Lurn Review – Can Anik Singal Help You Earn Online?

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I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2016 with zero marketing experience & within a few months, I had a website built that was driving traffic daily.
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So, what’s all the hype about Lurn? Is this the real deal or is LURN another overactive, overzealous underperformer in the online marketing industry? In my Lurn Review, I shall reveal all the details about the product and determine if it is any good or not. Read on!

Lurn Review - Anik Singal


The company is owned by Anik Singal who is a digital marketer for more than 13 years. He formulated and mastered a digital marketing technique that made him millions of dollars on a constant scale. Now he is giving back to the people by sharing his craft to help others make a successful digital marketing business. offer subscription-based and free affiliate marketing courses that are suitable for beginners and experienced digital marketers. Each training package contains a step-by-step easy to set up guide, latest online marketing tools, and motivational instructions to help you hit the mark. So what are the advantages and disadvantages if you sign up for this service? Let’s find out.

  • Website:
  • Price:  $37 Motivational Course, $1,497 E-mail Marketing, $2,997 Publishing Academy
  • Owner:  Anik Singal
  • Overall Ranking:  72 out of 100 (3.6/5)

Lurn Review

Lurn Review - Lurn Escape is the online home of LURN, a platform that caters to more than a hundred courses, both free and paid. The company offers free and subscription-based affiliate courses suitable for beginners and seasoned digital marketers. Within this site are training packages consisting of step-by-step easy to set up guide, marketing tools, and motivational instructions on many different topics, such as:

  • Online marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Starting an online business
  • Digital marketing courses
  • Email marketing training
  • Training on starting a coaching business
  • and so much more

About the Creator

Anik Singal is a self-made millionaire who specializes and teaches digital marketing. He studied at the University of Maryland, where he was awarded Company of the Year from MTech and was conferred as Entrepreneur of the Year by the Hinman CEOs. His success and journey, however, were not that easy for him.

He started in 2001 and earned his first dollar online after 18 months of struggle. After a few years, he built his $10 million-a-year business by making sales worldwide. For more than 15 years, his online business has sold over $100 million in total value of products.

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Business Week featured Anik as a Top 3 Entrepreneur under 25 in 2008, and was included in Inc 500 for two consecutive years. He has spoken as a motivational and Entrepreneurship coach in the TedX talk in Luxembourg, and invited as a speaker in a number of prestigious shows, such as ABC News, channel 4 morning show, and Clickbank. Huffington Post also wrote a piece of article about him. On top of this, he is also a best-selling author.

He now embarks on his personal mission to share his entrepreneurial secrets in his LURN courses and influence people around the world who are looking for true financial freedom.

Who is Lurn for?

The course is suitable for almost anyone that wants to explore digital marketing, dreaming of financial freedom, and people that want to convert their passion into money. They offer courses to help boost your entrepreneurial mindset, launch an effective money-making email marketing strategy, and a proven technique to help you maximize the profits. The thing is, you are having to fork out a lot of money for the more advanced courses especially those delivered by well known personalities. As a beginner, this is somewhat unrealistic if you don’t have boat loads of money to spare. With over a hundred courses in Lurn, it’s possible to spend a few thousand dollars on these courses which is unnecessary.

LURN Review - An Alternative to LURN

Lurn Courses

The platform contains all the 27 courses designed and taught by Anik Singal himself.

1. LURN Insider: Build, Start and Launch Your Own Online Business ($67) – This ‘21-Day Entrepreneurship Training Program’ is designed to help anyone completely transform their mind and quickly master the skill to build, start and launch your first online business. Certified students are given access to the LURN Insider Community.

2. Circle of Profit: Create your Own Digital Publishing Business ($7.97) – The course is described as a cutting-edge approach to simplify the launching of your own ‘Digital Publishing Business’. It is based on the best-selling book “The Circle of Profit”. There are 31 chapters aimed to turn your ideas into a lifetime of profits.

3. eSCAPE Masterclass: 12 Weeks of eEscape Training with Anik Singal ($597) – This is a premium personalized training from Anik Singal and his team aimed at accelerating your understanding of eEscape Book.

4. Inbox Blueprint ($1,497) – This is a system and full-training composed of 8 modules on how to harness the proven power of Email in building a profitable, long-term business from scratch – in a fast, easy and affordable manner.

5. Emails that Sell: Master Email Marketing and Learn How to Increase Open and Click Rates ($197) – In this full 5-module course, you will learn how to increase open and click rates for your business. It is created mainly to help you build, write and send Emails that sell.

6. Marketing with Anik: Platinum Membership – Learn Marketing With Anik ($297) – In just 12 weeks, you can learn the entire advanced traffic generation techniques discovered by Anik in over 15 years. The course teaches the secret how over 2.5 million visitors per year are attracted to their websites.

7. Circle of Profit Classroom: Start Profiting Off of Your Passion ($1.99) – This is the digital classroom version of the best-selling book. From it, you can learn how to start your own digital publishing business and build your own sustainable profit engine.

8. Copywriting Academy: Master the Art of Selling through Written Words ($348.50) – This is a ‘Ground-breaking Copywriting Certification Program’ that takes you through the step-by-step process of writing copy that sells, for your own projects and for your clients.

9. FB Academy: Master Facebook Ads to Increase your Revenue ($348.50) – There are 10 modules that include the ‘Proven Step-by-Step Formula to Instantly Selling any Product or Service Using Tiny Facebook Ads – Starting with a Budget of $20!’

10. Coaching & Consulting Bootcamp: Start your Own Coaching Business (FREE) – The ‘Proven Strategy For Creating and Growing A Simple, Straightforward, and Lucrative Coaching Or Consulting Business’ (That Can Help You Make A Massive Impact) can be learned at absolutely no cost.

11. FB Bootcamp: Start Learning how to Create Facebook Ads (FREE) – This ‘8-Part System to Get Started with Facebook Ads – One Of The Most Powerful Ad Platforms Available Today For Any Business, Product, Or Service’ is offered for free.

12. Digital Bootcamp: Start Building your Own Online Business using Email (FREE) – This is another free course that teaches the ‘Step-by-Step System You Need to Start and Grow an Online Business, Even if You’re a Total Beginner and don’t Know where to Start’.

13. Copywriting Bootcamp: Start Selling through the Art of Written Words (FREE) – Learn the ‘5-Step Persuasive Copywriting Formula You can Use to Sell any Product on the Internet’ (Even if You’re not a Professional Writer).

14. Digital Startup (FREE) – This is a ‘Crash Course for Getting Started in the Low Cost, High Reward World of Digital Entrepreneurship’.

Lurn Review - email marketing collage

15. Traffic Geniuses: Harness the Power of Traffic for your Business ($20) – A course to get the ‘Directions to Learn, Master, and Execute Getting Amazing Amounts of Traffic from Multiple Sources so You can Make More Sales and Profit from Your Site’.

16. Massive Traffic Startup: Learn How to Drive Massive Traffic to your Site (FREE) – This free course offers the ‘Step-By-Step Direction to Leverage the most Important Types of Traffic to Achieve Higher Sales, More Conversions, and Greater Revenue’!

17. LURN Summit Replay: The Entire Summit Featuring Keynote Speakers ($20) – Learn from bestselling authors ‘Robert Kiyosaki and Bob Proctor in this Life-Changing Summit to Develop a Winner’s Mindset, Make Money no Matter Your Business Model’.

18. The New Entrepreneur: Welcome to your Online Home, Entrepreneur (FREE) – Take advantage of this ‘Newcomer’s Crash Course in Online Entrepreneurship’. And ‘Transform Your Mindset and Get Inspired so You can Change the Trajectory of Your Life’!

19. Million Dollar Funnels: Use our Top 7 Funnels to Grow your Business ($597.00) For the first time ever, the ‘7 Funnels that have Doubled our Revenue’ and ‘Scaled our Company to Enormous Levels over the Past Couple of Years’ are finally being revealed in this course. Get ‘Insider’s Access to all of the Funnels Responsible for this Success – and the Strategies Behind Them’.

20. Millionaire Mentor: Discover the Millionaire in You ($197) – This full training program presents ‘Awaken the Millionaire Inside of You in just 7 steps! Master the Thoughts, Characteristics, and Behaviours all Wealthy People Share’.

21. eSCAPE  ($7.97) After selling over $200 million worth of products online, building 6 companies, interviewing 50 Millionaires and 5 Billionaires, Anik is revealing it all in this book that provides an exact roadmap for big breakthroughs as an entrepreneur.

22. Essential Skills For Entrepreneurs: Skills to Build, Scale and Grow a Business ($67) – Learn the essential skills to ‘Bypass Years of Trial and Error to Jumpstart your Business’. Learn to ‘Master the 5 Essential Skills every Entrepreneur Needs in Order to be Successful’!

23. On-Demand Startup: Launch your eCom Business (with Daymond Johnn) ($997)– In this 8-week hands-on coaching, you will learn ‘How to Start, Launch, and Scale an eCOM Business from Scratch by Leveraging the Power of Influence’.

24. Funnel Bootcamp: Start Learning Anik Singal’s Top 7 Go-To Funnels ($47) – Anik’s 7 Go-To funnels are finally revealed! Learn about the ‘Funnels Anik used to Generate Millions in Sales Over his Career’.

25. SEO Crash Course: Organic Traffic through Search Engine Optimization ($27) – This course teaches ‘How to Master Search Engine Optimization to Help your Website Perform Well on Search Engine Rankings’! Learn how to ‘Drive More Organic Traffic and Increase Website Visibility’.

26. Marketing With Anik Singal: Gold Membership Class #2 ($97) – In just 12 weeks, learn the ‘Entire Advanced Traffic Generation Techniques I’ve Discovered Over 15+ Years, To Attract Over 2.5 Million Visitors Per Year To Our Websites’.

27. GoFree: How to Get Targeted Free Traffic from Social Networks ($197) – This is a full training program on how to ‘Master the Power of these Social Media Platforms and Drive Massive Traffic to Your Online Business’.

The Good Points

The Good Points

Pro #1 – Offers free content.
Pro #2 – Easy to set up.
Pro #3 – The jumpstart kit is ideal for beginners that want to explore the world of digital marketing.
Pro #4 – Experienced digital publishers will also benefit from this course by expanding their entrepreneurial arsenal to grow their business’s content.
Pro #5 – A learning curve for experienced digital marketers.
Pro #6 – Introduction to the new tools and software that will make your digital business easier.
Pro #7 – Convenient, inspiring, and easy to understand courses.
Pro #8 – It will give you a perspective on what are the challenges that you are going to encounter and how are you going to come out golden.
Pro #9 – An effective guide on how you’ll be able to maximize profit through information gathering techniques, how to maintain and get new satisfied customers.
Pro #10 – The course is like gold refined by fire towards perfection. It offers the use of the latest digital marketing techniques through experience crafted into the simplest and proven way towards a successful affiliate marketing business.
Pro #11 – If you are not satisfied with the program you can get a refund. The terms will vary depending on the course that you had chosen.
Pro #12 – Reputable experienced founder with a proven track record.

The Bad Points

The Bad Points

Con #1 – A bit expensive and overhyped.
Con #2 – Monopoly of courses by Anik.
Con #3 – Lack of enough credentials on the bios on all the experts.
Con #4 – The powerpoint presentation in the courses is not enticing.
Con #5 – Experienced entrepreneurs might find it a bit basic but it will teach you how to look for other products.
Con #6 – Delayed dispersal of content might exhaust guarantee period.
Con #7 – Not appealing affiliate product recommendations for experienced digital marketers.
Con #8 – Poor customer support.
Con #9 – Some tools don’t work as it should.
Con #10– The numerous courses are similar to each other and can be overwhelming and confusing for newbies.
Want Something Better Than LURN?

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2016 with zero marketing experience & within a few months, I had a website built that was driving traffic daily.
Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal and works. Come on in, and I will show you how to actually start making money with your own website. One of the best investments you’d ever make.

Help and Support

A Customer Service team can be contacted at any time. If you have questions, concerns, or complaints, you can call or submit them directly to their website through the Contact Us link.

Final Opinion

Anik Singal’s LURN offers valuable information and training courses, both free and paid. Although the majority of the offered courses is made by Anik, others are from well-respected online figures like Robert Kiyosaki and Fred Lam, as well as from ordinary people who apparently became successful in using the LURN system. LURN is 100% legit, and if you are considering trying the courses, you can get started with one of the freebies or the cheapest ones. Of course, you need to expect upsells afterward, which can be costly, especially if the courses are from the well-known experts. Whichever course you prefer, whether free or paid, the massive information you will gain from LURN is priceless but can be sourced elsewhere for just a fraction of the price. There is an alternative, so lets take a closer look.

Alternative Option

You can get the same training infornation without having to pay over and over again for it as you do in Lurn.

In fact you can go onto the Wealthy Affiliate Platform yourself without paying a cent – no credit card required, and take a look at the courses there.

WA for short, is dedicated to training online web based entrepreneurs of all levels.

Here’s a comparison below between Lurn and Wealthy Affiliate, so you can see from a glance, the difference in the features and services available to you. Note that you will not be paying over and over again in Wealthy Affiliate!

LURN Review - An Alternative to LURN

Build Your First Blog Before Your Coffee is Brewed!

Learn How to Start Your Own Fun Blog using My 4 Step Formula

Want Something Better Than LURN?

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2016 with zero marketing experience & within a few months, I had a website built that was driving traffic daily.
Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal and works. Come on in, and I will show you how to actually start making money with your own website. One of the best investments you’d ever make.

Rina Walker

Rina Walker - Founder of EarningOnline.come

I am Rina Walker the founder of Earning Online and have been running a successful affiliate marketing website and blogging about earning online opportunites since November 2016. The niches that I am involved in include Wealth Creation, Permaculture, Action Cameras and Social Enterprise - all of which I have a great interest in.

I'm also involved in helping, supporting and coaching online entrepreneurs of all levels to build and run their own successful web-based affiliate business.

25 thoughts on “Lurn Review – Can Anik Singal Help You Earn Online?”

  1. Hi thank you for sharing this review about Lurn. It kind of sounds like a company I wouldn’t want to join since it’s kind of expensive and all of the tools don’t work as they should. That right there doesn’t sound too promising to me lol. I would have to agree with your #1 recommendation though, Wealthy affiliate does have all the tools for an affiliate marketer and is worth the money as well! Good job on the review.

    • Hiya Nikki! Thanks for taking time to visit the post and of course for your valid commments. Lurn is indeed out of reach cost wise for most people! This site Earning Online is powered by Wealthy Affiliate and of course will have to agree with you on that because it is the most efficient and affordable way to get started with a web-based affiliate business. 

      Thanks again Nikki

  2. Wow! I was quite interested in what Lurn has to offer, but when I saw how much the email marketing and the Publishing Academy courses were, all I can say is no way! How are these prices justified? Do beginners shell-out that much? Also, while looking over the Starter Package, I see that they offer pre-made websites as well as content? Do they recommend a niche when you join? I am confused. Are you saying that you can use their content on your site that they set up for you? Yes, unfortunately the price is too much for me, but thank you!

    • Hi Colleen! Thank you for calling by and for your comments and questions. Let’s start with the questions first. 

      The price can only be justified if you feel that the results of what you are learning meet your value expectations. So it is different for everyone. 

      Some beginners will shall out that much if they beleive that they will get the results that are being promoted or promised…and of course, if they have that amount of money in the first place.

      You need content for the emails in the email sequence and at the end of post links you might include in a sales funnel.

      Yes the price the upsells are over most peoples heads.

  3. Although I’m not a member of Lurn, I can say that both the email marketing and especially the publishing academy course are a bit too expensive. That is a lot of money being invested into an online course. I personally wouldn’t opt for either. Their $37 motivation course however seams way more reasonable.

    • Hiya Rhett! Thanks a bunch for calling by and for offering up your comments to the readers! The motivation course is really an attempt to pull the user into the much more expensive upsells. This of course is over the top for users on a tight budget and there are better affordable ways to achieve your online success dreams. Be sure to checkout my top recommendation and a much affordable option.

  4. This is a very good review on the Lurn platform and I must say that it is very nice to learn all about it as well. Unfortunately though, I wouldn’t be able to join in because I strongly believe in the fact that whatever is worth doing is worth doing well and I will not want to join in on a smaller package while seeing that there are other bigger ones. The real problem lies on the fact that the price is too much and I might need to break the bank for it. Thank you.

    • Hiya Henderson! I understand that just having one peice of the package seems pointless without the other parts to make it all work! So why bother when you can’t afford the other parts. I hear you Henderson.

      Thank you though for taking time out to read the review and provide your comments.

  5. Anik Singal is a reputable entrepreneur and if this platform is owned by him, there must be quality in it. He’s the author of several good books, among them The email lifeline. I’m interested in his E-mail Marketing Course, but it’s a bit pricey for my pocket at this time. I think I’ll read his book first.

    • Hiya Paolo! Yes Anik Singal has a reputable reputation and is a leader in the field of email marketing! The Lurn products are indeed pricey and there are other ways to start without the huge budget. Be sure to read My #1 Recommendation (the red button at the top of the page). You might be surprised by the training there.

  6. Wow! Really nice and interesting review. You said great stuffs about the website and the course, looks like Lurn will deliver to some extent. But it’s also too overhyped as you have said. One thing I don’t like about Lurn is the cost. It’s way too expensive and many persons cannot afford it. I need a training where I can afford everything I need to do well. Thanks

    • Hiya Techie! Many online entrepreneurs have been successful not because they have paid an arm and a leg for a course. You can have success for less than a $1 a day! Some think that this is not possible but it is possible! Some may think that if you pay $5000 for a course, then success must be easy, but it is not. Whether you are paying a less than $1 a day or $5000, reaching online success still requires your committment of time, know how and gumption.  

  7. Hi! I like that you’ve presented Lurn in a very balanced way. The cons are significant, but I have checked each one of them and they could be tolerable if all the pros are true. I always like to join platforms created by reputable persons in the industry. And this seems to be the case for Lurn. Email marketing is a powerful strategy in online marketing but I think that the price here is a bit much especially for someone just starting out. I think I will keep shopping around. I’ll start by reading your #1 recommendation. If I have any questions I will be in touch again.   

    • Hi Ann, thanks for stopping by and it’s great to have your comments. I think that when you have read my #1 review you will realise that you can get a lot more and pay far less than you would with Lurn. There are products that will work of course like Lurn and the email marketing approach it promotes, but there is a lot more to online marketing. I hope you find what you are looking for and I am always happy to take your questions.

  8. Hi Rina. Back then when I was still searching for a way to make money online, I stumbled upon Lurn. One way or the other, I gave them my email address and they kept on sending me emails. I knew I could not afford their program so I kept on ignoring until I finally unsubscribed. Back then I didn’t read any review. I think Lurn is a good product to some extent based on what I have just read in this page. Although email marketing is a strategy used in online marketing I think it can take awhile gettiing it right. I prefer other strategies including SEO.

    • Hiya! Great to have you call by and to have your comments! Yes, email marketing alone can be lucrative to an online marketer for sure when you get it right. SEO and getting ranked in the search engines, PPC are all great strategies aswell and can be easier to attain with the right keywords. I actually prefer SEO and PPC but use email marketing for one off promotions.

  9. I recently heard of Anik Singal thru Patric Chan ads. Patric is a affiliate marketer in Malaysia which is also a platinum qualifier in clickbank. So I kept getting the facebook ads from Patric promoting Anik Singal email marketing. After reading your review, it seems his email marketing is legit but I am not sure if it will benefit me because I am still a beginner. I may try a free courses just to see if it is a good fit for me. Thank you for your review. 

    • Hiya Jon! Email marketing can be overwhelming for a beginner with no online marketing experience. This is because email marketing is just one of many strategies for online marketers. It is easy to get wrong and then get frustrated with it or even give up when it does go wrong. Some of these product promotions are feeding off the valnurability of those who seek to have great success making money online, instead of being genuine in there approach to helping you learn step-by-step all the strategies, including email marketing. Really, a lot of these products that I review are just after your money and not about offering you genuine help. I recommend that any beginner take it slow and steady, walk before you can run. Check out my #1 recommendation: 

  10. Wow, the price is very high to be very honest and I think that this might be a very big turn off for many people who might be looking to join. The owner seems to be a very successful man in the world of digital marketing and I believe that this is exactly what will sell the business. At the end of the day, good things dont come for cheap.

    • Hi John! Great to have you call by and for your comments! Anik Singal appears to make his money from selling his email marketing and publishing courses to those wanting to join the earning online industry. His approach is to lure would be online entrepreneurs, using emotion and hype. Those who believe his words and are convinced and sold on the product, that they will miraculously be successful – at least this is how some will think. 

      Then when they realise that the success they were expecting doesn’t happen, they will usually end up thinking that they failed as an online marketer. But in fact, there is no need to think that and to pay any where near that amount to be successful and in profit with online marketing. It’s entirely possible to pay less than $500 to have a beautiful profit generating online business and get all the training with it. 

      I would keep looking and reading other product reviews like my #1 recommendation (red button at the top of the page) before making a final decision about Lurn. 

  11. I tried to listen to your post and video but got lost in the shuffle somehow can I start again I signed up for the class but could not get on I am interested for sure please let me know if you get this email.

  12. Agreed with you. There are so many better options than Lurn

    All I can say about Lurn is they offer a zero refund policy. They can not stand behind their expensive over price courses yet expect people to. I bought a course from them and it was the most expensive course I have ever purchased and was TERRIBLE. No value what so ever.

    There are so many amazing companies and people that have amazing courses that are not expensive and teach you way way more then any of the lurn courses. They offer 30-60 guarantee or your money back. Those are the companies you want to support not Lurn.

    • Thank you Teresha for taking the time to call by and for your comments. Sorry to hear of your bad experience with Lurn, and it is true that much can be learned regarding digital marketing for far far less than the many overhyped programs which in some cases is nothing more than a pep talk. If you are looking for real value then be sure to check out Wealthy Affiliate for free.


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