The Suitcase Entrepreneur Review

The Suitcase Entrepreneur Review - suitcasesIs it possible to start your own online business just from reading a The Suitcase Entrepreneur? I reveal here in this The Suitcase Entrepreneur Review all the detail about what the book covers. Lets dig into it.


The Suitcase Entrepreneur: Create Freedom in Business and Adventure in Life is the new Amazon bestseller authored by Natalie Sisson. It is a BOOK that outlines Natalie’s best strategies, tips, and hacks on how one can build a location-independent business and become a digital nomad. The #1 bestseller teaches how to package your skills to work, earn money and live life according to your rules.

  • The Suitcase Entrepreneur Review
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  • Price: $11.99 (Kindle), $11.52 (Paperback)
  • Owner: Natalie Sisson
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What’s it all about?

What’s it all about? The book is filled with Natalie’s life as she takes the reader along with her on her journeys from New Zealand, London, Canada, and other different places. While traveling, she is building a profitable online business that revolves around her lifestyle brand that bespeaks freedom and adventure. The author’s personal story is rife with steps and advises to help those dreaming of a lifestyle of living and working in any desired location. She also provides a lot of information on how to automate a business to enable your online enterprise to reach higher levels.

The book also shares stories of other location-independent entrepreneurs, hoping their success stories inspire others to go for their dreams. Quotes by successful entrepreneurs and other travelers to support Natalie’s tips and lessons render credibility to the book. By giving reference to the works of others, Natalie makes it clear that she does not want the readers to blindly follow her.

The pros and cons, as well as the challenges a suitcase entrepreneur faces, are presented in the book. In this sense, The Suitcase Entrepreneur can serve as a great initial guide for people who want to lead a location-independent lifestyle by becoming a digital nomad. The book is a compilation of great resources to motivate and guide those dreaming of shifting into online.The Suitcase Entrepreneur - Skiing

There is some sort of homework assignment at the end of every chapter. These assignments are encased in a box which includes several choices of actions to take when setting up a business and successfully becoming a digital nomad.

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Pros and Cons


  • It offers freedom to work anywhere
  • There is flexibility in time, depending on what suits you
  • It allows an entire business to be run using portable digital equipment and online tools.
  • It allows freedom in making decisions on every aspect of your life and business according to your priorities.
  • It offers new opportunities to create new connections and make new friends while exploring new countries and cultures.
  • Living minimally and feeling free from material possessions, thus enabling you to move around quickly with much ease.


  • There is no organized place to work from
  • Lack or absence of routine or established working hours
  • Too much reliance on technology and experiencing frustrations when it does not function when needed most.
  • The need to confront constant challenges caused by a frequent change of location, including the need to adjust to every aspect of life and travel.
  • Lack of quality spent with family and friends.
  • Missing out on the comforts of home and the absence of things at your fingertips when you need them.The Suitcase Entrepreneur - Relaxing by the fire

Who is Suitcase Entrepreneur for?

Suitcase Entrepreneur is great for those who have the penchant to travel, see the world and experience different cultures. It is suited for adventurous people with independent nature and capability to motivate their own selves to create a routine out of a non-routine lifestyle.

Suitcase Entrepreneur is ideal to a whole gamut of people, ranging from singles to couples with families and pets. All that is required to sign up for a Suitcase Entrepreneur lifestyle is the desire to live life on each own individual terms, regardless of circumstances. It is certainly not for homebodies or those who prefer to nestle in their own comfort areas. It is neither designed for people who don’t like daily or weekly challenges.

Suitcase Entrepreneur is for people with the following qualities:

  • A vision for business and life to fight for
  • Strong sense of purpose and priorities
  • Determination, persistence, and credibility
  • Independent and self-governing
  • Passionate about travel and business
  • Disciplined
  • Good decision-making and planning capabilities
  • Open-minded and compassionate to others

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Product Description

The book is divided into three Acts.

Act 1: Welcome to the World of Digital Nomads – There are three chapters included in Act 1, namely:The Suitcase Entrepreneur - open book

  • Chapter 1: My Story from Broke to $15,000 in One Month – This part welcomes readers to Natalie’s brief autobiography where she shares how she went from working in the corporate world to launching an online business that became The Suitcase Entrepreneur.
  • Chapter 2: The Only Four Things You Need to be Free – Natalie listed the only four things needed to be free.
  • Chapter 3: Real Stories of Others Living Life on their Own Terms – She also shares stories of different people who left their traditional job behind and become digital nomads instead to create a location independent lifestyle for their own selves.

Act 2: How to Build an Online Business You Take Anywhere. The 6 chapters are dedicated to how to become a digital nomad.

  • Chapter 4: The Future of Work and Why there is No Better than Now to Build Your Business. The author initially explains the reason why starting your own business is now.
  • Chapter 5: Building an Online Business for Your Suitcase Entrepreneur Lifestyle. In this chapter, Natalie focuses on setting up the kind of online business that will allow you to travel and earn at the same time. Topics include the costs of setting up an online business and finding a comfortable, profitable niche.
  • Chapter 6: Becoming a Citizen of the World and Setting up an International Business. This chapter teaches how to take advantage of certain trends in doing international online business. It also provides tips on where to set up business and how to manage bank accounts.
  • Chapter 7: The Best Systems and Online Tools to Run Your Business from Anywhere. The author provides an organized list of systems and tools useful in running an online business anywhere in the world.
  • Chapter 8: How to Use Social Media as Your Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Team. The chapter shows how to promote your business not only through social media but also through outreach and blogs.The Suitcase Entrepreneur - Suitcase
  • Chapter 9: How to Build a World-Class Team You may never Meet. This last chapter is dedicated to building a team of virtual assistants and freelance partners to in running and promoting your business effectively.

Act 3: How on Earth does one become a Suitcase Entrepreneur?

This last Act deals on the nomad part of becoming a digital entrepreneur. Natalie uses her broad experience and knowledge in showing how to run a business on the move, which is essentially how to become a Suitcase Entrepreneur. It has a test to determine whether homelessness is for you or not. For a positive response, The Suitcase Entrepreneur continues to provide tips on how to be productive and have a balanced life as you work and travel at the same time – The four chapters in Act 3 are the following:

  • Chapter 10: How to Become a Pro at being Homeless? This chapter lists the key characteristics, as well as the pros and cons of being a Suitcase Entrepreneur. It also provides tips on the following aspects of being a digital nomad: how to choose the right types of travel mode, how to live an unconventional lifestyle to the full, how to create balance and routine, how to set boundaries, how to stay fit and healthy while on the road, and how to befriend strangers.
  • Chapter 11: Deciding on Where to Travel and Your Preparation Checklist. This chapter focuses on everything to know or consider when traveling the world, such as visas, vaccinations, insurance, food, communication, and finances
  • Chapter 12: The Art of Minimalism and How to Pack for Anywhere. This chapter deals with the basics of packing essential things for traveling anywhere.
  • Chapter 13: Travel Hacking Tips and Tools to Save You Time and Money. With vital information for travelers, this chapter delves into important things to keep in mind while on the road, including how to protect valuables, getting the best travel deals, etc.

Final ThoughtsThe Suitcase Entrepreneur - Monkey scratching head

The book is a great read for online entrepreneurs who want to build a location-independent business. While it’s true that building your dream business and lifestyle does require effort, time and money, it also takes knowledge about online marketing. Even if you have the skills, there is still the need to improve them. With The Suitcase Entrepreneur, Natalie serves as the mentor in coaching what needs to be learned to become the best at what you do.

If you’re deciding about leaving a traditional job to start your own business, The Suitcase Entrepreneur will inspire you enough to get started. If you have a business, but you don’t want to be tied down to one location, this book can help you build a location-independent business and make it more flexible. If you want your online, location-independent business to become successful, then find more valuable information on how to achieve it from The Suitcase Entrepreneur.

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7 thoughts on “The Suitcase Entrepreneur Review”

  1. The book is filled with Natalie’s life as she takes the reader along with her on her journeys and that gives the audience a real feel of her lifestyle. The book also shares stories of other location-independent entrepreneurs, hoping their success stories inspire others, giving it a sense of pathos. It mentions the pros and cons, as well as the challenges a suitcase entrepreneur faces.

  2. The Suitcase Entrepreneur…I like the name of the book actually! Great article Rina!

    Some of the point that you stated the book touched on, I can relate to as an aspiring internet marketing entrepreneur. Like the “con” where you lack time to spend with family or friends. But the amount of time it takes to start getting results is well worth it in the end wouldn’t you say? No reward without risk.

    Also I’d be interested in learning more about the social media marketing aspect of the book too. When it comes to social media marketing, everyone has a different approach these days.

    • Hey Eric, so pleased to have you come and visit my site. I agree there is no reward without risk, although there is high and low risks depending on the type of online business you are pursuing and how much knowledge about that industry you have. 

      Online Affiliate Marketing is low risk and low cost as long as you do your research and sort out the underperformers and scammers from the legitimate internet marketing services out there.

      Social media can draw a lot of paid ad traffic to your website, as long as you have enough conversions from it to pay the cost of the ads and have some left over, will it be worth while. These are the things to way up.

      You might be interested in also reading an article I wrote regarding Facebook features in regards to advertising there on the social media giant in 2017. Read it here…

      Regards 🙂

  3. Sounds like this would be a great read for anyone wanting to start their own online business. Many times these books and articles show how much fun it is to be successful but never show how much work it really is to reach the top. I hope this book also stresses the amount of work, money and time that is required to get the job done.
    Do you think this helped you in establishing an online business?
    Great information here about the book and I love the name of it. I would love to travel to some far away places while still working on my business.

    • Hi Bobby, thanks for calling by. To answer your question, when I first started out I knew nothing of how to earn an income online, nothing in detail anyway. But, once I started my own training in Wealthy Affiliate, I realised that yes there is a certain amount of time and committment you must give it, just like any business you are starting from scratch. However, the training in WA is so well organised and gives you the ‘building blocks’ from the very first lesson all the way through to the end. This is unlike any other training I have done before and in my opinion is the best kind of training because you are building while you are leaning, and for many, while earning as well.  

  4. I have learned that it is important to read the stories of successful people in related businesses. I’m wondering if there is some time of travel opportunity to make money from? The books review seems to point out specifically to help if you want to travel a lot and not just a work from home job.


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