12 of the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for 2021

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Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest growing industries and more and more online and off-line business is just discovering the power of this marketing strategy. So here I have listed 12 of the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for existing affiliate marketers and for those just starting out and looking for an opportunity. There is a mixture of niches here and I hope you find something of interest to yourself. Lets dive into the list now!

1. Amazon Associates Program – commission changes depending

12 of the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates program is probably the first program any budding affiliate marketer might have in their mind with good reason. It is the world’s largest online retailer. But, it is also popular for super affiliates earning 6-figure incomes each month.

Amazon also has a gigantic range of products across hundreds of niches which makes it easier and more likely to make a sale. The commission rates vary depending on the product.

Amazon is arguably the best affiliate program out there in the online space but undoubtedly the most well known affiliate program.

Join the Amazon Associates Program

2. Bankrate Credit Cards Affiliate Program – commission varies

12 of the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - Bankrate Credit Cards

Bankrate is an affiliate network for credit cards and can benefit an affiliate marketer by giving them access to credit card offers that might not otherwise be available to them or out of their reach.

Bankrate do not actually publish their commission rates to the general public. It is not until you join the program that the rates are revealed to you. There are usually other benefits such as credit card rewards.

Join the Bankrate Credit Cards Affiliate Program

3. CBD Medic Affiliate Program – 20% commission

12 of the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - CBD Medic affiliate program

Alternative pain management solutions for those with chronic pain issues means that  CBD can be very important for this reason, thus making it a smart option for making money online, especially so for online affiliate marketers.

CBD is also a great alternative option to opioid addiction and therefore easy to market since opioid use is and remains in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

So, when you sell an online order of say $100 through your efforts, then you receive around $20.

Join the CBD Medic Affiliate Program

4. Charlotte’s Web Affiliate Program – 15% commission

12 of the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - Charlotte's Web affiliate program

Charlotte Figi suffered severely from epileptic seizures and at the age of 5 she was given CBD oil to reduce the severity of her condition. This oil was produced by the Stanley Brothers who named the oil after Charlotte, rather than the title of the popular children’s book, Charlotte’s Web.

Then this particular strain of CBD was made available to be sold online in the form of oil gummies, capsules, drops and balm.

Join the Charlotte’s Web Affiliate Program

5. EBay Partner Network – up to 70%

12 of the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - Ebay Partner Network

Earning money by driving web traffic and initiating online sales across one of the worlds largest and full range marketplaces is an attractive proposition for affiliate marketers, especially with a commission base up to 70%.  Who would have thought just how far this online garage sale would grow to become? But, this is exactly what eBay is today. It’s now a powerhouse e-commerce platform and a household name in millions of homes across the globe.

Find anything on eBay and pay less for certain items. So, the eBay partner network is really worth investigating and considering for sure.

Join the EBay Partner Network

6. Enigma Fishing Affiliate Program – 20% commission

12 of the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - Enigma Fishing affiliate program

Sports fishing is a popular sport all across the world and it attracts those who are ready to invest in the sport they love. So popular, that it is not unusual for individuals to spend a few hundred dollars for the gear that will catch the prize producing specimen.

It has a generous commission and the cookie is a bonus at 90 days. Far better than Amazon in this regard.

Join the Enigma Fishing Affiliate Program

No Traffic = No Earnings
From Affiliate Programs
See how the experts are earning online with simple affiliate websites using my #1 recommended affiliate training.

Everything is Included: live help, tech support, and step-by-step walkthrough lessons!

7. Etsy’s Affiliate Program up to 8% commission

12 of the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - Etsy affiliate program

Etsy began the journey selling vintage and handmade items. It’s a platform that has grown quite a bit and appeals to a diverse and wide audience. Etsy is a good affiliate marketing niche for this reason and therefore your reach is quite wide.

Etsy attracts creators of all sorts including makers of knitted toys to makers of the unusual such as ukuleles made from cigar boxes.

If you like the quirky and unusual, then this might be the right affiliate program for you.

Join the Etsy’s Affiliate Program

8. Expedia Affiliate Program – up to 6% commission per sale

12 of the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - Expedia affiliate program

If traveling appeals and you have searched online for your next vacay then you would probably have seen Expedia pop up in the search results somewhere. No surprises there as they are a leading price comparison holiday travel site known in most countries the world.

The Expedia Affiliate Program offers a high-performing product that one can earn a decent income from and as good as those affiliates already making a lot of money regularly.

One to definitely watch out for and seriously consider if you are ready.

Join the Expedia Affiliate Program

9. Equifax Small Business Affiliate Program – up to $8 commission per sale

12 of the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - Equifax affiliate program

Equifax is probably one of the longest standing companies in its 125th year of business. It is also one of the most recognized credit scoring services there is.

If financial services is your niche or something you are thinking of then credit scoring services could be the icing on the cake.

However, if you check the Better Business Bureau you will find a surge in a number of complaints, in May 2020, related to mostly service related issues. So, keep this in mind and hopefully, Equifax will correct these cracks in a timely manner and not be a hindrance to them in the long run.

Join the Equifax Small Business Affiliate Program

10. GameStop Affiliate Program – up tp 6% commission

12 of the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - GameStop affiliate program

12 of the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - GameStop product brands

From toy figurines to everything gaming under the sun. GameStop has it all for gamers. This niche continues to grow and scale to new heights. Now in 2020 the gaming world has been successful in convincing the powers that be, that gaming be recognised as a sport! Good news for this niche as it expands the market by taking it from the couch to those that seek a professional platform in the industry.

GameStop already has brand awareness as a result of 5,200 plus stores and therefore already benefiting the affiliate marketers who choose this niche, despite having a lower level commission baseline but can be earned on all products apart from gift cards.

Join the GameStop Affiliate Program

11. Green Roads Affiliate Program – 10% commission

12 of the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - Green Roads affiliate program

Hemp has been causing heads to turn in the hemp-based product market because for one thing it is a quick growing plant and therefore a sustainable resource. Hemp comes from the same plant family as marijuana but without the THC as in marijuana.

Green Roads is a family-run business with good old fashion family values whose business mission and values reads as follows.

“Green Roads’ mission is to help every person find the healthiest version of themselves through the power of plants”

Green Roads CBD is an affiliate program to take note of and even add to your portfolio. The Hemp is grown organically and hemp-based products are produced. As an affiliate of Green Roads you will promote these products and earn commission for each sale.

Join the Green Roads Affiliate Program

12. King Kanine Affiliate Program – 15% commission

12 of the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - King Kanine affiliate program

King Kanine is a leading manufacturer and retailer of CBD products for pets. The CBD is designed with dogs and cats in mind. The products have specially selected organic ingredients.

King Kanine cares that it’s products are natural and good for all four-legged fur friends. So if you have a related blog then this might just be worth it for you – especially as the 15% commission is quite generous.

Join the King Kanine Affiliate Program

How to Find More Affiliate Programs

Conducting a Google Search is a great way to find more income earning affiliate programs related to recurring or repeat commission payments that are more suited to your site or needs. Or perhaps it’s food related affiliate programs you are interested in or beauty and cosmetics. No matter what your interest is, the following screenshot is an example of a Google affiliate programs search that you can conduct yourself!

Alternatively, go directly to an affiliate program network platform such as ShareAsale to browse the many merchant product companies and join the ones you would like to earn commission from!

20 Best Beauty Affiliate Programs - Google Search

The Best Way to Get Started with Your Own Affiliate Marketing Website

If you are just starting out and want to see what is available to you, not just in the way of affiliate programs but also tools such as Website Building and Hosting and affiliate marketing step-by-step training, then head over to Wealthy Affiliate, a platform made for pupose – no credit card required.

No Traffic = No Earnings
From Affiliate Programs
See how the experts are earning online with simple affiliate websites using my #1 recommended affiliate training.

Everything is Included: live help, tech support, and step-by-step walkthrough lessons!

Rina Walker

Rina Walker - Founder of EarningOnline.come

I am Rina Walker the founder of Earning Online and have been running a successful affiliate marketing website and blogging about earning online opportunites since November 2016. The niches that I am involved in include Wealth Creation, Permaculture, Action Cameras and Social Enterprise - all of which I have a great interest in.

I'm also involved in helping, supporting and coaching online entrepreneurs of all levels to build and run their own successful web-based affiliate business.

4 thoughts on “12 of the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for 2021”

  1. When I first started out, I went in with random affiliate programs and it wasn’t until the fifth month that I decided to join the Amazon associate’s program. It’s somehow hard to live on just an Amazon income since the commissions are really low but it’s worth the try and you’ll earn some extra dollars. I did try to join Ebay’s affiliate program but for some reason they declined my admission without even giving a proper exploration, is there a certain requirement that the person has to have to join the platform?

    • Hiya Stephanie!

      Thanks for the comments and question! Not all affiliate programs are the same and indeed each has it’s own criteria and they also have the final say. Sometimes a decline might mean that your site does not fit their product or the traffic to your site is not enough especially if your site is new. You could always make contact to find out directly from the affiliate program what their criteria is, so you can try to meet it and be accepted.

      Shop around as you don’t have to pick the first thing that comes along and be sure they meet your expectaions too! It works both ways and you should be sure that they are a good fit for you too!

  2. This is a fantastic list of companies offering affiliate programs. I’m an affiliate of Amazon and Etsy, both of which offer excellent affiliate programs. My favourite is definitely Amazon since they have the widest product range and they are one of the top trusted online stores in the world. I’m also a big fan of promoting affiliate programs for memberships sites which offer useful affilaite tools such as Wealthy Affiliate and Canva. Do you know about these tools?

    • Hiya Lynne! 

      Great to have your comments and question. Yes! Amazon and Etsy are great affiliate programs and provide a great deal of choice for affiiate marketers and bloggers! And I am very familiar with Wealthy Affiliate and Canva. This site was built and is hosted on the Wealthy Affilaite platform. I have nothing but admiration for the folks at Wealthy AffiIiate as they also taught me all I know about online business. I use canva for every feature image for every post too and also very useful for creating Pinterest pins aswell. Both great companies and leaders in their feilds!


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