OmniNet Web Hosting Review

OmniNet Web Hosting Review - broadbandIn this OmniNet Web Hosting Review I reveal the details of this hosting product from New Zealand. Find out if OmniNet Web Hosting Review can stand up to in this very competitive market. Lets dive in!


OmniNet Ltd is a cloud-based hosting company dedicated to working with clients to provide them with the best website hosting and development possible. The company is a specialist provider of Cloud services, ranging from standard web hosting, email hosting and anti-spam services along with more advanced and customised hosting and cloud servers.

OmniNet Web Hosting Review

  • Name:  OmniNet Ltd
  • Industries:  Information Technology and Services
  • Specialties:  Cloud Services, Domain Names,Email Services, Ultra-Fast Broadband, VoIP Telephony, Web Hosting
  • Type:  Privately Held
  • Website:
  • Price:  starts at $15/month (WebHost Lite Plan)
  • Overall Ranking:  60 out of 100 (3/5)
  • Verdict:  Legit

Who is it for?

OmniNet offers web hosting plans that are best suitable for the needs of different groups:

  • WebHost-Lite is ideal for small brochure websites with no customer log-in or no need to accept credit card payments.
  • WebHost-Lite+ is perfect if you got a bit more functionality to your website. It has a database for web applications and content management systems.
  • WebHost-Standard comes with more space suitable for a bigger website, and also good if you have a popular forum or lots of products for sale.
  • WebHost-Pro is tailored for large websites with high traffic and plenty of products for sale.
  • WebHost-Elite is for large websites with substantial amount of traffic.

About OmniNet

OmniNet is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated corporation which has been operating since 2004. It started with a staff of one running a small home-based office. When OmniNet quickly outgrew its home-office situation, the company moved into bigger offices to accommodate the company’s growing support staff.

With headquarters in Tauranga, New Zealand, OmniNet now has a great team of employees who are all dedicated to ensuring that their clients are receiving only the best services they offer.

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The company ensures daily backups and 99.99% network uptime guarantee, as well as hosting plans that are flexible and can cater to all sorts of needs.

Web Hosting Features

OmniNet strives to provide the best service and support to ensure their clients have a successfully running website. Their web hosting service provides a great array of technical features such as hosting environment, security, Plesk and email.

OmniNet Web Hosting Review - Technical Features

Email Hosting

Email services and their unique features are beneficial in helping your business become more efficient by sharing calendars with colleagues and giving your employees the ability to access emails at various locations anytime they need it.

OmniNet offers professional email hosting that’s ideal for any business, individual or huge organization that maintains shared contacts and appointments, and has collaborative projects with others in the same industry. Premium email service provided by OmniNet offers an array of benefits such as customised configurations and the capacity to host numerous accounts. You can either avail of their premium email online interface or a third-party email client like MS Outlook to achieve the aforementioned benefits and features.

OmniNet Web Hosting Review - Email Hosting Plan Features

Key Features Overview

Features Details
Price $15 WebHost Lite
Number of Websites
Instant DNS Setup Manage DNS
Hosting Speed
Website Space
Bandwidth Included:
SSL Certificates optional
Site Builder Included
Staging Environment
Full Redundancy
Enterprise Security Yes.
Daily Website Backups Off-site backups are performed daily to another location to guard against data loss.
24/7 Access to Server Admins Yes
Email Accounts Yes
BotNet Security No
Site Health and Performance Tracking No
Site Comments No
Website Feedback Yes
Community Access No
1 on 1 Marketing Mentorship No

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OmniNet offers FREE New Zealand Phone (0800 274 593) and Email Support in the event you need assistance or would like to speak with customer service regarding your inquiries.

Plans and Pricing

Whether you require an enterprise web hosting for the business system that runs your company, or you just need to host an information website for your community group, OmniNet provides a range of web hosting plans you can choose from based on your specific needs and is flexible enough to grow as you do.

OmniNet Web Hosting Review - Web Host Plans

Pros and Cons


  • No advertisements to be put on your website
  • Free management of the whole migration process
  • Customized web hosting solutions to cater
  • Geographically located web servers around the globe
  • Expected peak traffic periods
  • To provide services located in different countries to ensure that the system is fast for its expected target audience
  • To provide hosting with additional non-standard software that would not normally be provided


  • Doesn’t offer free websites unlike others hosting services
  • Limited hosting
  • Absent of a site builder to build your own web-based business
  • Not a community space
  • No Free Trial

Becoming a Reseller

OmniNet invites customers to become a reseller of their premium services and products. Becoming an OmniNet reseller lets you manage your own clients hosting, domain and email services. Top class support via phone and email are definitely provided but no live chat.

A. Web Developers & Designers

OmniNet Web Hositng - web-designIf you are a web developer and designer who need to host your customers’ websites or your own development environment, or you have unique or specific needs that difficult to meet, OmniNet offers the following services for reselling:

  • Web Hosting – OmniNet will work with you as the reseller to ensure that you get the best possible service, and are able to provide the best solution to your clients.
  • Premium Email – As a reseller, you gain access to all of OmniNet’s Email services, including Standard email hosting, Premium email hosting, Mail relaying & Advanced Anti-Spam.
  • DNS Hosting
  • Cloud Servers – Your customers will start asking whether you offer or can provide cloud services to them. Defined as an “On-demand scalable resources”, Cloud Servers are provided as a service such as networks, servers and applications that are accessible by the end user and can be quickly provisioned and released with the least of effort or with minimum service provider interaction.

Partnering with OmniNet gives you the confidence in providing a solution to meet your customers’ needs and knowing that you have the support and backup that your customers demand.

B. IT Consultants

You can add to your current range of services a passive source of income generation by reselling OmniNet’s services while improving the functionality you provide to your customers. As a reseller, you may choose whether to bill your customers, or whether you would like OmniNet to handle that for you. The services include:

  • Domain name registration/renewal
  • Advanced Anti-Spam
  • Premium email
  • Cloud Servers
  • Web Hosting
  • DNS Hosting

The advanced Anti-Spam makes OmniNet’s Anti-Spam solution different from the others. It is a system that sends a daily or weekly report showing you any messages that have been potentially picked up wrong. You have the option to release the message or to whitelist the sender, so no email from that person will be blocked in the future. This simplifies the process for even the most technically challenged people.

The advanced Anti-Spam is suitable for organisations ranging from 1 user to 1000 users. All that is needed is your own Domain Name and you can use the company’s Anti-Spam feature. Emails get redirected through OmniNet’s anti-spam filter for scanning and are then passed onto your existing mail server. This means that there is no need for you to change your existing email provider.

OmniNet Web Hositng - Users Plan

Final Opinion

Not all web site hosting providers are equal. While many hosting companies offer managed hosting plans and services designed to optimize WordPress sites, OmniNet puts forward more than web hosting. They provide email services, cloud services, ultra-fast broadband, VoIP Telephony, domain name registration/renewal, advanced Anti-Spam, and DNS hosting. The range of services offered certainly sets OmniNet apart from other website hosting providers.

Alternative Hosting Option

There are very few Hosting platforms that actually not just Host, but provide the entrepreneur the means to Train, Build, Market, and Manage Multiple Web-based business from a single platform. WA Hosting is one such platform. This comparison chart shows the detail compared to OmniNet!

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  1. Hi Rina,

    Wonderful article! just looking for it. I am a web developer, designer also. I need to host one of my customers’ website so, I’m searching for premium Email services and got your article! I haven’t heard about OmniNet before. Thanks a lot for this information,  please keep sharing like this article

    • Hiya Irin! I will indeed keep researching reviews and publishing them here for all my readers. The reason you might not have heard about OmniNet is because it is New Zealand based and in fact it is based in the City I live in called Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty! It takes a little longer for the world to catch up with us lol. 

  2. First of all, I want to thank you very much for giving me such a well layed out review. I’m a web developer I own a website that I work with and Omninet Web Hosting looks appearling but is a bit expensive. Previously I purchased a hosting services from a web hosting platform that I am not happy with. I was searching online and came across this review. It would be great if I can find the right fit for me and my website.

  3. Web hosting companies have developed into a very large and much more sorted for part of online business, what makes these companies differ from each other is the kind of offers they claim to have. Omninet web hosting seems to be really nice and capable to work well for the suitable businesses it can render its service to, I so much like the fact that it’s not restricted to a particular geographical environment. I hope they can work on the free trial, it’ll attract more people.

    • Hiya! Yes I thnk that Hosting platforms have developed over the years to provide much more than they have in the past, such as emailing services for one. They are all looking for the thing that gives them the edge and that’s not a bad thing. But there are those that stand out when it comes to hosting services that take it to another level especially for those who need specialist training and support to build, operate and manage an online business or profit generating web based buisness. Read my #1 recommendation to learn more.

  4. There are many things that could have made Omninet flawless, speaking of the chance to run through the offer, I mean they don’t offer a free trial. What pisses me off most about some of these hosting companies is putting adverts on your website, sometimes it affects your own activities. This web hosting review is detailed and helpful, to an extent, I think Omninet exceeds some web hosting companies out there. 

    • Hello! Thanks for stopping by and great to have your comments! Yes the ads that some hosting platforms use on your website can indeed be a hindrance or an intrusion even rather than a help. Yes I think Omninet provide a decent enough hosting service and the opportunity to earn as an affiliate, but if you want more for helping your web based business grow, then check out this hosting platform which offers much more at a very affordable cost. 

  5. I like how you put all of your content together. The pics have a good color image, and the information was very helpful. Its good to be able to find a hosting website that will help and offer more web hosting for companies and businesses. Good job on the way you put all of your content together.


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