Opt In Email Marketing

Email Marketing Introduction

An Email Marketing strategy requires the collection or gathering of emails to create a list/s which becomes the basis of email marketing – the ‘opt-in’ is a page or pop-up where a person will give you their email address for something of value you are offering them (usually for free) – it could be something digital like a pdf ebook with information that is of value to them like a ‘HOW TO…’ e-book for example. Opt In Email Marketing - postmans bikeOnce you have their email and they are on your list, then you can send them multiple email-offers over a period of time, usually over a few weeks.  But first, you will need to find a product/s or service/s to promote or identify what products or services to promote that are suitable for your niche. The merchants whose products you are promoting will give you generous commissions for every sale you make from your email list and there are many companies out there that offer the high commission for every product sale. It is a major perk for affiliate marketers.

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