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This World Global Network MLM Review will dive into the products the company has to offer, how the business is structured and operating, and help you find out your ability to earn money with WGN so you can make the correct decision in the end.


In an age where smartphones, smart cars, and smart refrigerators reign supreme, can smart health and wellness products be far behind? As more and more people are looking to take care of their health and wellness, World Global Network, one of the hottest MLMs today, rides on the hype by selling “life-sensing” technological products.

Also known as wearable technology, this ground-breaking innovation gives actionable information about your health to help you achieve a good quality of life, so you can live longer and healthier.

  • World Global Network MLM Review
  • Product Name:          World Global Network
  • Founder:          Fabio Galdi in 2011
  • Official Website:
  • Product Type:          Life-Sensing Tech Products in the MLM Business
  • Price:          Range of Start-up cost – from $349 to $3,499
  • Best For:          Owner and Top 1-2% members
  • Rating:          40/100
  • Recommended:          No

What is World Global Network?

World Global Network (spelled as “Wor(l)d Global Network”) or WGN is a global company founded by Fabio Galdi in 2011. It is a Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing company whose mission is to change the world with innovative technologies that can help improve everyday lives and health. As such, it sells “life-sensing” technological products, also known as wearable technology.

With headquarters located in the UK, WGN is a company spanning across 195 countries. WGN operates using the MLM business model, which means they rely on independent distributors (also known as the salesperson of the company) to sell their products. Independent distributors make money by recruiting other people into the system to sell even more products. and there are plenty of companies who are similar like Scentsy for example.

In 2019, the company was relaunched and renamed to VyVo without clear explanation in their website. The website, though, can still be accessed under its original name.

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Are World Global Network Products Worthy of the Price?

There are three main products World Global Network currently offers:

1. HELO Wellness Band – This is a smart wrist band that tracks, gathers and records all your biological measurements and keeps them in a database. This allows you to monitor and compare various biometrics, vital signs, body functions, and other health-related data such as:World Global Network MLM Review - product

  • Blood Pressure
  • Breathing Rate
  • Daily Steps
  • Distance Travelled
  • Fatigue Level
  • Heart ECG
  • Heart Rate
  • Mood
  • Number of Calories Burned
  • Sleep Patterns

While there are similar competitors in smart-bands out there such as Fitbit and Samsung Gear Fit, Helo definitely has the advantage of partnering with Toshiba in developing one of the leading smart-band in the world. As one of the top players in the market, Helo has a lot of media attention from around the world such as NBC News, Today, Fox & Friends, Fox News, etc., and has been successfully showcased at CES Convention 2018 in Las Vegas.

2. BioZen – This is a green triangular sticker with a small chip inside that aims to combat electromagnetic waves, or “electrosmog”, emitted by electrical devices like laptop and mobile phones. Using such product will have a profound impact on your health.

3. Infolio – Developed by WGN, this smartphone is claimed to be the world’s only ‘shield-activated” smartphone with the ability to effectively reduce the electromagnetic waves from your phone.

A few people find the wristbands to be pretty good, but a lot of individuals complained about the product being either overpriced, faulty or just not equally good in comparison to the cheaper and more mainstream alternatives.

This have become an immense reason for many people to avoid WGN and its products. If for some reason you have purchased one of their products and want to return them for a refund, you may be in for disappointment because the refunds are hard to get back, too.

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The World Global Network MLM Opportunity

The money-making part involves becoming an independent distributor, or as a Wellness Ambassador, as they call it.

To participate in this business opportunity, you need to follow these steps:

World Global Network MLM Review - networking

  1. Sign up to join their Customer Referral Program (Free)
  2. Purchase one of their Helo bundles
  3. Sell their products
  4. Recruit team members (downlines)
  5. Train your downlines to make sales and to  build their own teams

The process is repeated down the line.

How Much Does It Cost to Join World Global Network?

You need to pay an upfront fee for one of WGN product packages to become an independent distributor. These products are required to be sold in order for you to earn commissions:

  • Helo LX Personal Bundle – $349
  • HELO LX PLUS Personal Bundle – $359
  • BioZen PLUS Personal Bundle – $359
  • Helo LX Builder Pack – $1,349
  • Mix Builder Bundle – $1,500
  • Professional Pack – $3,500

Can You Make Money with World Global Network?

There are mainly 4 ways in which independent distributors can earn money with World Global Network based on company’s compensation plan called “Pay Plan.”

  1. Personal Product Sales – The first way is to become an active team member and sell their products to be able to earn 10% of all product sales you have made. You have the option to earn one-time revenue by selling their physical products, or recurring revenue by selling their Loyalty Program, which is similar to the iPhone Upgrade Program in which you need to pay a monthly fee in order to get new upgrades every year.
  2. Become a Team Builder – This requires you to build two teams, namely your left team and your right team. You can earn 10 – 20% of whatever sales volume your team makes. It means that while your downlines are building their own business, you will receive a certain percentage of their sales.
  3. Share in Company Revenue – If you have at least a “President Millionaire” rank, you will earn 1% of the company’s total sales volume. To get to this rank, you must be able to earn about $750,000 for the year.
  4. Lifestyle Rewards and Bonuses – Attractive incentives such as a private jet, car bonuses, and luxury travel rewards are given to the top earners and those in the ”millionaires club”.

The Good and Bad of World Global Network

World Global Network MLM Review - glass


  • Wearable Technology is a huge hot market – WGN is in a market with a huge buzzword and plenty of interest. Wearable technology is expected to be a $150 billion industry by the year 2026.
  • Reputable MLM WGN has received several awards like best MLM compensation plan (rank 10), top 100 direct selling CEO (rank 11), and 100 Solid Top MLM Companies since it started in 2011.
  • Truly a global network Apart from its headquarters in the UK, WGN have offices in Miami, Moscow, Dubai, London, Singapore, and Dublin, and they operate in over 100 countries.
  • Innovative product WGN’s product, or technology, is clear-cut, useful, and innovative.
  • Unique technology BioZen Plus uses the only technology in the world that expands e-smog protection to a biological level. By positively changing the low-frequency electromagnetic fields that are formed, the radiation chip called Biozen reduces the harmful effects of static and extremely low-frequency magnetic fields.
  • Offers genetic testing  WGN offers home DNA tests and DNA testing for medical and wellness professionals who want to offer genetically customized diets and exercises.
  • Top talent working with them WGN takes pride in having the best tech and business pros such as the inventor of Socialmatic, a Polaroid camera, a top 20 Top Direct Selling CEO (with ranking right below the CEO of Mary Kay), and the world’s top-selling CEO in the year 2014.
  • Award-winning compensation plan Their unique compensation plan has been ranked as number 10 in the Best MLM Compensation Plan Poll for 2014.


  • Expensive Start-up Costs – While signing up on their website involves no cost, you could be spending from US$349 up to $3500 for one of their product packages to become an independent distributor. You will also need to achieve a certain “sales volume” every month in order to be eligible to earn commission. If you cannot meet the sales volume, you have to purchase it yourself.
  • Average BBB Rating – With a rating of F from the Business Better Bureau, WGN certainly does not have a golden seal of approval.
  • Easily Replaceable Technology/Product – The ever changing and innovating technology can very easily put a tech-based company such as WGN out of business because of the intense competition.
  • Extremely Slow Website – Although it is nothing directly related to your business with WGN, their extremely slow website may affect your business when your potential customers want to get more details about this company and are browsing the website.
  • Low Earning Potential – The Income disclosure of WGN reveals that almost 20% of the members earned nothing in 2017
    and another 50% of the members earned less than $1,000 in 2017. In total, there are around 70% of members earning less than one thousand dollars in 2017.

    World Global Network MLM Review - Income Chart

Is World Global Network a Scam?

World Global Network is not a scam or a pyramid scheme. The company’s MLM business model is legit and they are producing some really good wearable technology products.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to earn at least a decent income from WGN.

Final Thoughts

World Global Network operates with a pretty cool concept, making them one of the most popular tech MLMs right now. They have an interesting compensation plan with opportunities to make, but you need to either be very good at marketing or face to face recruiting to be able to get people on board. Otherwise, you run the risk of not making a decent income. The overpriced products and the fairly expensive start-up and upkeep costs just do not make WGN worth working within as well.

Alternative Option to World Global Network

If family, time and money are important to you then Making Money from home is the way to go and Affiliate Marketing can give all of this and more. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a couple of hours a day to get started. No experience is necessary and training is freely available online. Best of all, you do not need to buy any product whatsoever. In fact, it’s even possible to make money without spending any of your own money and without leaving the house or the kids. See the comparison table with World Global Network MLM next to a world leading affiliate marketing business platform known as Wealthy Affiliate.

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4 thoughts on “World Global Network MLM Review”

  1. Hi Rina

    This company do seem to be pretty unique in what is a very crowded niche in the Network Marketing space. What real use this wearable technology really is depends entirely on what the user actually does with the information that the device they’re wearing gives them, rather than the actual health benefits of the device itself. What are your thoughts on that?

    It seems a bit confusing that they have an award winning compensation plan whilst also getting a BBB rating of F. 

    They certainly seem to have credibility though, as they’ve developed a huge worldwide presence in a relatively short time, so they must be doing something right. 

    It’s good to see their transparency in regards to the percentages of people at different income levels within the company. Do you have any more detailed info on their comp plan itself as this wasn’t in your otherwise very comprehensive review.

    • Hi Richard! Great to have your questions and comments! Firstly in response to your first question, I tend to think that the user of wearable technology benefit greatly on the data collected by the device as long as the data is accurate and the user can decipher it.

      To your second question, here is a link to a more detailed World Global Network compensation plan and hope you find what you are looking for.


  2. Hi, Rina.
    Thanks for sharing the review on the World Global Network MLM Program. While the products seem to be interesting for the general population, a stumbling block might actually be the recruiting, at least for some. Can you please share what items are included in their business pack? Is it a single item or a bunch of various products?

    Gaurav Gaur

    • Hiya Gaurav!

      Thanks for your comments and question. I found the information regarding the packs to be very confusing in regards to what is in them. In fact I am finding it hard to navigate the World Global Network website. So sorry but I don’t have a straight up answer for you. You might have better luck contacting them directly yourself, but if I find out in the meantime, I’ll let you know. Honestly though, you might be wasting your time with this crowd.



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