A Day In The Life Of My Previous 9 to 5 Job

Not that long ago…

I was living a life of 9 to 5 and the only control I had was waking up every morning to do the same thing 5 days a week.

A Day in the Life of my 9 to 5 Job - time

Get up, wash and get dressed, make the bed (maybe), go and have breakfast, glance at the time to see if I have at least 10 minutes up my sleeve – put a load of washing on and hang it to dry before I head out the door – now I have barely 5 minutes.

Say bye to everyone (who by the way are doing exactly the same thing as me – our teenagers do their own laundry otherwise they won’t have anything to wear, but they get the short straw because I got my laundry in first so now there is a laundry queue).

Going out into the elements…

Do I need my jacket, umbrella or should I go back in to change into something a bit lighter? Dressed for the weather I open the garage door and warm the car up. I move the teenager’s scooters, from in front of the garage door to get the car out – I was sure I told my teenagers to put their scooters inside last night…oh, I must have been too tired to check before I went to bed last night… Perhaps I need to use Facebook Messenger from now on to communicate my instructions to them. Darn it! Now I have no more spare minutes, I’m running late, I hope the boss doesn’t notice. I sit at my workplace thinking and saying to myself “another day working for someone else on their terms and not mine…oh joy…”

And so it goes on…

8 hrs later as I’m leaving my job driving home feeling weary, I think to myself how many more years can I carry on like this? I’m not getting any younger! If only I could earn what I’m earning now but on my terms? I wish I could be my own boss, have more time on my hands, have no limits on how much I can earn, start work when I want, work in my pajamas if I want…

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