Online Income Access Review

Online Income Access Review - paperworkI reveal all the details in this Online Income Access Review and whether it is a must have tool to increase your online profits or not! Can it really make the difference or should you steer clear? Lets get to it and see!


The work-from-home opportunity is a popular strategy to earn money online and there is no shortage of websites offering ways to help you get rich. Many people have considered this type of earning technique as an ultimate alternative for when they decide to quit their 9 to 5 jobs, or as a means of augmenting their family income.

One of them is Online Income Access, another home-based online job opportunity platform claiming to be a money-making solution for those who want to live debt free and financially successful. It came out just this year to provide thousands of people an alternative to working anywhere and anytime, at their own pace.

Online Income Access Review

  • Name: Online Income Access
  • Website:
  • Price: $97 one off payment
  • Founder: Ella Nelson
  • Overall Rank: Not Recommended

Online Income Access is developed by an individual that goes by the name of Ella Nelson, which is believed to be not a real person. The website asserts that Ella Nelson is a famous pioneer in the link posting industry and offers the only certification program in the world to only 15 people per city. The program is a system built on the idea of link posting, a type of affiliate marketing which involves promoting the products or services of a company or business organization by simply posting links online. A person that engages in link posting is called an affiliate marketer who earns a commission by throwing links out on the net.

Online Income Access guarantees life-changing possibilities, including success in life, Online Income Access Review - Keyboard and mousefinances, and personal satisfaction, if you put your time and effort into it. Potential affiliate marketers who post links are promised to be paid. In reality, commissions are given only when a sale results. No company will ever pay for link posting alone since they also want to earn from whatever sales and marketing techniques they use.

A closer look at the website will reveal its unattractive head as a link posting SCAM clone site. Everything on it, from the testimonials to the stock photos, is pure fiction. The SignUp on the first page is created to give the illusion that job positions are available. In truth, the job is a very risky venture requiring you to shell out more money than the startup fee. After signing up, you will receive training and information on how to get started, after which you can expect to make money online almost immediately. The truth of the matter is that the returns, if there are any, are small, contrary to what has been flaunted that anyone can allegedly earn in almost an instant.

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Once you bite the bait and feed Online Income Access with your personal data, you will be flooded with a river of spam mails and nonstop calls from the pushy sales team determined to extract more money than you intended to spend. When finally you have come to your senses, it is impossible to get your money back. Online Income Access is plain and simple a scam website.

Pros and Cons

Pros:Online Income Access Review - Pros and Cons

  • Does not require computer knowledge or experience
  • Work anywhere and anytime, at your own pace
  • Only requires a stable internet connection – As an essential prerequisite for any online business, a rock-solid internet connection is needed for effective link posting.
  • Offers endless income possibilities – According to Ella, money will start to come in the moment you sign up.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Use of unethical, dishonest or dubious sales strategy or tactics – The sales tactics bespeak of scamming schemes. People are being convinced to join, making it look like there is a limited job offer and encouraging them to purchase the product before they are able to fully think it through. There is a false sense of urgency to lure you to sign up quickly or hastily, warning you of losing the Search Engine Agent position if you procrastinate.
  • Misleading claim as the only certification program in the link posting industry – This is certainly not true. There are hundreds of link posting programs like Online Income Access that are legitimately certified in this field.Online Income Access Review - 'No Way' signage
  • Annoying follow-up phone calls and messages – Once you submit your personal details, you are practically allowing Online Income Access to pester you with non-stop spam emails and persistent phone calls from the sales team trying to sell you.
  • No way to contact the owner. There is nowhere on the website that includes information on how or where to contact the owner.
  • No free trial. If you have been researching about successful offers online, a majority of the marketers provide free trial for a limited time or a standard/basic version of the program they offer. This is not available on this website, perhaps because there’s nothing to try after all or they offer a different program altogether just to get your info in their email address list.

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To become a Search Engine Agent, you need to pay $97.95 for the step-by-step training videos. It allows you to get instant access to the members’ area.

If you are considering purchasing the training program videos, you have two different types of refund policies to choose from. It may work to your advantage if you contact Customer Service prior to making a purchase in order to be informed of the actual refund policy before cashing out.


There is no information provided on the kind of support available from Online Income Access. There is no way to get help in case you need it.


Link posting and affiliate marketing are two of the most profitable money making opportunities online. Online Income Access, however, presents this opportunity with too much misleading or confusing information about how to make money online. It tends to highlight how easy it is to earn an income just by posting links. While it is true that real money can be earned by becoming an affiliate marketer, it becomes a reality after making a sale.Online Income Access Review - scale

As an independent business opportunity, there is no way Online Income Access can guarantee a position such as “Search Engine Agent” for you. It also does not make any sense to limit how many people to accept into the program.

The website is full of false information, including false claims as being the only certified program in the link posting industry and boasting about being featured on programs like Fox News, CNN and USA Today. Worse of all, you are led to a totally different program once you sign up, making you an unwitting prey to a bunch of pesky sales people selling needless coaching programs and marketing materials that don’t make sense and, often, not relevant to what you have signed up for.

If you want to give Online Income Access a try, it is important to take extra caution. Otherwise, it is wise not to waste a precious second of your time on this scam website.

Final Opinions

In all honesty, Online Income Access is a program that is just trying to bleed money out of people in search of ways to earn online. The idea of posting links has been popular, and surely there are many legitimate websites, excluding Online Income Access, where you can try your luck.

What we suggest is that you review the information they post on their website and find the loopholes by asking the WHYs and HOWs of their hyped up promises. Sometimes, it is easy to get swayed by hype and promises that people tend to forget to ask the most basic questions that can further explain the “system” in layman’s terms. If you have the gut feeling that any program you encounter seems off, you can always ask questions to better understand how things work and why they are sure to provide the best results.

Also, training for online marketing in general and Affiliate Marketing are now available on many legit marketing websites that offer this specific service. By browsing through their blogs, news updates, and posts by the network of marketers they work with, you will find a tonne of FREE information that’s as good as any overly priced training from scam sites.

You can also ask if they provide free basic training just so you get a feel for the program before you reach for your wallet. If the customer service errs on this suggestion, better take it as a cue to leave their website and find something else worthy of your time and money.

Yes, it is absolutely possible to earn money by posting links. All you need is to be careful in discerning as you check out websites that offer affiliate marketing, far from what Online Income Access is trying to sell you. It takes time and effort to build an online business. And of course, if you want instant cash right away, often there’s a ridiculously high price to pay.

If you want to make money posting links, there is no way you can be successful if you deal with Online Income Access. You need to find a legit and reputable program with no false advertisements. 

Alternative Option

See a comparison between Online Income Access and a world leader in the field of Affiliate Marketing Training, Support, Tools and Ste-by-step instruction, Wealthy Affiliate! You probably won’t be surprised at the results!

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Rina Walker

Rina Walker - Founder of EarningOnline.come

I am Rina Walker the founder of Earning Online and have been running a successful affiliate marketing website and blogging about earning online opportunites since November 2016. The niches that I am involved in include Wealth Creation, Permaculture, Action Cameras and Social Enterprise - all of which I have a great interest in.

I'm also involved in helping, supporting and coaching online entrepreneurs of all levels to build and run their own successful web-based affiliate business.

12 thoughts on “Online Income Access Review”

  1. Hi Rina,

    Thank you very much for this informative article. I really like this review because the internet today is full of SCAMMERS who are ready to take all your money leaving you frustrated. This makes many become optimistic about trying anything thing online.

    And like Online Income Access, most of these ONLINE JOBS try to make you believe that you can become rich overnight without telling you the means by which this can be possible.

    Also, like you said, they try to push you into their business by forcing you to sign up only to realize that its a SCAM.

    Thanks a lot for this review. I know any visitor to this website will benefit a lot.

    • To be safe I recommend people do their due diligence by firstly always checking out what other people’s experiences are with a particular product before parting with money. The best way to do this is to read people’s reviews, at least 3 reviews and more if possible – what are they saying about this product? If you can’t find reviews for a particular product then move onto the next product on your list unless you want to be the first to discover the truth about it, which would be a bummer if the product is a fizzer or worse a downright scam.

      Thanks for your comments and appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

      regards 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for this well written article. I am glad that you referenced Wealthy Affiliate towards the bottom of the article because that is certainly a great place to be for internet marketers. I have a premium membership and have just recently quit my job to pursue my online business and I give 100% credit to Wealthy Affiliate for getting me as far as I have thus far.

    • Thank you Hunter for stopping by and for the positive comments regarding Wealthy Affiliate. The fact that you have left a full-time job to concentrate on building and growing your online business tells me that you have great confidence in WA to deliver, and rightly so. I wish you all the best, my friend.

      regards 🙂

  3. Thank you for pointing out yet another scam that is plaguing the stay at home entrepreneur. I hate to see people getting taken advantage of by these types of scams. Everyone is craving the american dream and with scams like this around the corner it makes it hard to find the legitimate ways to earn money online. Maybe this will deter someone from making the same mistakes. Thanks for the article.

    • I much appreciate you stopping by. The more exposure these scams get the better off people will be. Not only do scams take money from you they are time wasters as well. Time you could be building and growing your online business. I always say that taking the time to do your due dillegence and researching everything there is to know about a product or program should pay off in the end – the more information the better.

      regards 🙂

  4. Thank you for this article. It has been extremely hard for me to earn any income online. I started multiple businesses in the past. And I have never made $1 online I don’t know if my marketing strategies are off. If my product just sucks or what it is. I have no idea.

    • Hi Michelle, PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP! I’m sorry to hear that you are struggling to earn income from your online efforts. Are you recieving the RIGHT training? Do you have anyone to ask what might be the PROBLEM? Have you got the right TOOLS? 

      If you don’t have any of this, it will continue to be DIFFICULT for you. What if you could have all of the SUPPORT you needed? What DIFFERENCE would this make do you think?

      I highly recommend you try WEALTHY AFFILIATE. It’s FREE to get started! What have you got to lose!

      You will also have MY PERSONAL expert help!  Go here to get started!


  5. Thanks for posting information about Online Income Access. There are so many scams out there, you can’t be too careful.

    I have tried affiliate marketing, and I can tell you that it’s not easy or quick. It can be rewarding, but only if you put in the work and have patience.

    I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best place to learn how to do affiliate marketing the right way.

  6. Thank you so much for this review. I had no idea there was so much scamming going on. Is this common for this industry. WA has been an awesome place for me to learn about an industry that I did not know existed. Fortunately I have avoided the scams when this fell into my lap. Makes me wonder how many people do fall into the scammers traps. Perhaps sites like yours will prevent others from getting ripped off.

    • Hi Bobby, yes unfortunately there are quite a few scammers out there and many people have been ‘stung’ by those who continue to operate dishonestly and bring a bad name to the industry. So by providing reviews, hopefully I am helping someone avoid these situations. But many have been caught out, losing time and MONEY!


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