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When it comes to finding a hassle free way to make money, then MLM seems to be a pretty good choice. In this 5LINX MLM Review I reveal the details to let you know if making serious money here is a given. Like most MLM Companies, 5LINX have pretty much set it all up so you can just start right away and give you the support and tools to help you succeed. Sounds easy enough right?5LINX MLM Review - Logo

What is 5LINX MLM?

5LINX was co-founded in 2001 in American as a multi-level marketing company. It’s headquarters is in Rochester, New York. Its co-founders Craig Jerabeck, Jeb Tyler, and Jason Guck, were all indicted on multiple federal fraud charges, including wire fraud and money laundering. To which all three admitted to defrauding $2.3 million from its investors. They also admitted to illegally depositing company revenue into personal accounts as well as failing to pay taxes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. They were sentenced to jail terms in December 2018

Are 5LINX Products Worth Their Price?

It’s unusual to have a mishmash of products such as what 5LINX offers. Instead of having a specific niche it has a confused mix of both personal and business products.

The personal products include home security, supplements, tea and coffee related products, credit score service, ID guard, Cable TV/Internet Service, Technical support service. They even offer Telemed which is a phone and video service giving you access to doctors. Even, CBD products under the OXZGEN Brand are included in the product line.

The business products include business productivity such as security plans and systems, energy plans and solutions, as well as payment solutions for online processing for example. They also have fraud protection and a text alert service.

It appears that 5LINX is also a broker for some of its products and services because it is giving you a choice of service providers in some cases.

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Overall, the feeling is that the product line is opportunist in a way. Meaning that if one product doesn’t fit the customer than another will. As a representative of 5LINX this also entitles them to wholesale prices for the product line which one can sell on at a marked up retail price and/or keep for themselves – a feature of the mlm model.

5LINX MLM Review - Chroma Credit, Home Security, ID Guard

What is the 5LINX MlM Opportunity?

As a 5LINX representative, you are able to promote and sell anything from the 5LINX product line and those that appeal to you. You as a representative are also entitled to discounted products. If you sell monthly subscription products such as home security plans or internet subscription plans and rental plans then you can be earning residual monthly income. Nice but be aware that a customer can cancel anytime in some cases.

Promoting the 5LINX Opportunity to others is also rewarded and the compensation plan explains in detail how one can be eligible and qualify for the perks of the business.

What Does it Cost to Join 5LINX?

If you want to join 5LINX as a representative then you need to fill out an application and agreement form and pay $249 on submitting your application. On filling out the application form you are presented with the opportunity to purchase the ‘Platinum Discount Network’ giving you access to member benefits but also the TeeVee monthly subscription as you can see in the following screenshot.

5LINX MLM Review - 5LINX application form

Can you Make Money with 5LINX?

With most MLMs you have the ability to make money either selling products at retail prices or by recruiting others to the business opportunity. Recruiting is by far the lucrative part of the business especially when you have a big network of team members and earn commissions generated by them as a result. Be aware that commission rates vary depending on the amount of points value earned by you and your network. But commission rates are between 10% and 20%. Not a lot for the amount of work it takes to move products and recruit new members. There are far better ways to make money.

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Pros of 5LINX

  • A big range of products – something for everyone to cover both home and business
  • A variety of price range – to suit all budgets
  • Business Tools – some good tools to help you build the business

Cons of 5LINX

  • Requires Sales Experience
  • Pricey to get started for this kind of business
  • Bad business practices resulting in Lawsuits against the founders
  • Independent Representatives are not able to ‘file a claim’ against 5LINX – should things turn sour for you for one reason or another it will be hard to sue.
  • Independent Representatives can only file a complaint against 5LINX

Is 5LINX Just Another Scam?

5LINX has had great success over the years as a multi-level-marketing company. However, it has also had its fair share of lawsuits and class action complaints which resulted in prison terms for the 5LINX founders. So, have had some dodgy dealings over the years for sure.

However, 5LINX still exists under a new guise and continues to be a successful business opportunity for less than 1% of all representatives at the highest level of income according to its 2015 Income Disclosure Statement. I was unable to find a more recent income disclosure statement during my research. But I expect the findings to be similar in 2020.

5LINX MLM Review - home, business, wellness

Final Thoughts

The 5LINX MLM opportunity is problematic in the sense that it has a ‘reputation’ due to the underhand dealings of its founding members. And as a result it was rebranded in 2016. The thing about MLM is that it takes a load of work and money over a number of years to reach the top levels of ranking. If you start then be prepared for the time and expense and with your eyes wide open. It is easier to fail then it is to hit the big time.

For these reasons, I personally will not be entering into this type of business again. That’s right. I tried, I worked hard, I sacrificed my family time and still failed. Anyway enough about me. So, make sure you do your research as you are doing here. Here is a list of things to think about when researching any MLM.

What will you be promoting and selling? Find out what you will be promoting and selling and compare quality and prices and with similar products including any evidence supported claims about the products. Learn as much as you can about the company. As you are doing now look into the track record and read business review/s and complaints at bbb.org.

Be clear on all terms and conditions of the plan including pay and expenses. Get all information in writing if you can, especially any claims about the products or relevant information and when passing information onto members of your network. Be sure you have the name and contact information of someone at the company who can answer your questions.  BBB.org suggests you ask these questions.

  • How many people are on your team?
  • How long have you been in the business?
  • How much money did you make last year?
  • What were your expenses last year?
  • How much product did you sell to customers and how much to distributors?
  • What percentage of the money you’ve made came from recruiting other distributors and selling them inventory or other items to get started?

An Alternative to MLM?

You don’t have to be limited by Multi Level Marketing when it comes to making money choices, especially when you can literally work straight from your computer and without leaving the house. However, you do have to have the right tools and know-how to make it work.

So, here’s a comparison between 5LINX MLM and Wealthy Affiliate, a purpose built platform for affiliate marketing. Both promote and sell products, one relies on recruiting, the other doesn’t, and they differ in the tools, support and training they each provide.

Escape the MLM Rat Race

Network marketers are shifting from MLM to Affiliate Marketing.
See the platform that they’re switching to.

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I'm also involved in helping, supporting and coaching online entrepreneurs of all levels to build and run their own successful web-based affiliate business.

7 thoughts on “5LINX MLM Review”

  1. Thank you Rina for your thorough investigation on 5LINX MLM. In times of lockdown, I assume a large part of the population will try to earn money online and be fooled by scams. This is unfortunate, but it will happen. So, thank you for this warning. For some of us, lockdown equals with desperation. The type of articles you write is thus very helpful. I notice that you have quite an array of articles and reviews related to earning online, so, would you write specific reviews for people who might request it?

    • Hiya Purdey!

      Thank you for your comments and question. Yes, I agree that it is important to give people honest, evidenced based reviews so they can indeed go into it with eyes wide open or at least assist with their research journey. It’s vital to help avoid the scams, and especially so at this challenging time for the world. 

      To answer your question, I am indeed open to researching and writing product reviews, at no cost, for those who specifically ask. As long as it is related to earning online in some way, I will be happy to do it! 

  2. Thanks for this article. I have been involved with a few mlm “opportunities and all I managed to do was lose my money! I think this is true for most people but it’s obvious that SOME people can make money or it wouldn’t still be in business. For me, personally, I won’t ever waste my time or money on one of these ever again.

    I think you’re on to something with the opportunity you ARE recommending. It’s still work but at least you don’t have to put in a big wad of cash! Kudos to you for doing your homework. It’s a lesson we can all learn from.

  3. Hi Rina,

    From the onset, I wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that 5LINX is an MLM whose major ocus is CBD-related products, largely due to the cover image. However, their plot seems to unravel into a series of more turns as you go on to explain their other product range. Wouldn’t this be quite confusing especially for newbies? One would need to have some pretty serious selling skills to sell their entire product line? Thanks too for sharing your personal mlm experience by the way.

    We are Blessed.

    • Hiya Mark!

      Thanks for the comments and the questions. Yes, I agree that what 5LINX is selling is quite the array of products because most MLM companies will have a specialised line of products such as Homeware only or Skincare for example. So, I can see how some might be confused about the 5LINX product line from CBD products through to Mobile Alert Services. 

      You could try to sell the whole range of products but you would have to have some pretty unique selling skills to pull that off successfully. So it’s not for everyone. 

  4. If I understand all of this correctly, when using this service, you can make money either through commission or direct sales? They’re the marketing company reperesenting the merchants and you earn through direct sale of the product? I would question both the fee to pay up front, as well as the success rate that was mentioned as being less than 1%. I’d think that you could get more business if it was offered for free of charge and just pay a percentage of your income over time. Great information about this type of business. 

    • Hiya Justin

      Great to have your comments and questions. Direct sales is commission based but there is also the rewards and bonuses you receive when you recruit others (also referred to as your downline) to your network to do the same. Payment is based on the amount of product value your network has achieved as a result of its own effort – i.e. the effort of each person in your network or downline.  

      It can be quite complicated and confusing to understand as there are many qaulifying levels involved in the formula. If you want further details then refer to the 5linx compensation plan.


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