A ‘Pure Leverage’ Review

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Pure Leverage is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that offers internet marketing tools, such as website builder, autoresponder, lead generation, etc. to help you make money online. It is a program offering a full marketing suite that promises high commissions for you and the people you lead into the system.

Pure Leverage Review

Product Name:  Pure Leverage

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company Selling Internet Marketing Services

Website:  https://www.pureleverage.com/

Price: $24.97/month + $19.97/month (Resell right)

Owner:  Joel Therien

Overall Rank:  13 out of 100 (0.65/5)

Who is it for? For network/internet marketers who do not know the product and start selling

Verdict: Not recommended

There are many reasons why people want to earn money from home. The freedom to be your own boss tops the reason. Can Pure Leverage rise up to the occasion and provide you with the opportunity to get you started in making online money from home?

Pure Leverage is an online platform that offers marketing tools required to launch a business. Its umbrella company is called GVO or Global Virtual Opportunities founded by Joel Therien in 1999. GVO is a well-established multi-million company engaged in web hosting and internet marketing. Joel is an accomplished veteran in internet marketing who works with several top marketers on the internet today. Pure Leverage was created in March 2013.

Described as the only product that you will ever need to make money online, Pure Leverage offers a program that does all the hard work while you sit back as you watch the money pile up. It makes itself attractive by offering a low entry fee of $24.95 per month, lower than what most pyramid-style MLM companies out there charge. It is, however, only the beginning of the costs Pure Leverage will charge you for.

The Main Tools in the Membership Package

There are six tools offered in the membership area that can be used to promote the program easily.

  1. Customizable Website Software – This website builder is just a fancy name for a simple PLR blogging system with pre-written and spun materials that are potential spammy contents usually flagged down by Google. With this tool, you can build a “done-for-you” cookie cutter website to promote Pure Leverage.
  2. Autoresponder – This is simply an Email Service Provider (ESP) to help you in making follow-up with your subscribers. The software also allows you to create a series of broadcast messages. There are corresponding charges based on the number of subscribers you have.
  3. Lead Capture System – The system has a library of landing page templates to help users create various web pages and convert them into lead capture pages to promote the product. It also comes with pre-written follow-up emails to send to your prospective subscribers. The basic templates offer nothing unique, though.
  4. Video Email Service – Pure Leverage boasts about this feature as a unique tool that can be used to record a video on your computer which can be added to the autoresponder. Unfortunately, video email is not often necessary and can be time-consuming. It is not something rare and of high value because the feature is also offered in other services.
  5. Live Conference Room – This is a kind of webinar service that allows you to do online presentations, discussion, or meetings with your “growing team.” Although a decent tool, it offers nothing special. Many similar programs are available elsewhere for free or for a very low cost.
  6. Elite Coaching – It is nothing but training on how to promote Pure Leverage to people by asking them to be part of your powerline structure, instead of teaching you how to build your own revenue earning business machine. It has a weekly live webinar on how to use their tools, plus some additional tips
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How does Pure Leverage Work?

All members start off as a customer by trying the program for 7 to 30 days for a cost of $1. The exact number of trial days varies once in a while. The monthly fee of $24.95 gives you access to the 6 main tools presented previously. In order to earn commission money, you need to become a reseller.

To become a reseller, you need to purchase the rights to resell the marking tools to other people for an additional monthly cost of $19.95. Altogether, you need to pay $44.90 each month to have access to the tools and have reseller rights.

Despite all these cash flows, you are still struggling to make money. At this point, Pure Leverage will jump on in and will try to sign you up for the Elite Coaching Program. On top of all the other fees, the VIP program costs $97 per month. The program allows access to different videos and workshops aimed to help promote Pure Leverage. If you take the bait, you will be paying a monthly fee of $142.

Furthermore, smart marketing coaching from Pure Leverage head coach Terry Anglin is also offered if you need more information on how to build a promotional business. The program costs $47 a month, covering all the fundamentals of setting up this online business.

Payment Scheme

Of course, it is not mandatory to upgrade to be a reseller or a VIP, but be ready to receive dozens of emails from Pure Leverage promoting these upsells as if they can affect how much money you make. What the company does not really tell is that without upgrading, you cannot make the following rewards advertised for promoting their products:

  • 100% commission for the first month, 50% commission for the second month
  • 50% matching check bonus on all members directly under your powerline
  • Audio series of Words of Wisdom

The idea is to sell Pure Leverage products by getting you to recruit members into the downline. Commissions are paid if you recruit new paying members. The more recruits you make in your team, the more commissions you get. When one of your recruits is able to sign up a new customer, you and your recruit get a commission. Pure Leverage operates like a pyramid scheme.

Notice that the 100% commission is only available on all your direct referrals in the first month. The commission drops down after the first month to 50%, which is actually the average commission for most digital products/services. In reality, Pure Leverage is making an extra $19.95 from your monthly reseller fee. It means you are being charged for selling their product while paying the monthly fee of $24.95, for a total of almost $45 per month.


The support that is available in the program is different. An Insiders’ Club access is listed as a “top notch” support system for members. Although there are other ways to get the support you need, such as ticket support system, comment boards or forums, asking for help can be met with a public attack by other members, especially if the complaint or inquiry is about the system itself.

Joel Therien himself will be very defensive about the negative comments, particularly if the legitimacy of the program is questioned, instead of properly addressing the issues. Members definitely have several ways to get in contact with Pure Leverage, but more than the backstabbing and name-calling, there is little or no support to be generated.

The Good Things about Pure Leverage

  • Affordable front-end membership
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Comes with a complete model for the study
  • Endorsed and used by some of the biggest names in online marketing, including Russel Brunson, Deagan Smith and Mike Filsaime. It gives the company a certain level of credibility.

The Bad:

  • The 100% commission can only be availed by top level members and payment is limited to a certain time period.
  • Although Pure Leverage has legitimate products and services to offer, it is disguised as a pyramid scheme because members are required to recruit more people into the system in order to make money.
  • The upselling techniques and taglines to buy are vague.
  • Various parts are only mentioned on the list, but are not actually given.
  • Cookie cutter website. The website you create is actually a duplicated DFY website, which means you can have potential duplicate content issue. As a result, there will be no traffic generation because your website/content does not rank in Google. Only by having a large capital to pay for traffic methods will enable you to see results.
  • Critical arguments and complaints are often met with a warning to file a suit and other actions.
  • Lots of follow-up emails are sent every month and most of them are about upselling.
  • Pay-to-Play program, which involves paying for a monthly fee to become a reseller of Pure Leverage products.
  • The “Elite Coaching” has nothing special to offer. It is just a basic training primarily aimed to help you promote Pure Leverage.
  • There is no income disclosure statement to show the average amount of money members are making at different ranks. Pure Leverage has the sole information on your income potential.
  • Affiliate reviews about the company provide fake guarantees.
  • The program is definitely not the place for newbies to start with online marketing.
  • The tools and training are not helpful in teaching you how to build your own internet marketing business.

As you can see, the good things become unstuck by the numerous negative points about the reality of Pure Leverage. Members are just being used for the upselling of the program, getting little or no benefit at all.

Final Opinion

Pure Leverage is not a scam, nor a pyramid scheme. Is it legitimate? Yes, but barely passes the grade! The online tools are offered for a monthly fee. The products are of low quality, and you can find better products or services for free or at a low cost. Commissions are paid only if the right to resell is bought from the company.

Charging a monthly fee in order to be an affiliate is totally unheard of in proper MLM business practice. The main concentration, though, is in the recruitment of new resellers who will recruit new resellers, and so on. The focus on creating a big “network” is enough of a sign to set off the warning bells.

Despite all the promises, Pure Leverage does not live up to expectations. The drawbacks far exceed the benefits. Once again, Pure Leverage is not a scam, but it is not something to be recommended for starting an online marketing business. Pure Leverage simply does not make the cut.

Please feel free to comment or request a review on a related product of your choosing by leaving a comment in the comment box that follows. I will be happy to oblige.



Pure Leverage

$24.97 plus upsells

Overall Product







  • Affordable front-end
  • Money back guarantee
  • Has a model of study


  • Information not shared
  • Self promoting
  • Not for newbies

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4 thoughts on “A ‘Pure Leverage’ Review

  1. It does make a nice change to see this sort of marketing package at a relatively low monthly price, but, as you rightly point out – they do seem to cut some corners and even offer tools that you probably don’t even need! 

    The website is the killer for me – seems like it’s going to be one of millions of clones out there, worthless really. Did you make any money through them when you were testing them out?

    1. Hiya Chris! 

      The platform did not really provide a solid training ground that I thought would help me get the best use out of the products. If I didn’t already have a good background in tools that are similar, I would have really struggled to make it a success in the way I would have wanted it to.

      There are betters things out there as you will find out by reading my top reviews accessable at the top of the this page.

  2. I feel very disappointed reading all these negativities concerning Pure leverage. Actually, I had high hopes with the platform when I was introduced to it and I just find it very difficult to believe that they have this much cons which in all possible ways outweighs the pros. I’m glad I carried out this research before making a commitment to joining this. Besides, I did not even know that it is an MLM business. Thanks so much for this discoveries 

    1. Hi RoDarrick! There are a few platforms that lack the basic ability to put their users first and really the platform is basically used to push more of their products or upsells to them instead. So, they put their own needs ahead of the users/subscribers. Marketing tools can be tricky if you haven’t been shown how to really get the best use out of them, so, there should be some good training of use especially for someone starting a new online business. It’s a shame that this is not the case. 

      Training should be key!

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