Email Marketing Made Simple – Is It That Straight Forward?

Email Marketing Made Simple -Is It That Straight Forward? - Hero

How Email Marketing Works

Email Marketing Made Simple – Is It That Straight Forward? - presentEmail marketing is also known as opt-in marketing and is indeed straightforward. It’s one of the most stable, long-term revenue generating techniques used for online marketing. Email marketing is the collection of data such as an email address and also other attributes like a name and the country they are from for example, in exchange for something like a gift or offer.

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Opt In Email Marketing

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Email Marketing Introduction

An Email Marketing strategy requires the collection or gathering of emails to create a list/s which becomes the basis of email marketing – the ‘opt-in’ is a page or pop-up where a person will give you their email address for something of value you are offering them (usually for free) – it could be something digital like a pdf ebook with information that is of value to them like a ‘HOW TO…’ e-book for example. Opt In Email Marketing - postmans bike

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