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American Online Jobs Review - LogoWhen it comes to legitimate online jobs, you expect to find genuine job vacancies and information on what these jobs are and other relevant information. I reveal the detail in this American Online Jobs Review and then let you know if it is worth your time and effort.


American Online Jobs Review sure sounds like it is a place to find a job in the online space and therefore it all sounds great so far. It even starts out asking questions that appear to be a reasonable request. But what’s really behind the screen?


After the short questionnaire there is a short instructional video. The video was only there to show where to go on the site and what to click. The audible is of poor quality. Not a good start. The appearance of this page wasn’t the sort of thing you would expect to see for a professional online job site. And it didn’t have the information you would expect either.


American Online Jobs Review - gaming landing page

Before clicking the CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW I was asked to fill out an application form which looked like any standard form. After asking a few questions I clicked the red CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW button and it took me to ‘Join Now’ landing page as shown in the screenshot to the right. Not what I was expecting but then again I wasn’t surprised by what I was seeing by now. No sign of an application form which is what I was expecting to see. Instead, I am confronted with a landing page for a Casino promotion page which raised red flags for me. Oh no, not good so far.


A second video introduces you to create an account and sign up for various bonus offers. Unbelievably, you are instructed to choose and fill in three promotion SURVEYS of your choosing. By now you are also seeing Company ‘JOIN HERE’ promotion Ads including InboxDollars, Toluna, MySurvey, OpinionOutPost and more. Clearly, American Online Jobs is not what it appears to be!

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If you have not heard of Bait and Switch before, it is when you are being baited just like American Online Jobs is doing here. It is not upfront about what American Online Jobs actually is, hoping I think that people will not realise its real intent and go ahead to sign up to these various offers anyway. So, Bait and Switch lures you in and directs you to sign up to a survey site like Tesler in this case. It might be another site depending on your location. Not exactly a ‘job’ of sorts. More red flags I’m afraid!

American Online Jobs Review - Tesler


  • The first red flag – Even before you browse the AOJ site, is that Google does not consider this site to be secure. You can see this by looking up at the URL marker at the top left hand corner of the page window.

    American Online Jobs Reciew - not secure

  • The second red flag – Lack of relevant information in regard to a Job site.
  • The third red flag – the CASH CABIN window which looks like you are about to enter a Casino site! This might be another promotion site depending on your location.
  • The fourth red flag – is the 8 ‘JOIN NOW’ ’promotion ads.
  • The fifth red flag – being instructed from the video to fill out three surveys. The site won’t actually let your progress without filling in the surveys.

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When you hover over a company ad banner you will see something like this – which pops up at the bottom of the left hand corner of the window. This is a TPM Rotator which is a site that gives links to you that are able to be rotated to different sites. At the end of the day, AOJ is simply redirecting site visitors to different websites. You won’t find a job here!


Nope! There are no jobs here! There are only promotion opt in links that when clicked, take you to other sites.


It is not worth the time if it is a job that pays decent money for a good day’s work. To make anything near what a legitimate job pays, you would have to remain active on these survey sites and then some. If you want to get paid peanuts then go for it – but I don’t think anyone wants to work for peanuts.

IS AOJ A SCAM?American Online Jobs Review - face

There is enough here to suggest that AOJ is a scam. If not a scam then a very disappointing and deceptive experience. There are a ton of these kind of sights out there!

Lets just summarise what I think are the red flags.

  • The name American Online Jobs says nothing about this site being a sign up portal for online surveys – deceiptive.
  • No real information in the videos apart from where to go and what to click – dah!
  • Directed to Casino Sign-up window – dah!
  • Being instructed on how to sign up for surveys – dah!
  • Uses Bait and Switch tactics.


You are not going to earn a job wage or salary here! In saying that, you would have to fill a ton load of surveys to earn anything near a regular legitimate job income here.

It’s a weak attempt at legitimizing its real offerings when you know the signs. It preys on the gullible and sites like this are still around because people are still signing up for their offers.

There are truly better ways to make money working from home and online. Legitimate ones with nothing to hide! If you are interested in starting a legitimate business from home then check out my #1 recommendation – it includes a free business website, free hosting, free tools and a load of free training. You can’t ask for anything more.

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6 thoughts on “American Online Jobs Review”

  1. Hello, I want to say a big thanks for putting together such an amazing review on the American Online Jobs. Thanks for exposing these red flags on this site, it’ll really help people like me. I want to agree with you that the American Online Job site is indeed a very disappointing and a deceptive site. It’s so outrageous for them to allow people to invest their time in and yet not get what he or she was there for. But please is there no way such sites are able to be banned so people don’t fall victim to this scam?

    • Hi Sheddy!

      Thanks for your comments and question. It’s a great question as well. The internet is a vast place with litterally billions of websites and the only real way to stop dodgy sites like this is to report them to a Consumer Protection Agency in your Country. In my case I would report such things to who will investigate when they receive enough complaints for the site. However, people need to do their own investigating as you have done, before parting with their money. Reading reviews like this is a great place to start ones research.

  2. This is an awesome review of AOJ. I have heard of this company before and wanted to find out more information before providing any information. When I clicked on apply now and was taken to another website that resulted in survey taking. Your red flags outweigh the pros of AOI and make me not even want to consider this company again. My question would be is it safe to fill out these survey forms and will they flood my email account with spam?

    • Hiya Jannette!

      Thank you for your comments and your question about spam. It is likely that you will receive spam email when you include your email on a form. What you could do to avoid having to deal with the spam is to always check the spam feature with suspected spam emails to your inbox. You could also use another email address specifically for these type of opt-in forms therefore avoiding having to use your personal and/or work email.   

  3. Hello,

    A job site that takes you to a casino landing page? Very suspicious indeed, unless you’re applying for a job at a casino … Everything screams scam here … American Online Jobs sounds like a reputable employment website, but the name is just deceiving you. I can’t believe how they try to lure people in with a false company name, but it’s not the first time I see it … I’m relieved that I found this review!

    If it’s not trusted by Google, why is this site still up? 

    • Hiya Christine!

      Great to have your qestions and for the question which is a great question by the way. 

      Google does not actually take sites down for starters. But, instead Google wants to avoid compromised security for all sites and so strongly encourages all site owners to move from HTTP to HTTPS. Google is giving the entire web a shove towards more secure, encrypted connections.

      Therefore in Google Chrome, the “Not Secure” warning you see in the address bar is because the web page or website being visited is not providing a secure connection.

      Hope this explains it for your Christine.


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