5 Online Business Ideas to Earn Money From Home

The power of earning online and at home is the ultimate to earn unlimited passive income or steady regular income and if you can then, I highly recommend this way of earning and living! For most of us, It means freedom, health (especially in the current climate) wealth, and happiness to you and those close to you! In fact, it is not that hard at all when you know how! So today, I present to you 5 Online Business Ideas to Earn Money From Home and when you do it right you could be earning income on the very day you start! So let’s crack on with it!

Here are the five Online Business Ideas to Earn Money From Home to start with…

  1. Sell Homemade Products on Social Media.
  2. Start your own Youtube Channel.
  3. Start a Blog from Your Laptop.
  4. Make Money on Zoom.
  5. Have Online Classes for Kids via Zoom, Youtube, Facetime.

#1 – Sell Homemade Products on Social Media

Are you a potter? A baker? An Artist? Make model trains? A seamstress? Knit scarves? If you are handy at something or an enthusiast of some sort and make physical items that you really enjoy making, then why not sell them online through your own website or local buy, sell, exchange sites online! Whatever your craft is, there is a captive audience waiting to get their hands on your items!

5 Online Business Ideas to Earn Money From Home - knitting
Hobbies including KNITTING

I have a friend who is a potter and she makes very unique one-off items and is making a name for herself through Facebook and her handmade pottery website. Her pieces became so popular that she had to up her prices to slowdown demand! She is now in the process of adding accessories to her site, to cater to other pottery hobbyists and enthusiasts alike and to those thinking of taking up pottery themselves. Her one-off items can fetch a few hundred dollars apiece. Not a bad way to earn a living online doing something you love right?

#2 – Start Your Own Youtube Channel

Take your same hobbies and teach your craft on your own youtube channel! You have seen all the influencers on Youtube and you would have heard about how big some of them have become and even earned the title of Youtube Star right? Heck, you might have even heard just how much some of them are making right? If you haven’t then you have been living under a rock!

Seriously though, there are millions of successful, well-off Youtubers that nobody has heard of but are sitting comfortably without the stardom and have the freedom and life choices people dream about! They all have one thing in common, which is it all started with their first video! I know that some of you are thinking that you don’t want to put yourself out there, but the truth is that you don’t have to with faceless video – or videos without having to show your face or even having to speak. You can even have instructions running along the bottom of the screen for those viewing. Viewers pay before viewing.

Build Your First Blog Before Your Coffee is Brewed!

Learn How to Start Your Own Fun Blog using My 4 Step Formula

#3 – Start a Blog from Your Laptop

Blogging is huge and millions of people around the world blog about anything and everything! No matter what it is as long as it interests you or you have a passion for including any hobby, skill, subject of interest such as politics, countries, cultures, beliefs, space-travel, the year 3000, and literally anything! Blogs can be whatever a person wants to blog about and the choices are endless!

The way you make money is to have links on your site that lead to products and services that are related to your subject blog. They can be physical or digital products and services in which you get paid a commission when someone clicks through your link to purchase. The neat thing about this option is that you don’t need to hold inventory or stock unlike my pottery friend mentioned above, but like her, you are promoting products related to your subject blog. It will pay to have your own niche website.

#4 – Make Money on Zoom

With people stuck at home with no way of safely getting to work, then the next best thing is to use Zoom and in case you are still living under a rock, Zoom is an online meeting place for anyone with an internet connection and computer. Organizing meetings, chairing meetings, recording minutes, or just organizing people to connect to the Zoom meetings is a real thing now especially in this changing world of ours. Organizations, companies, and industries would rather outsource this to others instead of organizing these things themselves.

ZOOM Class

If planned properly perhaps a number of meetings a day could be organized depending on your time. The other opportunity here is to use the Zoom platform to teach online classes to a specific amount of individuals who willingly pay for the experience. Or perhaps it is to entertain people. You could go wild with your imagination thinking of things to host on Zoom! Juggling? Magic shows? Guitar lessons? Pottery? Knitting? Winemaking? Homebrewing? Sculpturing? Cooking? Hairdressing? Go wild, I dare you to!

#5 – Live Online Classes for Kids!

With so many schools closed down around the world for an unknown period of time, there is an opportunity to use such platforms as already mentioned earlier, including Zoom, Youtube, and Facetime, to create online classes for kids worldwide! Have fun making the classes exciting, explorative, experimental, artistic, musical, and whatever way you want to make them. This all makes a good recipe for fun live online learning. You don’t need a teaching degree. Classes can be about culture, travels, experiences as well as inviting special guests such as your pets to the virtual class. Imagine the excitement on the kid’s faces. Learning should be entertaining and fun for sure.

Classes shouldn’t be more than 45 minutes for older teens and only 15 minutes for 5 and 6-year-olds, depending on their attention span. Imagine the fun you could have, and why not get the parents involved too! If you are this way inclined, then you can make an excellent full-time income doing this. You can also have a website linked to your classes to promote related products to earn a commission and passive income.

How Not to Fumble Your Way Through

Not everybody is cut out for earning online or even no how to get started. But it is something that you can definitely learn when shown properly by those who know the ins and outs. In fact, I recommend you use a platform like Wealthy Affiliate who has all the training, tools, and support to get you started successfully instead of fumbling your way through on your own. So, check them out here before you leap into it! There is definitely good money to be made online but it is important to get the right support and tools from the get-go!

Happy Online Gigging Campers!

Build Your First Blog Before Your Coffee is Brewed!

Learn How to Start Your Own Fun Blog using My 4 Step Formula

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  1. Hello, I must say I love your website colors and layout, Very easy to follow and navigate, and very easy on the eye.

    I have also written a blog on working from home ideas, Many around the world searching for ideas and opportunities but unfortunately, it is the self-motivation and dedication that seem to stop people from being successful with their chosen interest or opportunity.

    Anyways, great website and a great article. thanks for the read.

    • Hiya Luke! Thank you for the feedback about my site and comments regarding the article! Yes, indeed people need to commit time and dedication to their home-based business just like any business, that’s a great point to make.

  2. Well written Rina to the point. I would say social media and a Zoom business could bring fast cash. Correct me if I am wrong but a YouTube channel and a blog might not get you fast cash however once they start rolling you could become financially independent. I will have to check the YouTube channel way of earning money, I think it suits me better.  

    • Hiya Nektarios! Thank you for your response, and you would be right about Youtube and blogging doesn’t always equate to fast cash unless you have some experience under your belt! Definitely worth the earnings when you apply the right marketing strategies! Check out my #1 recommendation if excellent training is what you need and free to get going as well!


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