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Why is Wealthy Affiliate a place to make your fortune on? – In my Wealthy Affiliate Review, I reveal everything you need to know about why it is a valuable place to Learn, Start, Manage and Host a profitable online business on, whether you have experience or not. Let’s dig in!


Wealthy Affiliate or WA is a COMMUNITY based TRAINING platform for online business and is in the business of turning out thousands of successful web-based bloggers and offers everything needed to the entrepreneur all in one place. Below is a screenshot of one member sharing their success to the community.

Success at WA

Creating, growing and managing your businesses online can all be done in Wealthy Affiliate. It is a membership training site and people are immediately directed straight to the lessons soon after registering – this is the ‘Getting Started’ training and it’s FREE.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) Review

  • Price: Starter Membership $0
  • Price: Premium Membership $49/month
  • Owners: Kyle and Carson
  • Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100 (4.9/5)
  • Who is it for? Newbie to Expert
  • Verdict: legitimate / highly recommended

You don’t have to take it from me to believe that it is a trustworthy program or that it can equip you to succeed as an affiliate marketer no matter what your skill level. You don’t even need to be good at technology. The good thing about the Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that you can get inside it and learn everything about it for free. You don’t have to upgrade your membership until you’re ready to advance.

WA is a great place to start if you want to make money through affiliate marketing. It shows you the way by learning the lessons or courses that will teach you the basics through to advanced. It has a task-based method that assists joiners/learners to acquire the fundamental building blocks of successful affiliate marketing. It is a strategy that works for people who like to toil and be accountable for their decisions and success.

If you are suspicious of quick or instant money-making schemes, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you! It requires that you labor, study and BUILD OUT your niche website to make it work for you. It offers lots of avenues for LEARNING while EARNING. There are no false promises here – it has the POTENTIAL to earn big, but only after learning the lessons from the different levels in the WA University and putting it into action.

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The Membership Types Inside Wealthy Affiliate

 1) Get Started with the “Free  Membership” offer for ‘zero  dollars’ ($0)

This membership includes one free website and free siterubix domain name. This free starter account is designed to make beginners see what WA can offer its members. You only need to join to access the free training for beginners. This means being able to set up one website and monetizing it. You can work on it while going through the lessons and advancing in the process.

Stay at this level of membership for as long as you want or until you are ready for the bigger challenges and serious income. Staying in the “free membership” has limitations, though. For instance, the Keyword tool can only be used for 30 searches, compared to searches for premium members. If you are all ready to take your online business or affiliate marketing to the next level, then it’s time to upgrade to a premium membership.

2) Premium Membership at $19, $49monthly and $359 yearly ($29 monthly)

Discounted First Month Premium If you have big plans, you can’t say NO to this offer – a discounted premium membership of $19, rather than the regular Premium Membership of $49. The offer to update comes within the first week after joining. This membership will open all training levels and opportunities without restrictions. You also can build up to 10 websites at no extra cost, giving you the opportunity to seriously earn what Super Affiliates earn which is an incredible amount.

Regrettably, you can’t have the discounted rate in the succeeding months. This is just good for one month. There is, however, a way to pay the discounted rate – update your membership to Annual Premium membership.

Annual Premium Membership If you intend to stay long or for a year at least on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, consider paying the annual premium membership, which is $359. The amount is discounted at $29.92 a month or less than $1 a day – a reasonable amount to pay for all the lessons and opportunities you can access inside WA.

3) Premium Plus Membership at $99 monthly and $795 yearly

Apart from everything that Premium Membership offers and more (as shown in the screenshot below), you will also get a minimum 200+ Expert Classes per year including Youtube and E-commerce classes. You get the keyword power tool known as Jaaxy Enterprise ($99/m value) as well. So, all the tools and knowhow to have super super success in the online marketing world. A total of 50 Premium Websites is also available which is super cool for scaling up your online business.

Upgrading to Premium Membership: What You Will Get or Access

  • Access to all the training
    The training is the core of the WA “magic.” It has two principal training platforms – the basic “Beginner Training Course” and the “Affiliate Bootcamp.” Premium members can access all the lessons in the different levels of the two training courses.
  • Access to the 13 classrooms – (50+ lessons)
    There are also 13 classrooms you can choose to attend on various related topics intended to bolster the training courses if members want or need more.
  • Free hosting for up to 10 websites
    Hosting can entail some cost, which you can avoid with Premium Membership. The membership allows you to host your site/s on its servers for free. All you need to do is register the domain name and can host up to 10 websites.
  • Unrestricted support from the WA community
    Having up to 4 million members and counting, you virtually have an unlimited number of users and experts to help you address your concerns. There is virtually no problem that has not been experienced by the members, so you are guaranteed an unrestricted support from this community.
  • Free websites
    Using the SiteRubix platform, you can build a  website hosted on the WA servers, or up to 50 websites as a Premium Plus member at no extra charge. This is a great feature especially when you advance in your niche, business or affiliate marketing.
  • Live weekly webinars
    In Wealthy Affiliate, webinars are called “WAbinars.”  These cover variously related and enriching topics. If you miss a live session, you can catch it later by retrieving it from the Wealthy Affiliate database under “Live Video Classes” but also other expert classes within a Premium Plus membership.
  • Free searches using the Keyword Tool
    The value of using the right keyword can’t be underestimated when building out your site content. Use this tool and benefit from its free search feature as a premium member.
  • Opportunity to earn more
    Premium members have more opportunities to make a bigger income. One way is by earning commissions when you promote or refer WA. You can earn twice from this commission-generating scheme compared to what you can earn as a free member.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Wealthy Affiliate is for newbies who have little or no knowledge of online marketing or building websites, through to all level entrepreneurs and marketers who already have successful businesses who want to scale their business to new heights.


In a nutshell, the following diagram illustrates the simplicity of what you will be taught in Wealthy Affiliate.

Four Steps image:

The Certification Levels: From a Beginner to a Master

There are five certification levels. All members must go over these “obstacles.” The course has been designed to help members start and monetize their sites, regardless of their niche or business (not just as an affiliate in WA). Level 1 is where they will learn how to create a website, set up its pages, generate traffic, add content, and monetize it. The principles and roadmap are contained in 50 lessons under 5 levels.

Each level is classified as a certification course. All these have areas where you can pose questions and get answers almost instantaneously. Level 1 is very thorough and can be completed by free members. Levels 2 to 5 have very detailed money-generating lessons – these require a premium membership. The five levels are:

  • Level 1: Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started
  • Level 2: Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  • Level 3: Online Entrepreneur Certification – Making Money
  • Level 4: Online Entrepreneur Certification – Mastering Social Engagement
  • Level 5: The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation
Wealthy Affiliate Accomplishments image:

Except for Level 1, all levels have 10 similar “action-based lessons” that must be completed by members to build out your niche business. It is all tracked and as each member advances he/she receives a ‘badge’ as shown in the ‘My Accomplishments’ pic above. After advancing, members can always go back to refresh the lessons, namely:

  • Lesson 1 – Understanding the MONEY in Online Business
  • Lesson 2 – Understanding Affiliate Programs and Networks
  • Lesson 3 – Relevant Affiliate Programs are Everywhere
  • Lesson 4 – Adding Affiliate Links to Your Pages
  • Lesson 5 – Instant Access to MILLION Products
  • Lesson 6 – Leveraging Product Reviews
  • Lesson 7 – Getting Paid for Ads on Your Site
  • Lesson 8 – Earning Pennies OR Dollars
  • Lesson 9 – A Brilliant Way to Track and Understand Your…
  • Lesson 10 – With Help Comes Financial Success

Moving Forward: The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Course

Like the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, the Affiliate Bootcamp Course can be useful for anyone or any niche. It is created for people who are ready to make money online. The methods used in this training are aimed to promote WA, but all the 70 lessons can be applied to any business or industry. These lessons are contained in 7 levels, namely:

  • Level 1: Starting Your Foundation
  • Level 2: Content, Keywords & Conversions
  • Level 3: Giving Your Site Social Value
  • Level 4: Get Visual, Get Aesthetic, Get A Brand Through Social Media
  • Level 5: Knowing Your Audience and Catapulting Your Sales
  • Level 6: Bing, Yahoo & The Power of PPC
  • Level 7: How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

The 13 “Classrooms” in the Wealthy Affiliate University

The classrooms can be likened to a forum. These are where you would want to head to when you want a meaningful discussion of specific topics.  The lessons in the 13 classrooms are meant to fortify the two levels of training courses. This is where you can get free tutorials and, therefore, the best setting to get detailed responses to your queries. There is a forum dedicated to each subject of interest. These contain heaps of content that you can use to build your site and improve your marketing strategies.

Free members can access the first two classrooms to start properly. Updating to premium will allow the unlocking of the 13 classrooms, covering every facet of building a functional website. These 13 classrooms are incredible sources of over 500 current lessons about online and affiliate marketing. Depending on what you need, you can visit the following classrooms:

  1. Getting Started
  2. WA Affiliate Program
  3. Keyword, Niche and Market Research
  4. Everything WordPress
  5. Authoring and Writing Content
  6. Search Engine Optimization
  7. Pay Per Click Marketing
  8. Social Engagement and Marketing
  9. Website Development and Programming
  10. Local Marketing
  11. Video Marketing
  12. Email Marketing
  13. The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

The Live Support: Live Chat and Webinars

WA offers a plethora of support from its members. These come in different channels and formats. For a quick response or interaction, the live support – Live Chat and webinars – offer active support, being handy when you need quick answers. It allows you to have a one-on-one chat with some of the top members and leaders in the community. Being active and believing in “returning the favor,” you will discover that there are always helpful members around to help you out. Be warned, however, that the exchanges or chats can move pretty fast.

WA regularly broadcasts the live training or webinars. These are the weekly video classes to ensure that members are updated. There are different interesting and relevant topics that keep members engaged. These are all recorded, so you can access them within 24 hours if you will miss an important video class. These are great opportunities to ask questions and get live answers and feedback.

Building Profit Ready Websites: The “Build My Website” Tab

The “Build My Website” tab holds the component that will allow you to build your site/s. Free members get a chance to host one free WordPress websites. Premium members can build up to 10 websites, which could be as early as the first month at the discounted rate ($19). You can access the “website builder” as soon as you become a registered member. If you do the math, going premium gives you the ability to set up all 10 sites that you want or need.

The tab for website building is among the first features that you will use to set up the domains, websites and email accounts. It has been designed to make the process of building functional profit earning websites and adding the plugins uncomplicated. Premium members can host their sites using their own domain. Those trying WA for free can use a Siterubix domain.

Pros of Wealthy Affiliate:

  • The ‘Getting Started Training’ is simplified and broken down into bite-size chunks as lessons
  • Video and tutorial training
  • Over 4 million community members helping one another out
  • Full Interactive Classrooms
  • Live Interactive 24/7 HELP
  • Free Interactive & Professionally Designed Website/s
  • Fast, Secure, State of the Art Hosting
  • Access to Experts and Millionaires in the Industry
  • Strictly a Spam Free Environment
  • Absolutely FREE to Get Started
  • FREE Lessons 1 to 10

Cons of Wealthy Affiliate:

  • It’s a marathon rather than a sprint. Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme and getting it to turn over revenue requires focused attention by the person building out the business. In saying that, it is possible to start earning as early as a month in, as I did, or, it could take up to a year or more depending on the time you invest.
  • If you are an impatient person, it may not work for you. Although the lessons are very efficient and planned as digestible bite-size pieces, it does require you to carry out tasks at a pace that suits you and as part of the building out of your online business. There may be a tendency to ‘skip’ pieces here and there if you are impatient.

Wealthy Affiliate Tools

To run a website, you will need several tools. The best ones are those that are simple to use and that can deliver results. The WA tools that will help you build your site and monetize it, or succeed in your affiliate marketing effort are that kind. These are also well-integrated with each other.

  • The Keyword ToolThe foundation of a successful online marketing campaign starts with a methodical and efficient keyword research. Wealthy Affiliate provides its members with a keyword tool that will allow them to search Google for this information.
  • SiteRubix – WA Website Builder – SiteRubix is the efficient site builder tool that only requires a set of four steps to building you a website in minutes. It is so efficient it can install WordPress in one minute. This is available for all members.
  • Site Hosting – With the Site Domains and the SiteRubix seamlessly integrated with the Site Hosting, hosting sites can be likened to” a walk in the park.” This is available for premium members. Some features that WA offers with site hosting are:
  • WordPress optimized servers
  • Secure hosting
  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • Daily backups
  • Full redundancy
  • Fully managed
  • Website auto login
  • Email and forwards
  • Site Health analyzing
  • Site Domains – This tool allows members to buy domains from inside the Wealthy Affiliate. This tool takes away the stress associated with domain names as it works like a dream with the other tools for website building (SiteRubix) and hosting (WA Hosting).

The Wealthy Affiliate Program

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is a great place to learn about online marketing for any kind of business. This means that you don’t need to join its affiliate program to be a member. It’s centerpiece, however, is affiliate marketing. It isn’t for everyone. It may not be the reason why you are giving WA a shot. If you are interested in building a profitable online business, though, it will be worthwhile for you to check it out. To learn and earn from its affiliate program, you must do the “Bootcamp.”

By becoming an affiliate, WA will show you the way to earn commissions from the products you recommend. With the number of consumers shifting to the ease of online buying, you have a big market to cater to. With affiliate marketing, you don’t even need to have your own products, keep an inventory, ship them, collect payments, or worry about customer service or any of that STUFF. All you need to do is to have at least one website to promote the affiliate products of your choice.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform has LOTS of opportunities available to its interested members. You can choose the products to promote according to your niche and/or interests. This means you can promote items you love or have a good knowledge about. The earning potential of the program is UNLIMITED, a reason why many marketers are in the Wealthy Affiliate. If you intend to make it a source of income, WA can show you how.

Wealthy Affiliate Updates

The Wealthy Affiliate continues to GROW, in terms of membership and features/offerings, and services, from the time it was launched in 2005. It has more training courses now. The quality of tools and site hosting are on par with the best that cost more than $50. There’s a plethora of support 24/7 coming from the WA’s full team of support staff and community.

What’s new with Wealthy Affiliate this 2017? SSL is FREE if you are a premium member, and the SitePlus+ Platform.

  • The Site SSL and SSL Certificate – The SiteSSL installs your SSL Certificate, a feature that ENHANCES the security of websites by encrypting all data being transferred from a browser to the WA hosting servers. SSL is extremely important since Google made it known that it is a critical ranking factor for websites this year and beyond.
  • The SitePlus+ – This is a set of brand new features and services that will allow members to “toggle on and off” those features they built from the ground up to expand and enhance the website functions.

You need not be an outsider looking in – joining the Wealthy Affiliate platform is free! If you are serious about making money online – this is the RIGHT place to start and grow your online business.

Success at Wealthy Affiliate

Below are some screenshots of various levels of success from existing WA members. The common thing about these success stories is that they all come from the same place – they started as beginners.

By putting in the efforts and taking the time to learn – you have a great chance of writing your own success story within the WA community.

Limited Black Friday Bonus Offer! 

Wealthy Affiliate is offering a special Premium Plus yearly bonus for the WA Black Friday event this November 27th to 30th and I have a bonus offer for you! 

If you purchase the WA Premium Plus yearly package, I will do a professional SEO / Website audit for your web project! This would normally cost you $250 to have this done. But for anyone who purchases WA Premium Plus, I will do my professional SEO / Website audit for FREE! 

My professional SEO / Website audit will show you

  • Which keywords you are ranking for
  • Which keywords your competitors are ranking for 
  • And how they are ranking for those keywords! 
  • A sneak peek at your competitors entire campaign
  • Secret places where you can get more traffic to your website!
  • And MUCH more I don’t want to disclose here 😉 

To claim this professional SEO / Website audit, simply send me a Private Message inside of WA, with your website details within 60 days of purchasing WA Premium Plus. 

Don’t worry, I will send you a reminder to claim the bonus within WA. 

Here is what you get with your WA Premium Plus package:

  1. $200 off the WA Premium Plus yearly price
  2. $100 in WA Credits (200) [Psst! You could cash it out at any time ;)]
  3. 2 Free .com Domain purchases
  4. Over 200 live expert classes ONLY available to WA Premium Plus members
  5. Web hosting for 50 websites! 
  6. Exclusive access to Jaaxy Enterprise (faster keyword searches!)

As you can see, there are a ton of features available within the WA Premium Plus package and with my professional SEO / Website audit bonus, your affiliate campaign will skyrocket!  

This offer is only available from November 27th to 30th, but you can sign up immediately as a Starter Member now (for free) and purchase the WA Premium Plus Black Friday offer during those dates.

My Final Opinion of Wealthy Affiliate

Undoubtedly, the owners Kyle and Carson are dedicated to providing the training and tools and to minimizing risk (i.e zero start-up costs, minimal premium membership costs) to ensure you have every chance at success, every step of the way. It would be very hard not to succeed here at Wealthy Affiliate. There is nothing to lose as you can look and get a feel for how the training is because it is totally free to get started. There are ample support and innovative training that suits beginners through to the experts. The Wealthy Affiliate Community including industry experts is a solid support system helping one another out. It can’t get much better than that.

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6 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review”

  1. I agree with what you shared on your article. Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform where they make the necessary tools available to you to enable you achieve online success, and there is a wonderful community which renders assistance to your desired questions as a newbie in the affiliate world. So i would say Wealthy Affiliate is a good affiliate program for all levels, from beginners to legends. Thanks for putting this through.

  2. Wow, so much have been said about wealthy affiliate as a platform for training, where you get all the knowledge you’ll need to be successful in an online business and so far all the reviews I have read, I’m pleased with all of it. However, with the help in creating your blog and giving you tools to run it, how about site hosting, do they have a good system to maintain that?

    • Hiya Reece!

      The hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is up there with the best of them and because you can manage your affiliate business or business directly from the platform then I highly recommend it. You can read more about the hosting here

  3. I’ve honestly been looking for ways to make money online considering how things I have been going through this period in my job career. I want to be able to at least have this confidence financially and want to prevent myself by depending on one source of income. This is my third time on the review hunt for Wealthy Affiliate because most bloggers aren’t given me what I want. They were not clear as to their review. I’m glad I found your blog because it has given me a reason to clear my doubts. But is the trial account limited in a way or is it same with the premium?

    • Hey there Kelvin! Glad to see that you are doing your due dilligence in regard to researching your options and in this case Wealthy Affiliate or WA as the community like to call it. Their free trial is indeed giving newbies a chance to explore the platform, ask questions and experience the premium training including the initial building out of a free profit ready affiliate marketing website. Once the trial is over, you are given the opportunity to stay on the platform as a starter member or go full premium which all the most successful members do. 


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