Commission Shortcut Review

Commission Shortcut Review - 3 easy stepsCommission Shortcut is yet another commision based product giving you the opportunity to earn from your efforts. I reveal here the details and facts in this Commission Shortcut Reveiw. Lets dig in.



Commission Shortcut is the shortcut to automated affiliate commissions in some simple steps. It is a100% done-for-you cloud-based software that does not require the installation of any hardware nor technical skills and experience to enable you to earn money. It allows you to build the bonus page automatically and create high-converting bonus funnels essential for promoting affiliate offers. Combining DFY affiliate bonus funnels and cloud-based app is a proven method for making passive daily online commissions in any niche.

Commission Shortcut Review

  • Product: Commission Shortcut
  • Website:
  • Niche: Affiliate Marketing, Funnel Builder
  • Launch Date: April 7, 2009
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Owner: Glynn Kosky
  • Rating: 60 out of 100 (3/5)
  • Verdict: Legitimate

Who is Commission Shortcut for?

Commission Shortcut works for many niches and is designed to meet the needs of all internet marketers in all levels (Beginners to Advanced), including affiliate marketers, arbitrage, computer and electronic sellers, drop shipping, health trainers, MMO, software sellers, website owners, and fun and entertainment.Commission Shortcut Review - cartoon graph

Everyone wants to earn commission, but it is not always easy to earn huge profits. Many people turn to affiliate marketing as a potential career to bring in extra income. It can be through selling high-demand products. Promoting the same product, though, can be intensely competitive unless you have any special advantages. In order to do that there is the need to go through some tasks, including choosing products to find the traffic sources. Getting free traffic automatically may be challenging because you need to have an appealing sales page and bonus page.

How do you do that? Creating both sales and bonus page can consume much of your time, especially if dragging and dropping for every affiliate promo is not your cup of tea. That’s when Commission Shortcut comes in handy as a useful app that helps you build a high-converting page. With Commission Shortcut, you can earn commissions while the app does all the tough jobs for you.

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Commission Shortcut is a 2-in-1 product that combines “Done-For-You” affiliate bonus funnels and a cloud-based app. It is a software capable of creating high-converting bonus page funnels, which you can use to promote affiliate offers and earn high commission. The bonus pages are professionally designed to improve your authority in inviting the interest of more buyers. By establishing higher trust from the leads, your loyal followers will grow and the rebuying rate will increase.

Using the cloud-based app allows you to instantly create and launch value-packed bonus pages for multiple products. All you have to do is fill in a few details and your affiliate link. This easy step allows you to add more zero to your money in less time.

About the Owner of Commission Shortcut

Glynn Kosky is a successful affiliate marketer. Before he created Commission Shortcut, Glynn Kosky works as a software developer. He launched several market best sellers such as Traffic Takeover, Commission Blueprint, Instant Funnel Lab, and more, which all garnered loads of good review, high rating from experts, and trust of users. He is also a product vendor with SociBot, Hijackrr, Smart Funnel, etc.

With many years of experience, Glyn Kosky developed Commission Shortcut for months and used the program to achieve top leader boards ranking. With support from his two partners, Rod Beckwith and Leigh, Glynn finally launched the product on April 7, 2009 to share the pages he used to promote products.

A Showcase of Unique FeaturesCommission Shortcut Review - unique features

  • Cloud-based Software – As such, the automation software instantly launches top-converting bonus page without having to download or install anything. This push-button software creates a beautiful bonus page that improves conversion and contributes to the CRM and post-sale.
  • 14 DFY Affiliate Campaigns – All the ready-to-launch 14 funnels are professionally-designed and all-inclusive with affiliate campaigns ideal for both beginners and skilled online marketers. They are pre-loaded with a demo video, review video and top-converting elements from the sale page.
  • 100 High-valued Giveaways – The massive vault of premium bonuses gives your customers unlimited choice of more than 100 bonuses, including video training, eBooks, and software to help warm up your traffic and get the conversion to go in.
  • Step-by-Step Video Guides – The easy and simple-to-follow training video shows the process on how to create custom bonus pages and launch DFY campaigns for any offer. There is no need for any technical skills.
  • Built-in Traffic – Driving traffic to your funnels is instant and automatic in bringing the results as soon as possible.
  • Easy Drag and Drop Page and Page Builder – The funnels can be easily modified and customized with a design to match with your system by simply using your mouse to drag and drop.
  • Email Swipes for each Campaign – More than 50 Email swipes written by experienced copywriters are offered in the software. They are ready-to-go by simply filling in the required information in the autoresponders and then launch your campaigns.
  • Countdown Timers – The timers can be modified and customized to match each campaign. The ticking clock provides the feeling of scarcity, thus compelling visitors to take action so you can get more purchases.
  • Premium Hosting – All your pages are hosted securely online. It means there is no need to pay for recurring fees or buy new host or domain, allowing you to save hundreds of dollars.

How does Commission Shortcut Work?Commission Shortcut Review - commission

Commission Shortcut is the shortest route to automated affiliate commissions that involves following three simple steps only.

Step 1: LogIn. The over-the-shoulder video guides will show how you can log into the cloud-based software.

Step 2: Choose. Click to choose any of the included DFY campaigns or create your own from scratch in a matter of a few seconds. You can create a fully-customized bonus page for any product guided by the automated software and bonus library. Add your affiliate links and details, then send out the included emails for your campaign. You may opt to use the bonus traffic source to direct visitors to your custom offers.

Step 3: Get commissions. As you sit back, you can see the automated commissions rolling in.

You may just rinse and repeat the entire working process to keep the profits coming. It only takes a few minutes to set up the winning promos for the day. You can watch the demo video on the sale page if you need more instructions.

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Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Created by renowned software developers
  • Superior quality
  • Reasonable price
  • No skills or experience required – 100% beginner friendly
  • Nothing to install or download
  • High quality funnel templates
  • Work compatibility on both Mac and PC, and other devices
  • Easy monitoring and control of your campaigns
  • No pay for traffic
  • Detailed and useful training videos
  • Customizable campaigns to promote any product or service
  • User-friendly
  • Reliable online help desk
  • Huge demands
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • A good internet connection is needed to make the loading speed of the software work fast.
  • You do not own the site because it is cloud-based.
  • There are too many giveaway bonuses to package.
  • There are lots of potential upsells.

Price and Evaluation: What comes with the Product?Commission Shortcut Review - price-tags

Commission Shortcut has one Front-End pack and six OTOs. The Front-End pack is priced ranging from $27 to $47. Some of the upsell details include the following:

  • A Bonus Vault of Products such as eBooks, Software, and Video Courses
  • Automated “Newbie-Friendly” Commission System
  • Beautiful Drag-and-Drop Page and Page Builder
  • 100% Cloud-Based Web App for Creating a Bonus Page Funnels in One Click
  • Custom Bonuses Page from Scratch
  • DFY Plug-in Play Affiliate Funnels
  • DFY Review Videos
  • Huge Library of DFY Bonus Products
  • Multiple Award-Winning Templates
  • Nothing to Download – Hosted Securely Online
  • Step-by-Step Training and Tutorials

OTO#1: Gold – Price: $47 – $67. This premium version of the software is highly recommended as a vital upgrade to your success. It offers unlimited bonus page funnels plus additional templates.

OTO#2: PLATINUM – Price: $47 – $67. The conversion boosting tools is proven to get more sales. Tools such as Facebook Pixels, Facebook Chat Widget, and Social Proof Popups are perfect for all affiliates.

OTO#3: TITANIUM – Price: $47 – $67. This version offers a unique triple threat to multiply your traffic. It comes with a step-by-step video training on the traffic multiplier method covering the following areas: traffic, lead generation and ongoing profits.

OTO#4: DIAMOND – Price: $97 – $147. It contains a full-length video training on making money. The easy to follow guides and video series shows how Facebook can help you generate unlimited traffic – without having to worry about the technical details.

OTO#5: Automated Traffic Flow – Price: $197 – $297. Training is included on how to get your pixel and how to run ads to get high-converting, highly-targeted affiliate/MMO niche traffic.

OTO#6: License Rights – Price: $197 – $297. You are given the right to sell Commission Shortcut as your own product and earn 100% through the entire funnel.

Final Opinion

Commission Shortcut is an awesome product perfect for both amateur and seasoned online marketers. The funnels are really converting and they are useful in getting more prospective customers. Using the software gives you access to multiple DFY bonuses which you may either sell or give away in your promotions.

Unlike other products that require you to buy their software or offer malware to reduce cost, Commission Shortcut is a practical tool that comes as a free and entirely safe system. The tool is secure and really delivers what it promises.

Commission Shortcut is a profitable investment worth putting your money into. It is a legitimate product that covers your tiny investment with an unconditional 30-day money back policy if you are not satisfied with it at any point. Investing with Commission Shortcut is a life-changing smart decision that will surely earn you more money.

Alternative Option

At this point, it’s a good idea to compare Commission Shortcut with a Platform that gives you your own websites, regarded as online real-estate that you monetize with the help of training and step-by-step instruction. Check out the comparison chart between Commission Shortcut and a world class platform, Wealthy Affiliate, turning every day people into online savvy entrepreneurs!

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I'm also involved in helping, supporting and coaching online entrepreneurs of all levels to build and run their own successful web-based affiliate business.

13 thoughts on “Commission Shortcut Review”

  1. I’ve been reading a lot about commission shortcut lately online but none of the reviews that I have read has been as detailed as this one

    I have been looking for ways to earn money online and there seems to be a great deal of scammy products and systems out there that I have fallen for but I really need to find an easy way to make money fast and this commission shortcut review looks legit I must admit

    I have no experience working online really so I was wondering if I were to sign up to commission shortcut, would it be long before I started earning a decent living online?

    • Well it depends! Hi there Mathew! Thanks for the comments and the question. It really depends on whether you are set up first. Commission Shortcut offer sales ready products. You would still need to set your self up with say a website to offer their products from. 

      If you don’t have a website ready yet then you can get a free website in Wealthy Affiliate to get you started and that will do the job… and give you all the steps to get your website ‘profit ready’.  This is especially the way to go if you are new to earning online. 

      If I were you I would definately do this first and not be in a hurry to get earning quick. Too many newbies fail to see that there is some work to be done first getting ready to open up for your customers, just like say opening a street front store. You peice of real estate online is your website. This is where your customers are welcomed to the products you are promoting like Commission Shortcut. 

      Don’t forget to have fun with this because if you are having fun, it won’t feel like a ‘drag’ to you and will keep you going back for more!

      So Mathew, have fun with being ultra successful with your online ventures. 

      p.s. if there is a product you would like me to review, then please reply here and let me know and I will gladdly do that for you!

  2. I have never heard of commission shortcut before reading your article. It seems pretty interesting. For some people, it can often be a struggle to get stuff like funnels done correctly. So to me, it’s worth the investment to have someone else who has the experience and knows what they are doing, to do it for you. Going that route means you’ve got one less thing to struggle with. You don’t need to spend time learning more about it to make sure you do it right. Having a professional do it for you means that you can focus your efforts on other things. It seems to me commission shortcut provides a win-win situation.

  3. You have written a good review. It is informative and clear.  I really like that fact that you have explained the pros and the cons about Commission Shortcut, this is always very helpful.  Quite honestly you have hit the nail on the head there.  Overall, this review has tickled my curiosity so I will take a closer look at it and register. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for this wonderful review.  I am an affiliate marketer novice.  However, I work hard to put my site out there.  

    Does this product work with an existing site or can you only generate new sites? I hope that question makes sense.  

    I get nervous when looking at products like this because I just recently learned what a sales funnel is!  I know, I am behind the times.  Sure would be great if I could start making some money online, as I put a lot of work into my websites.  Thanks for doing the research for us and giving such a detailed review!

    • Thank you Ashley for your comments and questions. 

      Commission Shortcut can indeed work with an existing website. However, the site or niche should be related. In other words, if you promote products related to your niche then it’s completely fine. 

      Being nervous can be a blessing if it’s because you want to be cautious about what products you want to promote because there are the good, the bad and the ugly. The bad and ugly can ruin your reputation especially if you have built up trust and authority with your readers.

      If you are not earning yet from your online efforts, hang in there. When you are providing content with authority related to your niche, the earning will happen. The more of this kind of content you provide, the better the chances of ranking in search engines where people can find you, the better your chances of earning.

      I hope this helps.


  5. Wow, beautiful post here. Commission shortcut is really an awesome platform to get your affiliate marketing business right on track. With its automated feature, it’ll be really easy to makes a lot. It’s also really awesome to see that the owner is a successful person in this field. The company has been on for over ten years and it’s relatively cheap. 

  6. Thanks for the in-depth review.  I haven’t heard of this funnel system, I’ll have to check it out.  The only few I’ve heard of are Click Funnels before, and they don’t market it for affiliate marketers.  It’ll be interesting to see if it’s just for this product or what.  I don’t know what I like that many upsells though.  Either way, thanks for the review, I’ll check them out!

    • Hiya! You will find that marketing funnels will have upsells since this is the nature of how the funnels work. But it is also in stages at which the purchaser can leave at any point. In the end if the reader finds value in the product including the upsells then they will probably buy, 

      Thanks again for stopping by and for your valid comments.

  7. Wow! Commission short cut is great and recommendable for internet marketer newbies. It helps in getting all your work done easily by converting bonus page funnels, which you can use to promote affiliate offers and earn high commission. The steps is well highlighted even for a novice to understand. I think i will go for platinum price of $47 – $67 because of it uniqueness and also, the price is affordable. Thanks

    • Hiya! Please let us know of your experiences good or bad, when you pruchase this Commission Shortcut as it would be great to get another opinion on this product.

      Wishing you every success!


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