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ContentLab Review - Content is King picIs Contentlab King? Can it really take the hassle out of creating content so you don’t have to? I reveal all here in this Contentlab Review. Get the low down now.


ContentLab is a cloud-based software that enables you to churn a lot of fresh content in any niche for any topic at a faster rate. It has a built-in search tool with a powerful drag and drop editor to locate existing pieces of viral text, images, videos, etc. that you can repurpose to create your own new contents. It is also equipped with a moneymaking feature that allows you to pick relevant affiliate products that you can add in your content.

By simply adding a keyword, ContentLAB will do the job of instantly adding all the product info with your affiliate links. The best part is that you get paid commissions when someone clicks and buys the products.

ContentLab REVIEW

  • Product: ContentLab
  • Product Type: Software
  • Official Website:
  • Creator/Vendor: Igor Burban, et al
  • Launch Date: July 25, 2019
  • Front-End Price: $32.19
  • Ranked: 65 out of 100 (3.25/5)
  • Verdict:  Legitimate

ContentLab Review - person working on a laptopWho is Contentlab for?

ContentLab is an almost perfect tool for anyone at any level of marketing experience. It works to the advantage of those who want to save time creating content and articles. The software can be beneficial to the following:

  •  Affiliate marketer
  • Blogger
  • Local business owner
  • Magazine website owner
  • SEO agency

Content Rules The Internet

If you have an online business, publishing high quality, fresh and unique content several times a week can give you the edge. What if you do not have the skill to write new content, or do not have the funds to pay writers? ContentLAB comes to the rescue!

Create As Much Content As You Want

ContentLAB is a cloud-based software that allows you to quickly create as many fresh content as you want in any niche for any topic you can think of. It takes away the typical hassles of writing content consistently, or spending upwards of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay a writer to do the job for you.

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Content Search Tool

ContentLAB has a built-in search tool that can be used to locate pieces of content material that can be potentially transformed into a new post you can call your own. The powerful drag and drop curation app makes it simple and fast to search, customize and upload relevant content with high impact to multiple blogs, websites and social media platforms simultaneously. It has never been this easy to curate anything, including articles, memes, and even Amazon products.

Money Making Feature

The software is also equipped with a money-making feature that lets you add relevant affiliate products within your content. By simply assigning a keyword to your selected product, the monetization module will work on full autopilot mode to instantly add all the pertinent product info with your affiliate links inside your content. It does not only help to drive traffic to your web content, but the best part is you get paid commissions on every click through to purchase any of the product you have added.

About the Creator

ContentLAB is an software product created by Igor Burban together with his partners Amit Gaikwad and Uddhab Pramanik. Igor is a programmer who founded For years, he has served more than 9,000 buyers by selling great products at cheap price. Among his high-quality products, included are Animated CTAs WordPress plugin, Azon 404 TakeOver, Azon Flybox, which are all available in JVZoo marketplace.

How does ContentLAB work?

Getting started with ContentLab involves three very easy steps to set you to the fast lane in order to get free traffic and generate easy profits.ContentLab Review - computer desk

Step 1: Search for existing content to repurpose. The powerful content search tool will do its job to help you locate pieces of viral content from existing sources anywhere in the web’s universe of information. Your content source can be filtered by category, or you can use news sites of even any external URL.

Step 2: Build your own post pith using the drag-and-drop function. Convert the viral content you generated into your own fresh article. Let your creativity flow as you mix and match various types of content to come up with an article that suits your needs.

Step 3: Monetize with CTAs and affiliate products. You can either use the built-in module to insert your tailored call to action, or you can use the affiliate product search tool to find the most relevant products to promote within your content in just a single click.

Features and Benefits

Article Fetcher – This feature allows you to extract all of your site contents to be added into the ContentLab dashboard. Within a few seconds after submitting your link, ContentLab will fetch all content of added external URL which can be available to be used in your posts and articles.

Article MetaData Extractor – ContentLab automatically fetches Metadata to allow you to make the article unique for search engines.

Article Sources – More than 500 RSS feed integration is instantly accessible for capturing, modifying and spinning content to create new posts for your blogs, using integrated features.

Auto Sync Platform – Five blogging platforms, such as Blogger, Twitter, Tumblr,, and WordPress self-host can be integrated with ContentLab.

Auto Update – With this feature, there is no need to do multiple edits because all contents created using ContentLab are configured to be automatically reflected to all selected Blogging platforms.

Text Translate – The built-in translator currently supports 106 languages, so there’s no worry in translating blog content into your desired language.ContentLab Review - different languages pic

Grammar and Word Correction – This feature, which supports 20 most popular languages, can be used for checking grammar and synonyms suggestions.

Bookmarklets – Users are allowed to bookmark articles and save references in theirbrowser, which can later on be converted into blog posts.

Text Spinner – This unique spinner feature supports seven popular languages and uses the latest cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, Part-of-Speech analysis and Emulated Natural Language methods, and Statistical Replacement Technology that can automatically create unique content with almost human-like quality.

Content Automation –The advanced rules help filter contents according to your own needs, and allow you to post them to your channels. You can watch how your social pages grow without any human intervention.

Content Integration – Content from the top video sharing, such as DailyMotion, Vimeo,and YouTube, or from top social media like Facebook, Disqus, Medium, Pinterest, Pocket, Twitter, etc. can be captured.

Content Planner – There is an intuitive date-book to help in streamlining content work process. This feature allows you to be on your own as you plan, audit and execute your substance and social networking system.

Images Integration – More than 500k+ ready-to-use images and over 200k+ videos are integrated for adding into your blogs and posts.

RSS Reader – A Full-Scale Blog Reader allows you to scale all contents synced from all popular blogs help you create your own blog posts.

Analytics – This built-in feature allows you to run an in-depth analytics of all post createdusing ContentLab.

Monetization – This function allows words to be replaced with matching terms in the blogpage with any third-party affiliate links.

Monetization (Product Affiliate URLs) – This feature uses Amazon and Ebay Integrationto extract, list and add products in blog posts with affiliate URLs.

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Funnels of Content Lab: Contents and Pricing

Like all products, ContentLab has upsells, but buying or not is ultimately your own choice.

ContentLAB FE: $27 – $37 – 5 Publishing Channels (WordPress,, Tumblr, Twitter, Blogger ); Article Sources; Article Metadata; Text Translate into 10 Languages; Text Spinner (1 Language – English); RSS Reader; Basic Analytics; Bookmarklets; Content Planner (3 Publishing Channels + 3 Social Networks); Grammar (1 Language – English); All Resources.

ContentLAB OTO 1 $47: Professional – The Pro Upgrade will enable you to translate your content to as many as 106 languages, more than 10 times the number of content and traffic that you can generate. It has everything from FE +; Detailed Analytics (All posts added from ContentLAB); Text Translate for all languages; Text Spinner (6 Languages); Auto Sync and Auto Update; Content Planner (All 5 Channels); Grammar (All 20 Languages); Custom Article Sources.

ContentLAB OTO 2 $97: Enterprise – This special account type was created for the purpose of organizing and tracking all of the content in the event your business grows and expands. It allows you to create a maximum of 50 sub-accounts under the umbrella of your main account. This package includes everything from FE and OTO1 + 50 Sub Users with OTO1 and FE Access; Team Communication (Chat and Audio Call).

ContentLab Review - Device Screens

ContentLAB OTO 3 $197: Reseller – Reseller Rights for sale of ContentLAB and keep 100% profit. A reseller means an affiliate entitled to 100% commissions. A license to become a special reseller allows you to sell ContentLab and all its upgrades as your own product.

ContentLAB OTO 4 $247: White Label – The While Label is a special upgrade that makes you the owner of your own software business. A team of developers from ContentLab will set up the app under your own subdomain, with your own logo and company name. As an owner, you can create accounts for customers and sell the software as a service. You can get all the sales materials and get to enjoy 100% of the profits. Package includes no limitations on all features and functionality; Dedicated application setup; Your own Branding; All Sales Material; Your own Subdomain (


Support questions can be submitted or directed to… and The Benefits That Come With ContentLab

  • Easy to use and manage – The Drag-and-Drop Content Generator makes it easy to find bits of viral content from existing sources which can be customized into a completely new article for posting and bringing in traffic and profits.
  • One click posting – This time-saving feature easily integrates with various self-hosted platforms so you can publish from one central location. It eliminates the process of logging in to each of your sites every time there’s a need to upload a post.
  • Newbie friendly start up – There are only three very easy steps to get you started to the fast lane to free traffic and easy profits.
  • Monetization feature – Whether you add CTA buttons or affiliate products within your content, all need to do is enter a keyword for your selected product. Commissions are earned when people click or buy an affiliate product.
  • Unlimited content – You can rinse and repeat to build content in any niche as many times as you want. ContentLab works in any niche.
  • Spinning engine – The powerful brand-new spinning engine creates unique, readable content that can even deceive Google.
  • 30 day money back guarantee – Purchasing the product is 100% risk free. ContentLab refunds your money if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. There are no questions asked.

The Downside

  • There are too many upsells.
  • There is the need to create a unique content in order to rank in SERP.

Final Opinion

Content is always king. If you are a website owner who produces unique and high-quality content, you can rank supreme in terms of domain authority and consistently stay on top of the competition. It can, however, be tedious to create new content yourself or expensive to employ some writers.

ContentLab is arguably the perfect software to build your site with hundreds of new articles every week. It is a great product to have if you want to become an authority fast. ContentLab n terms of content creation, is marked high in this review, so if help with your content creation is something you require, then ContentLab might just be what you are looking for.

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Rina Walker

Rina Walker - Founder of EarningOnline.come

I am Rina Walker the founder of Earning Online and have been running a successful affiliate marketing website and blogging about earning online opportunites since November 2016. The niches that I am involved in include Wealth Creation, Permaculture, Action Cameras and Social Enterprise - all of which I have a great interest in.

I'm also involved in helping, supporting and coaching online entrepreneurs of all levels to build and run their own successful web-based affiliate business.

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  1. You are right that content is the king and deserves to be treated as the king that it is. Contentlab seems to me like a very awesome initiative that would really loosen the amount of stress on every marketer or blogger to which I am one of the.. Like you said that getting g content cannot be less stressful than this and I’m actually glad I can get my hands on this. I will definitely give this a trial for my website. Due to my work, its been lacking serious content. Getting to make use of a system like this would make a lot of things much more easier. Thanks

    • Hi there! I have found that over time my affiliate marketing business is growing exponetially because I am generating content at a consistent pace. So far, two content pieces a week is what I can do on my own. However, if I want to really crank up the engine, then providing two more articles or more a week, possibly an article per day, then this will do it. As long as the articles contain keywords and are quality, relevant and written with authority, there is no reason why this will not happen. So, with that in mind, having a tool to help me create the content at this pace would truly help me out. Is ContentLab able to do the job or will it take even more time away from my already tight schedule? This could indeed happen in which case I would have to rethink this approach.

  2. I’d not come across this product before and it certainly sounds interesting and as if it could be a real time saver. What I’m wondering though is whether it would fall foul of Google’s plagiarism rules and therefore not get a high ranking in its search engine. Google isn’t everything, there are other ways of promoting content so I don’t know. I will definitely look into this more, thanks very much for an informative review

    • Hiya! Thanks for taking the time to visit and make comment. Thanks also for the question about plagiarism rules in Google. Yes google will penalise you for copying someone elses unique content by not ranking you where it matters. But what you can do is make it not like the original by rewording the content peice so that the ideas and context of the peice is the same without it being word for word. 

      You can always check the repurposed content peice with a plagiarism checker tool such as you will find in Wealthy Affiliate under the Websites in the left hand side menu, then ‘Site Content – The Ultimate Writing Tool’. Cut and paste the new peice into here and the tool will check it against all other content in just a few seconds. If it is a copy, the tool will tell you. If it is not a copy, it will say that the peice can be published to the internet.

      Secondly, GOOGLE is KING when it comes to SEO, and whether it be google or bing, it is still the best way to get FREE traffic to your content. I know very successful internet marketers who don’t pay a cent to get traffic to their content while earning passive income. 

      Hope this helps!



  3. Hello, 

    Thanks for this informative post about contentLAB, it’s something that all content creator and affiliate marketers need for the most part. I find it’s really hard to keep writing articles with quality when I am still working 9-5 and this platform does a lot of help. Among all the pros, I like the grammar and word correction since I don’t always spell it right or use the perfect grammar. I also like your honest comment for too many upsells for contentLAB which I think it will be my future concern too. I do want to know whether they offer a 7-day trial? It’s better that we try first then make the decision, right?

    • Hiya Matt! What’s great about having the opportunity to ‘trial’ a product for free, is there is no risk. You can simply walk away. There are very few legit products who offer a free trial period. Wealthy Affiliate is one training product that for sure offer this without the constant annoying upsells. Better? Yes!

  4. Hi, Rina
    Thank you to for introducing ContentLab. I have created a blog site, sometimes working too busy and having no time to update content. I’m sure ContentLab can work to the advantage and save my time creating content and articles.

    I saw you introduce ContentLab’s Features and Benefits. I really like the two features of Auto Update and Text Translate. Because of the Text Translate feature, I can save a lot of time and let me focus more on the content of the blog site. As you said, Content is always king.

  5. I agree that content is king and your review of ContentLab is fairly comprehensive. You have laid out the summary of the product, features and functions in sufficient detail. I agree with you assessment of the product in general. However, I have questions on the text spinner and grammar function. First, how accurate is the text spinner? Based on my experience, the quality of text spinners is poor. So, that means more manual editing required. Secondly, grammar for 20 languages? That is a tall challenge to get right. Any info on the accuracy of these 2 key areas would assist decision making. 

    • Hi there and thanks for taking the time to call by and to make comments and ask questions. I originally ranked ContentLab 70 out of 100. But after considering the manual editing required even for an experienced content creator, I marked the ranking down to 65 out of 100. I for sure have not put enough time into thoroughly testing all 20 languages. However, I’m confident that improvements are always possible to make this feature better. The technology is not new and has advanced enormously over the past few years. Whether the ContentLab team are staying on top of it, time will tell.

      So is ContentLab still worth the try? Yes!… in my humble opinion, otherwise, you will never know if it can do the job you expect it to do. By the way, I don’t make any commission whatsoever from this product review.

      All the best



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