Hiya and welcome to this Lotto Destroyer Review where I bring you the details and let you know if Lotto Destroyer is worth it or whether you should be steering clear. When you think about it, there would be a lot of punters who might indeed be very interested and intrigued with a ‘system’ that claims to help you win the Lottery not just once but multiple times. A bold claim indeed. But, let’s dive in and take a closer look! Lotto Destroyer Review - Winning Has Never Been This Easy promotion pic

What is Lotto Destroyer?

Lotto Destroyer is software that supposedly helps you to win the Lotto. For all lottery players, the dream is to win the big one at some point in their lives as they dream of the life a big lottery win could bring them. We have all seen the lines of people, especially just before the huge Jackpot draws, lining up to get that winning ticket before the Lotto booths close for the weekend right? Perhaps they even visit to purchase several times in the week. So, what if there was a system that could actually help you win? Well, there are definitely those who believe that such a system would indeed help them and those who don’t believe that it will. In fact, there are many who are calling Lotto Destroyer a Scam.

Who is behind Lotto Destroyer?

Jared Wilson, a computer geek with a unique understanding of lottery algorithms is the man behind the lotto destroyer system. Jared spent about eight years studying the lottery algorithms before he developed the Lotto Destroyer software. In the past, Jared has earned a reputation for helping lottery players to increase their chances of winning and even holding classes for players.

How does Lotto Destroyer work?

The software is simple enough to navigate and comes with an instructional video to help familiarize users of the lotto destroyer system. No matter what your experience of playing lotto or whether you are new to playing, the software is straightforward enough. The system combines patterns and frequencies with statistical reports to apparently pick the winning lotto numbers with a greater degree of accuracy.Lotto Destroyer Review - controversial video pic

Is the Lotto Destroyer System worth the Price?

It will cost $147 to buy the Lotto Destroyer. So far in my research I have not found anyone who has had any major win with this product. There are plenty of people who purchased the product and have had no significant wins whatsoever. If you get the urge to purchase this product anyway, then I would love to hear of any significant wins you may have as a result of using Lotto Destroyer.

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Why do some call Lotto Destroyer a Scam?

Well, there are plenty who certainly believe lotto destroyers to be a scam and totally ripping people off. Then there are those who completely believe the lotto destroyer system to work although I couldn’t find anyone during my research, who has won a major prize with it. But honestly, there is no system in the world that is 100% certain of drawing winning numbers each and every time. However, there are ways to maybe increase the odds but nothing more than that. Nobody knows for sure that you will win the big one at any time let alone next week.

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Is the Internet flooded with Scams?

Just remember that the internet is indeed full of people trying to take advantage of the gullible, praying on the naive and taking every opportunity to get your well earned money from you for nothing or very little in return. So, what counts as a Scam? In my books a scam is what I consider to have any of the following.

Lotto Destroyer Review - lotto win

  • Making outrageous claims about what you can make or win for doing almost nothing for example – the promise of great riches and an extravagant lifestyle. Hype!
  • Bad Reviews can be found everywhere on the internet. But also you will find positive reviews too but these are usually people who are getting paid to promote the product or are an affiliate themselves.
  • Intentionally hiding information from you – i.e. upsells or extra costs are hidden from you, and it’s not until you have made an initial purchase that they hit you with the news that you have to make a second purchase in order to progress. Nasty!
  • Poor Customer Support and the promise of refunds yet they can’t be contacted, or won’t reply to your email and fail to act on that 30 day money back guarantee for example. Deceptive!

The question is, will the Lotto Destroyer System pick the next winning numbers for the next big prize? I will answer that with another question which is, if you truly believe 100% that this system works, would you bet everything you own on it?

Should you buy the Lotto Destroyer System?

If you do go ahead to purchase this product and you never win a thing as a result, then there will be no surprises there. The Lottery is a random pick of the draw and therefore a gamble. There are miniscule winners comparable to the amount of people who buy a lottery ticket for the same draw. As with any punt that is gambling, you take your chances knowing that there is a far greater chance you will lose.

Getting a Refund?

Lotto Destroyer Review - lotto number picsDon’t hold your breath! There is something said about those that can’t or won’t meet their obligations despite there being a money back guarantee – and in this case, customers have not been able to get a satisfactory response from those who administer Lotto Destroyer. In fact in some cases, individuals have been billed several times and not getting any response from them.

Final thoughts

Lotto Destroyer is not unique in what it offers and the big claims about what their system software is capable of achieving. The Internet is flooded with such offers all making big claims like this which are simply not true. Typically, they all make claims that are sensationalized and misleading, but nevertheless, there are people who still fall for it. $147 which is the price for Lotto Destroyer is a lot of money for most people and can actually do more good somewhere else.

No doubt, if you are lucky enough to strike the big prize one day, it can do a lot to change your life for sure, but it might take a lifetime of waiting for it to happen. Instead of leaving it to chance, and if it is your purpose to have such a lifestyle, then there are far better genuine ways to make money online with absolute certainty. Be sure to check out my #1 recommendation, you maybe inspired to get started this way instead.

Alternative Make Money Opportunity

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of legitimate exciting Make Money ideas which with the right training, tools and support can lead to the lifestyle you maybe dreaming of. You will have to work though but plenty of people are able to do it in their spare time. Here is a comparison between Lotto Destroyer and a world leader in the affiliate marketing indusrty, Wealthy Affiliate.

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6 thoughts on “LOTTO DESTROYER Review”

  1. I am both amazed and saddened to see that this product even exists! If this is not the epitome of scam, I have no idea what is. I am shocked that any site trying to sell such a product has not yet been shut down. To make matters worse, this is probably some PLR product that scams both the seller and the buyer. Do you know if that is the case?

    • Hi there Jason!

      Pleased to have your comments and question, which is a great question too! I have not found any evidence during my research that Lotto Destroyer is a PLR product although it shows all the hallmarks of being one. What I did find but didn’t include it in this Lotto Destroyer Review was some very poor attempts at promoting this product using youtube. The videos ranged from 32 seconds to a whole hour! And they were nothing more than hype or about nothing at all. 

      Thanks again Jason 

  2. This is truly interesting. A software that has a high guarantee of being able to give you winning numbers for the lottery. That has to be one of the biggest scams that I have ever seen. Those people that decide to get this product are truly amazing and they should be studied on how they decided to fall for such an obvious scam. I mean if you are even able to understand how to pick winning numbers I doubt it would be something you would want to teach others how to do. Such an obvious scam. I can’t stop laughing because this is a really strange one.

  3. Yeah, I just really hate people making products to essentially play other people. And take their money. Which as far as I can say, this is definitely the case.

    I mean, there’s one question that’s bugging me regarding this Lotto thing. How can you algorithm your way through a game that is completely driven by chance/randomness? It’s not like there is a limited amount of options how the numbers can be picked.

    I think people have higher chances of winning just by spending those extra $147 on the game rather than on the program. I mean, it may give people false sense of “I know what I’m doing” type of feeling or a false sense of I can actually win in this. But that’s very likely not going to happen even if you spend all your money on it.

    I mean, it’s more likely that the person will be struck by lightning than it is that he or she will win the lottery.

    Eight years studying lottery algorithms – I don’t know about you, but that sounds like some proper BS to me.


    • Hiya Matiss!

      Great to have your comments and well said! People can say what they like about algorithims in this case and it still makes no sense since everybody would be on to it by now if indeed it worked! Are some people luckier than others? Absolutely! And some will never win significantly if at all. Random selection and game of chance is what it is and always will be.

      Thanks again Matiss.


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