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Forever Affiliate Review - LogoAffiliate Marketing is one of the fastest growing online industries at this moment. But, can FOREVER AFFILIATE serve and meet the high expectations to deliver quality? I reveal all right here in this Forever Affiliate Review! Lets get to it!


Forever Affiliate (FA) is a website that offers a training program based on an online money-making scheme that is generally termed as Affiliate Marketing. The system is an extensive video series that does not only show members how to create mini niche WordPress websites based around profitable keyword phrases, but also how to build authority websites and earn money through affiliate marketing.

  • Product Name:          Forever Affiliate
  • Product Owner:        Andrew Hansen
  • Website:            
  • Price:                             $97 plus upsells
  • Upsells:                        $297 (Coaching)
  • Overall Rating:        37/100 (1.85 out of 5)
  • Verdict:                      Legit

Who is it for?

Forever Affiliate primarily targets people who are in a tight financial situation and looking for an easy way to make quick money. In other words, Forever Affiliate is for people who are willing to spend a little money to invest on the FA’s promise of a quick and lucrative return on investment.

In the fast-changing world of the Internet, there is one money-making method that has always been popular – Affiliate Marketing. Recently, however, making money in this way has not been quite as easy because Google changes its algorithm so often, that it results in many affiliate sales websites being penalized. If you know the latest technique in getting free traffic and converting it into sales, affiliate marketing remains to be a good way to make money online.

So, how can you make your online business Google algorithm resistant?

Forever Affiliate is an affiliate program created by Andrew Hansen. It is a program that teaches legitimate affiliate marketing techniques in accord with Google’s latest updates, which is very important because using the wrong techniques can bring down your entire business. Forever Affiliate is a good video training course that is different from many other products in the sense that it teaches the skills and methods to get your website ranking in Google and make money from it.

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About Andrew Hansen   Forever Affiliate Review - Super Affiliate

Andrew Hansen is a young Super Affiliate who began working online to earn money to support his studies. He bought expensive courses, and like others, he got scammed and lost more money than he had made. When things finally “clicked” for him, he was able to build a 7-figure business within five years and coached others to 5-figures a month using only free traffic methods. Since then, Andrew has established a good reputation in the internet marketing industry. At present, he is a blogger and an affiliate marketing strategist. He is the owner and CEO of Dreamlife Softwares.

Andrew is known for his high-quality products that cover affiliate marketing and also include some tools for affiliate blogging with WordPress. Among them are Blog Cash, Firepow, Elite Niche Research, Niche Blogging Institute, Niche Empire Generator, Plug and Play Niche Marketing, and Unstoppable Affiliate. The one that first made his name in internet marketing circles is Niche Marketing on Crack.

If there is one person to learn from in the area of internet marketing, especially affiliate marketing and SEO, it is Andrew Hansen. His most recent affiliate marketing training course is Forever Affiliate.

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Inside Forever Affiliate   

Through the Forever Affiliate program, you are provided with viable tools that can be useful in helping prosper your mini websites that have specific niches. Being a member, you will need to get through three phases that provide further details to assist your progress in developing your sites. Despite the challenge in maintaining these micro sites, the FA products provide you and all the members with updates on better ways to keep your project thriving and generating enough money.

The Forever Affiliate course is a full-pack program of helpful videos organized into four major areas containing a fair amount of valuable information. The primary training resources are in more than 40 videos with each one averaging to be between 5-20 minutes long. Each video comes with its own transcript (PDF), an ideal option for those who prefer to read. After a topic has been explained, Andrew walks you through true-to-life examples. In addition to this are “action” checklists, “expert” interviews, and webinar recordings.

Beyond this, a bonus niche pack containing 20 different keyword sets, monthly search volumes, affiliate program and a video is included. In the “tools” page, resources used by Hansen for blog protection as well as a few links to quality products that teach various business models can be found. Here’s a breakdown of the modules inside FA.Forever Affiliate Review - Product

Forever Affiliate Theory (3 videos) – The theory section may be the shortest, but it provides the most valuable information. It consists of meaty videos about the course and explains the rationale why the content is laid out the way it is. This section serves as a roadmap for the entire course, and provides motivation to keep you going with affiliate marketing.

Phase 1: Doing Initial Research (15 videos) – Two of the most critical topics in Affiliate Marketing are tackled in this phase: finding offers and deciding if they are profitable. Half of the session is dedicated on how to find offers that are worth putting into the analysis funnel. Phase 1 takes you to live step-by-step through Andrew’s proven system using videos and examples from actual analysis.

Phase 2: Testing and Validation (20 videos) – This series of 20 videos covers building your affiliate sites and starting to promote them. It goes through all the details needed to register a domain, build a website, choose a layout, get content and more.

Phase 3: Expansion (10 videos) – This is where you get into hardcore traffic generation and SEO strategies. It means promoting the site you built in phase 2 and engaging in search engine optimization – link building strategies, ongoing content strategies, expansion into markets, and scaling for maximum profits. All the information is written for post panda and post penguin SEO.


There is minimal support offered within Forever Affiliate. Unless you succumb to the up-sells, you cannot send email to the customer service address. The up-sells also give access to the “Forever Affiliate Coaching Program”, which are basically live webinars wherein questions can be asked and hopefully be answered. The up-sells also allow access to a “Team of outsourcing staff” available to answer some questions and provide assistance to help you produce content.


The initial price offer is a one-time payment of $97, promising you “full access.” Upon payment, you will quickly realize you do not truly have that benefit as you do not have access to the “Forever Affiliate Coaching Program” webinars or the “Team” of outsourcing staff.

Full access to these aspects of Forever Affiliate can only be enjoyed if you pay an additional fee for the up-sells. The funny thing is that the prices keep changing from $297 to $197 to $97 and even for just $1.

Good Impressions

  • Its creator Andrew Hansen was able to articulate various concepts and theories of internet marketing and website mechanics effectively.
  • The program is loaded with many training videos, “expert” interviews, “action” checklists, and topic-oriented webinars that walk you through the process.
  • The video lessons were clear and to the point.
  • The price is fairly reasonable.Forever Affiliate Review - Good and Bad

The Bad

  • The course employs the backlinking strategy, which can get your website penalized based on the latest Google updates.
  • The primary page is made intentionally super long to show all of the latest selling techniques, including Clickbank screenshots of huge commissions and promises of huge monthly incomes.
  • There is a section within the purchased material that explains how to promote Forever Affiliate.
  • Prices are not mentioned on the “sell” page until the “Add to Cart” is clicked.  Up-sells are hidden aspects of Forever Affiliate. The prices are deceiving and confusing.
  • Majority of the information in the course is static. It means the program has not been updated since its release in 2013.
  • The course is incomplete. The information ends after they have been delivered and there is no way to have a continuing mentoring relationship with Andrew unless you opt-in for his coaching course priced at $297.
  • Members are encouraged to make several websites. It generally becomes a trial and error process and the chances of making money through this process can be a little tricky.

Final Opinion        

Forever Affiliate is not a scam or a “make-money” scheme. It is a legitimate system that works. Andrew Hansen, the creator, has 7 years of experience that lend credibility to what he teaches, that is why he is able to provide live examples throughout the course. It is evident that the insights he provides came from his experiences of making money from the niches he presents.

Forever Affiliate, however, may be a bit overwhelming for beginners. It can be a bit too intimidating for those who are not too familiar with the optimal use of affiliate marketing. Although it has some good, decent information that is worth the price, the program can be a misstep if you do not know what information may get your website to be penalized by Google.

As soon as you finish all three phases, the program leaves you to fend on your own without support and updated training. If you are really looking for quality training, stay away from Forever Affiliate because there are other better alternatives out there. 

Alternative Affiliate Marketing Training

It’s great to have choices and reasons to research an alternative training programme. So here is a comparison between Forever Affiliate and a World Leader in the Affiliate Marketing training and support, Wealthy Affiliate.


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Rina Walker

Rina Walker - Founder of EarningOnline.come

I am Rina Walker the founder of Earning Online and have been running a successful affiliate marketing website and blogging about earning online opportunites since November 2016. The niches that I am involved in include Wealth Creation, Permaculture, Action Cameras and Social Enterprise - all of which I have a great interest in.

I'm also involved in helping, supporting and coaching online entrepreneurs of all levels to build and run their own successful web-based affiliate business.

8 thoughts on “Forever Affiliate Review”

  1. A very thorough and objective review that you have put together about the Forever Affiliate training platform. Hearing how old the training is was a red flag for me as things change all the time in the online marketing world and surely they have changed since this course was started.

    The pricing issue is also something that I really dislike. I want to know what it is going to cost before going to checkout. Think if this was a car or a house purchase. It would be the same. You want to know what you are getting into before you take the micro-commitment of going to the checkout page.

    Although this is not a show-stopper, and it does sound like the author is a legitimate marketer that has a lot right, the changes that have happened over the years means that what he is teaching is not up-to-date, i.e. the backlinks recommendation. 

    There are ways to get backlinks naturally and they will come over time, and there are some ways to leverage the SEO juice that you can garner from YouTube, Google Sites, Google docs, etc. that are not going to hurt your rankings nor get you a penalty from Google. 

    I think you are right that there are better options out there, and Wealthy Affiliate is a good example. The comparison chart you added lays that out pretty clearly for me. Thanks for the effort in putting this review of the Forever Affiliate training platform together, it was very useful for me.

    • Hiya Dave! Thanks so much for your valid comments regarding your thoughts on this Forever Affiliate Review! I appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

      Clearly, there are some points of concern regarding this product and thank you for pointing them out. In the long run, it would pay to settle for something you as the user are absolutely comfortable with in knowing that they have you and your business first and foremost in their minds.  


  2. Thanks for this post on forever affiliate. I got introduced to online business some years back and forever affiliate marketing is one of platforms I looked into. However, it wasn’t for me.

    However, ever since I got started with my web based business, I have been able to get my bills paid on time and also I have freedon to spend as much time as I like at home with my family. 

    In the end I decided to go with Wealthy Affiliate and have never regreted it. They taught me everything on that platform and recommend it to anyone wanting to start a web-based business.

    • Hiya Rose and thanks for visiting and for your comments! It’s great that you have successfully started your web based business and are able to pay your bills on time! 

      I wish you even greater success for 2020 and beyond!

  3. This forever affiliate seems to be a blend of the good and not so good of the platform. Though the owner seems to be a person with enough wealth of experience on the field of affiliate marketing but then, having a program with this upsells always provokes me. I prefer platforms without upsells and also, the lack of support too is a downside. I think I will just stick with the platform I am on right now

    • Hey Benny! Thanks for calling in and for your comments and thoughts! You are right in sticking with what works for you. There are few products that don’t have upsells! If you can get all you need without the upsells then that would be a winner in my eyes!

      Thanks again and wishing you great success in 2020 and beyond!

  4. Hello Rina, thanks for sharing such an informative article. Forever affilate seems to be an alright program and being a legit business makes it sit comfortably with me and therefore appealing. Its concept appears to be okay because it makes room for a different line to making online money. Its prices are fair like you have said, but it has upsells and it’s not always cool with most people and myself included. Best regards.

    • Hiya Benson! Thank you for taking the time to offer your comments! When I am hearing the word upsell, it conjours up thoughts of journeying into the unknown. Not knowing if the upsell is an essential part to my business or not. Can my business still effectively generate profit without the upsell. I would rather know that I have all essential parts in my first purchase. 

      Then I wouldn’t mind that any upsells were complimentary to my operations. For example, it is not necessary to have a keyword tool such as Jaaxy in the begining when your business is small, because you can use Google search for finding great keywords. But Jaaxy is a useful quick tool for finding groups of money generating keywords. 

      In the end, if upsells include tools that are essential to your business right from the get go, they should be included in the initial offering and first purchase. 


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