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Living On The Financial Edge – At Aged 69?

A pension in New Zealand where I live, is a weekly government payment made to its citizens over the age of 65. A Pensioner is the person receiving the pension after years of working and paying their dues to the government. Lynette is a pensioner living on the financial edge however, while trying to find a job at the age of 69 because the pension is simply not enough for her to comfortably live on. She, like many others are living on the edge with little hope for the future unless her circumstances change soon. Watch Lynettes story in the video that follows..,

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Ways To Earn Money Online

Earning money online for most people would be a dream come true. If there were a way they could make money with their own website or some other venture online, they could finally quit their job one day to focus on being an online entrepreneur, spend precious time with family & friends, and taking back total control of the way they work and live their lives.Ways To Earn Money Online

The reality is, earning income online isn’t a long-winded dream and not as hard or technical as it may sounds. Many have been doing it for nearly three decades and I have been doing it for just 2 years with my own website Earning Online. I know thousands also who are doing the same thing with their own websites, courses, and by applying other unique strategies. Continue reading Ways To Earn Money Online

5 Steps To Planning Your Financial Freedom Online

'Free From Restraint'

What's better than earning income where you don't have to trade your time for it? This is called ‘passive income'. Income that is generated without you having to lift a finger. It accumulates even when you are sleeping. The 2 ways to achieve passive income is firstly by investing money to make money, which requires money in the first place. Secondly, you can be investing your time to build passive income streams through business and until such time the desired income is reached.

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The How And What Of Starting An Online Business

When Starting Out'At The Starting Line'

It struck me the other day that there can be so much DISTANCE between online entrepreneurs from the budding kind with no experience and just starting out, to the SEASONED kind with more time and experience under their belts. One kind is just starting out and the other has already accomplished. The HOW AND WHAT of starting an online business can be a long arduous road when it needn't be.

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How To Get Your Business Noticed!

One day my elderly mother decided she wanted a haircut at the newly opened local hairdresser. So I got on the internet to find their business and contact details and operating hours.  But guess what?….. I couldn't find them anywhere online. Now, I know they have a shop location as I had passed it just the day before. It appeared that they weren't even listed in the phone book. Wow! Imagine the amount of business the hairdresser owner was missing out on.

Does Your Business Rely On Walk-In Customers?

If your business relies on walk-in customers such as a hairdresser, for example, it's no 'Shop Fronts'excuse not to be online. Even if it was only to provide contact details and location and hours of operation details, it would be of great service to potential customers. If your business is not online then the likelihood that you are missing out on customers is high.

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How To Get Ads In Front Of YouTube Watchers:

HEY 🙂 to all you online marketers out there across the world! I'm excited to bring this article to you as the POTENTIAL to get more people in front of your products and services gets greater by the day. Whether you are just starting out or already have years of experience with online marketing, there is something for every online marketer 'Mouse and Cheese Burger'here. Whether you have just FIVE MINUTES or have more time to take part in a one hour YouTube Advertising TRAINING, take whatever time you have now to get insight on how to get ads in front of YouTube Watchers and in front of your products and services.

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Ways To Earn Extra Money While Working Full-Time

Modern times can be tough as you struggle financially to stay on top of keeping one's head 'Out of pocket'above water. The expectations of providing everything the family needs to get by can be daunting! The cost of this seems to be endless…and for a lot of people, annual family holidays, great education for the kids, nights out on the town, upgrading the car etc, etc, might be impossible because of circumstance. But the clock is ticking and time is fading away. But, there is hope…real hope!

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10 Mistakes Internet Marketers Make When Starting Out

'Right or Left'Forget about knowing later rather than sooner about the mistakes new online affiliate marketers face when first starting out.

It's far better you know now and are aware of what can ultimately stop you in your tracks from reaching ultimate online success. So here are the 10 most common errors of beginning online business owners.

#1: Being Overwhelmed By Information:

If you aren’t careful, you can be overloaded with information when you first are starting out.  So much so, it can be very overwhelming and off-putting or daunting. So it pays to take it one bite at a time as it is easier to digest.  So pace yourself and set a weekly goal for yourself to listen, read or watch related information a certain number of times a week. Then stick to your goal – you can never learn enough. A break is always a good idea to clear the mind and to let your mind rest. The intake of information is easier to handle when you have a clear rested mind.

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10 Facts About Affiliate Marketing

Married People Aged 25 to 44

Married people between the ages of 25 to 44 make up 55% of Affiliate Marketers according 'Love Birds'to AFFSTAT 2016. This is not surprising to me because it would include those who are at home taking care of young children, and perhaps looking at ways to earn supplementary income to support the household. So this makes alot of sence.

Product Brands

The Affiliate Marketing channel to promote product brands on the internet is the second most used – it is predicted to climb to a $6.8 billion industry up to 2020 according to FORESTER. This shouldn't be of any surprise though, since advanced training and technologies, including software and hosting platforms such as Wealthy Affiliate, make it straight forward, affordable and user friendly for anyone looking to get started. Continue reading 10 Facts About Affiliate Marketing

What Mindset It Takes To Achieve Success Online

Why do we need to dedicate an entire article to ‘mindset'? Well, that's because most people undervalue their power, their potential and their ability to achieve great success.'mindset'

Initially, I would like to take the time to explore what most people think about the success of a few. Perhaps you are already familiar with the PARETO RULE in that just 20% of the world's population has 80% of the world's money. It is more than likely closer than you think – 10% of the world's population holds 90% of the world's money. Continue reading What Mindset It Takes To Achieve Success Online