A ‘ProfitClicking’ Review

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ProfitClicking is a new way for online entrepreneurs not only to boost their current website’s visitor traffic, but also to increase their earning potential. It is a traffic exchange programme that offers online profit not only for free, but gives $10 to get you started. Once registered, the free $10 can be claimed and you can start earning $2 for today and every day.

Website: http://profitclicking.com

Product name: Profit Clicking

Price: Free, ad pack – $10

Owner: Frederick Mann

Overall rank: 14 out of 100 (0.7/5)

Verdict: Scam

ProfitClicking Review

ProfitClicking came about in 2012. Its website is www.ProfitClicking.com. It is tailored as Independent Business Owner solutions for anyone in search for a vehicle to earn money from home. It offers simple yet powerful patented products and services that can assist entrepreneurs in establishing online business more effectively by directing more traffic to their websites with the use of unique and state-of-the art tools and impressive personal growth tools and seminars. In addition, ProfitClicking continues to add new and exciting cutting-edge tangible products vital in creating more client force and lucrative compensation plan unmatched on the internet.

The program is crafted to launch members into success and satisfying income level, regardless of location, educational attainment or experience. It boasts of a simple “plug and play” system and rides on its proven track record of rewarding 98% of the online community who have worked to achieve the desired income.

ProfitClicking is originally owned by Frederick Mann. The site was offered for sale at an asking price of US$4999. It is now redirected to adclickexpress.com under the disguise of its new owner Ad Click Xpress, a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) scheme.

Who is Frederick Mann?

ProfitClicking is owned by Frederick Mann, known for having a bad reputation in the online world. He used to own the site Just Been Paid which suddenly disappeared together with the money of all investors. Later, it emerged as ProfitClicking to mislead the public and go on in collecting money from people who want to earn honest income on the internet. It was a strategy to move his latest site to a new domain in order to continue his business of scamming people.

Both sites promote the same idea of advancing your online business into growth by helping you make more money. It did not work also, thus ProfitClicking was changed to its new name as adclickxpress.com (http://www.adclickxpress.is/). Frederick Mann was retained as the Senior Consultant to implement his simple-to-work programs to ensure the success of the members and for the company to survive and thrive in the online world.

Frederick Mann is allegedly a fake character, and is simply being used as a name to create an honest looking person who is an expert to look up to and to be trusted when using programs linked to him. Whether he is real or fake, he has a horrible reputation for stealing millions of dollars from online marketers with the profit clicking brand.

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Target Members

The online business program is targeted to individuals looking for ways to earn extra income.

All it needs is an internet connection, an active phone number, and willingness to go on training. Earning money can be that easy with ProfitClicking if you:

  • want to advertise your business on the internet
  • are working day jobs
  • are deciding which field to get into
  • are just staying at home.
  • believe that money can be earned by just clicking the mouse
  • are gullible to take the bait

How it Works

ProfitClicking.com takes appears to take pride in operating a legal, patented method of online money making with assurances of its capability to help its members earn money online. Accordingly, only 2% of online marketers earn income. ProfitClicking offers two different ways to earn more:

  1. The first is to pay for one of their Traffic Packages. It may be an attractive offer, but purchasing traffic for your website can be very tricky. It often results in a series of bots coming in to visit your website. Although it increases traffic to your website, it does not necessarily commensurate to a sale or commission.
  2. The second way is to procure a Traffic Package and become one of the website affiliates. In order to do this, the free affiliate account which comes with a complimentary traffic package for your website must be signed up. The additional traffic package is initially required to be purchased, but once the affiliate account becomes active, the 2% on weekdays and 1.5% on weekends can be earned as part of the “Money Spent to Purchase Traffic Packages.” For over an 81-day period, your traffic packages can result in 150% earnings.

ProfitClicking.com claims to have a sophisticated advertising system responsible in creating the “highest quality of traffic”. As such, members are made to believe that their specific advertising budget is being expended in the most effective way to increase website traffic.

Cashing In On The Allure of Daily Payments

The daily payments that accumulate in member accounts each day is probably what draws many to the ProfitClicking program. Earning even small amounts of money on a daily basis can be a source of satisfaction.

The “ad packs” are purchased for $10 each and it pays out until reaching 150%, giving members $15. The more purchases made, the more daily income will be received and more commissions will be given. In order to earn the daily 2% from ad packages, at least three websites must be surfed each day. Members can surf more than three, which will be reserved if some days are missed so that the 2% can still be earned.

As the ad packs earn income, new ad packs must be purchased each time the balance reverts to $10. In this way, the daily income is increased while the account builds up. The account can be upgraded for $15 every 3 months. Every 4 expired ad packs will receive 1 PC panel, giving a $60 rebate for each cycled panel.

It may be constructive to consider the $10 payment as an investment. In reality, it is not because the amount is not actually given back, but is used to purchase an Advertising Package. The daily payments amounting to $15 is received after about 90 days. It means you are getting the original $10 plus $5 in the form of “interest” or “dividends,” which the company refers to as “rebates.”

Looking at the Bright Side of ProfitClicking

  • Simple and easy to understand – The techniques are not complicated, which means anyone can have an easier time managing the program.
  • Marketing training – Members are provided with marketing training sessions for various topics, such as social media marketing, email marketing, offline marketing, traffic exchanges, and more. Schedules can be checked.
  • Available support – There is an online chat option, though not so helpful. It contains several questions answered very briefly.

The Concerns

  • Tricky advertising techniques – The company strategy works as a pyramid scheme type which only provides benefits to people at the top. It manipulates you to put more time and effort into recruiting more people into the program, not to mention to click on more websites in order to earn income from home.
  • Fake statistics – The website, now known as Ad Click Xpress, brags about being one of the most visited websites on the internet. The truth is, their organic traffic is extremely low.
  • Completely useless traffic – They have over 16,000 backlinks that serve as referral traffic, but most of the time they are useless. The $10 promises 600 visitors for free. Those visitors are completely of no use because there will never be a single sale to be made on your site. Other more reputable traffic exchange networks offer traffic for a much lower price and pay their members consistently.
  • Bad reputaion – The bad image is handed down by its predecessor and original owner. Although the previous version has closed down, the current website reels from lots of complaints and negative reviews all over the internet that no reputable website will be reckless enough to link with ProfitClicking.com. A new website name cannot be a saving factor unless a new profitable approach is offered to give real value to people.
  • False promises – Clicking on ads in the ProfitClicking members’ area can give you some money, but not really enough to earn a good income. They claim to have a “legally compliant patented system,” but there are no concrete details on how a specific amount of earnings for a certain period of time can be generated.
  • No contact address – There is no practical way to reach or contact the people behind ProfitClicking. Getting refunds is not possible.

Final Thoughts about ProfitClicking

Once the program is opened, it immediately redirects to Ad Click Xpress, an entirely separate company. This is a major red flag that should warn anyone of a scam tactic. One can conclude that in a short time, the current site will no longer be available soon.

Remember that this program was initially “Just Been Paid,” reappeared as ProfitClicking, and now operates as Ad Click Xpress. All of them carry Frederick Mann’s bad reputation of failing to honor his commitments and running away with the money put in by innocent online investors. The website claims to be resistant to economic trends in contrast to what any professional marketer’s warning that online marketing is affected by significant events, such as seasons and holidays.

Regardless of the name it assumes, the company continues operating using the same mode. It explains why the same tone of complaints about the expensive traffic packages, useless traffic, unreliable support, and tricky approach flood the website. ProfitClicking has all the elements of being a scam. Staying away from this website is a decision you will not be sorry about.

If you are interested in a product related to earning online and would like me to review it, please feel free to contact me by leaving a comment below. I will resond to you within 24 hours.

Always look on the bright side of life, I always say 🙂


Profit Clicking

FREE / AD Pack $10

Overall Product







  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Marketing training provided
  • Support Available


  • Pyramid Scheme
  • Fake statistics
  • Bad reputaion

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14 thoughts on “A ‘ProfitClicking’ Review

  1. I signed up to profitclicking a few weeks ago before reading any reviews about them and it was the worst thing I ever did!

    I joined thinking that I could improve my websites traffic but, like you said all that I was sent was bots and my bounce rate for my site went really high because the clicks I had were basically just clicks and nobody went through any of my content

    I wish I read this profitclicking review before I paid for the package as I could have save a bit of money and the damage it did to my website 

    1. Sorry to hear about your negative experience with ProfitClicking. I always aim to fairly shed light on any review I do, whether good or bad. ProfitClicking is by no means the worst product but one that people need to steer clear of unfortunately.

      Hope you do better next time and contact me if you with me to conduct a review on any product you are considering.



  2. Hi Rina,
    Thank you for sharing this great informational article about ProfitClicking. You have written lots of helpful articles which encourage lots of people like me about online earning. I started looking for online earning about a month ago. I am very keen about how can i also earn from online marketing. I’ve been searching all over the internet, because i want to earn money. I will be careful about scams and this is helpful to me.

    1. Hi Mim, you are most welcome. As you are searching for online earning opportunities be sure to read the rest of my reviews accessable from the main menu at the top of this page. Or if you have a product in mind that you would like me to review, please just let me know by replying to this or commenting again in the comment box.


  3. wow I am fairly new at WA and so far I am impressed! I want to thank you for the warning on profitclicking! Of course the aim is to get more traffic you to have genuine purchasing traffic! I will most certainly avoid the scammers and the get rich quick artist!! thanks

  4. It was interesting reading your review of ProfitClicking. I have to tell you – I found the whole concept quite confusing, but then, I’m relatively new at attempting to earn an income on-line. At this early stage in starting an on-line business, I need a lot of help so when I come across a review site, such as yours, I like to see what more experienced people have to offer as insight in particular products on offer.

    My initial thoughts did go to the issue of whether any traffic generated through this product would be of any help to build and maintain an income. I have heard of people buying traffic through sites such as Fiverr. This sounds similar and does not seem like it would generate traffic that would build up sales. I would also worry that the traffic generated would be bot traffic, which probably wouldn’t do me any good and may actually harm my website rankings.

    Thanks for the heads-up on this product. Many times, people like myself would not be aware of a product developer’s history. I would not have been able to make the connection with previous dubious products. Thank you for giving us the necessary information to make an informed decision!

    1. Hiya Mike! 

      If traffic is bot generated, there is no way that these clicks will convert to sales. There are penalties for this type of bot generated traffic because for one thing, if you want to prove to google that traffic to your site is genuine because you have something a real person is interested in, that you are an authority, and that your site can be trusted, then they also need to see engagement such as comments on your site. Bot generated clicks do not leave comments. Therefore, when google realise this, your rankings will suffer.

      Google is all about giving a user a great experience by legitimising websites through their ranking system. If it appears that a website is not being visited by real people and there is no real people engagement, then the website will be waydown in the ranks.

      So glad to have you drop by Mike and I wish you great success with your online ventures.


  5. Hi Rina – Well, this is a fair warning and I thank you.  Reading articles like this certainly makes me feel so good about not having any envovlement with them.  I can only wonder how some people sleep at night!  There are scams in every facet of the world.  We must be careful as the vultures are circling!

    1. Thanks Nathaniel for the comments. I live in New Zealand and people here in 2018 were scammed to the amount of 33 million dollars, and we are not a big country with a population of 4 million. That means that for every person in the country we were scammed $8.25 each. These are the scams that are reported and a lot aren’t reported as most feel like fools and embarrased so keep it to themselves without reproting it. 

      I have made it my mission to bring a well researched honest look at those who claim to provide a legitimate product to earning online opportunities through my reviews.

      Wishing you hassle free growth and success to you with your online ventures 🙂

  6. Hi Rina, this is an excellent review about profitclicking and I’m kind of baffled to discover all these truth about them because they seemed just okay to me. But being the skeptical one that I am, I just decided to read a little more about them before making any purchasing and here i am getting to know that they are pure scam. Wow! Thank you so much for this helpful post. I will share it out to my friends too.

    Thumbs up

    1. Thanks for the comments RoDarrick, it’s unfortunate that some may indeed not realise the impact of their decisions until it’s too late. Going that extra step to research a product can make all the differnce. A lot of these promotions dangle carrots by making outrageous claims about what their product can deliver and in the end they are just outright lies… only to walk away laughing with your money.

      I wish you all the best in the meantime with your online ventures.


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