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We are always on the hunt for awesome content to feature here at Earning Online! But why would you want to write for us? Well, here are 5 good reasons!

  1. Get Exposure on a Blog That Consistently Ranks in Google
  2. Get Your Link on a Trafficked Blog
  3. Get Relevant Backlinks That Boost Your SEO!
  4. Cross Promotion – We will add an author bio, picture, and link to your site.
  5. Editorial Free Reign – We want you to write about your passion. As long as it is relevant and original (i.e., not copied from other posts), please give us your commentary on emerging internet marketing trends related to anything on the list that follows. Provide your own images or our designers can create one for you.

We’ll accept posts related to any of the following…

  • Technology
  • Business
  • Digital marketing
  • SEO
  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Social media
  • Web design
  • Mobile technology
  • Internet marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Online marketing
  • Small business

Writing Content Guide

When writing a post for us, please stick to the following guidelines:

  • Using the casual style as if you are chatting with a friend is best.
  • Be yourself and have fun!
  • Avoid the “I’m better than you or anyone” approach.
  • Keep sentences as clear and straightforward as possible without fluffing about.
  • The standard industry minimum wordcount guide per article is a thousand (1000) words. But, if the article offers great value to our readers and is under 1000 words, we’ll consider publishing it anyway.
Write a Guest Post for Us - to feature on our website

How to Submit a Post?

If your post is ready and follows our guidelines, please send an email to rina@earningonline.org with the following…

  • Introduce yourself in 60 words or more.
  • Provide a Google Docs link to your article. The Doc must be shared with “everyone with a link can edit” permissions.
  • Use “Guest Post Submission” in the subject line of the email.

We look forward to honoring your contribution and promoting you as a valued guest writer on our website.

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Rina Walker

Rina Walker - Founder of EarningOnline.come

I am Rina Walker the founder of Earning Online and have been running a successful affiliate marketing website and blogging about earning online opportunites since November 2016. The niches that I am involved in include Wealth Creation, Permaculture, Action Cameras and Social Enterprise - all of which I have a great interest in.

I'm also involved in helping, supporting and coaching online entrepreneurs of all levels to build and run their own successful web-based affiliate business.

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  1. A soon as I saw write a post for us it caught my eye. It is great to have multiple platforms for your writing. I love that you can write in several different niches and get a great deal of exposure. Please read and share this site with some writers and other entrepreneurs you know. Thanks for creating this!!

  2. Hi there, I think this is a great idea. Many times new blog writers struggle with getting exposure. This should provide a needed boost in rankings. I would love to have one of my articles posted on other sites. I will be sending you an article very soon hopefully for submission. Again thank you.

  3. I like your post, it’s positive and it’s thingy! This encourages new users, and you also have a systematic approach to blogging, which verified the results. It’s wonderful that there are so many ways to make money online, it once again confirms to me that I’m in the right place. I wish you many successes in your work!

  4. I am glad that I found your article, the headline got me interested immediately. I have also started writing for about two month ago and this is definitely a good way too reach more people, especially for people who are struggling with writing. Thank you for this article so much, I will consider sending you one of my posts.


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