What Mindset It Takes To Achieve Success Online

Why do we need to dedicate an entire article to ‘mindset’? Well, that’s because most people undervalue their power, their potential and their ability to achieve great success.'mindset'

Initially, I would like to take the time to explore what most people think about the success of a few. Perhaps you are already familiar with the PARETO RULE in that just 20% of the world’s population has 80% of the world’s money. It is more than likely closer than you think – 10% of the world’s population holds 90% of the world’s money. Indeed, how many of us have heard that old saying that the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Quite a few I would think.

Think about these two things for a moment…

10% of the total people in the world have 90% of the total money, and they are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer! So, this seems like a highly slanted world that we all live in and that’s because it is! To understand the “mindset”, we will look first at the people that succeed or the 10%. Then we’ll look at the remaining 90% to compare.

First, there is the 10%

These people have managed to work out the secret to success or the hard part. But once you’ve worked out how to generate your first $100 or even just a $1 for that matter, you’ve managed to do something right. So this means then that the formula can be copied and built upon or improved on to achieve even greater success.

There are loads of millionaires and billionaires that have lost vast fortunes to bad timing and economic downturns, only to make it all back again a few years later. The reason being, they know the mindset it takes to achieve success, and they have a formula for success.

Successful Internet Marketers'climbimg to the top'

All successful marketers have a formula for success. No two people do the same things, but by following the principles taught to you, and by having an “action-based” plan and approach to everything, and work towards formulating your plan for success, you will soon see the results.

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Then there are the rest of the 90%

If you haven’t been successful yet, then you are likely in this category like most others. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ve not experienced success at one point in time or another. It means that you’ve not created sustained success yet. You simply don’t have your success formula yet, and chances are you are getting closer.

Avoid being a statistic with those who have stopped short and given up thinking they will ever make it. Thankfully, the measure of 10/90 is not an average that applies to Wealthy Affiliates, as success can happen for anyone that dares to set foot in the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

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Failing Graciously

Now the 90% are willing to work hard, but they typically don’t have the mindset to move through failure graciously. People who fail remain in this category of 90%; whereas the 10% view failure as an opportunity to succeed. So, by learning what won’t work, can help you move closer and closer to what will work. But then once you find out what does work for you, means you can build upon this and create even greater success. They say that achieving your first million is the toughest. But this is because once you know success, you can then leverage your existing skills and knowledge to build upon it!

The One Dollar Feeling That Makes You Want to Smile'The First Dollar'

The 1st dollar though is always the most important dollar, and the reason behind this is that typically the first sale triggers the realization that if they can make $1 online, they can make $100 online then a $1,000 and even $100,000. In reality, the first sale is the most exciting and memorable event in any Internet marketer’s online career.

So, to help you get your first sale in the easiest way possible and before you do anything else, we want you to ask yourself this question:

Do you know someone who wishes to make a little more money?

Unless you are living under a rock somewhere, your answer’s probably yes right? So, the first and easiest way to get your first $1 online, is recommending Wealthy Affiliate to your circle of friends. And if you like what’s happening at Wealthy Affiliate, then chances are your friends, family or acquaintances will like it as well.

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Why is your first sale the most improtant?

The first sales from my first website came within the first two months…2 sales in the first two months. This first sale means more than you can imagine. It builds a belief in you, and says to you that if you can make that first sale then you can make more. It says that you have done something right. It strengthens your determination and helps to build a stronger mindset and make you hungry for more. It’s what makes it all REAL!

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Rina Walker

Rina Walker - Founder of EarningOnline.come

I am Rina Walker the founder of Earning Online and have been running a successful affiliate marketing website and blogging about earning online opportunites since November 2016. The niches that I am involved in include Wealth Creation, Permaculture, Action Cameras and Social Enterprise - all of which I have a great interest in.

I'm also involved in helping, supporting and coaching online entrepreneurs of all levels to build and run their own successful web-based affiliate business.

13 thoughts on “What Mindset It Takes To Achieve Success Online”

  1. Thank you for a practical view regarding the mindset that leads you to sucess. I like the first dollar scenario and how that has a positive phycological effect on someone trying to make it work. It’s easy to be mad about something that hasn’t worked and give up, but it is someone who has the right mindset to go on anyway and try again until they succeed.

    On another note, I just wanted to say that I love the layout of your website. It’s warm, bright and inviting.

    I love your passion to help people make changes to their lives, and through your website you give people a way to move forward in making those changes. Awesome! Yes, it is indeed, and can be very challenging making ends meet when pressed on all sides with the demands of life. 

    My husband and I have been there too – he was ill and bed-bound for several years, and we lost our main source of income as a result. In addition, raising a child with special needs made life even more challenging so I can relate to what you shared in your About Me page. It’s moments like this that can really test ones endurance. But with the right mindset, one can endure and find light at the end of the tunnel. 

    Thanks for being so honest and genuine on your site!


    • Hi Judi!

      I would say that ones mindset is linked with ones spirit no matter what the situation or circumstances. Just study the people who the world has looked up to for their extraordinary feats, and you will find that they had a spirit that was strengthend by their positive mindset. But of course there are also ordinary people who are doing the same thing in their own quiet way…yourselves included.

      I wish you all the best at success 🙂

  2. It is definitely an interesting thing to consider because the mindset matters a lot and people need to stay positive in order to make it online.
    The first year of my online business was too rough and I did not know what would happen but I just had a really positive mindset and believed that I would eventually succeed and that did happen.

    • Thats great Shrey! It’s so important to have a positive mindset. So many give people give up too easily – I read a true story once about a man who bought a goldmine only to give up just 3 feet from one of the biggest finds in history. Lucky for the guy he sold it too!

      I wish you every success with your online ventures.

      Great to have you call by and for your comments.

  3. A very encouraging read, I appreciate that so much. Your suggestion to “take action” is one that I have to constantly remind myself to do, especially if I’m going through a rough stretch with my affiliate business. There is always something to learn from taking action, whether you succeed or fail. And, its important to remember that taking action is probably the easiest way to blow through any fears that a person may have, because in the end, you can always tell yourself that you at least tried to attack that fear by doing something about it. Thanks for the good read!

  4. Hi Rina,
    A really good article and it is so true, that mindset is key. It is quite amazing when you look at the Pareto Rule and I must say I would love to get out of the 80 or 90%!

    Still, at the end of the day it is good mindset backed up with massive action. I recently have been listening to Tony Robbins on Spotify and his Edge program and he really encourages a good mindset and taking action.

    Is there any specific person you listen to or self development material you learn from?

    • Hi Sharon! Great to have you call by. Indeed taking action has to go hand-in-hand with mindset, otherwise how does one achieve anything.

      Thank you for the great question! I love that you mentioned Tony Robbins. I’m a fan! I dedicated an entire month listening to him on Spotify while working out at the gym. Others I have read, listened to or watched include Oprah, Robert Kiyosaki the famous author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’.

      But I also get just as much from people like Nelson Mandela who freed his people from apartheid, and Sadhguru of India who is a hip mystic and founder of the Isha Foundation. There are many people from all walks of life who inspire and teach me. If you make a habbit of ‘learning’ to develope your mindset, eventually it becomes second nature.

      Thanks again Sharon,

      Regards 🙂

  5. I love this post!  Most of my website is about encouraging people that they can be successful and I’m a firm believer that mindset has EVERYTHING to do with success. I like that you aren’t overly salesy in your approach and really got the feeling that you just wanted to offer valuable information as opposed to some websites where it feels like they just want your e-mail address.  

    Definitely it reminds people that success starts with how you think about what you are building in your business.

    I love the website!


    • Hi Melanie, so great to have your comments! 

      I try indeed to be helpful, and this is what I love the most about being an online business owner. If I can help steer someone in the right direction, and they have the right mindset then they can go on to have great success online.

      Regards 🙂

  6. Thank you for a great write up on the mind set side of things to being successful in business.  This has to be the most important aspect to get right.  I still feel my mindset needs work and I am still looking for that first Dollar.  As you show in your article this will be the most memorable sale of my career.

    I have read a lot about making a Goal card to carry with me every where.  This way I can constantly see my goal whenever I put my hand in my pocket.  Is this something you have tried to help with your mindset and would you recommend me doing it?

    Thank you in advance

    • Hiya David! 

      Brilliant to have you stop by and great to have your comments and the question. I would say that what ever methods help to keep you on track and to remind yourself of your goal is a great idea! Carrying a note in your pocket is a great strategy. 

      I carry around a pebble in my pocket to remind me to be grateful! I have used my own screenshot goal images as my phones wallpaper and homepage. If you are actively using strategies like this then you will never lose sight of your goals and targets.

      Keep it up David and you will see that first dollar soon enough. 

      Regards 🙂

  7. Hi Rina,

    I much appreciate the fact that to stay on top of your game it pays to always grow and maitain a strong mindset, to stay motivation and action orientated. I like to learn what others do or don’t do for that matter to achieve this.

    The mystic guru you mentioned in an ealier comment sounds like someone I can add to my list of ‘mentors’. What in particular have you learned that helps you? I am intriged to know.

    Thanks in advance for your comments.



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