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LeadPages Review - LeadPages website picIs LeadPages worth having in your arseanal of income generatring tools or is it just another time waster? I reveal all the detail in this LeadPages Review. Lets get going.


LeadPages is a web-based application with a suite of tools for making landing pages and pop-ups, the two important methods to capture more leads and convert these leads into paying customers. Growing and having a strong email list of your leads or prospects can be an advantage when it comes to increasing your business or blog traffic. LeadPages is an excellent landing page builder offering a wide range of special products to boost mobile and web conversions.

  • Product:                         LeadPages
  • Website:                         https://www.leadpages.net/product/website-builder
  • Price Range:                 $25 – $199/month
  • Founders:                    Clay Collins, Tracy Simmons and Simon Payne
  • Overall Ranking:       66/100 (3.3 out of 5)
  • Verdict:                          Legitimate

Who is it for?

LeadPages is for anyone who is looking to increase the number of people who subscribe to their e-mail list.

Businesses of all sizes and spanning across every industry take advantage of online marketing to capture new leads and conversions. Over the years, creating landing pages and pop-ups has been a reliable strategy to generate new leads and promote products.

If you are not keen on technology or not quite a tech-savvy marketer, creating a landing page can be a huge task that is exceedingly time-consuming. Turning over the job to a professional when you have little to no marketing dollars to spare is not an option. That is exactly the reason why there is LeadPages – to simplify the whole procedure for you. LeadPages promises to give you the tools needed in publishing high-converting landing pages for your lead-generation campaigns.

Brief History of LeadPages

In 2012, LeadPages was founded by Clay Collins, Tracy Simmons and Simon Payne. The Minnesota-based company was able to translate $38 million worth of capital into more than 44,000 users. Over the years, the company has generated more than 40 million leads, and the numbers continue to grow. At present, LeadPages has more than 100 staff working together to make sure people can capture more leads to boost their businesses.

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Getting Started with LeadPages

After creating a paid account to log in, you can have access to the LeadPages dashboard where you will be encouraged to create your first campaign. The LeadPages default page is where you can create a landing page.

LeadPages Review - Hand BinocularsA landing page is a great-looking webpage with a singular goal – to capture a visitor’s email address in exchange for an item, such as a webinar or an e-book. The page is purposely attractive not only to capture the attention of your visitor, but also to easily get them to provide their email address to your website. LeadPages gives you high-converting templates to launch your webpage.

A Look at the Features List

Here are some of the remarkable features LeadPages has to offer:

Landing Page Editors – This editor or builder feature allows you to edit the template to make it your own. There are two diverse landing page editors provided by LeadPages. The first one is the click editor which is the standard editor that enables you to make simple corrections to several fundamentals on the template and make quick alterations on simple properties, such as colours, images and fonts. After choosing a template design, creating a new landing page is just ten minutes away.

The other page is the drag and drop editor that gives you the total ability to re-arrange, delete and add fundamentals on the page. It is a powerful editor that gives you full control in crafting your landing page. It provides you with access to some great widgets, such as the Countdown timer.

LeadPages Templates – A range of templates is available to make it possible for you to choose the ones that best suit you. Each month, LeadPages add new templates, giving you more well-designed choices for almost any situation, whether for making Podcasts, Contest pages, FB landing pages, and more.

The Templates are Available in two Types

  • Standard – These tried and tested templates are guaranteed to give you high conversion rates. They are straightforward with little room for modification. Although the text can be edited and the sample images can be replaced, they cannot be moved around. Useless elements can be hidden, but this can lead to noticeable empty spaces.
  • Drag-and-Drop – These templates are more customizable, modern and with more options. The main cockpit has four principal tabs, namely: widgets, page layout, page style and page tracking, all meant to make editing the text and images a breeze.
  • Leadboxes – They are nifty boxes that can either pop up automatically or be triggered by a button click on a landing page. If the proper setting is made, Leadboxes have the potential to increase engagement and result in more leads for your business.

  • Leadlinks – They are links inserted into your broadcast emails through your email service provider. When the link is clicked by recipients, they become instantly registered to your email list without having to provide additional information.

  • Leaddigits – This useful feature allows your audience to opt-in to your email list through texting. Instead of just collecting email addresses, you can also build a text list to include people who are more likely to text than email.

  • LeadPages Integration – Your entire promotion strategy becomes holistically powerful by linking it through third-party integrations across multiple fields. Basically, LeadPages can be used along with other website platforms, such as (WordPress, Wix, Weebly, etc.), webinars, social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others), eCommerce, automation, payment processing (PayPal and Stripe), and more.

  • Lead Magnet Management – This feature stores the lead magnet file so you can conveniently connect to another system or your servers without having to link to them. It basically allows a lead magnet to be automatically sent to a subscriber either through single or double opt-in.

  • A/B Testing – It allows you to build alternate landing page versions which appear randomly with varying design tweaks to your visitors. The best performing version subsequently provides an ideal assessment opportunity. This feature is currently available in the standard templates/editor only, not in drag-and-drop.

  • Affiliate Programs – LeadPages offers affiliate programs that remunerate 30% frequent commissions on all sales made.

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Pricing Review

LeadPages is offered in three fundamental pricing plans: Standard, Pro, and Advanced. The cheapest is ideal for small businesses, the next one is for mid-sized enterprises, and the most expensive subscription, but the most cost-efficient plan is seemingly developed for users with extensive needs, like large-scale businesses.

The plans can be subscribed on a monthly, annual, or two-year basis. The entire strategy may look simple at first, but it can get a little confusing because some features are only available at specific plan options. The actual details are as follows:LeadPages Review - Price plan

  • Standard Plan – The pricing level of the Standard plan begins at $25 monthly rate if you pay for an entire year, or $17 per month for two-year plans. The two-year plan is 45% cheaper, but if you opt to pay monthly, the price becomes $37 per month.

Standard users get unlimited pages, traffic, leads, pop-ups and alert bars. All of the templates and standard integrations are accessible. Users get free hosting on their lead page, but can only get connected to one domain. There is the option to host a page on its own or to link it up with your own domain.

  • Pro Plan – This pricing tier costs $48 monthly. Upgrading to the Pro plan provides you with more perks that are not available in the Standard plan, such as connecting three domains, online sales and payments, unlimited A/B split testing, email trigger links, 10 opt-in text campaigns, and access to the lucrative LeadPages affiliate program. The plan also offers special discounts with partner companies.
  • Advanced Plan – For a price of $199 a month to be pre-paid yearly, you can have five free LeadPages sub-accounts as well as the Prop plan features if you choose the Advanced Annual Tier. A 38% off is given if you are pre-paying for one or two years. The plan comes with telephone support, advanced integrations, free virtual workshops, quick start call, and more Leaddigits messaging campaigns.

Customer Support

LeadPages has a customer support service that gives more priority to Pro and Advanced plan subscribers as part of the handy perks in their plans. Standard plan users get chat support during office hours on weekdays or need to open a support ticket.

The good news is that responses are available within 24 hours provided by responsive and qualified real human beings behind those avatars and not some programmed chatbots to answer the top 10 FAQs. In addition to that, LeadPages has a huge library of resources or “knowledge base” subscribers can use to help with the problems encountered.

The Good Things about LeadPages

  • Ease of Use – There is no need for prior coding or design experience. LeadPages gets the job done for you.
  • Tons of Templates – The availability of loads of templates for virtually every situation is more than enough to get you started on the right track.
  • Easy Integration – LeadPages can be used regardless of what CMS (content management system) you are using.
  • Access to Leadboxes – Having pop-up boxes can result in conversions that your business would have missed if not for this special feature by LeadPages.
  • Automatic Subscription – Leadlink allows people who click to the link in your broadcast emails to be automatically subscribed to your email list. Leaddigits also makes it possible for you to gather emails via text messages for offline situations.
  • Affiliate Programs – You get 30% frequent commissions on all sales made.

Complaints about LeadPagesLeadPages Review - Good and Bad

  • Quirky Landing Page Builder – The tool’s interface is often an issue for people who are very particular about their landing page designs. The tool tends to slow down once in a while, making it troublesome for those who are beating a tight deadline.
  • Standard Templates – The lack of drag-and-drop feature makes it extremely inflexible when it comes to customization options.
  • Unavailability of A/B Testing for Standard Users – Unfortunately, A/B Testing is only accessible for Pro and Advanced users only. In order to gain the benefits of A/B testing, Standard users need to upgrade to the higher plans to see which pages are working and which ones needs improvement.
  • Pricey Plan – LeadPages is relatively a costly investment for internet marketing beginners.

Final Opinion

Building a large subscriber list assures any online business of high conversation rate because the mailing list is where the money is. Out of all the ways to build a subscriber list, opt-in forms and landing pages top the most popular ways to ace the job. Unfortunately, they are not easy to make, especially if you have no coding and design skills.

If you need sleek, responsive landing pages, LeadPages does what it says and does it well enough to improve your conversion funnel and make money. It is a great platform with a powerful tool that delivers on its promise in creating effective and beautiful landing pages and building a subscriber list.

LeadPages is probably not the cheapest, but with a huge community behind it, and all the functionality of all its features, it is safe to say that at $25 per month, the price is reasonable and you are getting your money’s worth.

Alternative Option

It’s always a good idea to compare the features of one product with another in the ‘Making Money Online’ indusrty. So, here we have a comparison between LeadPages and another ‘make money online giant, Wealthy Affiliate!


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12 thoughts on “LeadPages Review”

  1. I have heard good reviews about LeadPages. I really like your review because you present things in a very balanced way. I appreciate it has these three plans and I’ll start with the standard version. I also appreciate you have stated these complaints. One of the most important features for me is the A/B testing. A handy feature I can use to determine the performance of each test version of my home page. I have also seen this in the Clickfunnels platform. A handy feature to have.

    • Hiya Henry! Great to have your comments and it definately helps to have the A/B testing for sure. It takes out the guess work and trying to figure out how well a landing page for example, is doing. LeadPages were thoughtful in this regard. 

  2. Hi! I know this program is a bit pricey. But I like all the features it has to offer. I also appreciate it’s solid, allowing us to grow our business and still keep by their side. I didn’t know they had more than 100 employees and that they were based in Minnesota. I have already made up my mind. Thanks for allowing me to make a well informed desision.

    • Hiya Paolo! Thanks for your comments and thoughts. I would appreciate any thoughts on your experience if you do indeed decide to try them out. It’s always good to have others opinions as it helps other readers make an informed decision as well about this product LeadPages.

  3. This is quite interesting and enticing but as much as I want a deal, I have to still consider the down side of this offer. Landpages offers nice services, creating a large subscriber list is a great thing to do in any business as it’ll will enable high conversation rate but I think by virtue of the prices, and the kind of treatment given to the standard subscribers, I don’t like the offer, it’s kind of inconsiderate as it’s not everyone that’ll be able to afford the upgrade to pro. I really think there are lucrative and paying offers online that will be more member friendly and resourceful. You’ve done a great job by putting this information together, and thanks but, I will pass on this one.


    • Hi there! 

      Great to have you stop by and for your comments. There are indeed quite a few offers that are simply unafordable for the average person getting started in the online affiliate business for example and other offers that are simply not up for the job. Then there are the upsells which can catch a person off gaurd if especially, one is not aware of the upsells in the first instance, or it’s not obvious in their product promotions at the start. 

      There are affordable models which can cost about $1 a day such as Wealthy Affiliate (read a review here), and the training covers everything and is updated constantly with any changes in the industry. So, yes if one is looking to get the best value out of every dollar they can afford, then I would say that WA is the place to be.  

  4. Leadpages is a kind of business that most people would want to do but I think the complaints placed on it are grievous and can’t be neglected as those aspects seems to be the most vital, talking of standard templates, Quirky Landing Page Builder and also being expensive. It’s true that building a large subscriber list makes it possible for online business to reach out better to more but this service can’t be enjoyed if it’s not done in a more conducive platform for online marketing. Thanks

    • Great points! Hiya and thank you for your comments and points you have raised. Unlike yourself, many don’t read the complaints and therefore can miss the point on some vital aspects regarding the legitimacy and perfornance of a product. In saying that, not all complaints are warranted but if the same complaint comes up several times by different users then more than likely it is a valid complaint and will indeed compromise that product unless some real attention is given to fixing and improving it by its creators.   

  5. Wow! This is really great and I think I’m in luck to have come across something of this nature in here. Lead pages seems to be the answer to all my problems of building landing pages lol. Well! I have no prior experience in it neither and I am a programmer but to make money in affiliate marketing, one needs to build a high converting landing page to help increase email list and subscribers and that to me, is simply awesome if in deed it can perform to my expectations. Thank you! 

    • Hi Rodarrick. I would say that LeadPages is an option but not the best performing product out there for sure. There are a lot of these kind of products that offer ‘a’ part to online marketers rather than a full and complete toolbox. Therefore, you would think that they would spend more time and dedication to perfecting that tool. This is not always the case. Their motivation might be to just turn as many sales as they can for a sub-standard product. I hope that in this case, LeadPages actually cares about how well their product performs rather than turning a quick buck for a crappy product. Be sure to read my other reviews at the top of this page in the menu bar. 

  6. Now this is what I’m talking about as a tool that can really make the difference. Leadpages is really a great platform that can help with email list and also help improve conversion rates on my promoted products. Getting to build a normal and standard landing page has yielded little to no success at all so, I’m very glad that I came across this. I’m going to opt in for the standard plan first to get a feel of how things are.

    • Hiya Bella! Great to have you stop by and for your comments and thoughts! The promoters and creators tend to promise a lot in a product, but in the end it is up to the end user and whether you think you can get value from a product. I wish you luck in your ventures and hope LeadPages lives up to your expectations.  


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