A Niche Research Checklist:

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First things first – Your Niche

Choosing a niche comes first because you can’t start your own online business without one. A niche can be anything you are interested in and has an audience or others who are interested in the same thing/s. Read here for more…

Understanding a niche audience

Better understanding your audience is key to understanding any niche. What products are they buying within the niche? Where are they buying it? Online? You will be that much closer to success if you can answer these questions here first.

Finding Products to Promote on Your Website:

What products are there to promote, that are related to the niche? More than likely there are loads of affiliate networks to cover every corner of the niche. The promoted products within a niche are how you start to make money from them!

Affiliate Networks Are Everywhere Online

Affiliate Networks like Amazon – www.Amazon.com, Linkshare www.Linkshare.com, AvantLink – www.AvantLink.com, Clickbank www.Clickbank.com, Commission Junction – www.Cj.com, Share A Sale www.ShareASale.com let you browse through the businesses who have listed with them.

Applying To An Affiliate Network

Before you promote product though, you must apply to the affiliate network. Applying is straightforward and free. Once approved, you as the affiliate marketer can browse and choose products to promote. When a product fits, and you are happy with the commission payout, then it is a matter of getting it up to your website.

Keywords – Finding Them Naturally

Writing articles and creating ad groups as well as planning for an SEO campaign, it is keywords which are the “last piece of the puzzle”.  In regards to successful research, this is the final step before campaign creation.

Finally, I recommend you read FINDING YOUR NICHE business if you need more information regarding choosing a niche, I’m happy to help you through it. To contact me, just use the comment box that follows.


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