15 Make Money Affiliate Programs for Kids in 2021

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Babies are a cute bundle of joy. Life feels like it’s all about getting enough sleep, but these young ones eventually start growing up. They laugh, run around, make messes, and increasingly need a lot of things.

As a parent, you want to make sure the things they acquire are good for their minds and bodies. It can be a constant challenge to find quality baby products, such as the right books and crafts that will stimulate the mind, apparel that will make them comfortable and fashionable, and toys that are safe to use. These baby products, however, can also be expensive. And, where there’s expense, profit cannot be far behind.

15 Make Money Affiliate Programs for Kids in 2020 - kids marching

In this roundup, you will be able to take a look at the 15 Make Money Affiliate Programs for Kids in 2021. All it takes is to connect other parents with these companies selling baby products, so you can earn yourself some nice commissions.

1. Cherub Baby Australia
2. Smooch Baby
3. Posh Baby & Kids
4. Mak-a-boo
5. Project Nursery
6. Lovevery
7. Naturepedic
8. Kids Discover
9. 4lifehappykids
10. Kids Room Global
11. Wholesome Kids Recipe Book
12. Superpower Academy
13. Bright Star Kids
14. How Do I Tell the Kids About the Divorce?
15. Kids Foot Locker

1. Cherub Baby Australia Affiliate Program – earn 10% commission

The Cherub Baby is one of Australia’s favourite feeding brands offering safe, unique, patented and innovative products to all customers. For more than 12 years, the company’s aim is to assure customers that their baby is receiving all the goodness of natural food in a convenient manner. 

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15 Make Money Affiliate Programs for Kids in 2020 - Cherub Baby reusable pouches

With a strong following not only in Australia, but also in New Zealand, Asia and Europe markets, Cherub Baby’s is the world’s first start-to-finish solution for parents to steam, blend, store, warm and serve home-made baby food all from one set of products. Their popular Thermosensor Breast Milk Bags are a favourite amongst breastfeeding Mums to store and freeze breast milk in a 100% BPA free storage pouch. 

Join the Cherub Baby Affiliate Program on Commission Factory and make money from your website when you promote their products. The program offers:

  • 10% commission
  • 30-day cookie period
  • Base range of over 30 banners
  • Free Shipping over $25 in Australia with Shipster
  • Free Shipping over $75 in Australia
  • Free International Shipping over $150
  • Mobile optimised site
  • Payment methods: Afterpay, PayPal and Credit Card 

Join Cherub Baby Affiliate Program

2. Smooch Baby Affiliate Program – earn 5% commission

Smooch Baby is Australia’s online superstore for a wide variety of quality products for babies, toddlers and kids. These products can be promoted by joining the Smooch Baby Affiliate Program on Commission Factory with thefollowing benefits:

15 Make Money Affiliate Programs for Kids in 2020 - Smooch Baby Kids Play Theme
  • 5% commission
  • 30-day cookie period
  • Full 4000+ product data feed available
  • More than 40 banners across baby, toddler and kids’ product range
  • International shipping for selected products
  • Mobile optimised site

Join Smooch Baby Affiliate Program

3. Posh Baby & Kids by Out Peak Services Inc. Affiliate Program – earn 6% commission

Out Peak Services Inc. d.b.a. Posh Baby and Kids is a wholesaler and distributor of the best baby products in the world, with emphasis on quality, elegance, and safety above all else. Their products include Luxury Bentley Trikes and Folding Rito Stroller Tricycles, Milkbe Self Stopping Strollers, QPlay Balance Bikes in USA and Canada; Dwinguler baby play mats & playpens (in Canada only). Worldwide shipping and FREE Shipping are offered to customers in North America.

Become an Affiliate today for free through ShareASale platform to get

  • 6% commission on all sales made
  • A 30-day cookie for longer sales tracking
  • An affiliate package of the best-selling products 
  • Affiliate promotions and discounts
  • Banners and Product Catalogue Data-feed
  • Dedicated Affiliate Team
15 Make Money Affiliate Programs for Kids in 2020 - Posh Baby and Kids Sofas

Join Posh Baby Affiliate Program

4. Mak-a-boo Affiliate Program – earn 10% commission

Mak-a-boo is a well-known gift store that provides personalized items to parents to celebrate the birth of their babies. They provide a wide selection of leading baby brands and products that can be personalized to reflect the baby’s name, leaving a lasting impression on the baby and the parents.

Interested parties can sign up for the Mak-a-boo affiliate program via ShareASale. Affiliates are entitled to a 10% commission on sales through their website.

Join Mak-a-boo Affiliate Program

5. Project Nursery Affiliate Program – earn 5% commission

Project Nursery is the largest children’s design resource on the web driven by a passionate community of parents and designers. It is a curated online boutique, targeting new and expecting parents who seek beautifully designed nursery, maternity, baby and registry essentials.

15 Make Money Affiliate Programs for Kids in 2020 - Project Nursery room fit out
Project Nursery room fit out

ShareASale administers Project Nursery Affiliate Program, offering:

  • 5% commission on most merchandise 
  • 3% commission on furniture, decals and paints
  • Vanity promotional codes and exclusives 
  • Publisher incentives and bonuses 
  • Newsletters and promotions 
  • Blogging and shopping site attributes
  • 30-day cookie duration

Join Project Nursery Affiliate Program

6. Lovevery Affiliate Program – earn 10% commission

Lovevery brings together academics, researcher, and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines for a holistic approach that is simple, accessible, and relevant to parents and their babies. The play products are designed by child development experts and distilled to their simplest, purest purpose: to be exactly what children need at each stage.

Individuals who wish to earn commission from Lovevery purchases are invited to participate in the Lovevery Affiliate Program managed by ShareASale.

  • Sale Commission: 10 %
  • Tracking cookie lasts for 30 Days after the initial clickthrough

Join Lovevery Affiliate Program

7. Naturepedic Affiliate Program – earn 10% commission

15 Make Money Affiliate Programs for Kids in 2020 - Naturepedic kids bed

Naturepedic specializes in the design and manufacture of quality organic mattresses for infants, toddlers, children and adults that promote the use of natural and organic materials, a non-toxic and fire-safety design for overall health and safe sleep.

Make money by sharing your recommendations for Naturepedic’s healthy products with your audience through the company’s affiliate program managed by ShareASale.

  • Sale Commission: 10 %
  • Tracking cookie lasts for 90 Days after the initial clickthrough

Join Naturepedic Affiliate Program

8. Kids Discover Affiliate Program – earn 10% commission

Kids Discover is recognized as an award-winning educational publisher of high-interest, nonfiction material for children with ages ranging from 6 to 14. For over 25 years, Kids Discover offers beautifully crafted nonfiction products for kids. With a specialty in science and social studies, a team of talented writers, award-winning designers and illustrators, and subject-experts from leading institutions, the company is committed to a single mission: to motivate children to read and learn.

The Kids Discover affiliate program is designed to encourage parents and home-school instructors to use the platform. It offers the following incentives:

15 Make Money Affiliate Programs for Kids in 2020 - Kids Discovery Pyramids
  • 10% commission on an “At-Home” Plan
  • 10% commission on an “Educator” Plan
  • 30 Day cookie duration, so expect a quick pay-out 

Join the Kids Discover Affiliate Program

9. Law of Attraction for Kids: 4lifehappykids – earn 50% commission

The Law of Attraction for Kids is a comprehensive success program with 1 audiobook, 3 eBooks, and 9 videos plus 10 special bonus games, guides, and activity sheets. The eBooks are meant for both parents and kids of all ages. It is the first book ever to explain what goal setting is for kids and what the law of attraction is in simple terms that are easy for young children to understand. 

The first wonderfully illustrated book is for older kids and the other one is for younger kids to completely guide them through the tips of strategizing, goal setting and visualization. The package is downloadable at 4lifehappykids.com, a safe place based on Google safe site checker tool.  

The “4lifehappykids” Affiliate Program is administered through ClickBank — the world leader in credit card processing for information products and eBook sales. Setting up a ClickBank account is free. Affiliates will be automatically set up with an Affiliate ID and given complete instructions.

15 Make Money Affiliate Programs for Kids in 2020 - 4lifehappykids

Affiliates earn a commission of 50% for every customer referred that resulted in a sale. Plus, all sales can be tracked in real-time right from your own computer through your ClickBank affiliate account. ClickBank cuts commission checks twice a month. Affiliates enjoy comprehensive support from the program. If you join the mailing list, you’ll be notified about specials, follow up products, how to’s, new banners, articles and viral e-books and freebies to offer to your website visitors.

Join Law of Attraction for Kids: 4lifehappykids Affiliate Program

10. Kids Room Global Affiliate Program – earn 4% commission

Kids Room Global is the largest online store for children and baby products in Germany, boasting more than 20 years of experience in the field of baby equipment. They offer a wide selection of baby products, including seats, strollers, feeding sets, and more.

Through the Kids Room Global Affiliate Program, your website traffic can access the online stores for children and baby products. The benefits of the program at a glance include:

  • 4% Commission Rate
  • Attractive banners
  • Daily updated product data feeds
  • Monthly new coupon promotions
  • High conversion rates and low cancellation rate
  • Personal support for questions
  • Cookie life lasts 30 days
15 Make Money Affiliate Programs for Kids in 2020 - Kids Room Global

Join Kids Room Global Affiliate Program

11. Wholesome Kids Recipe Book Affiliate Program 

The Wholesome Kids Recipe Book features more than 250 pages of mouth-watering recipes, tips and fun activities for the whole family to happily enjoy together. The book is filled with bright, colourful pictures to encourage enjoyment and involvement of kids in the kitchen. The easy to follow recipes are versatile, offering alternatives for nut and grain sensitivities, vegetarian substitutes, and budget and time friendly ideas for all occasions.

Clickbank is the official retailer of the book. Any purchase through the affiliate link below is entitled to a commission.

Join Wholesome Kids Recipe Book Affiliate Program

12. Superpower Academy Affiliate Program – earn up to 15% commission

Superpower Academy (SA) is a prominent and awarded educational subscription box for kids. A team of experts is brought together to create the Superpower Academy. It is similar to Kiwi Create, but the difference lies in SA’s combining STEM with social and emotional learning (SEL). Psychological research in child development has indicated that social and emotional training such as how to deal with emotions, have empathy and make good choices are strong predictors of lifelong success. 

Through the Superpower Academy Affiliate Program, managed by ShareASale, your site visitors can access a subscription teaching kids about social and emotional training. The program offers: 

15 Make Money Affiliate Programs for Kids in 2020 - Superpower Academy
  • commission equal to $15 for each subscription sale to a new customer (excludes subscription renewals)
  • 5% Baseline Commission
  • 30-day cookie duration
  • AOV: $162 
  • Conversion Rate: 2.3%

Join Superpower Academy Affiliate Program

13. Bright Star Kids Affiliate Program – earn 10% commission

Bright Star Kids is a family-owned business that designs and produces top quality personalised products perfect for babies right up to around 10 years of age. The on-trend designs, affordable prices and incredible customer service are some of the reasons why families keep coming back year after year since the company was established in 2005.

Mums especially love Bright Star Kids’ super durable range of waterproof name labels. Hundreds of fun designs are available to choose from, which can all be previewed online, making it super easy for busy Mums to purchase. Everything is printed in Australia and all the products are made to last.

Bright Star Kids Affiliate Program is managed by Commission Factory. Incentives include: 

15 Make Money Affiliate Programs for Kids in 2020 - Bright Star Kids
  • 10% commission
  • Discount codes available
  • 30-day cookie period
  • Unique products and designs
  • Full product data feed available
  • Eye-catching banners
  • Free shipping available in Australia
  • International Shipping
  • Mobile optimised site

Join Bright Star Kids Affiliate Program

14. How Do I Tell the Kids About the Divorce? 

A hands-on interactive storybook, “How Do I Tell the Kids About the Divorce?” is for all parents going through the process of a divorce. It is a step-by-step guide to help parents traverse the emotional minefield as they prepare their children for an imminent divorce. The templates, in fill-in-the-blank style, make it easy for parents to create a storybook sharing family photos and history as a successful method to break the news to their children and to prepare them for future changes with love.

Join How Do I Tell the Kids About the Divorce Affiliate Program

15. Kids Foot Locker Affiliate Program – earn 2% commission per qualified sale

Kids Foot Locker is one of the athletic footwear retail outlets of Foot Locker Retail, Inc., an American sportswear and footwear retailer. With headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, Foot Locker operates in more than 3,100 locations in the U.S. and about two dozen other countries. Kids Foot Locker has the largest selection of brand name athletic footwear, apparel and accessories for children.

15 Make Money Affiliate Programs for Kids in 2020 - Kids Foot Locker

Individuals with a Foot Locker-approved website are a Foot Locker affiliate. Joining the Foot Locker affiliate program is free. As a Foot Locker affiliate, you can place their ads, text link, or product link on your websites, shopping engines, blogs, etc. or include them in email campaigns and search listings as a way to earn a 2% commission per qualified sale.

To get started as an affiliate, you should first sign up for a free account on Rakuten Marketing. Once you have completed the sign-up process, you can apply for the footlocker.com program. An approval email from Team Foot Locker will be sent to you. Once approved, you can start adding the Foot Locker links to your website and your personalized “sports store” will be up and running.

Join Kids Foot Locker Affiliate Program

So, if you have a website within the realm of parenting, children and baby products, and related niches, these affiliate programs are worth checking out.

How to Find More Affiliate Programs

Conducting a Google Search is a great way to find more income earning affiliate programs related to kids that are more suited to your site or needs. Or perhaps it’s food related affiliate programs you are interested in, or maybe Pottery? No matter what your interest is, the following screenshot is an example of a Google affiliate programs search that you can conduct yourself!

Alternatively, go directly to an affiliate program network platform such as ShareAsale to browse the many merchant product companies and join the ones you would like to earn commission from!

20 Best Beauty Affiliate Programs - Google Search

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If you are starting and want to see what is available to you, not just in the way of affiliate programs but also tools such as Website Building and Hosting and affiliate marketing step-by-step training, then head over to Wealthy Affiliate, a platform made for a purpose – no credit card required.

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I am Rina Walker the founder of Earning Online and have been running a successful affiliate marketing website and blogging about earning online opportunites since November 2016. The niches that I am involved in include Wealth Creation, Permaculture, Action Cameras and Social Enterprise - all of which I have a great interest in.

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4 thoughts on “15 Make Money Affiliate Programs for Kids in 2021”

  1. It’s very thoughtful of you to share this article, having offers like this that’ll help you get perfect and comfortable lifestyle for your kids is a very good one And there are many good ones that you’ve listed here, it’ll be perfect for all parents and also for the children. Please I need to ask, what are the criteria for choosing a good money affiliate program for kids?

    • Hiya and thanks for taking the time out to visit. The criteria for picking any affiliate program is that it must relate to your niche. So for example if your niche is Kids Bed Linen then don’t be promoting Pet Accessories, this would just confuse visitors to your site. After this the amount of commission you get paid, the companies reputation, what their return policies are may sway your decision in deciding on an affiliate. Checking out online reviews about their product and services can potentially alert you to any issues regarding affiliates. 

  2. I did not know there were so many affiliate options for children related products.  What a great way to make some money on a product you trust and believe in, while using it for your kids!  I see several that would interest me for sure.  My kids are all grown, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do this.  It looks like it would be a fun way to earn an  online income.  Some are based out of Australia, and I would probably skip those.  But I will be looking into the others.

    • Hiya Leahrae!

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment! Products for kids is a popular niche and so there are some great affiliate programs to promote for sure, whether you have children or not! Anyway, if you decide to join any of these affiliates then potentially you will have great fun promoting their products.


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