7 Easy Ways to Earn Money From Home

Most people realize these days that making a part or full-time income from home is far more reachable than ever before. The internet has made running a business from home far more easier than ever before in the world’s history. The internet is the most important modern technology to bring people and products to anyone with an internet connection and a computer. Therefore, online business is one of the fastest-growing industries globally. Even traditional businesses need to be online to stay ahead of the times and stay in front of their customers. Today is all about any individual having the opportunity to earn from home using the power of the internet to start, grow and scale. So, I bring you my article on “7 Easy Ways to Earn Money from Home” and even how to get started for free! So, let’s not waste any more time and dive straight in!

#1 – Provide a Service from Home

This first option is based on you providing a service from home to others for a cash exchange such as a nail technician, home hairdressing, cake decorating. The idea is that there is little or no setup cost and is something you can provide to customers tomorrow. Many a business has been started this way very successfully! Perhaps it’s having a home babysitting service or meals on wheels for busy working people in your area. Home manufacturing jeweler or silverware cleaning services fall into this category as well. Clearly, this first option can be many things and if something doesn’t come to mind yet then make a list and see what you can come up with. Remember that it is something that you can provide to others tomorrow.

#2 – Start a Hobby Blog

The second option includes blogging about your hobby and promoting items related to this hobby to people worldwide! Let’s say that your hobby is walking and hiking trails around your country. You could blog about all the trails you have been on and even rate the trails according to location, distance, places of interest on the walk, whether a walk is easy, hard, or extreme, for example. You could then rate the walks and offer recommendations to your readers. Then you could offer reviews about related accessories such as hiking boots, what clothes are best for each walk, waterproof clothing, windproof clothing, and so on. You make money from promoting such products straight from your blog. Having a website related to this interest is the best way to get started, along with a good hosting platform such as Wealthy Affiliate built with bloggers in mind offering training and tools for this purpose. The earning potential here is huge!

#3 – Fill in Online Surveys

7 Easy Ways to Earn Money From Home - online surveys

The third option is signing up to online survey companies as they will pay you for your opinion. This option is probably the easiest to get into and a lot of people may try when first entering the world of internet marketing. The trouble is that it does not pay that well and I have not heard of survey millionaires who have cracked it doing this. However, the surveys are delivered to you online through email, they take just a few minutes to fill in and if it’s not cash they are offering to you, then it’s incentive rewards which could include discounts, coupons, or even maybe products.

#4 – Leverage Online Auction Services

The fourth option on my list of seven may require the time to have a clean up of your unwanted stuff but this stuff can bring extra cash into your household using online auction services such as TradeMe or eBay or on Buy Sell and Exchange Facebook pages for instance. There is even room to expand when you run out of your own unwanted stuff and start to auction other people’s unwanted stuff. You would have to collect the items from these people of course but there is good money to be made if you put the effort in.

#5 – Become a Freelancer

If you don’t feel like running across town to get other people’s stuff or taking the time to showcase each piece with photos and upload them to the auction site or sales site, you could try selling your own skills knowledge through online services like Fiverr for example. This is the fifth option and requires skills to offer to those requiring online services such as website development, online graphics, SEO or content creation, ebook generation, etc. Freelancing is popular among those who have the digital capability or other skills that help online entrepreneurs and online marketers. The way it works is to add a profile to the Fiverr platform, including the skilled service you are offering, such as Website Creation or Ebook Creation. Customers browse Fiverr to find the service they are after and the people who offer that service. Once they find you, an exchange occurs between you and that person to discuss their needs within the Fiverr platform.

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#6 – Provide Reviews

7 Easy Ways to Earn Money From Home - product reviews

The sixth option involves reviewing products but you are asked to review a product on behalf of a company, distributor, or manufacturer. They send the product to you to use and after use, you provide your thoughts and experience about the product – this could be by way of written or video review. Payment could be in the form of cash, rewards, and even the product itself or a combination of these forms of payment. The earning potential for doing this is limitless and worth thinking about seriously.

#7 – Drop Shipping

This brings me to the seventh option, Dropshipping! This option involves having a product to sell but the product sits in a warehouse somewhere waiting to be shipped! Amazon offers such a service where they take care of delivering the product to your customers after shipping the product to them from the manufacturers. For example, I decide to sell a product that I think will be a big seller. I order these products from a manufacturer or distributor such as Alibaba and have these products shipped off to an Amazon warehouse. I market and promote the product via my niche website, a customer clicks through to purchase the product via a unique link on my site attached to Amazon who receives this information. They also receive payment from the customer on my behalf, then organize to ship the product or products to them. Finally, I receive my payment from Amazon less any costs related to that sale.

Build Your First Blog Before Your Coffee is Brewed!

Learn How to Start Your Own Fun Blog using My 4 Step Formula

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  1. These are all great ideas for making money from home.  I like that they are all lost cost because, let’s face it, if you’re looking to work from home it has to be because you want to get money, not spend it!  I’m currently running a site about healthy eating but I’m always open to suggestions so I think I’m going to check out a few of these other things, probably product reviewer.  Thank you for this in-depth look at low-cost income opportunities!

    • Hiya Cynthia! Thank you for taking the time out to comment on the post! Product reviewer is a good choice! Everybody wants information on a product when considering whether to buy it or not. I assume you already have some knowledge regarding providing product reviews, but in case you would like to know more about how to go about it, Wealthy Affiliate provides great training on the subject.

  2. Any good source of idea for work from home is more than welcome. World is changing and we have to accept it. Who ever organise his or her life to start to work from home will accept new times easier, so your 7 easy ways to earn money from home for sure will help people on this journey. Thank you.


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