7 Best Music Affiliate Programs to Earn Revenue in 2021

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If you have a music blog and a website, then here is a way to earn an online income from other peoples product. I have listed here 7 Best Music Affiliate Programs with you in mind. Don’t have a website and/or want to know how to set up your own affiliate marketing gig? No problem, just go here to get started, no credit card needed. The Music Affilite Programs here were selected so that an area of Music is covered because like a walk in music shop you have it all covered. 

  1. Marketing Courses for Musicians
  2. Sheet Music
  3. Master Classes by the Best
  4. Instruments and Music Accessories
  5. Voice Training
  6. Piano
  7. Guitar

7 Best Music Affiliate Programs - Music Affiliate Programs

1. Music Affiliate Programs – 50% commission

Join the Music Affiliate Programs

The products are Courses for musicians – on how to market themselves and how to make a full time living from their music.

7 Best Music Affiliate Programs - Musicians

The amount paid to you for a successful sale is 50% after Clickbank fees of 7.5% of the sale price plus $1. A 60 day cookie applies.

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You’re emailed each time a product is purchased via your affiliate link. A 60 day cookie is activated when someone clicks your affiliate link for the first time. This means you earn a commission from every product purchased by that customer for up to 60 days from cookie activation. Or if they purchase on the 59th day after clicking your link, you will receive the commission.

A Clickbank account is required and you are paid by Clickbank which means that you need to sign up for a Clickbank account prior to becoming an affiliate.

7 Best Music Affiliate Programs - Virtual Sheet Music

2. Virtual Sheet Music – 30% commission

Join the Virtual Sheet Music Affiliate Program

You are able to 30% commission on all sales. It’s free and easy to join. All sheet music is digital, downloadable and printable.

Their most requested product is the Sheet Music Membership worth $37.75 and entitles members to unlimited sheet music downloads from their archives. So this means you are able to earn $11.33 for any member referred by clicking your affiliate link. You also earn from any renewals from members referred by you.

Their website is very popular and on average has 20,000 unique visitors a day. They also rank with sheet music related keywords on the first page of major search engines, making it easier to be found and clicked on.

Virtual Sheet Music attracts music lovers, music teachers, professional musicians, schools, theaters, universities, major musical orchestras, and libraries around the world. They also are advertised and reviewed in classical music magazines such as The Strad, International Musician, Classical Music, Music Teacher, just to name a few.

7 Best Music Affiliate Programs - Sam Ash

Join the Sam Ash Affiliate Program

3. Sam Ash – 10% Commission

Sam Ash is a well known and trusted company with a wide range of music related products. The Sam Ash company has been family owned since starting in 1924. They have more than 50,000 products on the website.

The website is extensive offering many well known brands so products appeal to a wide range of customers including, musicians, teachers, students, composers, producers etc.

As an affiliate you can earn from 7 to 10% on any product on the website. The website has a live chat function to get information on any product when you need it.

There is a downside though and that is folk residing in Arkansas, Connecticut, North Carolina, or Rhode Island are unable to be an affiliate due to tax laws there.

No Traffic = No Earnings
From Affiliate Programs
See how the experts are earning online with simple affiliate websites using my #1 recommended affiliate training.

Everything is Included: live help, tech support, and step-by-step walkthrough lessons!

7 Best Music Affiliate Programs - Singorama

4. Singorama – 70% commission

Commission of 70% is for instant downloads and 40% commission on shipped media courses, and there is a 60 day cookie.

Join the Singorama Affiliate Program

So many want to perfect their singing and now they can with Singorama. This learn to sing program helps to improve one’s singing techniques by offering 28 audio lessons as well as mini studio recording software which records and plays back your voice while singing along to a virtual piano or to pre recorded scales. But that’s not all. The offering is packed with added value in the way of bonuses.

There are plenty of positive reviews on the website from students who have used the Singorama product which retails at $299.95 although available as a Special for as little as $67 but this translates to a lower commission. It has a 60 day money back guarantee which is great for the customers as they can try it without risk.

As an affiliate you can earn 70% for the digital downloadable product and 40% for courses that are shipped to the customer. You need to have a Clickbank account who tracks for up to 60 days after someone clicks your affiliate link. Marketing tools and resources are also available to you to help promote and market Singorama products.

7 Best Music Affiliate Programs - MasterClass
5. Masterclass – 25% commission

Join the Masterclass Affiliate Program

A 30 day cookie applies.

What happens when you get the very best in the World wanting to share their craft with the World? You get Masterclass. If you haven’t already noticed, Masterclass ads come up on Youtube of celebrities offering Masterclasses related to their craft.

The celebrities include Christina Aguilera, Reba Mcentire, Tom Morello, Usher. Others include Steve Martin, Anna Wintour and Gordon Ramsay just to name a few. So, the courses actually have a wide field to choose from and you are learning from the best in those fields. This means that Masterclass actually appeals to many different people depending on their interest or multiple interests.

7 Best Music Affiliate Programs - Christina Aguilera

As an affiliate you are offered 25% commission as well as monthly bonuses between $100 and $300 dollars depending on the amount of sales you make. The maximum bonus is earned on sales worth $12,000.

7 Best Music Affiliate Programs - PianoForAll

6. Pianoforall – 60% commission

Join the Pianoforall Affiliate Program

Pianoforall have been offering piano courses online since 2006. Piano is amongst the first instrument choices people want to learn. Some of the main features PianoForAll supplies are Ebooks, Videos and Audios that work with all devices including Mac, Android tablets and phones. All piano styles including pop, blues, jazz and classical for example.

Piano appeals to all ages and you’re never too old to learn. Therefore, it attracts a wide range of students including parents of children, teachers, musicians, composers, music producers etc.

You need to register with Clickbank who track your sales and ensure you get paid. You can also track your own efforts in Clickbank. Clickbank, who are one of the top three Affiliate Network providers online are well respected and trusted in the Affiliate Marketing World.

7 Best Music Affiliate Programs - Guitar Center

7. Guitar Centre – 10% commission

Join the Guitar Centre Affiliate Program

If you join the Guitar Center Affiliate Program you can earn money with one of the largest musical instrument retailers around the world. Offer a simple link to GuitarCenter.com on your website or have an entire online music shop on your site. Guitar Centre does the rest. Receive a competitive base commission of 6% on every single sale and be assured that your customers will get as good a service as any of the best.

Guitarcenter.com, sells over 40,000 products, including guitars numbered in the thousands as well as basses, keyboards, drum kits, amplifiers, recording, mixing, lighting and DJ gear. New products are added every week, including exclusive items through the Guitar Center online store.

The cookie runs for 2 weeks after a referral clicks your link. Once your sales exceed $25 you are paid out your commissions.Tracking is done by Guitar Center.

There is no ceiling on what you can earn. From $5 guitar strings to $50,000 recording studios, you’ll collect on every order no matter much that is.

Joining is free and easy and a third party monitors your sales and pays out your commissions once they exceed $25. There’s never any cost to you for being a Guitar Center affiliate.

How to Find More Affiliate Programs

Conducting a Google Search is a great way to find more income earning affiliate programs related to music that are more suited to your site or needs. Or perhaps it’s food related affiliate programs you are interested in or recurring commission based affiliate programs. No matter what your interest is, the following screenshot is an example of a Google affiliate programs search that you can conduct yourself!

Alternatively, go directly to an affiliate program network platform such as ShareAsale to browse the many merchant product companies and join the ones you would like to earn commission from!

20 Best Beauty Affiliate Programs - Google Search

The Best Way to Get Started with Your Own Affiliate Marketing Website

If you are just starting out and want to see what is available to you, not just in the way of affiliate programs but also tools such as Website Building and Hosting and affiliate marketing step-by-step training, then head over to Wealthy Affiliate, a platform made for pupose – no credit card required.

Build Your First Blog Before Your Coffee is Brewed!

Learn How to Start Your Own Fun Blog using My 4 Step Formula

No Traffic = No Earnings
From Affiliate Programs
See how the experts are earning online with simple affiliate websites using my #1 recommended affiliate training.

Everything is Included: live help, tech support, and step-by-step walkthrough lessons!

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  1. This is certainly a great way to monetize a musical blog. I know how difficult it is for upcoming musical acts and producers to earn from their handwork but affiliate programs could be the thing that makes the difference. Though I don’t directly run a music blog, my room mate does and I’m sure he’ll be thrilled by this information. But I have to ask, what happens if a sale is made after the cookie expires as regards to clickbank 60-day cookie policy?

    • Hiya Leo!

      Thank you for your comments and your question!

      If a sale occurs after the expiry of the cookie then unfortunately, the affiliate will not be credited with their referral fee.

  2. Hi Rina! I was happy to find your website. I have several family members who are musicians and could benefit from these affiliate programs. You offer good insights into these. Are there any music affiliate programs with a fixed cookie? A cookie that has no time limit? And I wonder also which of these affiliateprograms that are most popular among music users?

    • Hiya Hilde! 

      Thank you for the comments and the questions today! There maybe music affiliates with no fixed cookie but I have not come across them in my research yet. Nor am I aware yet of which ones are the most popular among music users. Should I come across this during my research I will update the article. Thanks again for taking the time to read the article. 




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