Klippyo Kreators Review

Klippyo Kreators Review - Klippyo website picKlippyo are making a name for themselves among online marketers who are always looking for ways to make video creation easy. I reveal why and how they do it here in this Klippyo Kreators Review. Let’s crack on.


Klippyo Kreators (Klippyo) is a brand new web-based software that can be used to create amazing high quality, engaging video content with just a few clicks. It allows you to create professional-looking videos, intros, outros, overlays, graphics, images, and many more either from your laptop or desktop. What’s even better is that you can also create videos from your mobile device, and edit, publish and share them from the comfort of your own palm.

Klippyo Kreators Review

  • Product: Klippyo
  • Vendor: Joey Xoto
  • Home Page: klippyo.com/kreators/
  • Launch Date: 2019-May-28
  • Front-End Price: $47/month
  • Refund: 30 days money back guarantee
  • Ranked: 83 out of 100 (4.15/5)
  • Verdict:  Legitimate

Who is it for?

Klippyo is suitably designed for people who want to create quality and unique videos. The product is strongly recommended for:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Small or Local Businesses
  • Product creators and promoters
  • Shop and business owners
  • Video agencies and marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Offline marketers
  • and even newbies

In today’s digital world, having quality and unique video content is one of the best tools for companies to advertise their products and increase their sales. Videos have the power to dominate over social media and provide more information without getting the audience bored.

Unfortunately, the lack of skill to create professional-looking videos for marketing your product can be a big hurdle. Moreover, it is not easy to make high-quality videos. Learning the complex process of filming and editing can be time-consuming and it does not assure you of producing the right kind of video.Klippyo Kreators Review - Light bulb people

It can really drive you crazy and put a lot of pressure when doing the job under a tight budget, and for thousands of times. If only there is any simpler and faster way to create a video and still meet the requirement of high standard.

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Your search ends with Klippyo! With this powerful web-based video creator, creating your video will be a piece of cake. Klippyo is the future of video creation. Roll down to further explore the product.

What is Klippyo?

Klippyo is a web-based application that supports you in creating your own high-quality video in minutes. It takes away the need for technical skills or the hassle of finding images or audios for your video project.

The video creator is so simple to use that you can build your own high-quality video from anywhere with your devices in formats correctly optimized for social media. All this you can do by yourself without using any complicated software or hiring a professional.

Klippyo boasts of a massive library of unique images, videos and audios you can use to give your videos a higher edge in terms of engagement. The flexibility Klippyo gives allows you to easily edit, publish and share your completed videos on your channels. You can also sell your own masterpiece on the Kreator Marketplace, the place where members can sell their video creations to all other Klippyo members.

About the Creator

Klippyo was created by Viddyoze, the leading automated 3D animation team of experienced designers and developers who are passionate about video creation. The global team of 40 has a track record of performance and has served more than 100,000 customers, as well as several of the largest companies including Vodafone, Sony, DHL, Tesla, Verizon, Scania and Philips. The team is headed by Joey Xoto.

Joey Xoto is the talented software creator of Klippyo. For a long time, Joey has been active in marketing and promoting digital products of nearly 20,000 sales on JVZoo. He has earned his reputation from the many physical products he created which have been thoroughly tested by experts before their release. Among his products with trusted performance are InstaThumbnail, Viddyoze, Prospectrr, Video Marketers Guide, Video Persuasion Method, Viddyoze Live Action, and more.

Most of Joey’s software mainly focuses on video creation, considered as the toughest part for most marketers. It is not surprising for Klippyo to be created for the purpose of helping newbies and seasoned marketers meet the growing needs in creating videos using the latest trend.

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The Five Simple Steps to Create Awesome Videos with Klippyo

  • Step #1: Login to Klippyo from anywhere. As a 100% web-based program, Klippyo allows you to work anywhere, regardless of device you are using: laptop or PC, mobile phone or tablet.
  • Step #2: Shoot your video using your own footage or importing a pre-existing video into the Klippyo editor.
  • Step#3: Make your video impressive. The Klippyo editor does its job in creating perfect videos without a sweat.
  • Step#4: Make your video doubly impressive. There are unlimited choices to select from when adding professional intros, outros and interactive captions that will surely make your videos professional-looking.
  • Step#5: Publish your video. Your awesome video can be published from right inside of the app either to your favourite social platform or multiple platforms.Klippyo Kreators Review - Selfy

Outstanding Features that Klippyo can Create

Get ready to create top-notch, profit-generating videos from any of your device with Klippyo’s remarkable features:

  • Square or rectangular professional videos in minutes
  • Social video memes in just one tap
  • Classic videos
  • Multiple aspect ratios
  • Professional editing suite
  • Direct social media integration
  • Emojis and stickers in seconds
  • Intros and outros
  • Intros and outros pro
  • Captions
  • Captions pro
  • Quotes
  • Automatic annotation

And the best part is you get the following benefits:

  • Access to all features
  • Create unlimited videos
  • Commercial rights to sell Klippyo videos to customers
  • Choose from and download 80 re-usable assets from a strong stock collection of 300,000
  • Full customer support
  • Viddyoze integration
  • 10 intros and outros for non-Viddyoze users
  • 10 full-length customizable video sequences
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Klippyo Sale Funnels: Price and EvaluationKlippyo Kreators Review - Champions Cup

Klippyo is priced differently, but there are two options to suit your needs and goals.

  • Klippyo Personal License ($77) is for single users who are creating video content to be used for their own business. The licenses and features of the video to be created will be limited.
  • Klippyo Studio License ($97) has commercial rights with an unlimited license and additional special features. It means you can resell unlimited videos and earn more.

In addition, you can upgrade some more to the following OTOs for your business:

  • Upsell 1: Klippyo Studio ($47/mo) – Unlimited access to the Kreator Marketplace; Unlimited downloads from over 300,000 premium video assets; thousands of new assets to choose from every month; 5 new intros and outros every single month.
  • Upsell 2: Masterclass ($197) – This is a high-level class taught by the master of video Derrel Eves. Derrel is the famous YouTube expert with more than 500,000 subscribers and more than one billion views. Here you will learn how to target the right niche, get powerful referrals, build authority, prospect well-paying clients, and eventually close deals.

Pros and Cons


  • Does not require skill, experience or support of other software
  • Comes with commercial license
  • Powerful operation
  • Simple interface to use
  • 100% newbie-friendly
  • Direct social media integration
  • 100% cloud based
  • Phenomenal 24/7 customer support
  • Instant import from YouTube
  • Integrated with Viddyoze Stock and Shutter Stock
  • 300k stock video and approximately 1000 audio tracks available to download
  • Shoot, edit and publish from different devices
  • Reasonable price
  • Endless customization
  • Quick access
  • Huge demandsKlippyo Kreators Review - Cons


  • Requires high speed internet connection
  • Need to get upsell #1 to fully benefit from it
  • The length the vertical bars cannot be altered
  • The preview length of the Shutterstock videos is too short

Is Klippyo Worth buying?

Most of the times you may have some doubts whether or not to invest in certain product for fear it may not measure up to your expectations and needs. With Klippyo, however, you can be sure about a product that really works.

Klippyo is an investment that is entirely without risk. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so it wipes out all your risk and doubts about buying this amazing product. After all, the price is quite reasonable considering that Klippyo is a very high-quality web-based video creator packed with superb features and benefits.

So, grab the chance and make the best deal before the price goes up.

Final Opinion

If you are creating videos for social media sites and other platforms, you know how frustrating it can be to come up with a so-so video because you lack the knowhow. Going through a lot of video-making process does not assure that your video will get noticed. Publishing an inferior video with content that you cannot count on can easily get you out of the game. Even if you have the best content, it can be difficult to turn the tide against those videos that are expertly crafted by skilled individuals.

The good news is there is a tool that can help you quickly create top-notch videos with ease. With Klippyo, you can create A-1 videos and add all those professional touches to double your chances of taking the higher rank.

Klippyo is a cloud software that helps you create jaw-dropping videos in a few clicks in a matter of minutes. The best part is that you can further improve your videos using the wide selection of stock images, clips, templates, intros and overlays to edit and be done so you can share your video directly from the software to your customers and followers.

Klippyo is an app that lets you finally create the highest quality videos that you really want. Finally, you can now have the edge in viewer engagement. Suffice to say, you can be paid for your efforts. Can it get better than this? Make sure to check out my #1 recommendation.

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14 thoughts on “Klippyo Kreators Review”

  1. In the past I’ve tried many times to conquer the video marketing world – linking various vids back to the articles on my site etc. Unfortunately I’ve never really nailed this form of marketing. 

    What was the quality of my videos like?

    Well, obviously not up to standard, that’s why I find this product so interesting. 

    Is the actual video editor easy to use? I often find these editors really poor for workflow, and I’m wondering if Klippyo is any different?

    • Hiya Chris! Thanks for calling by and for the comments and questions. Because the editing is all done from the app, this makes the process of editing simple. You don’t have to learn how to use several programmes to compile a video. It’s all done from the app. If you are familiar with using Viddyoze then you would know how easy it is to build video intros and outros for example, and this is the same team that built Klippyo. Hope this helps and thanks again for visiting. 

  2. Very interesting concept. I don’t really know if video is much better than just promoting a written article. I would have to assume so, given in my own opinion vs. reading long gated articles/blogs.

    But, does this platform offer the availability to set your own sizing format? Or does it size it automatically upon recording?

    Yours in Success,


    • Hi Shaun! Thanks for your valid comments and question.

      Klippyo let you choose the sizing from a bunch of ratio options including Facebook Ads, Facebook Story, Instagram, Pinterest for example. You select the ratio beforehand which you can view before exporting.

      Hope this helps!


  3. Wow! I am so loving this Klippyo kreators product. It sounds like the perfect tool every video creator should have.

    I am at the stage I want to start incorporating videos into my blog and for youtube channel. That aspect of shooting and expediting has always possed a big problem for me.

    But this Klippyo Kreators surely seems to be the answer to that.

    What I love most about this product is the diverse use, especially being available for mobile users.

    And the idea for members to be able to sell their videos in the kreator market place also a very good way to go. I believe it will encourage people to invest in the use of Kyprto Kreator the more.

    The only thing that puts me down is the upsells, makes me feel like the front end price may not cover much. Guess I will have to find that out though 

    Thanks for sharing..


    • Hi Queen! Great to have you stop by for a while and great to have your comments. Yes, the monthly price would indeed be over the affordability line for some for sure. Klippyo have product known as Klippyo Studio for a one off cost of $97, which will let you create and export up to 80 videos, so, could be a great option for some.\

      Hope this helps.


  4. I need something like this. A software that I can use to do more with videos. Can it be used to upload directly to YouTube? And does it have a free or lite version that I can still use for now until I’ll be able to afford the monthly plan? Because I am just starting out online. Although, With your detailed review, I know that the software is worth the price. Thanks.

    • Hiya! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and for the comments and questions. 

      You can buy Klippyo Studio for a one off price of $97 if you couldn’t afford to go monthly. However, some of the features would not be available to you but you can still create and export videos. 

      Klippyo allows you to export your video to your hard drive first as an mp4 file so, before you go ahead to uploaded it to Youtube.

      Hope this helps…

      …and wishing you great success!

  5. Thank you for being completely honest with your review becuase some people will lure others to use a software without mentioning that there is an upsells that one will need to pay for before it can work effectively. I’m happy that you have mentioned that here and I will make sure that I try using klippyo because it’s really cool and user friendly. Thanks for the detailed review.

  6. Wow! This is as close to what I need right now as possible and I’m delighted I came across this klippyo kreators. Video marking is becoming the new cool and virtually everyone is switching over to it. It can cover diverse topics within a short minute and that is awesome. Thanks for doing a detailed review of klippyo. I love the fact that it is very user friendly and that is great and the fact that it does not include technicalities too. I like that. Thanks so much for this review. I’m surely checking it out right away.

    • Hi Shelley! It’s been great to have you stop by and also great to have your comments. You sound excited to get started with Klippyo! Just a heads up that it’s worth watching the training videos first to get a handle on the functions when editing with Klippyo as it’s not exactly evident when using it. However, once you know then it can really cut down on the creating part. Have fun!

  7. Very interesting one this, and I found the information to be helpful. Klippyo kreators surely have some very good features that is standout and make it a good purchase for money if you make good use of. I really like the prospect of making videos with these easy steps without having to edit and redo over again. Since blogging is becoming more popular, I might as well condense some of my blogposts to video and use it to attract more traffic to my website. Once again a great review!

    • Hi Ramos! Thanks for taking time out to visit. Klippyo is certainly a programme that helps to make vidoe creation simpler for sure. Once you get the hang of how to use the editor (training videos are inlcuded) you can certainly value for money from it.  


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