all of the tools don’t work as they should. That right there doesn’t sound too promising to me lol. I would have to agree with your #1 recommendation though, Wealthy affiliate does have all the tools for an affiliate marketer and is worth the money as well! Good job on the review.

    • Hiya Nikki! Thanks for taking time to visit the post and of course for your valid commments. Lurn is indeed out of reach cost wise for most people! This site Earning Online is powered by Wealthy Affiliate and of course will have to agree with you on that because it is the most efficient and affordable way to get started with a web-based affiliate business. 

      Thanks again Nikki

  2. Hi! I like that you’ve presented Lurn in a very balanced way. The cons are significant, but I have checked each one of them and they could be tolerable if all the pros are true. I always like to join platforms created by reputable persons in the industry. And this seems to be the case for Lurn. Email marketing is a powerful strategy in online marketing but I think that the price here is a bit much especially for someone just starting out. I think I will keep shopping around. I’ll start by reading your #1 recommendation. If I have any questions I will be in touch again.   

    • Hi Ann, thanks for stopping by and it’s great to have your comments. I think that when you have read my #1 review you will realise that you can get a lot more and pay far less than you would with Lurn. There are products that will work of course like Lurn and the email marketing approach it promotes, but there is a lot more to online marketing. I hope you find what you are looking for and I am always happy to take your questions.

  3. Anik Singal is a reputable entrepreneur and if this platform is owned by him, there must be quality in it. He’s the author of several good books, among them The email lifeline. I’m interested in his E-mail Marketing Course, but it’s a bit pricey for my pocket at this time. I think I’ll read his book first.

    • Hiya Paolo! Yes Anik Singal has a reputable reputation and is a leader in the field of email marketing! The Lurn products are indeed pricey and there are other ways to start without the huge budget. Be sure to read My #1 Recommendation (the red button at the top of the page). You might be surprised by the training there.

  4. Although I’m not a member of Lurn, I can say that both the email marketing and especially the publishing academy course are a bit too expensive. That is a lot of money being invested into an online course. I personally wouldn’t opt for either. Their $37 motivation course however seams way more reasonable.

    • Hiya Rhett! Thanks a bunch for calling by and for offering up your comments to the readers! The motivation course is really an attempt to pull the user into the much more expensive upsells. This of course is over the top for users on a tight budget and there are better affordable ways to achieve your online success dreams. Be sure to checkout my top recommendation and a much affordable option.

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