More than ever, work-at-home opportunities are popping up on the internet. The question is whether these opportunities are worth it or not?So, in this Monat MLM Review I reveal the details about this Company and let you know whether or not you can make money with this opportunity or not. So lets get to it!Monat MLM Review - hair care product

So, What is Monat?

Monat is a MLM Company and is also known as Monat Global Corp. The business was started in 2014 by the Urdaneta family from Venezuela based out of Doral, Florida USA. So, Monat is still in it’s infancy and it’s not all been plain sailing, but more about this later.

What does Monat Promote?

Monat promotes hair and skin care products as well as the opportunity to build an independent distributor business of your own, promoting and distributing their product. It’s not the best work-from-home or multi-level-marketing business there is, in fact it doesn’t rank high in my book as there are far better ways to make money from home.Monat MLM Review - Monat Logo

Are Monat’s Products Worth Their Price?

The quality of Monats products are questionable ever since there were serious problems with the addition of low quality ingredients which caused hair loss and scalp irritation. So serious that a court battle ensued as reported in the following video.

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For this reason alone, the products are not worth any price they are asking especially if they contain unacceptable ingredients that cause harm.

“An inherent design and/or manufacturing defect in Monat

hair care products causes significant hair loss and scalp

irritation to many consumers,” one lawsuit alleges.

Are Monat Products Exclusive?

Another reason why the Monat products are overpriced is because the products are widely available on the open market which actually cost less as pointed out here in the following Monatproduct screenshot and the ebay screenshot of the same product. The Monat example is the VIP price at $84 compared to the Ebay price of $22 dollars for the same product.Monat MLM Review - Monat Rejuveniqe price

Monat MLM Review - Ebay Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive price

So, why would Monat be so different in price for the same product? An explanation would be that the Monat products are actually less important than the recruiting of Market Partners (distributors) itself. This is far more lucrative for the Company.

The Monat MLM Opportunity

The whole purpose of an MLM is to sell and distribute products to those who become either wholesale customers or reseller recruiters or distributors. A Market Partner is someone who sells Monat products from the Monat multi-level platform.

Imagine the amount of product that moves monthly through a vast network of wholesale customers and distributors. Mind blowing! The idea is that cash rewards and bonuses are paid to Market Partners who qualify and move a minimum amount of ‘product volume’ through their network each month. Anyone can become a Market Partner and build their own network on the Monat multi-level platform.

Monat MLM gatherings of a few hundred or more distributors at organised events are often hyped with loud music, hysteria almost to keep the crowd at a certain level of excited energy for recruiting purposes.

Distributors or Market Partners as Monat calls them, are encouraged to bring prospects along who are either looking at the opportunity or thinking of joining the business either as a wholesale customer or as a Market Partner. The products on their merits alone are not enough to move the amount of volume needed to sustain such a network. Recruiting is what is needed.

Social media is popular among Market Partners to promote and sell the product and to promote and sell the MLM business opportunity. However, there have been over a thousand complaints with a red flag warning from the Better Business Bureau.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Monat?

The price to join Monat should you choose to do so, depends on the kickstart Product Pack you purchase to join. There is also a yearly renewal fee of $49 US dollars. Your chosen pack includes product and marketing material. You need a sponsor to be your upline and will be allocated one if need be.

Monat MLM Review - Monat Starter Pack prices


Can You Make Money with Monat?

Yes you can make money with Monat by buying products at wholesale prices to sell at retail prices, and then by building a network as a Market Partner and being rewarded when you qualify. Unfortunately, there is no current Income Disclosure Statement that I could find to show you earning comparisons at each of the levels on the Monat platform.

Building your own business with Monat will require a lot of time, effort and fortitude to stick with it in good times and bad. If you are not a natural seller then be prepared to train how to sell. If you are not a confident speaker then be prepared to skill yourself up to ensure your success in this MLM.

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Pros of Monat

  • A young MLM Company – It’s easier to recruit and therefore easier to have success when a mlm company is still in its infancy so to speak.
  • Monat is now in three countries – the US, Canada and the EU
  • Consumable products – customers are recurring as a result of buy and buy again

Cons of Monat

  • Multiple Class Action Lawsuits  – have been filed against the company for products which have caused harm to both customers and Market Partners.
  • Over a thousand complaints – a significant amount of complaints that should not be ignored
  • Monat Market Partners who decide to cancel their membership have a hard time reaching support to process cancelation of membership
  • Customer and Market Partner refunds can take months to process.

Is Monat a Scam?

I do not believe that Monat is a scam because a number of Market Partners claim to make significant earnings from it. I would say that building your own significant network of distributors and Market Partners on the Monat platform or any mlm platform, can be very challenging and demanding of your time especially managing and supporting the people in your network.

Final Thoughts

Any MLM business is obviously a worthy cause for a lot of people when they first start out. However, just a small percentage are going to reach the levels everyone dreams of reaching. Therefore, for most people Monat MLM or any MLM for that matter, is not the best way to create a business or meaningful income. Be sure to read my #1 recommendation for making money from home without the hassle of trying to qualify every month.

An Alternative to MLM?

You don’t have to be limited by Multi Level Marketing when it comes to making money choices, especially when you can literally work straight from your computer and without leaving the house. However, you do have to have the right tools and know-how to make it work.

So, here’s a comparison between Monat MLM and Wealthy Affiliate, a purpose built platform for affiliate marketing. Both promote and sell products, one relies on recruiting, the other doesn’t, and they differ in the tools, support and training they each provide.

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Network marketers are shifting from MLM to Affiliate Marketing.
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4 thoughts on “MONAT MLM Review”

  1. The Monet MLM business model is quite clear that profits are in recruiting and not the product itself. I for one would not touch this business, as soon as I read about the multiple lawsuits I believe this will escalate, I cannot see a long term future for this company.

    DO you think Monet and other MLM models resemble pyramid scams?  Also, What do you consider a good work from home business?

    • Hiya Darren!

      I personally think that MLM walk a fine line when it comes to pyramid schemes which of course are illegal. Amway, one of the better known mlm companies, won a court decision back in 1979 to opperate legally as a mlm after convincing the powers that be. However, you either do it right or you mess it up and this is definately the case with mlm companies. 

      The bones of mlm and particularly the selling and recruiting is not for everyone as well as can be costly.

      There are better ways like Affiliate Marketing to make a living from home or your computer. No inventory necessary, affiliate marketing can be started for free and doesn’t require recruiting either… so check out my #1 recommendation if you want the best platform.

  2. A lot has been said about MLM companies and Monat is no exception. But I like that it is a starting company, as it gives you a chance to have many join under you. I am not impressed with the products though, it’s sad that people have suffered because of Monats neglect. Here is my question though. What is your plan for success at this point with Monat?

    • Hey Micheal!

      Thanks for the comments and your question. 

      Even if there was no questions over their business ethics I am not planning to pursue any involvment with Monat or MLM business model for that matter. I am not the sort of person who likes to run around recruiting and convincing people at all costs to join something in order to make a living from it. I will stick with what I am doing now.

      I am a web-based affiliate marketer and make a good living from my laptop at home without having to leave the house unless I want to and not because I have to. 

      I built this website and have a second one called and this is how I make my living but I have loads of spare time to do other things I love to do.


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