Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Review

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Review - 24 hour backupI reveal in this Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Review the detail and features of this powerful hosting platform. Remarkably, it is packed with much more than just hosting services! Lets dive in and see!


Wealthy Affiliate Hosting is a service provided by Wealthy Affiliate (WA) as part of their free and premium membership. It allows you a location to store all the information on your website such as text, images and files so that it can be delivered to visitors to your website address. There are, however, a few differences between the hosting options based on your membership level.

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Review

  • Name:                                  Wealthy Affiliate Hosting
  • Type:                                    Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Website:                              www.wealthyaffiliate.com
  • Price:                                    $0 – Free membership; $49/mo – Premium Membership
  • Owners:                              Kyle and Carson
  • Overall Ranking:              94/100 (4.7/5)

Who is Wealthy Affiliate Hosting for?

Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting service is perfect for those who are looking for an all-in-one Managed WordPress based hosting solution. It is a fast and stable hosting service that will help you build your foundation on the basics of building an online business. Packed with bonus features and capable of hosting up to 10 websites, WA hosting service is recommended for:

  • small SEM organizations
  • beginner and seasoned affiliate marketers
  • people who are keen to learn everything about niche site and affiliate marketing
  • individuals who are looking for more affordable options to host their sites
  • anyone wanting to learn how to make money online
  • those who need access to training tutorials, videos and excellent community support to build an online business

Verdict:                      Highly Recommended

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Review - ComputerBesides having a domain name, one of the basic essentials for building an online business is a quality web hosting to display your website to potential customers browsing the internet. Web hosting providers are not lacking and it can be quite confusing to select the best web hosting for your website. As you search the internet, plenty of choices appear in front of you, offering their specialization in certain areas such as business hosting, eCommerce hosting, WordPress hosting, etc. Choosing the best and most affordable one can be tricky. This WA hosting review will help you decide.

Wealthy Affiliate, one of the world’s largest online business communities, offers its members with free WordPress hosting services. WordPress is the best tool for building a website nowadays, and signing up for a premium membership in WA provides you with an ability to build an unlimited number of WordPress hosted websites.

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The hosting service uses a platform called “Site Rubix” to help affiliate marketers grow their business while getting all the best that a WordPress-based website offers. It currently uses Amazon’s C3 Cloud Hosting servers, which is one of the fastest in the industry. Its average page load time of 1.3 seconds assures your website to be always running optimally. The hosting experience provided by WA allows you to focus on your business and feel safe about running your business with a powerful and secure service like WA hosting service.

WA does not only provide a secure and fast hosting service, but many resources and integrated tools necessary for online business also come with it. Although not a requirement in the Wealthy Affiliate membership, many members opt to build and host their websites using the company’s hosting services.

To get started with Wealthy Affiliate, all it takes is to create a free starter account, complete the starter training and go from there.

Hosting Differences between Membership Levels

A. Free Web Hosting

Included in the WA free Starter membership level is web hosting for one free website. This is a fully functional wordpress website, that the starter member can use in any niche and it’s hosted on WA’s state of the art Managed WordPress hosting platform. When it comes to running a long-term successful online business, it matters to have your own domain name. With the free web hosting, the site is not your own domain name, but is on WA’s subdomain called SiteRubix. Although you can still name your free websites anything you desire, the URL will appear with.siterubix.com extension.

The free web hosting is designed to support free members who are just getting a feel in the world of online business. This means that the free web hosting at WA, as well as the free SiteRubix site and the free training available in the members’ area, can be of great help to determine if running an online business is your cup of tea before investing a penny to try it out. Those who have some amount of knowledge about affiliate marketing and running an online business, these free websites can serve to test the waters of competition before shelling out anything from your pocket to register your own domain names.

The Free starter membership has some limited features. It does not have access to the following: website analysis, feedback platform, website support and others, but it includes 10 training lessons for free. If you can rank a SiteRubix site with these features to compete in the search engines, then registering your own domain would be a logical step to allow you to potentially dominate your chosen niche.

B. Premium Hosting

The Premium web hosting is available for premium members, providing the ability to host up to 10 websites included at no extra charge in their premium membership fees of $49 per month. are hosted on their state of the art Managed WordPress hosting, and includes full 24/7/365 hosting support.

Hosting for up to 10 unique domain name websites – This gives you the ability to more than surpass a full-time income with your online business included in the fees that you are paying to learn how to do so in the first place.

Hosting of up to 10 free SiteRubix websites – This gives you the ability to test the waters of any given niche prior to making an investment on a domain name.

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Key Features Overview

Wealthy Affiliate hosting offers a wide range of features, some of which are not available on other traditional hosting companies. ​

Features Details
Price $49/month $359/year; Black Friday sale $299/year
Number of Websites WA’s hosting can support up to 10 websites on one account: either with domain names you own, or free domain names with a .siterubix dot com suffix name, or a mixture of your choosing.
Instant DNS Setup Yes
Hosting Speed Amazon c3.large (faster). This is one of the core focal features of the WA hosting platform that can make certain you can load your website as quickly as possible.
Website Space Limited at 30GB
Bandwidth Included 500k visitors/month
SSL Certificates SSL Certificates are offered not only as a security procedure on all websites, but it also improves your rank in search results. It can be activated with a click of a button at no cost.
Site Builder Included WA’s hosting offers a free website builder called Site Rubix – a click-based website builder which is not only very easy to use even by people with no experience with websites, but the performance is excellent as well.
Staging Environment Yes
Full Redundancy Your hosted websites have unparalleled redundancy layer, which means that if one of them is down, WA double hosts your site by having a “mirror” of your website running at all times that will be swapped in, instantly.
Enterprise Security There are several layers of security to shield your websites and keep them secure from hacking or spam before it happens.
Daily Website Backups Free daily backups are provided by the system by taking a snapshot of your website every day. It is a great help to restore your previous version when your website is accidentally ruined.
24/7 Access to Server Admins Yes
Email Accounts You can set up unlimited email accounts for your websites.
BotNet Security Yes
Site Health and Performance Tracking The plugins will scan various aspects of your website, and score or rate them so you can have a reference in knowing your chances of indexing, ranking and acquiring traffic through major search engines.
Site Comments This leverages the huge and active WA community to leave comments on your website articles.
Website Feedback The feedback you get from the WA community helps you learn what others think of your site design, content, and your overall direction, so you can improve your website.
Community Access Support is community-driven
1 on 1 Marketing Mentorship Yes
Site Manager You can login into multiple accounts, enable and disable features, monitor backups, see total post count, and see all the details about your website from your personalised WA dashboard.

Advantages of Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

  • No need for credit card to sign in for a free account
  • 24/7 managed monitoring
  • 24/7 automated monitoring
  • 24/7/365 Site technical support – Average Response within 5 minutes
  • 24/7 live chat help
  • Virus and malware protection
  • Powerful servers, powerful Sites
  • No upsells
  • The same price applies in 14 years since WA was founded
  • 500 models and 1000 hours of training course
  • Powerful social network of internet marketing
  • Friendly user interface
  • Get help directory from the owner and other expert affiliate markers
  • 1 free WordPress website for free membership and 10 websites for premium membership
  • Series of a comprehensive step by step training courses for online marketing include SEO, ADVERTISE, SOCIAL MEDIA
  • Offer low-cost hosting service and other tools for online business package all-inclusive in one price
  • Unlimited business email and Email forwarders
  • Without extra fee for training courses
  • Offer amazing affiliate programs and its affiliate program reward with 40% recurring commissions
  • Offer Site feedback
  • Offer site comments platform
  • Offer the most competitive keyword tool, Jaaxy, and other resources for internet marketing

Limitations of Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

  • Entirely WordPress based
  • ​No access to C-Panel
  • No phone hotline
  • Domain cost is divided

    Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Review - Backups every 24 hours

Support is Super-Fast

Wealthy Affiliate has a ticket system for support. This ticket system is super-fast and you can have problems resolved in as little as 3 minutes.

Wealthy Affiliate Site Support Team can be contacted through a support message. The inquiries are usually responded to within 5 minutes to 1 hour, but usually it is around the 20-minute mark. There are plenty of tutorials about web hosting, domains, internet marketing and many others. You can even create your own tutorials for which you get $5 for each.

The support is more community driven in which you can ask questions to the community that do an excellent job at helping members take care of issues.

The Real Value in Hosting with Wealthy Affiliate

Before I end this Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Review, I want to offer up some perspective on the value of hosting with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s security, reliability and power in the WordPress industry is equal to if not better to any forerunner in the hosting indusrty. As a comparison, here are the price points of the hosting companies that are viewed as “similar” in terms of quality in the industry.

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting - Comparison

Final Opinion

Whether you are just getting started on your online website or want to develop for more different business, selecting a good web hosting service is a major decision that can spell long term success. In choosing the best web hosting service, it is important to consider all-round the essentials needed such as customer support, the site speed, site space storage, the inner pricing plan, bandwidth, uptime, backups, etc.

Wealthy Affiliate is the better selection for web hosting services in the long run. The hosting service, although meant as an add-on to the platform, includes all-inclusive tools and training courses to walk you through the steps of building a reliable income-generating website. The best part is you can join a free account and even take ten lessons for free to experience this fantastic platform.

Join over a Million Members

Who Have Started Their Own Online Business.

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Rina Walker

Rina Walker - Founder of EarningOnline.come

I am Rina Walker the founder of Earning Online and have been running a successful affiliate marketing website and blogging about earning online opportunites since November 2016. The niches that I am involved in include Wealth Creation, Permaculture, Action Cameras and Social Enterprise - all of which I have a great interest in.

I'm also involved in helping, supporting and coaching online entrepreneurs of all levels to build and run their own successful web-based affiliate business.

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  1. Hello. Thanks a lot for summarising such an amazing review and explanation given.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the only platform where I find the key to my success. I’m a premium member since October 2019 and I think this was the best decision I ever made. You put here such  interesting information for all people like myself who want to start an online business and earn some passive income. All the people from Wealthy Affiliate are helping each other and in my opinion this is the biggest advantage. If you don’t mind I will share this article on my social media account where I have a lot of friends who want to make money online. 

    Wishing you a happy new year!

    • Hiya! Thanks for visiting and for offering your comments! I’m happy to hear of your positive experience with Wealthy Affiliate. I think that having a responsive and helpful community of like minded people, make all the difference to your success along with the training, tools and step-by-step instructions. 

      I am happy for you to share the article with anyone you feel will benefit!

      I wish you a Happy New Year and great success in 2020 and beyond!

  2. I have found that Wealthy Affiliate domain hosting is ideal for creating your first blog or website. The support given by Wealthy Affiliate in the form of tutorials, as well as assistance from the wider community, has been excellent. Not only is the hosting of your first 2 website free as a Starter Member, it also is designed to be compatible with the WordPress platform. The success of my site would not have been possible without the support and guidance of Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hiya Ian! 

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and for your thoughts and experience with Wealthy Affiliate Hosting. Did you know that there are close to 4 million members of all levels of expertise and experience? There is no shortage at all of expert support, guidance and knowledge there. It’s no wonder hearing of your own successs there because of this and your efforts no doubt. Actually, many web-based marketers started there with no experience at all! It really is a platform that is turning out successful entrepreneurs on a daily basis.

  3. Hi Rina,
    I’m a premium member at Wealthy Affiliates, I’m very happy I joined. The reason why I commenting on your site is because you did a very good job of pointing out a lot of key points that WA offers. Like the timing of your site to load 1.3 seconds which I think is important because I’m like most people I don’t like to wait. Also, talking about the two packages WA offers and pointing out the differences of free and premium packages very clear. I can see from the way you put this site together and how you explained the benefits at Wealthy Affiliate that you are a very good coach. Thank you for this post.

    • Hiya Mark!
      Thank you for visiting and offering your comments about this Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Review! There is indeed much to like about the hosting at Wealthy Affiliate for sure. It is definitely a first class platform! Secondly, I am a good coach because I had great coaches who taught me everything I know about Affiliate Marketing! So, I give the credit to them! But, thank you Mark for the compliment.

      I wish you great success for 2020 and beyond!

  4. Hi there,
    I have been dabbling in WA for a few years now. I have a full time job on the side and have not really done enough of the training. (I also had about a year of health issues which resulted in a diagnosis of limbic encephalitis, so maybe my brain was a bit overloaded.) Anyways, I was about to cancel my WA premium membership this morning when I ran upon your post. It changed my mind. You did such a great job of laying out the benefits (and also including a few downsides) which were very helpful for me to re-think my decision. Thanks for your post and your inspiration!

    • Hiya Tammy! Great to have you visit and for your comments! I’m glad you had a change of mind about cancelling your premium membership! Nevermind, that I think you choosing WA is clearly a winning decision, Affilite Marketing in general is one of the most cost effective business options to start that rewards you with passive income when shown the proper way which is what you will get at WA!

      Yes…it will take committment of your time to work through the training at WA but at the same time you are building out your web-based business one step at a time. Give your self a year at least if you are doing this part-time… or 6 months if you can afford the time, around 20 to 30 hours a week.

      Do this and it will totally be worth your effort.

      I am on the platform as well should you require help! rinanz is my username there!

  5. Newbies will be able to understand better about wealthy affiliate with the way you have explained what it entails. Before I joined, I checked the credibility of the platform and the first thing that I checked was whether if the owner is real and it was truly credibly owned by Kyle. I strongly recommend that beginners should join.

  6. Hi. You’re the best for condensing such an astounding audit and clarification of this review!.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the main stage where I my web based business and my prosperit lol. I’m a premium member since October 2018 and I think this was the best choice I have made at any point. You have here such fascinating data for all individuals such as myself who need to begin an online business and acquire some automated revenue. Every one of the individuals from Wealthy Affiliate are helping one another out and as I would like to think, this is the greatest part of this community driven platform. If its all the same to you, I will share this review on ‘my internet based life account’ where I have contact with a great deal of companions looking to profit on from the web.

    Wishing you a cheerful new year!

    • Thank you for visiting and for your comments! Sure, go ahead and share this Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Review with your networks.

      Also, wishing you a successful 2020 and beyond!

  7. Your review is excellent.  I have been a Wealthy Affiliate member for about a year and a half, have read several reviews of the company, and really like your approach.  It’s a bit different, and I think it highlights important features very nicely.

    There are so many good things about this company that I don’t understand why there aren’t even more people part of the organization.  Your list of the benefits is so incredible — Where else can you get so many strong advantages in one business?  Get-rich-quick schemes don’t work.  This company does, because you learn what you need to know.

    • Hiya Fran! Great to have you call by and for your comments! Thank you also for the complement. There are few that beat the Wealthy Affiliate Platform in terms of providing quality training for all levels and for hosting and providing website building and web-based business management. There are almost 4 million members and the membership is still growing! 

      It is indeed a platform for those who commit the time to training and building out thier web-based business with a longterm view of around 1 to 2 years being a more realistic timeframe. However, it is entirely possible to be in profit within the first few months. Get-rich-quick scheme it is not as you have rightly pointed out.

      Thanks again for your visit Fran!

  8. Thanks for this Post on the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Review. So a few years back when I wanted to start an online business I did not know what to do and how to go about it. Eventually, I got introduced to Wealthy Affiliate Hosting and trust me, it was exactly the best foundation for me and for anyone interested in an online business. Thanks, I recommend this to anyone wanting an online business. 

    • Hiya Rose! Thanks for stopping by and for taking time out to comment on this review! I much appreciate your valid point of view! 

  9. Hosting a website on wealthy affiliate platform would actually be a great decision owing to all I have read here about what they offer. I actually like every bit of the information presented in this review and all that they provide. Also, I like the fact that the platform is support driven and ever ready to attend to all who are hosting on it. I am impressed to see this of them. Thanks so much for sharing, and I think I need to at least try the free trial and see for myself. Do I need to register a website to have the free trial?

    • Hi Benny! Great to have your comments and thoughts on the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Platform. You can take advantage of the free trial period, no strings attached and no obligation to host there. My recommendation to you if you regsiter for the free trial is to have to start the training to get a feel for it first.

      Wishing you great success for 2020 and beyond!

  10. Currently, I make use of f Wealthy Affiliate and I know the power of it’s hosting capabilities. It’s a very good thing to point out its many features broken down in this review. To be honest, it’s a good thing to see how the hosting side of Wealthy Affiliate works and I’m happy that I am also learning new stuff about it. A platform that I have been on for a while mind you and I never knew all of the amazing features of the platform! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Thank you Henderson for stopping by and for your comments! There are many WA members who are blissfully unaware of all the current features available at Wealthy Affiliate! The platform is always adding new features that benefit the owners of web-based business and current members there. Updates are always published to the platform for all members usually by Kyle or Carson, the founders of the platform.

      I wish you great success Henderson for 2020 and beyond!

  11. Wealthy affiliate is one of the most outstanding platforms I have seen so far when it comes to training personnel for online business and getting knowledge regarding building and hosting sites is very impressive. I have gained a lot from being a member of WA, how to start my own online profit earning business along with SEO strategies and such. I trust them, they work tirelessly always improving training, functionality and security of the platform. The community is also active and responsive to anyone needing help with something. Thanks for a great review and best regards. 

    • Hiya Benson! Thankyou for calling around and for your comments! It’s always great to hear of peoples experience and yours certainly appears to be of a positvie nature! Thanks again and have great success for 2020 and beyond!


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