Why Keyword Research is Important: Use a Free Keywords Tool…

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Use this free keywords tool to boost your websites rankings or PPC and SEO marketing campaigns? Simply enter a search below to BEGIN your research.

Keywords are important for ranking. But keywords without relatable concepts will not generate traffic to your website the way you think it might. Search engines are becoming smarter at recognizing a body of text, in other words, content & concepts rather than single keywords or keyword phrases alone – see this in the following screenshot.

Google Search Results screenshot:

Why ranking is important…

Where you rank in a ‘search result' determines your chances of generating traffic to your site. If you sit in the top 3 of a search result then you are ranking highly. But remember, its not just about keywords but also about the related concepts of a body of text to the keywords and phrases. If your keyword phrase is ‘fast black cars' but the body of text is about something totally different from ‘fast black cars' you won't rank well. Back in the day, people might have been tricked into clicking a website's link based on a keyword or phrase alone. That doesn't happen anymore because the search engines are now a lot smarter. In the following screenshot, the keyword search results including pics are related to ‘fast black cars' and ‘fast cars'.

fast black cars search results page screenshot:

How to write keywords into content for your website.

Competition is rife but not unbeatable. The information you provide on your website must be relevant. Keywords and phrases alone will not get you good rankings.  So learning to write content from keywords is necessary if you want to be a success. You will be learning what successful online marketers already know. How to get traffic to your website using relevant keywords and phrases, and content. So go for it and give your competitors a run for their money.

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8 thoughts on “Why Keyword Research is Important: Use a Free Keywords Tool…

  1. Right on Rina.

    Keyword research is so essential today for anyone who writes content online, and one should never waste time writing for the internet without having a keyword or two in place.

    Not only must it be a low competition one if you want to be found, but also be one which is actually being searched by others. I have made the mistake of writing articles for keywords that ended up in spot number one on Google, but then discovered that nobody was actually searching for that particular keyword after all.

    1. Thank you Michel for stopping in for a visit. You make a good point here about whether people are actually searching for a particular keyword. One way to find out how many people are searching a particular keyword is to use Jaaxy (you can only sign up for free) which will indicate how many people are actually searching that keyword. In Jaaxy, a green light indicates a good keyword. 

  2. This is a great article regarding keyword research. The keyword is the base for any article to get organic traffic from search engines and people don’t focus on it but you have described this in an awesome way. I really appreciate this. Thanks for sharing and looking for some more posts like this in future.

  3. Good advice and information. I am trying to find some good free keyword tools, could you comment on some tools that you have used and if they work well? I know it is best to use A paid keyword tool but since I am not making much money yet I like to stick to a free one until I can afford anymore expensive one.

    1. Hi Dave! Thanks for your question. Jaaxy has a free version you could use and try, in fact, you can’t just buy it outright, you get the free version as soon as you register. So nothing to loose, and I recommend you give it ago as it could be one of the most important tools you use to grow your online business. Wishing every success to you.

  4. Thanks for the great article. I learned a lot about google indexing over the last few weeks and this is a very important topic for online marketers. I now know how keyword research can help me grow my webpage and become more knowledgeable when it comes to making articles for google search engines.

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