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My name is Rina and I am an online entrepreneur working from home. Home is Tauranga New Zealand and I was born and raised here. I have been married to John Pura Walker for 35 years. We have 6 adult children and 9 grandchildren and two more on the way.  Read my WA profile here

I’m also a social entrepreneur and have had over 30 years of experience working in Maori education, then I worked 6 years in social services and now an online business owner, coaching others on how to do the same.

I have always had a great interest in education success through the medium of te reo rangatira, the Maori language. However, many of the students I taught and their families were struggling, due to complex social issues including great financial pressure due to unemployment. Joblessness affecting their ability to provide adequately for their whanau (family) and some of the students I was teaching.

Unemployment applies great pressure on any family and has a negative ripple effect on a person’s life, both practically and mentally. Not having enough money to provide for the basics including nutritional food, warm shelter, healthcare, and education is a great strain on a person and their family. So, if this situation could be improved, it would go a long way to improving the pressures on families who are unfortunate to find themselves in this situation. John and I have been there a number of times ourselves when trying our best to bring up our young family, so we know what it’s like.

Why I  Became An Online Business Coach?

Seven years ago, I was fortunate enough to have supported and worked with a group of about 15 adults who had inherently struggled with living below the poverty line, unemployment was long-term, reliance on social welfare benefits, unable to afford basic health care, substandard living conditions or homelessness, complex social issues and institutional abuse (government agencies blaming these people for being in these situations, therefore, removing responsibility from themselves as evident in policy). This is how bad it has gotten in our country. What the hell happened!

I am forever grateful to these families who let me work with them so closely and who taught me a great deal about their spiritual endurance. It was this same spiritual endurance that gave me hope about what was possible and what a person is capable of, no matter what their circumstances and situation. Given the opportunity, this spirit could be sparked into action when an opportunity presented itself. It was an infectious spirit that this group of people had – and if you were near it long enough, you would catch it. Collectively, this group went on to form The Kete Kai Cooperative and together created a stream of income which bought tools to create maara kai (food gardens), a small lawn mowing and section clearing business, and a catering business, in their community. This entrepreneurial spirit manifested itself among this group of long-term unemployed folk, and magic happened!

What’s My Mission

I decided then that this is where I wanted to expel my energy. My mission to help people make a difference in their lives through online business, so one can afford a better quality of life – be able to afford good healthcare, be able to afford a decent education for the kids and to afford a nice warm safe place to live. So I set about researching the best ideas the internet had to offer – LOW-COST, LOW-RISK business ideas that anyone with an internet connection and a computer could start themselves with the right training support and tools. This is when I realized that affiliate marketing offered just this. But first I needed to get trained myself and the best way to do this was to start my own online affiliate business. So that’s what I did.

What’s My Online Business?

It was natural for me to choose a niche involved with teaching and helping people. When I first registered with Wealthy Affiliate, my entrepreneurial hangout place, I had already decided that I wanted to teach what I was learning in the WA training so that I could help those who had a desire to give online marketing ago. Although my passion interest was permaculture, working on the land and in the environment, I knew that I would have to help those that were soon to follow me into the online affiliate world.

So I started a website in Wealthy Affiliate and set it up as a review website regarding online affiliate marketing training and hosting products. Earning Online is this website and this is where you are right now.

AMAZINGLY, the business started generating an income in just under 2 months and has generated a steady income from that time. When this happened I was shocked, because I really didn’t understand how it all worked. Since then, I have learned a load about online marketing thanks to the wicked step-by-step training I received while building out my online business and while earning from it as well.

If you want to give this a go and make a REAL revenue earning online business of your own then the Wealthy Affiliate Community is a great place to connect with industry leaders and to get help with various aspects of building out an online business. You can also have all the help you want from me – PERSONAL help. If this is you and you are ready to get started then register here.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please make contact with me or leave a comment, message or question in the comment box below. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!



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  1. Awesome read Rina. I love your story and your mission! You also have a great range of reviews and I like the information in the reviews which gives me a good idea of what to look out for when deciding on an affiliate training and marketing product. I will definitely stay away from the obvious underperformers. Are you open to questions from myself from time to time and as necessary?



    • Hey there John! Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and for the comments. I have made it my mission to help as many people build a revenue generating online business so welcome any questions regarding online marketing. Use the comment box below and I will answer you within a day of you asking. I appreciate you taking the time to visit and I’m glad that you got some useful information from the reviews.

      Regards 🙂

  2. I immensely enjoyed reading your story, Rina. It’s amazing that you have such a great mission to help people make a difference in their lives through internet marketing.

    My parents are both approaching 60, and I started teaching them how to use a computer a few months. 🙂 It’s only a question of time before I introduce them to the online world and I would love them to see that anything is possible, whether you’re a young student, middle-aged parent, or grandparent. Your story and achievement are definitely worth sharing.

    I noticed (from your menu) that you reviewed some programs that people should stay away from. The only one I know amongst these is AMC Marketing, which I was close to joining, by the way! I look forward to visiting often to see what you’ll put up.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hey Princila, such a pleasure to have you stop by and take the time to leave your comments!. I love that you are helping your parents discover the wonders of the internet. Even us more ‘mature beings’ can get enjoyment from new things lol…the child in us never really wains 🙂 My own 92 year old mum uses her ipad to connect family now and then and is on Facebook…I keep telling the young ones in the family that they better behave themselves online as she can see and read whatever they are doing online lol.  So far it seems to have worked!

      Please feel free to share my story with your parents 🙂


  3. Love your motivational story and really pleased that you are online sharing your well deserved knowledge and helping people attain their goals.

    The way you have directed me to the right platform for starting my online business was so tastefully done and not in my face as is the case with younger bloggers.

    Well, with age comes maturity.:)
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kia Ora! This was a great information page and really showed who you are as a person as well as your background. I lived in New Zealand for 15 years of my life and can definitely relate to a lot of what you talked about. There are a lot of people who don’t appear to be getting the help they need and I think a lot of it (crime mainly) comes from people not having purpose which is positive, and being a coach to these people is really doing a service. Good luck in your endeavor!

    • Kia ora e Chris! Wow awesome that you stopped by and for your comments. I hope you enjoyed your time here in New Zealand. At the end of the day I believe people all want the same things. How one gets there is the challenge! You are so right about having purpose which is positive so this is the bit which requires a lot of focus. I have been priveleaged to be apart of some real life changing projects, and this is how I view the opportunities that online marketing brings. It is a very exciting and positive place to be and I have learned loads…so passing this on to those who will really benefit from online marketing success is where it’s at for me! 

      Cool to have you call by Chris!

      Regards 🙂

  5. Hi, Rina! It is quite clear in reading this page that you are a true angel here on Earth! Your main mission in life is to help others who are in need in your country of New Zealand.

    I believe that there simply is not enough of the type of humanitarism provided by people in their service towards others who have struggled so much to get ahead in life. There are too many people who selfishly just think of their own beings instead of serving others.

    The fact that you have joined WA, seeing how legit this organization is as an educational forum with the goal of teaching it towards people who you are in contact with and who hope to start their own online business ventures one day is incredibly noble. Again, an example of placing the needs of others ahead of yourself, Rina!

    I wish you the absolute best in that you can achieve all that you strive for both as a member of WA and also to provide a positive ray of light to others.


    • Hello Jeff! It’s great that you took the time to drop by and leave kind encouraging words 🙂 It pleases me when people have support and get a hand up when and if they need it especially if it improves their lives a little.

      Regards 🙂  

  6. Fantastic to read about your path and what you do to help people to start their own business online. Very inspiring and empowering to go into the same direction as I also have the interest in Education. It’s truly fantastic to see all these success stories and get really good tips to get better every day.

  7. Hi Rina, I just recently singed up to inbox blueprint, I was on webinar today and they mentioned about 5 day mentoring. My question is is it worth it to sign up for that?

    • Hi Sonia! I assume you are referring to the ‘Anik Singal’ product known as ‘Inbox Blueprint’. There are many products that are being offered, and you can spend alot of time and money on something that won’t give you the desired outcome. It takes many tools and specialised knowledge to build an online business – and in the end, it is alot of hard work on your part setting yourself up for online success.

      But, the best way to achieve this is NOT to try and do it on your own. No matter what the product is, make sure you are getting FREE ONGOING SUPPORT and knowledge from them, as well as ALL the tools, thereby giving you every chance at online success – otherwise it’s a SCAM and they will have other products that they will try to sell you.

      I wish you every success no matter where this journey takes you!

      Regards 🙂

  8. You have an interesting story Rina. I am glad I stumbled on your website! I am from Alaska and my husband and I have always wanted to visit New Zealand.

    It is always rewarding to work online and meet people from all over the world with similar interests!


    • Hiya Jessica!

      I hope you get to visit NZ soon. There’s alot to explore here and I’m sure you’ll find it interesting inlcluding the people. I also would love to visit Alaska!

      That’s the great thing about having an online business because you can go anywhere in the world with it! I love that I can travel anytime I like just like many online business owners are doing!

      So here’s wshing you safe travels when you and hubby finally make it here in NZ!




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