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TecAdemics Review - graduation picIn this TecAdemics Review I reveal the details of this product. Is it really a scam or can it really provide the difference to you and your online business. Well, you are about to find out. So, lets get going.


Launched in 2016, TecAdemics is a revolutionary internet education program founded and developed by Chris Record. Anyone familiar with the guy will know him as one of the largest names in internet marketing who initially established himself in Empower Network. He went on to create his own training courses with Dark Post Profits as the most popular of them all.

  • Product name:    TecAdemics
  • Website:                TecAdemics.com
  • Price:                      TEC $100 per month; Impact $2000; Masters $10, 000
  • Owner:                  Chris Record
  • Rank:                     58 out of 100 (2.9/5)

Who is TecAdemics for?

TecAdemics was designed to train people who need information on internet marketing to earn more money on a commission basis. It is ideal for users who value their time and want to earn without wasting their precious time.

The objective of the online class is to provide a better life for the ordinary people, or to individuals who are looking for top-quality education, including online marketers and other business-minded people. In the absence of appropriate training and knowledge about online marketing, Chris Record, together with top professionals who used to work in renowned universities, designed each curriculum of TecAdemics to provide entrepreneurs the tools to learn and use to gain good income.

Regardless of the level of marketing experience, whether you are completely starting up without any idea about internet marketing or a highly experienced businessman, TecAdemics will take you to every step throughout the entire process. What TecAdemics teaches and provides are not available in any traditional school or learning institution. TecAdemics is basically for everyone who wants to make money online

TecAdemics Review

TecAdemics is an amalgamation of the words “technology” and “academics” where the two unite to provide elite expert business education to all interested entrepreneurs who want to optimize their respective business opportunities.  Known as the “College of Internet Marketing,” TecAdemics was designed to help internet marketers multiply their income a hundredfold by enhancing their entrepreneurial knowledge through its courses and products. Also touted as the “convergence of technology and academics,” the education and training system offered by TecAdemics promise to provide valuable information on different ways to make money legally from home, whether your private business is as big as Amazon or small as a start-up online vendor.TecAdemics Review - Presentation

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TecAdemics is an all-around product line in one roof, offering several levels of education to its members on three scales. With technology and the Internet evolving too fast, online entrepreneurs continuously struggle to achieve great results by implementing contemporary strategies and marketing concepts. To meet the challenges, TecAdemics intends to be the solution to information overload that leaves entrepreneurs confused on how to grow their business and generate income.

Structured Courses

TecAdemics offers high quality and structured online entrepreneurship education through courses delivered by practising professionals who are considered experts in the specific field they teach. The courses are consistently tailored and updated to the concepts applicable in the market to empower every entrepreneur with vital education to transform their digital marketing game plan with the potential to have multiple streams of income.

TecAdemics is envisioned to be an educational and insightful sensory learning process to be delivered by the best and brightest achievers in the industry who want to share their success and pay it forward in the world of internet marketing. Apart from providing education, the first ever marketing college on the internet -TecAdemics -also offers a compensation plan with matching bonuses for affiliates who sell the courses to retail customers and who sponsor other affiliates in building their own team.

Product Description

In its aim to serve the people in the industry, TecAdemics provides different services such as products and training. Famously called as the Internet Marketing College, TecAdemics is a specifically formulated program to fill the need of entrepreneurs for high quality and structured online entrepreneurship education in the industry.TecAdemics Review - Question Mark Button

TecAdemics basically offers three major products. These are:

  1. TEC (THE ENTREPRENEURS CLUB) – Like every solid structure, TecAdemics has a starting point and a base foundation, which is the Entrepreneur Club (TEC). This beginner’s level is a 100 percent online learning experience designed to enhance the know-how of those who want to learn more about internet marketing. With a minimum price of $100 for monthly subscription, TEC imparts fundamental knowledge contained in informative videos and lessons needed to succeed as a thriving online entrepreneur.  

The program is designed primarily for beginners who are interested to know the ins and outs of internet marketing. It includes the seven-day training through real-time training classes under known experts from various fields. Staying attuned to this “continual education” can help you get updated with the scenarios and current cutting-edge information about the industry.

Within the program are two different avenues from which investors can learn, namely:

  • Tec TV – This series of weekly broadcasts includes valuable topics. Each session of the four master classes is handled by some of the best industry leaders who share valuable tips, tools and best practices to apply in increasing traffic and sales.
  • Tec Forum – There are various discussion boards as well as bonus training sessions to cover the different strategies employed by internet marketers. It allows the community of entrepreneurs to network with other marketers around the world to gain lessons and sharpen their skills.

TEC is an introductory course that can supply the essential information for creating a strong foundation for an internet marketing career. If you feel satisfied with what you learned from the TEC tier, an upgrade to the next serious level may be considered.

  1. IMPACT – The word stands for Internet Marketing Principles and Core Training. TecAdemics Review - Meteorite Called the “encyclopedia of internet marketing,” IMPACT aims to deliver fundamental principles and training on the process of becoming an internet marketer or improving the existing internet marketing skills. The home study program is a carefully crafted course that covers a vast array of topics contained in 12 different modules. Each module has a set of step-by-step video classes, audio training and workbooks as an aid in learning, building and bolstering the bottom business line.

The lessons can be viewed anytime online, depending on your pace. Included in the package are:

Impact Forum – An easy-to-navigate online forum, it is a place where different internet marketers converge, share and discuss their strategies. It contains structured discussion threads of selected topics that can be followed and practised.

Impact Encyclopedia of Internet Marketing – A program encapsulated in a video that discusses the 12 best strategies to start and profit with your own internet marketing business.

The home study course is narrated by Chris Record himself. It costs a one-time fee of $2000.

  1. MASTERS – A two-year college program, Masters cost $10,000 as tuition fee for the TecAdemics College of Internet Marketing. The course can be completed up to a maximum of 120 credit hours and allows two people to partake in the training at the price of only one. The program is a collaborative work of experienced internet marketers and professionals who have figured out the loopholes and strategies to achieve the kind of results desired by anyone in attendance.

Participants can watch the classes online, but the program also provides them the option to attend the college in a classroom setting in person. The live classroom sessions are held 3 to 4 times a year and provide invaluable interaction between students and high-level thinkers/leaders in the industry. Every class contains new concepts on how to build success. Regular pre-tests and post-tests are held to collectively measure students’ comprehension and level of knowledge acquired from each course.

The second year of this top-shelf educational training program gives the right to repeat or audit any classes to obtain better grades or learn more.

Within the TecAdemics is another package called Elite Fame Insider. It is a more expensive product that cost $12,000, including a full year of TEC club membership. While enjoying this benefit, an affiliate can further advance in learning within the company.

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Pros and Cons


TecAdemics is a high ticket price full-time online course, multi-level marketing (MLM) niche that offers several top-tier programs. It comes with many features, including:

  • Legitimate company and programs
  • Free membership with video tutorials
  • Top notch training from professional experienced business coaches, including Chris Record himself
  • Well-designed platform that can be speedily loadedTecAdemics Review - Speedo
  • Three days of three different training sessions to ensure complete understanding of the real concepts and trade secrets in developing an online business
  • VIP ticket to attend this session if the program is purchased
  • The virtual classroom can be accessed from the comfort of your home
  • The quality training course workbook(s), designed by professionals and successful internet entrepreneurs, can be immediately downloaded
  • Live college sessions conducted by some of the brightest instructors in the world held on a quarterly basis in Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Access to weekly online entrepreneur forum where you can join to discuss, inquire, and network with other internet marketers to learn more and hone your skills.
  • Decent commissions and matching bonuses
  • No need to buy the products if you only want to promote
  • Earn while you learn

This less complicated system virtually allows anyone to start up and become familiar with it by plugging into the system and following the step-by-step instructions on any profit-making niche of your choice. However, it doesn’t offer the one on one assistance for those who are just starting out and not familiar with online marketing strategies. There are better platforms to do this.


  • Lack of one-on-one assistance – Anyone enrolled in the program must be able to study and work without receiving any support from a sales team.
  • Expensive course – There is the need to shell out $12,000 to pay for the high-end tiered program. Such price tag makes it difficult to sell. Despite its price, there are no personal one-on-one sessions with the touted professional coaches to help the affiliates.
  • Need for consistency – It is not advisable to skip sessions which are conducted at an interval of every three months and offer learning at every step. Missing out on a single session can create some level of confusion when you attend the next classroom training.TecAdemics Review - cartoon sheep
  • Limited classroom venues – If you do not live near the classroom locations, there is the need to book flights and spend for relevant expenses, such as accommodation.
  • Suspicious reward offers – Chances to win sports cars, cash, trips and other flashy items look fishy.
  • Available in online-only – Without an internet connection, the program cannot be accessed.

TecAdemics Incubator or EcomIncubator

Like all MLM schemes, TecAdemics offers its flagship course the EcomIncubator for a one-time fee of $25,000. This brand new product is a premium one year hands-on training in Scottsdale, Arizona to learn the mechanics in starting a successful eCommerce business. There are top notched instructors on hand in class to teach the essential steps in planning, setting up and launching a Shopify store with drop shipping. Other topics include product selection, Facebook campaigns and traffic strategies.

The program offers personal help at every step, including the 30-day assistance if you fail to generate $12,500 gross sales in a year. Its Money Back Guarantee takes effect if you still do not make money.

TecAdemics Affiliate Program

TecAdemics has a compensation plan that offers commissions and bonuses to affiliates. It calls for affiliates to sell the courses and offers the chance to build their own team. The structure of this program is simple and straightforward. It is a two-tier hybrid affiliate program that promises commissions for some of the sales. An important requirement is an active membership, which means you either purchase or sell the product. Since TecAdemics has three levels, an activation sale of each product must be made to become eligible for a commission.

Each product is considered a separate tier in the plan. The first two sales referred as certification entitles you and your affiliate to a 20 percent commission each. The next four sales of the products entitle you to a full 40 percent commission. On the fifth sale, you and your affiliate are given a 20 percent commission each. The cycle goes on every product sold that offers commissions to be paid out to either you alone (40 percent) or split up between you and your affiliate at 20 percent each.TecAdemics Review - Kaleidoscope

As the cycle continues, this creates the leverage part where uplines generate initial income from sales made from the downline. From then on, the commission is shared every 5th sale of the downline. To become eligible for a commission on a downline’s sale, there is the need for the upline to be activated and qualified. Otherwise, the commission will pass up to the next qualified upline on top of them. The more downlines there are as qualified and certified affiliate, the more chances of earning sales commissions.

There is also a matching bonus that makes TecAdemics unique. It is given if you earn $100,000 in commissions, which means you will receive another $100,000 onetime payment as a bonus. The same principle applies if you hit the $1,000,000 mark in commissions. In order to qualify, there is the need to hit the earnings within a 3-year period. Part of the bonus program is an entry ticket into a draw to win a brand new sports car. Other offers up for grabs include luxury holiday packages to exotic destinations.

The TecAdemics affiliate membership is absolutely free. Once registered, you will be considered an Ambassador with access to other paid courses from the members’ area. In order to become eligible to receive commissions, there is the need to either make a qualifying purchase for each separate tier of product or make a sale. The costs of the products range from $100 to $12,000.

Support Offered

While the training in TecAdemics appears to be easy and simple, help is not available from a sales team to close the big sales for you. In order to earn money, you need to close your own sales while you focus on creating more traffic for your business.

Customers often face a blank wall when demanding a refund for undelivered products. The Customer Support page is always under maintenance and customers are asked to check back again, but they still receive the same message.

The VerdictTecAdemics Review - Judges mallet

Contrary to the popular notion, TecAdemics is not the usual network marketing scheme, but a 2-tier affiliate marketing program that offers leverage. It is a legit full-time online course created by Chris Record. Together with a very experienced and respected management team composed of the top-earning marketers in the industry and professionals from top universities, TecAdemics delivers education and training in three major ways: school education, seminars and eLearning.

TecAdemics is an adult educational option for internet marketers, for long time businessmen who did not get the results they aspire for. It is not out to compete with others, but it is a real Internet Marketing college that complements what myriads of online businesses, including real estate, network marketing, insurance, direct sales, consulting, and other online money making ventures are already doing.

TecAdemics is definitely legitimate. The high ticket program of TecAdemics is certainly beneficial to longtime internet marketers who are looking for ways to boost up earnings. With so many courses and platforms available to internet marketers, TecAdemics stands out unique in offering old-school teaching methods in digital approach. It is, however, simply NOT SUITED for beginners who are just starting into the internet marketing journey. While there is decent money offered as commissions, the costs of the products are absolutely expensive for any average person, especially to one who is just starting an online business.

Alternative Training Option

There is a few necessities required to have ultimate success as an online entrepreneur. So, it’s neccessary to show a comparison with another leading platform turning out successful web-based entrepreneurs, Wealthy Affiliate!

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11 thoughts on “TecAdemics Review”

  1. This is a meticulous review of an affiliate marketing company. The program has quite a long list of pros and costly cons. However, the cost maybe a bit too high and off putting for the average person that wishes to work from home. High quality training is essential to good business operations. Commissions are a great incentive for some people. Looks like you really did your research, great job.

  2. There is a lot of information here, which is a bit overwhelming. I’m not sure I understand, as it seems like a college course that you can take to learn about internet marketing. Do you join the affiliate program to get others to do the same or do you join to enroll others into the courses?

    • Hi JL!  You can take the courses yourself or if you promote their product and they go on to purchase that product then you recieve a commission. There is no need to buy the products if you only want to promote. If you are promoting high ticket items, it takes a bit of effort and you would have to be quite the salesperson to pull it off – can it be done? Absolutely if you know precisely what value it brings to potential buyers and you can convince them enough to buy the product.

      Hope this helps…

      Regards 🙂 

  3. This is a great review. I am new to affiliate marketing and internet marketing. I had not heard of the names that you mentioned previously. I really liked how thorough and comprehensive this review was. Yes, I agree that for $12,000 I would have liked to have seen some one on one coaching as well.

  4. This sounds like a great course and I am sure that for people who are considering a career in internet marketing it is a great option. The course is focussed on one field and will achieve more than trying to study the same thing at a university.

    You don’t make mention of additional costs for actually starting out and using the information you learn. Will students have to have their own website hosting or is this part of the deal?

  5. TecAdemics seems to be a good company. I know about the Empower Network Company and they had little to nothing to offer but upsells. Their training sucked but Chris seems like a good guy. From your review I think this is a legit company. What I dislike are the prices. They are insane! That alone makes it seem like a scam.

  6. I had a good experience with TeAdemics. They were polite and offered a good experience however I was unable to come up with the money to enter the program past a certain step. I would have probably taken their courses had i been able to afford it and thought it was right for me. It does seem to cater to the Shopify store and this was another reason i would not commit or try to come up with the money as i want to continue my journey until i can promote my own product. Your take on it is correct as i too think it is legitimate.

    • Hey John, so pleased to have you call by and for your comments. Affordability is an issue for a lot of people just starting out. But it is actually possible to have a revenue earning online niche business for less than $2 US per day. See here for more… 


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