Getting Traffic to your offers and Converting into Sales

Getting Traffic to your Offers and Converting into Sales - crowd of peopleI provide some insight into a seven stage process of converting web traffic into paying customers from this Getting Traffic to your Offers and Converting into Sales article.


One key feature of having an online business is Getting Traffic to your Offer and Converting into Sales. The people that take the time to visit your website are looking for something. Something has drawn them there whether it be via a keyword search, a social media ad, a referral or whatever the case may be, this is the opportunity to walk them down a path building a relationship with them as you go. All the time, keeping them interested until finally, they trust you enough to purchase something from you, that adds value to their life.

The Lifetime Value Of A Customer

Experienced online marketers will always mention the lifetime value of a customer and the path that you take your customers down. The money you generate in your business depends on how well you manage the experience of every person who makes contact with you and no matter how long they stay.

The goal, of course, is to get the visitor to stick around and become a regular customer or repeat buyer. The longer you can keep them around, the more likely they’ll buy from you. So the way to keep them around is to manage their experience throughout the process. The customer experience can be broken down into seven specific areas.

Test, Tweak, Monetize

At each point, you can test, tweak, monetize, and build your business to whatever level you want. Once you know these seven points and how to maximize them, your life willGetting Traffic to your Offers and Converting into Sales - special offer note change. It’s awesome!

When you have the trust and respect of your visitors, you want to maintain that relationship with them because in the long-term they will come back time and time again. These seven areas go hand-in-hand, and long-term success is dependent on all seven areas.

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1st Stage – What Temperature Is Your Customer?

1st stage – determine what temperature your visitor is – hot, warm or cold.

A hot customer is aware of your product and has already realized the value and satisfaction it will bring: The approach then is to start with the product: These people already have an established relationship with you – they are on your email list, are subscribers or community members for example. They are like your friends, so this is how you should talk to them.

A warm customer is not aware of your product but only a desire to solve his problem: The approach then starts with his desire. These people don’t know you but have a relationship with others you know – these others recommend you to their followers and so feel comfortable checking your offers out.

A cold customer is neither aware of the product and only aware of the problem and doesn’t know what his specific need is yet: So this approach is to crystallize a specific need. These people don’t know you at all or whether they can trust you. They could be found on Facebook or find your site via your links, ads or organic searches.

2nd Stage – Building Bridges

2nd stage – this is the stage where you build a bridge in the way of pay-per-click ads, YouTube video but basically, it’s a bridge before they get to your landing page. Traffic require different bridges.Getting Traffic to your Offers and Converting into Sales - embers

Hot traffic – You already have a relationship so you can probably just send a quick email including a link to your landing page. Or write a blog or record a podcast to encourage them to check out your offer and are likely to take a look because they already like and trust you.

Warm traffic – takes a little longer to bridge. All that’s required is an endorsement from a person they already trust to be in the right frame of mind to go to your landing page to check out your offer. And this is a personal email endorsing you from a Joint Venture Partner.

Cold traffic – if you want to scale your online business, you have to learn how to convert cold traffic. If you learn this well, you will discover the secret behind growing a seven-plus figure business. Even experienced online marketers struggle to convert cold traffic. But you can learn it and breakthrough.

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3rd Stage – Email Addresses For More Information

3rd stage – find all of the hot, warm and cold traffic which is willing to give you their own email addresses, in exchange for more information from you. This is where you start to build an email list, also known as a subscribers list. If they give their email, they are likely to buy from your product range or value ladder. A value ladder is a list of all your products which has the cheapest product at the bottom of your value ladder list to the most expensive of your products at the top of your value ladder.

4th Stage – Who’s A Buyer?

4th stage – Qualify your buyers immediately to find out who among them will buy a Getting Traffic to your Offers and Converting into Sales - shop productsproduct from you. Who of these hundreds of people who wanted free information from you, will pull out their credit cards and buy something from you. Don’t wait even a day or week to qualify them – do it straight away. When someone buys from you, they will continue to buy from you if you offer something of value to them from higher up in your value ladder. Then this should be around 8 to 10 dollars. This offer is cheap because I want all of them to go for it and buy. And it distinguishes them from the rest and can be approached differently.

5th Stage – Who Are Your Hyperbuyers?

5th stage – You want to identify now your hyperactive buyers, or people who for one reason or another are ready to buy right now to ease some pain usually and want relief. What are these people willing to buy to alleviate their pain – so you want to be able to offer them something – if you can’t, they will go somewhere else to buy.

6th Stage – Moving Up The Ladder

6th stage – By now people are moving up through your value ladder – now you are going to continue to provide these people with value and help them with whatever offer you are going to provide them. Ascend them up the value ladder over a longer period compared to the time you have just spent getting them to this point.

7th Stage – Bigger Ticket ItemsGetting Traffic to your Offers and Converting into Sales - sales ticket

7th stage – Now we are leading into the bigger ticket items in your value ladder, and this means changing the selling environment, and then we can communicate on another level. It might be via a live seminar, or a personal phone call for example as it’s very hard to get a person to click and buy a product for a few thousand dollars via an email buy now button. A person receiving a phone call from you is more likely to listen closely to an offer, and you can hear live feedback from them.

Wrapping Up

So to wrap up at this point, I have tried to provide the fundamentals of online sales techniques to you as described here in this article. In saying that, it should help you to attract online traffic to your offers and how to convert this traffic, and eventually leading your traffic to higher ticket items but changing the selling environment to convert. With this in mind, my recommendation to you is to seek out as much knowledge about this topic as is available to you – it could mean the difference between a few hundred dollars a month revenue, to……well……there is no limit really – the possibilities are endless.

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