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12 thoughts on “Learn How To Make Money Online – With Affiliate Marketing”

  1. When I first started building websites I was afraid that I’m not a good writer, that I can’t build websites and I can’t compete with anyone. But actually it’s quite easy to build websites and you don’t have to be an amazing writer to compete. Wealthy affiliate provides everything one would need to build a successful website.

    • Hiya! Thanks for stopping by and for your positive comments. That’s the great thing about owning your own online business because you don’t have to be good at everything when you start. All you need is some great training, the tools and of course the support of others who have done it before you – all of which you get from Wealthy Affiliate.

      Regards 🙂

  2. Wealthy Affiliate looks great and where can I sign up, Rina.
    I have been looking for an online opportunity like this one for a while now. There’s so much scammy stuff out there and this platform could be for me!
    I like the sound of selling items without the costs of purchasing them.
    If I join as a free member, is there any pressure to upgrade to the Premium Level before I’m ready?
    Thanks, Jeff.

    • Hi Jeff, thanks for calling by. It is up to you to upgrade if that is what you want to do. As a free member, you get time to have a look around the platform and to try out the online business training and to even ask members in the community any questions to get a gauge on any aspect of the training platform. There is no obligation whatsoever to move into a premium membership. 

      However, if you do decide to take the opportunity to build out an online business in Wealthy Affiliate, then going premium will open up more functions and tools to take your business to another level including scaling it up.

      I hope this helps you to decide your next steps. If not, I’m available to answer more of your questions.

      Regards 🙂

  3. I believe that affiliate marketing is one of the more popular and convenient ways to make money online because you do not have to worry about creating your own products or where to store your commodities, if they are the physical ones.

    When I first heard and read about affiliate marketing, I thought I’d give it a try. Only to realize that it’s not as easy as I thought it would be. One thing I came to understand is that as an affiliate marketer, you need to put in a lot of time and effort and some cash as well.

    I am learning little by little, taking it one step at a time. I think what I really need right now is the proper motivation, would you be willing to offer your help?

    • Hi Alice! Great to have you call by and thanks for the comments and for your question. There is always help at hand including my personal one-on-one coaching. 

      Like any business, there is initially a great deal of time you need to give it in order to build it up. Fortunately, an affiliate marketing business can be a lot quicker and require less time to build out, especially with the right tools, training, coaching and hosting services.

      You are already doing good by the sounds, but if you want to accelerate your efforts then I can definitely help. It’s all done online. If you would like more information just reply to this message.

      Regards 🙂


  4. This article is so true! You really have to find something you are passionate about, it makes it really easy to work at then, trust me.
    My wife and I are now on a roll and can see a clear path for our financial freedom ahead. We use all the tools within wealthy affiliate and love the way it is set out. You can find almost everything you need within the website.
    It has been our best tool, and you get access to 25 free websites to perfect your skills with different niches, that is great.

    • Hi Kris! Thanks for the comments and positive feedback regarding your online experience so far. Others will be encouraged by it I’m sure. 

      Regards 🙂 

  5. Hey RinaNZ, awesome post. I never tire of looking at posts that talk about WA because it is indeed the best place to learn affiliate marketing and to be successful.
    The thing is, more people are going to become interested in what WA is and your post is the guiding light to help alleviate any dark thoughts that might surface regarding starting a business or what is expected of them.
    Good job, keep up the good work!

    • Hiya R.J. Great to have you stop by and for the great comments. Indeed more and more people are interested in how to earn extra income or even replace their regular income with an online business. For sure there will be a few who will benefit from what Wealthy Affiliate have to offer, especially the training, courses and the community there.

      Regards  🙂

  6. Everyone makes it seem so easy. It’s no wonder people get discouraged. It isn’t easy. I founded an NGO and without this part of it, there is zero chance of getting the funding to help our demographic.
    The thing is I don’t want to do marketing I just want to help the people in our village. So, I’ve been thinking, if I continue to go it alone it will take me a lot longer. It’s becoming evident that I should get some help.
    Thanks for your tips and encouragement. Every time I read your blog I learn something.

    • Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. 

      As with any legitimate business, it takes a good amount of time getting it to a place where it’s worth the time and effort put into building it out. Affiliate marketing is no different. Fortunately, there is great support and expert affiliate marketers ready to help – so there is no need to go it alone. 

      In the begining though, many did go it alone, and it took in almost all cases, years for any success. But, they were the pioneers of their time and now veterans like Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate are teaching hundreds of thousands of people the proper way to build a profit earning online business.

      So it’s entirely possible to accelerate the process to getting closer to your targets and goals such as you mentioned here regarding the NGO you founded.

      I wish you every success!


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