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BeneYou MLM Review - logoNew internet-based home businesses appear frequently across the internet on a daily basis. Perhaps you have already heard of this company called BeneYou. In this BeneYOU MLM Review, we are going to take a look at the products the company is promoting, their business structure and determine if it’s truly an exciting home-based business opportunity, or one that should be considered carefully. Let’s dive in!


BeneYOU is a Health and Wellness company providing a line of nutritional and beauty products as well as an MLM opportunity. Meaning that it relies on its sales reps to move the bulk of its products.

  • Name:               BeneYOU
  • Type:                 Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Company
  • Website: 
  • Price:                 Starter Kits cost $29.95, $99, or $199
  • Founders:        Lyndsey Ekstrom, Christy Hepworth, Keri Evans, Ryan Anderson
  • Overall:            30 out of 100  (1.5/5)

What is BeneYOU?

BeneYOU is a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company based in the US. Over 2018 it merged with three companies M. Global, Jamberry, and Avisae to form BeneYOUu. A merger does not mean you get a better version of this mlm opportunity, as you will read in what’s to follow.  According to one recent report BeneYOU is estimated to have a sales revenue of around $10million which would be considered a small,  high-risk mlm opportunity. Therefore, careful consideration should be applied before joining this home-based business. There are far better options you might want to consider instead.

Are BeneYOU’s Products Worthy of the Price?

The products are overpriced and this is one reason why consultants find it hard to make money with BeneYOU. BeneYOU claim their cheapest product to be $12 dollars and the dearest to be $59 dollars retail.

You would need to move a lot of products to make a decent living from but only after all of your expenses of course.

You may see deals for far less on ebay for example, which is more likely an indication that consultants are moving their BeneYOU product for whatever they can get for it to recoup their losses.

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Understand, that once MLM companies have moved their products from their warehouses to their associates or consultants, they have already made money from it. That’s why recruiting becomes an MLM companies focus and priority. The bigger the network the more the company makes.

Now, all they have to do is pay bonuses and rewards but will recover the expenses from doing this when enough product is moved by their sales people, associates and consultants.

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The BeneYOU MLM Opportunity

To join BeneYOU, you must have a sponsor. You can find a sponsor online and join through that website or register at the BeneYOU’s website where they will assign you a sponsor.

If you are thinking of becoming a sales associate for BeneYOU then consider the following beforehand.

  • People need to have exceptional people and face-to-face sales skills to make money as a BeneYOU independent sales associate. It is not suitable for those people who lack direct selling experience.
  • An IDS is an income disclosure statement that some companies release to show transparency concerning the earning potential. BeneYOU has not released this information, therefore, this raises red flags and should be a warning to those looking to join the company.
  • If an IDS has not been disclosed, then it is usually an indication that associates are not doing so well.

Now you can start building out your business and make money by purchasing one of three starter kits. See below for details.

How Much Does It Cost to Join BeneYou?

To join BeneYOU, you must purchase a starter kit from them. You can choose any one of three to get going. The kits cost $29.95, $99, or $199

BeneYou MLM Review - three starter kits

The kits contain marketing resources and a range of products to launch your BeneYOU business with. The more you paid for your starter kit the more product you receive.

You must stay active and would need to stay qualified to make money from your BeneYOU business. Meaning you will need to maintain an active status of 60 PV (Personal Volume) or more each month to qualify for commissions.

Bonuses and Team commissions are also available if you qualify. Read below the details in the compensation plan to come.

An associate who cannot maintain or sustain active status will not qualify for bonuses and commissions.

Related costs should be taken into account including, marketing costs, travel expenses, time away from family, cost of gas to get around.

Can You Make Money with BeneYou?

The short answer is yes if you are able to confidently move the product you purchase from them in bulk.

The company have identified 8 ways of Selling and have video training sessions to support the consultants. They include…BeneYou MLM Review - 8 ways of selling

  1.  Customer Subscription – your customers subscribe and regularly recieve product information from you in the hope they will become repeat customers
  2.  Team Direct Sales – Building your own team of associates or consultants through sponsorship. There is more about this to come.
  3.  Party Host rewards – inviting family, friends, neighbours to a product party in your own home
  4.  Retail Sales – selling bulk to retailers
  5.  Trade Shows and Events – setting up a product stall at shows, markets and other events
  6.  Online Sales – your own website sales
  7.  Social Media Sales – ads and posts on social media
  8.  Fundraising Sales – organising fundraising events for your favourite NGO groups for example

Here is a quick video on the Enrollment Process.

Retail Commission

The price difference between what an associate pays for product, and what they sell that product for, is what an associate makes.

Basically, an associate must pay for bulk product before they can start earning reward points and commissions. The more you buy at the Bulk Price the higher your Discount, the more you make. BeneYou MLM Review - bulk price chart

Recruiting Commission

On top of all of this, associates can earn a recruiting commission for those they sponsor either as retail buyers or as an associate. The commission amount depends on the price of which retail pack they buy.

A $199 retail pack affiliate will result in a $75 commission

A $499 retail pack affiliate will result in a $150 commission

Bonus Commission

If 8 people come into your business within 8 weeks and go on to buy one of those two product packs, you will receive another $250 (for 8 x $199 pack) or $500 (for 8 x $499 pack).

Residual payout are paid via a multi-level payout plan as follows.

  • Level 1 – you personally recruited members
  • Level 2 – the members recruited by those you personally recruited
  • And on it goes…BeneYOU MLM Review - Jamberry

The Good and Bad of BeneYOU

Pros of BeneYOU

  • Using Hashtags to help build the brand
  • Normal shopping experience
  • Home Based Business

Cons of BeneYOU

  • Products are oversold
  • Products are overpriced
  • Long waiting times for refunds
  • Bad employers
  • Some Product pages blank
  • Bad associate user experience
  • You must stay qualified to earn
  • To stay qualified you must purchase bulk product

Is BeneYOU a Scam?

BeneYOU is not a scam nor is it a pyramid scheme. They are legit. However, it has taken on having to deal with a reputation early in the peace, after Jamberry found themselves in foreclosure. They received backlash at the time from sales representatives of the company, as reported by CBS NEWS, complaining of late payments to the reps and refund issues. Jamberry quit communicating with their reps as a result, leaving reps without answers, and many moved onto other companies.

Final Thoughts

Often a merger is the result of previous bad dealings and a name change alone will not fix it. MLM companies rely greatly on distributors or sales reps to move their product – not talking to them when problems that affect them arise does not make for a trusting relationship.

MLM might sound simplistic, but it can be a hard road to walk down especially if you are unable to move the product that you have bought, and find it hard to recruit new associates. Consider looking at something else.

An Alternative Home-based Opportunity

If you don’t want the hassel of being an associate paying for bulk product before you can even earn any commission, then Affiliate Marketing is a great option! Affiliate Marketing, unlike MLM, is an online earning opportunity whereby you choose to promote products you are excited about or have a passion for without paying for the product and storing it before selling it. So, here’s an opportunity to be trained from scratch the art of Affiliate Marketing by industry experts inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform – and it dosen’t require a credit card. You can try it for free to see if it is an opportunity worthy of your time and effort. Compared to BeneYOU, Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to an array of tools, training and support as you can see here…

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  1. Hi Rina!

    Nice review!

    Is BeneYou international? Because I understand that they do social media marketing and you know social media is a great way to reach clients all over the world. So, it will be great if the products can be shipped internationally, or even a consultant be able to recruit internationally.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi there!

      Thank you for your comments and question. BeneYou is only available in the US and only in Utah County according to BBB records. It takes a while for any company to go international as there are many requirements they have to meet for each country. This is one to watch for though in the future, although I predict that they will struggle.

  2. Hi Rina,

    I don’t really have any questions on your topic because you were very thorough in your content.  I appreciated the article because I know from my friends’ experience that it gets costly to keep an inventory of the products you sell and sometimes in order to qualify you have to buy the products yourself because you can’t always have a “party” every month.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this topic.

    • Hiya Lisa!

      Thanks for the comments. Your friend is not alone in having to buy product to qualify, and there are those who feel preasured by their upline to do this to receive their ‘monthly check’ even when the check payment is less than the amount to qualify. Not a good practice and should never be encouraged. However, this happens because of the very nature of the MLM model of qualifying volume. It is what it is.


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