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Solo Build It Review - Solo Build It website picWhy has ‘Solo Build It’ changed it’s name a number of times? So what caused this to happen and is something they are hiding? I reveal in this Solo Build It Review all the detail you need to know about Solo Build It. Lets get started.


Solo Build It! (SBI!), formerly Site Build It, is an affiliate training and a website building membership site. It is a platform that provides an online training program designed to help create websites that build profitable businesses at great success. The step-by-step training is supported by both video and written form to serve as guide throughout the entire learning journey. There are also different tools available to help automate some tasks and grow your online business.

  • Product:                     Solo Build It (used to be “Site Build It”)
  • Product Type:          Online Marketing Training Platform
  • Website:           
  • Price:                           $299 year, or $29.99 month
  • CEO / Founder:       Ken Evoy
  • Ranking:                   3.55 out of 5 (71/100)
  • Verdict:                     Legit

Who Is It For?

Solo Build It! is mainly for beginners. It is designed to help:

  • ​Stay at home parents
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Network Marketers
  • Retirees
  • Students and teens
  • Local businesses
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to build a website and make money online

Solo Build It! is a membership business platform of around 130,000 members. They call themselves the “All-in-one-platform” that state there is no need to look for your own third-party website hosting, website builder, and keyword research tool. It provides everything you need -from tools, training and support, to help you start running your own online business from scratch.

Solo Build It! is rebranded from what it used to be called as Site Build It!, which was originally formed in 1997, with headquarters in Montreal, Canada. The company was founded by Ken Evoy who used to be a producer of eBooks until the early 2000s. The name was changed in 2017 for two possible reasons:

Solo Build It! claims that they are not just a typical “website builder,” but a “business builder” or even a “solopreneur incubator.”

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Solo Build It! wants to revive the reputation of the company tainted by negative online reviews. Renaming the company to Solo Build It allows them to retain the well-known moniker of “SBI” while getting a host of new reviews to be found on Google.

Solo Build It! has gone through a few different names since it was launched in 1997, the first being SiteSell Inc, and then Site Build It, and now it is known as Solo Build It!. Behind all those layers of names is a platform that offers some really specific training that will help you create engaging and relative content that will not only please your audience, but the search engines at the same time. This is a balance that is necessary to get traffic to your site and ultimately to your offers.

How Does Solo Build It Work?

Solo Build It! works on a business building framework called C-T-P-M which stands for:

Solo Build It! Review - C.T.P.M

  • C for Content: After finding a niche for your website, create unique content that will define your online presence, including your website content and social media posts.
  • T for Traffic:
    Your content needs to attract and drive traffic through a number of sources, such as search engines and social media.
  • P for PREsell: Through your content, you will engage with your visitors and “pre-sell yourself” by building a trust relationship.
  • M for Monetize: By developing a steady stream of traffic, you can start converting visitors who are willing to buy (“pre-sold”) and earn money from your website

10 Day Course

The Action Guide: This 10-day course consists of text, video and audio that will take you through the step-by-step process from the initial stages to the point of making money using your website.

  • Intro: The 10-DAY BIG Picture
  • DAY 1: Master the ALL-Important Basics
  • DAY 2: Develop Your Best Site Concept
  • DAY 3: Brainstorm More Profitable Page Topics
  • DAY 4: Investigate and Plan Monetization Options
  • DAY 5: How to Refine Your Site Concept and Register Your Domain Name
  • DAY 6: Learn to Build a Site That Gets the Click
  • DAY 7: Ways to Build Free Traffic From a Variety of Sources
  • DAY 8: Develop Relationships
  • DAY 9: Know Your Visitors
  • DAY 10: Monetize

Tools and Modules: SBI claims to have more than 80 training modules that are constantly updating within the membership area. The main tools that come with SBI are:Solo Build It! Review - Tools

  • Site Designer & Block Builder: SBI’s own site building tool that features a drag-and-drop function for building a website even with no coding experience.
  • Brainstorm It!: SBI’s version of a keyword search tool to help members find the right keyword to get their site ranked.
  • MailOut Manager: Email newsletter publishing tool
  • Trust Building and Social Media Integration Tools
    such as Face It! (Facebook) Pin It! (Pinterest), Social Button Integration, Socialize It, Autoresponder/Form Build It, Facebook’s Open Graph Tags, Email Newsletter Publishing, and Blog It
  • Traffic Building System and Analytics Tools include Automatic Search Engine Sitemap Creation, Automatic Search Engine Pinging, Automatic Search Engine Tracking, State of the Web Private Traffic Headquarters, Search Engine Ranking Reports, Traffic Stats and Click Analysis, Pay Per Click Acceleration
  • New and Updated Tools: AdSense It, Brainstorm It v4.0, Content 2.0 Multi-Image, EU Cookie Widget, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Google PageSpeed Optimizations Built In, Google reCAPTCHA Integration with SBI, MailChimp & AWeber Integration, Open Graph Tags, Pinterest Action Guide, Pinterest Follow, Priority Build It

Domain and Hosting: The domain name is included in the initial purchase. You can choose a domain according to your liking and Solo Build It! will register it in your name at no extra cost. Top quality hosting is also included, providing you with free unlimited and reliable web hosting with email for one year.

Email: The plan includes a fully-integrated email service. You can integrate any email service with SBI.

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How Much Does Solo Build It! Cost?

Solo Build It! offers two pricing options:

  • BlockBuilder 2: ($29.99 per month, or $299 if you pay 12 months in advance, 2 months free) – This uses SBI’s in-house website builder. The price includes all the tools, training and support plus free web hosting and domain registration.
  • WordPress: ($17 per month, or $149 if you pay 12 months in advance, 3+ months free), plus web hosting fee ($60) and domain registration fee ($10).

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Solo Build It! offers no free trial. You need to pay for at least one month to gain access to the modules. There is, however a 100% “no question asked” refund within a 90-day period. If payment is made 12 months in advance, the money back guarantee applies on a pro-rata basis.


Solo Build It! has a great support system 24/7, which can be relied upon when you need it. Assistance from past and present members can be obtained in Solo Build It! Forum – a friendly, social community of Solo Build It! users who freely help each other by offering advice and encouragement.

They also have support tools such as Unlimited Customer Support, Private Resources Headquarters, Integrated Online Help, Private Tips and Techniques Headquarters, and SBI Xpress Newsletter. There is, however, no direct contact with the company owner.

What to Like About Solo Build It!

  1. Good quality training in both written and high-quality videos
  2. Useful and supportive tools
  3. All-in-one system for creating a website and building an online business
  4. 90 days money back guarantee
  5. Support from a huge community
  6. Site security

Negative ViewsSolo Build It! - Pros and Cons

  1. No free trial
  2. Use of some risky methods like link building, which can get your site penalized by Google
  3. No free option to join with no credit card required
  4. Only one website per membership
  5. Outdated, old-school websites
  6. Despite having a WordPress option, SBI! Is still pushing their old Site Design system.
  7. No live chat support or direct access to the owner
  8. Cannot move your site to another hosting company
  9. An upgrade is needed once your site has received more than 500 visitors.

Final Opinion

Solo Build It! Is not a scam or a platform to avoid like what has been implied negatively in many reviews, causing it to rebrand itself. There are many good features to help get your online business up and successfully run it.

One of its main attractions is its DIY fashion in creating inexpensive but effective website online, using all the training, tools and modules offered. Over the years, the product has evolved and continues to fulfil a need. It looks like, however, SBI! has to adapt to the changing landscape, in particular with Google algorithm updates and the rise of WordPress.

Is Solo Build It! still a good product in 2019?

Yes, and it is an ideal choice if you are starting out in the online world. If you are a newbie with no prior experience on the net or who wants to succeed after a series of online failures, Solo Build It! could be for you. You can be your own boss at a cost that is less than a dollar per day.

If you are someone with experience within internet marketing, SBI! may seem pretty basic and a little repetitive for you. The fact that it does not use WordPress as the primary method to build websites can also be a big reservation when it comes to using SBI! for your online business. If you are, however, okay with owning just a domain name and having limited control of your website, then Solo Build It! is a good program that offers probably what you need.

Alternative Affiliate Training Option

Lets have a look at an alternative to Solo Build It! with 4 million users to date! It’s always good to compare one product with another. So, here is a comparison chart between Solo Build It! and Wealthy Affiliate, a world leader in Affiliate Marketing Training and Hosting and similar in price to Solo Build It!

Join over a Million Members

Who Have Started Their Own Online Business.

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Rina Walker

Rina Walker - Founder of EarningOnline.come

I am Rina Walker the founder of Earning Online and have been running a successful affiliate marketing website and blogging about earning online opportunites since November 2016. The niches that I am involved in include Wealth Creation, Permaculture, Action Cameras and Social Enterprise - all of which I have a great interest in.

I'm also involved in helping, supporting and coaching online entrepreneurs of all levels to build and run their own successful web-based affiliate business.

10 thoughts on “Solo Build It Review”

  1. If there is anything I hate the most, it is when going through a website that is not beautiful. I love well organised, clean and beautiful websites because they have a way of keeping the reader engaged. I love your website. So Solo Build It websites are old school? Too bad then, because we are in the modern times these days! 🆕

    • Ah… thank you Techie for the compliment? I wasn’t expecting it LOL. But I am glad you like the website. Also, that is an interesting statement regarding Solo Build It. I’ll take it though. Thanks again for the visit and for the comments…and compliment!

  2. Very good contrast here of the pros and cons, AND, how you’ve explained that this system might be a good choice for an absolute newbie to online marketing and technology platforms in general.  And the quality of training videos is an appealing feature.  

    However, I think for many people, the fact that you have pointed to their slow adoption of newer tools, techniques, is a significant draw-back.  And many people would like flexibility of expanding beyond a single site so that’s a good point as well.  

    In my opinion, this review does a good job of fairly representing, with credibility, the suitability of the platform for people having different initial needs and expectations.  

    I wonder how large the base of members and network is?  So, has it really “caught-on” and is it still growing well?  That’s just something to consider sharing here,  but before joining, I’m sure people can find out more about that if it’s important to them

    Thanks for the information and assessment!


    • Hiya John, thanks for visiting and for your comments also. I always encourage people to research their topic well before deciding on anything. It’s a good idea to read reviews like this as quite frequently they are similar in nature so it should be able to pick out the consistencies. 

      Videos are always good training tools if done well and the information is not redundant or out of date. It takes more than videos though to have a great chance at earining online success. It takes a willingness to put in the time, an arsenal of tools, up to date training, support from experts, a hosting and business management platform to house your business on in the case of web-based business.

      Of course you can earn from simpler models as is the case with online surveys, but if one is looking to earn serious money for example 5,000 10,000 50,000 100,000 plus, then you need a serious platform such as Wealthy Affiliate to make its happen.

      I very much appreciate you taking the time to contribute.


  3. Oh man! I was beginning to fall in love with Solo Build It, but when I saw the negative side of it (cons), it wasn’t a very good thing. If there was a free trial, I would have given it a try. They should have given a one week free trial if they really have confidence in their system. I love tasting before buying to be sure of what I’m paying for.

    • Hiya! Thanks for stopping by and for your comments. Yes I definately think like you that there should be a free trial aswell, especially so if you have confidence in your product to work for anyone at any ability level. So people should be able to taste before buying. 

      I think that if you allow this it will help the reptutaion of your product and you as a founder/owner/developer can stand by your product even when there is the inevitable negative feedback because you can’t please everyone all of the time and no one is perfect.

      But, if you can promote your product/service confidently and not hype it up to be something it clearly can’t deliver on, then having a free trial will be an advantage including of course to the customer. 


  4. Frankly, I shudder at the thought of not having complete control over my own web site.  It also bothers me that opting into Word Press costs extra rather than being stuck with an old-school website that has to be maintained by someone else.  The limit of only one website is totally ridiculous.  As per your last question – absolutely, I think that a program like this should feel confident enough in itself to have a free trial period!  I think I shall give this one a pass.  Thank you for all of the useful information.

    • Hiya and thanks for your valid comments. There are definately better options out there including giving multiple websites which is great for scaling your business to new heights. Oh there is a free trial with it too! So be sure to read my #1 recommendation!

  5. Thank you for this review. I am glad that this product “solo build it” is legit. 
    I was worried that it is another scam or some kind of misleading product. 

    I didn’t realize that it has been around for more than 20 years. It also looks pretty decent. 
    I have also stumbled upon the other course, called Wealthy Affiliate – it has a free trial version, but they offer more websites if I understood correctly. 

    Which one would you recommend? 
    Thanks a lot for your feedback in advance


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