If you know what a sales funnel is then you will probably realise that this is what you are seeing when an Ecom Cash Code pops up on your screen. If you do not know what a Sales Funnel is then in this ECOM CASH CODE Review I will reveal all the details and let you know if Ecom Cash Code is any good or not for helping you make money online. Let’s get into it!


Scam sites often use the tactic of cloning a website multiple times to avoid detection while taking advantage of site visitors who buy into their scam. There are so many of these scammy sites that I could go for years reviewing them for my readers.

The question is whether Ecom Cash Code is indeed a scam for this reason alone. Well not necessarily but this is definitely is defined as a red flag to those who recognise the signs. Another sign of a scam is when these various urls of these cloned sites are suddenly no longer working or the link is broken. A scam site would do this to avoid detection.

Ecom Cash Code - red-flagAnother redflag is that in my research it was unclear as to who is behind this program but found articles indicating that it is owned by a female. However, there was nothing conclusive which raises another red flag because if there is nothing to hide then why not put your name to the product you are promoting like others in the industry do such as Kyle and Carson who are the owners of the famous Wealthy Affiliate community based training platform.

Another feature of Ecom Cash Code is to try and convince readers that they have the one thing that is different from any other product. In other words they have the one trick or strategy for you to start making thousands of dollars with eCommerce. Regard this as being typical marketing hype for something that misses the mark.

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What is Ecom Cash Code?

An Ecom Cash Code promotion will arrive in your email inbox with an optin email (which is part of a sales funnel) and has a hook attached which is basically an offer to see in this case “A Dirty Secret About Money Making No One Wants You To Know” in exchange for  your Name, Email and Phone although giving your phone number is optional.

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What Does Ecom Cash Code Offer?

As mentioned earlier the Ecom Cash Code Offer is the secret you need to know that others won’t tell you. You are paying to have access to the ‘system’ that will make you thousands of dollars in your spare time. Outrageously, they claim that this product can make you $500,000-00 a year using their ‘system’.

They hire people from Fiverr to make fake testimonials and we know this because there is proof in the case of this women in the following video pic for Ecom Cash Code in this marketing funnel – you know – like the one that turns up in your email.

ECOM CASH CODE Review - fake testimony

ECOM CASH CODE Review - Fiverr profile

But that’s not all! Here is another fake testimonial related to Ecom Cash Bot a similar promotion.

ECOM CASH CODE Review - 2nd fake testimony

ECOM CASH CODE Review - 2nd Fiverr profile

The fact that these people can even make money from being fake is a story in it’s self but we’ll leave that story for another time.

How do you Make Money with Ecom Cash Code?

You make money from building a web-based presence such as a website, creating content and driving traffic to your site and converting this traffic into sales. It’s the classic affiliate marketing formula but the trouble with the Ecom Cash Code promotions is that to make the amount of money they claim you can make following their secret formula is downright not true.

You can’t make half a million dollars a year with just a few minutes of your time a day and therefore, they are making false claims! It takes time and dedication as well as great training and support to make anywhere near this kind of money in web-based affiliate marketing and drop shipping.Ecom Cash Code Review- online checkout

The Good and Bad of Ecom Cash Code

The Good

Pro #1 – Highly discounted price from $599 to $97
Pro #2 – Immediate delivery via email
Pro #3 – Promotes a sound web-based model

The Bad

Con #1 – Clones websites to avoid detection because their practices are dodgy.
Con #2 – Uses fake testimonies
Con #3 – Is overhyped
Con #4 – Makes unrealistic and false claims
Con #5 – Websites are taken down often to avoid detection
Con #6 – Upsells

Is Ecom Cash Code a Scam?

The Dropshipping business model requires you to set up a website that sells physical products. But, when a site customer buys from your online store, they are in fact buying directly from the wholesaler. This means there is no need for you to hold stock and inventory and the deliveries are managed by the warehouse as is the case with the online retail giant Amazon. This part is legitimate and not a scam.

Ecom Cash Code is a sales funnel for My Ecom Club. But it is sneaky and is selling something that is not a secret at all. But the way that it is pitched makes it sound as if it is exclusive to Ecom Cash Code when it is not.Ecom Cash Code Review - business-ions

The deeper I dove into researching Ecom Cash Code the more I was put off by their ethics and therefore I would consider their practice a scam although they are really promoting a very legitimate web-based affiliate marketing, dropshipping model.

Who knows how many clones of this offer are out there, but consider these sites and funnels as bait traps. They are numerous and obviously fooling visitors into buying something that is legit but doing it in an unacceptable manner. Secondly, if you go ahead and give them your phone number when you sign up then expect high pressure phone selling under the guise of a ‘coaching call’.

Final Thoughts

Steer clear of Ecom Cash Code just because they show many signs of being a trap for unsuspecting punters. I say punters because you really are taking a gamble with this lot and there is every chance they are wasting your time and effort and you will only be disappointed at the outcome. But, if you are genuinely ready to make money with dropshipping and/or affiliate marketing then take a look at the legitimate and proven alternative that follows.

Alternative Legit Make Money Option

If making money online is where you are headed, then there are some fundamental tools and support that will make all the difference to your ‘make money’ online success. The following is a comparison chart to show what Ecom Cash Code should be providing you compared to the tools and support Wealthy Affiliate is providing to online affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs of all levels.

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4 thoughts on “ECOM CASH CODE Review”

  1. Its very annoying to be a victim of scammers and I’ve been scammed a couple of times, that was when I started my venture into the online business world and it’s been really a big lessons for me. Cloning other sites is a red flag, please how do you think it can be easy for people to recognize these cloned website in order to be able to avoid them?

    • Hiya and thanks for calling by and for your comments and question which is a great question by the way. If you happen to come across what looks to be a cloned website you can check the url of this site against another site. If the second site url is different but looks to be a duplicate then consider it to be a clone. Hope this helps.

  2. This is a type of typical 21st Century internet scam by making us believe that it works out perfectly and that others have been making money from it using fake testimonials. I must say that personally I have also been scammed by some evil people but it’s nice to know that you can help show these scammers. My question now is, is it really possible to get rich from the internet?

    • Hiya Payton

      Thanks for visiting and for the comments and question. Peoples idea of rich can be vastly different from one person to the next. So I will put it this way – online marketers can earn enough of a living to be able to afford not just small luxuries but big luxuries as well like regular weekend getaways to multi-million dollar homes. In saying this, these marketers have a good work ethic and put the time and energy into their online business and success on the internet can happen a lot faster due to having a global reach and product and services that people want. 

      Just look at the success of Kylie Jenner which started with lipstick and now is a huge global empire worth billions of dollar. There are many other examples of this level of online success. But I personally know marketers who are not trying for this kind of success and are happy to have passive income that allows them to be financially independent which means to have enough to cover all of their living costs. 

      It’s up to you in the end but if you have good work ethic and focus, are teachable and have targets and goals, then this is a great start and a good formular for any level of success.


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