6 Ways to Get Ads on YouTube

HEY to all you online marketers out there across the world! I’m excited to bring this article 6 ways to Get Ads on YouTube to you as the POTENTIAL to get more people in front of your products and services gets greater by the day. Whether you are just starting out or already have years of experience with online marketing, there is something for every online marketer 'Mouse and Cheese Burger'here. Whether you have just FIVE MINUTES or have more time to take part in a one hour YouTube Advertising TRAINING, take whatever time you have now to get insight on how to get ads in front of YouTube Watchers and in front of your products and services.

YouTube Advertising Is Massive!

Youtube Advertising is growing among online marketers to reach BILLIONS of youtube watchers across the world. This massive audience grows bigger by the day! So, any online marketer, from those just starting out, to the more established businesses, can get a share of this enormous market. It’s SIMPLE really and you don’t have to have a big budget. You can start to advertise on YouTube for as little as a budget of $5 a day. You don’t have to be making videos either to reach this market and the scope is MASSIVE!

To give a BRIEF insight into the type of ads available on YouTube, I have listed the 6 forms of YouTube Ads below for those who might be in a hurry. But, for those with MORE time, you can click through to an excellent 1 hour YouTube training video presented by ‘magistudios’. Just CLICK the image that follows, to click through to the training. Otherwise, read a 5-minute brief below and come back to the training later. Remember to BOOKMARK this site!
6 Ways to Get Ads on Youtube - 1 hour video training

1. Display Ads – This is a ‘no video ad’

You utilize the Youtube platform to do like an AdWord type of ad.

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The ad appears on the right-hand side of the feature video and above the video suggestion list or below the player if one has it on larger player mode.

The ad size is 300×60 or 300×250 and feature on a desktop platform.

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2. Overlay Ads – This is an ‘image or text ad’

This is a semi-transparent overlay ad that appears on the lower 20% portion of the feature video.

The ad size is 468×60 or 728×90 and features on a desktop platform.

3. Skippable Video Ads – You can skip the ad after 5 seconds

This appears either before or during the feature video you are waiting to watch and layered 'A movie and pop corn'over the feature video you are waiting to watch.

Ads feature on desktop, mobile and TV and Gaming consoles.

4. Non Skippable Video Ads – Must be played through…

…to the end and before you are able to watch the chosen feature video.

This ad can appear during, before or after the featured video.

Will display on desktop and mobile.

Plays in the video player for 15 or 20 seconds.

5. Bumper Ads – This is a ‘must watch’ ad…

…played during the featured video is viewed.

Will display on desktop and mobile platforms.

Up to 6 seconds long ad.

6. Sponsored Cards – ‘Display Content’ that may be relevant to your video

For example, it might be related to products featuring in your video.

The ads are run by the person who actually makes the featured video.

The cards play on the right-hand side of the featured video.

These ads will display on desktop and mobile platforms.

The card size varies.

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Rina Walker

Rina Walker - Founder of EarningOnline.come

I am Rina Walker the founder of Earning Online and have been running a successful affiliate marketing website and blogging about earning online opportunites since November 2016. The niches that I am involved in include Wealth Creation, Permaculture, Action Cameras and Social Enterprise - all of which I have a great interest in.

I'm also involved in helping, supporting and coaching online entrepreneurs of all levels to build and run their own successful web-based affiliate business.

20 thoughts on “6 Ways to Get Ads on YouTube”

  1. Hello Rina,

    I have not attempted to use YouTube yet for my websites. I know I should though! Video is huge in online marketing now.

    You said you don’t have to make a video to use YouTube ads. So does that mean I could pay for advertising on YouTube even if I have never made a YouTube video myself? How do I know or choose which videos my ad is placed on?

    Thank you for sharing this!

    • Hi Jessica! Thanks for calling by and for the questions. 

      Youtube is Google so you compose and manage your ads for Youtube in your Google Adwords account. Sign up for a Google Adsword account, it’s free. 

      Basically, once you have composed and organised an ads campaign in AdWords, it will match your ad to relevant video clips on YouTube.

      Youtube ads can make all the difference to your online business Jessica, so, it’s worth checking it out.


  2. Excellent article. My day job is running my custom Chrome plating shop with my partner. I have considered trying new and “trendy” type marketing.
    Do you think that I would benefit from youtube marketing?
    The reason I ask is because most of my clients are 70+. Is there enough users those ages? Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Jake! What a great question. 

      We might underestimate the ‘well lived’ people of our communities, but I know that you can teach old dogs new tricks 🙂 I know this because while some might shy away from new technologies like smartphones for instance, there is a larger part of this community taking the bulls by the horns, with the help of the ‘less well lived’ and taking full advantage of it, …and it will only grow. 

      Remember, that there are new 70 somethings just around the corner, already using Youtube, so go for it Jake!

      Regards 🙂 

  3. I want to start making videos for Youtube, but I also wanted to learn more about how money is made from ads put on Youtube.

    I didn’t know that there were so many different options to choose from to advertise your business. I’m thinking that the ones where you are not able to skip the ad will cost more than those where you are able to? Is that right?

    • Hi Reyhana!

      Thanks for the question and comments. Choose a daily budget for yourself and then the price for ads are auction-based so you can bid as low as $0.01

      However, I am assuming the costs will be around $.03 to $.10 per view depending on the the video and channel. So, it would be benneficial to you to think about what your budget will be based on the goals you set yourself, including how many views and conversions per ad you want to achieve.

      Regards 🙂

  4. I’m personally someone who does youtube as a hobby and I still have a long way to go before I can reach the requirements for becoming a youtube partner. But it was nice to read about the different kind of ads when it comes to youtube

    very informative and well written

    • Hiya Nikolas!

      Nice to have you stop by. If ever you want to turn your hobby into an online business, I recommend you get the right training and support to help guide you through and achieve your income goals. Support, training and proper guidance is crucial when starting out.

      I wish you success

      Regards 🙂

  5. Hi Rina, thanks for sharing this info.  My website is fairly new, and I have thought about you tube.  I didn’t know you could just advertise without making videos, how do videos get chosen for your ads? Are they chosen based on your niche? This sounds like something that I should be doing to get more traffic to my site.  You mentioned the cost is about 5 dollars a day, as I am just starting out I am wondering if there is free advertising ?  

    • Hiya Jenny! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments and questions. 

      I’ll get right to your questions – YouTube Ads, including text ads, display and rich media ads are reviewed regularly to make sure the content is family safe and appropriate for your audience. A channel owner chooses the right ad types and formats for their site. See here for more…

      The actual cost of an ad view is somewhere around $0.10 to $0.30 per view. So a budget of $5 a day would be fine when first starting out.

      Hope this helps Jenny

      Regards 🙂

  6. Hi

    Thank you this really informative and educational article on how to get Ads in front of YouTube watchers.  

    I am new to working with YouTube for marketing so found this really interesting and very doable. I had not really taken much notice of the different ways the Ads are on YouTube but now I feel better informed and I thank you for that.

    The cost is very reasonable and very worth it for the returns. Another good point is that I do not need to have a YouTube channel to do this which is wonderful news for me.

    Thank you


    • Hi Jennifer, 

      Here are some interesting stats in regards to Youtube. 

      The total number of hours of video watched per month on YouTube was 3.25 billion

      10,113 of YouTube videos generated over 1 billion views

      80% of views on YouTube were from outside the U.S. 

      The average number of mobile views on YouTube per day was 1,000,000,000

      YouTube users and views is growing phenominally fast each day and should be intergrated into your marketing strategy at some point in time and without question. Luckily, this can easily be incorporated within your website.

      Thanks again for your visit and comments Jennifer.

      Regards 🙂

  7. Hi Rina, I’ve not really managed to get around to looking into video marketing for my website yet, but I will be very soon. For someone just starting off with this form of advertising for their website which type of ad would you recommend and what budget would you start off with?

    Thanks Emma 

    • Hi Emma, thanks for visiting and for the comments and question. 

      Emma if you want to get started advertising on YouTube then display ads or no video ads are great to start with. These are text ads so you don’t need to worry with video footage, editing and so on.

      The rule to remember regarding your budget is to limit it to what you can afford to loose if the ads aren’t making you more than you spend because this is pointless. I suggested a budget of $5 a day but this is entirely up to you. You can stop ads at anytime to edit them to try something that will covert traffic to sales. 

      I would aproach it in this manner with any ad format, but when something is working and you convertions are more than what you are spending then this is a winning formular.

      Hope this helps and wishing you great success.

      Regards 🙂   

  8. Hi Rina, good to come across a fellow Kiwi. I must admit I haven’t yet considered advertising on YouTube yet. I still feel I need to learn more about it. My kids watch YouTube all the time, in fact it’s hard to get them off it.

    I have noticed a recent change in that ads now appear in the middle of a video. Do these have much success? Personally I feel it’s very annoying from a viewers point of view. What are your thoughts on that?

    As my website progresses this is something I must get into. Thanks for a very informative post.

    • Kiwi greetings to you Greg! Yes, Youtube is a big past-tme for kids across the world as it’s populatrity reaches to all corners to 1 billiona users. They are watching 1 billion hours of video per day. Youtube is the second largest search engine and it’s older counterpart ‘Google’ is the first. 

      The ads certainly have success and you can expect leads from your target audience when you target them right and possible to do so for pennies.  

      Yes, as a viewer the ads might be annoying at times…or a lot of times… but so can the ones on your regular tv network. People get use to them, and continue watching anyway and they take note of the ads that relate to them. You can get specific when setting up your targeted audience. Options include Age, Location, Interests, Videos Watched, Paged Visited and much more. 

      Hope this makes sense Greg, but please feel free to ask me all the questions you want and thanks for calling by.

      Regards 🙂

  9. The earning potential on Youtube is insane and it’s only going to get better for advertisers as more people decide to cut the cord. Being able to reach the masses with as little as $5 per day is a no brainer in this day and age. I’m a newbie in the realm of social media marketing but I’m thinking I need to get my stuff on that platform ASAP before those advertising rates skyrocket.

    • Hi Ryan

      Thanks for taking time out to comment! 

      The thing about video content is that viewers become engaged for longer and therefore will be in front of ads for longer also. With YouTube being the biggest video platform and growing a bigger audience every day, means that your ads have potentially a wider reach and more leads for as little as $5 a day and this is great for online marketers.

      Wishing you great success Ryan with your online marketing!

  10. Thanks for this post and summing up the points. I’ll have to watch full video when I have more time, but you’ve given me a good idea already. I’m new to Youtube marketing, so this information will come in very handy. Which one are you using mainly and which is working best for you? 

    • I have used all of the strategies and have had success with all of them. But what I have found to be the thing that gives me the most success is having relevant engaging content that captures your target audience and the reader. If it catches their eye, they can relate to it and it solves a problem for them, then the more likely they are to engage no matter what the strategy. 

      Hope this helps!

      Regards 🙂


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