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Text Cash Network Review - Smartphone

Another Money Making Product, Text Cash Network raises a lot of questions about it’s legitimacy! Why? I reveal the details and facts in this Text Cash Network Review. Lets crack into it.


Like other multi-level marketing ventures, Text Cash Network is a program that promises its members the chance not only to save money on the best deals and offers, but also to earn money in the process. It thrives as each registered member recruits others who must also hunt for new referrals to join down the line.

Text Cash Network Review

  • Name: Text Cash Network
  • Type of Business: Paid Text Advertising
  • Website: textcashnetwork.com
  • Price: Free
  • Owners: Johnson Group of Companies
  • President: Brett Hudson
  • Overall Ranking:  10 out of 100 (0.5/5)
  • Verdict: Not a scam

Who is it for? The program is for avid participants of MLM-type themed venture looking for a new avenue to earn money. It is available to anyone who owns a mobile phone and anywhere in the world where internet connection is reliable.

Text Cash Network Background

Text Cash Network Review - The OfficeText Cash Network (TCN) was founded by a company whose core interest lies in the tech and advertising field – The Johnson Group in Florida, USA. The president of the company, Brett Hudson, boasts over 15 years of management experience in the computer technology field. In 1966, he started up Dot Com Company and achieved a 42-million-dollar valuation within two years.

Text Cash Network takes advantage of mobile phone technology as an advertising platform to build a massive list of subscribers. Anyone who knows that using mobile text marketing as a sector in consumer advertising makes sense on many levels because the masses have their cell phone units always with them and the likelihood of getting a positive response is high. TCN also takes into account opt-in targets to be included in their email address and looks forward to having these prospects buy from TCN’s ads.

Joining TCN is free, which means there is nothing to pay unless you want to advertise your own business. The company uses a business model that works like the coupon-sharing giants, Groupon and LivingSocial. To become a member, simply subscribe to the company’s referral program. TCN sends attractive deals and offers in each member’s area. The difference is that TCN will send ads by sending a text message instead of sending an email. The company is basically an ads dispenser that sends multiple messages to the phones of potential buyers subscribed to the program.

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How to Earn Money with Text Cash Network

Those who wish to partner with TCN can earn a sizeable chunk of money regularly. To be a partner, all you have to do is consent to receiving a stipulated amount of text messages on a daily basis. There is an option to choose the number of text messages you commit to receive, ranging from 2 to 5 messages per day. You can also choose the text category to receive, such things as clothes, food, movies, etc, as well as the time when you would like to get the text messages.

Since TCN is an MLM-centred venture, you need to recruit as many new members as you can and get them to receive the mandatory amount of text messages advertising different companies. Once the recruits agree to receive daily text ads from TCN, a percentage commission on each referred member is paid.

It must be emphasized that no compensation is earned nor paid for the mere act of recruiting members or other referral agents. Payment is only made on products or services being used, sold or purchased. A maximum of $1.50 is paid per member/recruiter who provides TCN with a service of accepting up to 5 text messages a day. Text Cash Network Review - small change

Being a TCN partner presents the opportunity to attain up to 10 different referral levels. From the cascade of referrals you make, you can earn a collective sum across the board. TCN essentially pays you (the referrer) for purchasing and your recruits also purchasing any product advertised through the text messages they send.

The VIP Advertising Package

Like in most cases, joining any MLM business for free earns you nothing. With TCN, the solution to attain higher ranks that guarantee ROI is either an upsell or a paid opt-in.

The VIP Advertising Package is a starter set offered to new merchants at a wholesale price of $360 + $99 set up fee for Referral Affiliates. There are two payment modes for this package:

  1. Initial monthly payment of $129 and no interest payments of $30 for 11 consecutive months, for a total of $360 + $99.
  2. Full payment of $360. The $99 set up fee is waived.

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Compensation Plan

The plan is pretty simple, but rather vague and raises eyebrows as it gives a range from $0.75 up to $1.50 per active referral agent through 10 levels. Members are classified as free and VIP referral agents.

A TCN free member registers to receive opt-in texts and/or emails that advertise coupons, savings, special offers and daily deals from various merchants. Those who agree to spread the word in the TCN Back office and refer their personal website link to others are qualified to be compensated in:

  • The Power-Grid – It pays Free and VIP Referral Agents. A referral agent receives a maximum of $0.75 to $1.50 for each active referral. There is no limit on the number of referrals at each level.
  • The Power-Line – It pays Free and VIP Referral Agents.  A quarterly Power-Line pool divides the earnings between Free referral and VIP referral agents at the end of each fiscal quarter. Tens and hundreds, or even thousands of linked bonus Power-Line positions could be awarded to a 100% Free referral agent.
  • Text Cash Network Review - noticeboardVIP Referral Agents are members offering an initial VIP Advertising Package to a merchant chosen by TCN. They are qualified to receive compensation in:
  • The Power-Share – Free and VIP Referral Agents are qualified. Potential personal sales commissions are available from $500 to $5000 and more. An equal amount is shared up to 10 levels of VIP referral agents active in the Power-Grid.
  • The Power-Match – It pays VIP Referral Agents only. Hyped as the most powerful part of the compensation plan, this stream has bonuses that are reserved for VIP referral agents only.

With all its many moving parts, it is quite difficult to grasp all the different combinations of the compensation plan. In order to truly understand how it works, it is important for members to stick to the basic idea that every monetary transaction made with TCN can earn a percentage up to 20 Free referral and VIP referral agents. The rest of the power streams of the compensation plan are as follows:

  1. The Power-Grid Plus
  2. The Power-Line Plus
  3. The Power-Grid Match
  4. The Power-Share Match
  5. The Power-Perks

Pros and Cons


  • It does not disguise behind the mask of product sales or service delivery.
  • It is easy to sign up to the free subscription referral program.


Text Cash Network Review - MaskedThe power of MLM seems to allure many people with the promise of making easy money. There are, however, four reasons why Text Cash Network may not meet the expectations.

  • Fragmented advertising markets – People from over 142 countries can sign up to Text Cash Network and receive text message advertisements. Compared to the more established Groupon that services 44 countries only, there is no way that a newly-launched company such as TCN can find advertising in as many as 142 different markets. If no text message advertisers are found in these diverse markets, it means you will not receive any text messages.
  • Participants prefer cash, not deals – TCN sells people on “building a solid income.” It is unlikely for advertisers to advertise to a consumer that advertises people who signed up to make money in exchange for receiving deals, instead of signing up for deals in order to save money.
  • 5 Texts per day? – Even Groupon with $1B in capital can only offer 1 text message per day, per market. How can TCN be able to raise your potential profit to as much as 5 times? In reality, TCN hardly sends 5 text messages a day, which means payment can be easily manipulated.
  • Deals come later – The sign-up process requests for personal information, such as your mobile phone number and other demographic details. The text message advertisements are promised to be sent your way sometime in the future.
  • There is a need to make an occasional purchase to earn a substantial amount of money.
  • The company is not BBB accredited.
  • The security of the company is not guaranteed.
  • The prices of the advertised products are not usually revealed.

Recruiting people to sign up for Text Cash Network may not be an easy thing to do. If you think that inviting all your social media friends can be a great way to reach the 10th referral level, then think how unbearable it is to realize that you have dragged them into an MLM venture that earns at a snail’s pace.

Final Opinion

Text Cash Network is not a scam, but in this age of making money online revolution, TCN falls short in its promise to help you.

In December 2011, True Cash Network was launched to replace Text Cash Network. All links still point to the original site, but when the link is clicked, the site of True Cash Network appears. As in the case of online companies changing their names, doubts are raised regarding the reason behind this move. With Text Cash Network, it was a strategy to shake off all the bad publicity.

At the end of the day, it’s worth avoiding getting involved with Text Cash Network.

Alternative Make Money Online Option

It’s great to have all of these Make Money Online options available to us but there can be a vast difference in the way they deliver what they promise. So, here is a comparison between Text Cash Network and another proven Affiliate Marketing Training product so, at least you can see the difference in thier services.

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12 thoughts on “Text Cash Network Review”

  1. That’s an interesting review. Just by looking at the title of Text Cash Network, it looks like a scam in itself. I’m curious as to how you manage to trust these places enough to give them a shot. But it is good to know they are not a scam even if the intentions do not seem to be 100%. It is nice to read reviews and reflect on the fact that Wealthy Affiliate still by far the best! Thank you so much for sharing!!

    • Hi Randi, great to have you stop by and for your valid comments. I have written a many review to keep others like your self in the loop but to do this it pays to conduct thorough research to decide if a product is worth the time and effort and money or not. So, I don’t fully know if I trust something or not until the research is complete. 

      Wealthy Affiliate is the highest ranking of all my reviews with an impressive score of 98 out of 100. An they have one of the highest rates of turning out successful online entreprenuers like myself.

  2. With all the interesting and tempting commission offers, this text cash network ended up disappointing me . Thanks for this unbiased review concerning text cash network. Though they are a legit platform and have a very interesting history. I would still not want to get involved with the MLM business it offers. My experiences with MLM’s have been bad and I wouldn’t want to waste my money and energy into a platform that would offer fake promises and little or no chances of making back my profit. Thanks

    • Hiya! Thank you for stopping by and giving your comments. The unfortunate thing is that there are way too many of these kinds of opportunities that just don’t match up to their promotions and most of the reveiws I do are kinda like this. I never run out of material to review because they are popping up all the time. So, when I do happen upon a good product or one that scores say more than 70 out of 100 or 3.5 out of 5, I put them under the menu heading ‘Top Reviews’. So, when you have time, be sure to read more earning online reviews there.

      Wishing you great success!

  3. Thais is a very enlightening review of Text Cash Network.  I have been reviewing different methods of earning extra money online and haven’t come across TCN yet.  I like your honesty about the company and the pros and cons.  I would probably steer clear of this one, just for the simple reason they offer discounts, not necessary cash.  In this day and age, I am more interested in some extra spending money, not discounts.  

    As I continued to read your article, it reminded me of a pyramid scheme.  I always steer clear of these.  I would not want to recruit my friends or contacts to join something that to me sounded sketchy.  Thank you for your honest and enlightening review.  It is well noted by me and I will be bypassing this one.

  4. Thank you for this helpful review of Text Cash Network. Although I still can’t fully understand the compensation plan I still think it is a lot of money to pay out for not that much in return.  Even as a free member I don’t think the compensation would be worth ones time and effort. 

    The best way to earn a good income online is to either sell your own or other peoples products or build your own business as far as I am concerned. 

    • Hi Michel! 

      Great to have you call by and for your valid comments. Thanks for taking time out to contribute your thoughts. 

      It comes down to whether you want to spend your time building a ‘penny for your time’ business where you only earn something once in exchange for completing the required action, as apposed to earning a ‘passive income’ or ‘earn while you sleep’ business model such as affiliate marketing. 

      For the effforts you put into a required action in order to earn once the same effort could be put into building a web-based affiliate marketing business (something that can be achieved in Wealthy Affiliate), earning a passive income as a result of your efforts. A no brainer really! 

  5. I do not see how this can be a viable medium or solution for merchants who want to advertise on TCN. The demand is contrived as members probably have no interest in receiving ads other than to participate in the MLM aspect of TCN. The advertisers don’t have a way to validate the demographics other than defined as people with the ability to receive text messages.

    • Thanks Glen for your valid comments and appreciate you taking the time. You are right of course and the system would have to have major overhauls for it to be even half way decent, assuming that it can be done at all. MLM is a system that many have tried to perfect over the years but alas, it is what it is no matter how well you dress it up! 

  6. Hi Rina.

    Thank you so much for your detailed review of Text Cash Network. I have read your entire post and have taken note of the known details about Text Cash Network. You have nicely described how to make money by using Text Cash Network and you have also given the description of TCN background, VIP advertising package, compensation plan, pro’s and con’s and so on. So, with all of that I feel I have enough information…

    So, thanks again for your review and now I get the right idea about TCN. I will definitely share your post to others.


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