Pay Per Click Business Model

A Pay Per Click Business Model (PPC) is a search engine marketing strategy used in web-based business and attracts visitors to your website to boost its traffic. It is a risky gamble for technopreneurs if you don’t have a good Pay Per Click Business Model - mouseunderstanding of how it works, it will cost you a fortune if you’re not careful. A well-strategic PPC campaign can generate large audiences to your website resulting in the increase in revenue. We all want that to happen now, don’t we? So here is an overview of what are the challenges are moving ahead, strategies to build, and the first steps in making a successful PPC campaign.

What is PPC and why is it important for digital marketers?

Search engines provide advertising services that let you buy paid ad listings to promote your website on a related keyword search. These paid listings appear on top of an organic search engines results in page or SERP. When it comes to bidding for the keywords that are suitable for your ad, the ‘chance’ of getting the first spot of the sponsored link will depend on the price of your bid. There’s also a ‘quality score’ factor that affects the ranking of the sponsored ad. Keyword research is essential for you to maximize a PPC campaign as search engines like Google and Bing are getting paid for every user that clicks on the sponsored listing.

For example…

If you place a maximum bid of $1.50 on a keyword “dog leash,” then the sponsored ad gets you 150 visitors to your website; you will probably get the first spot. Search engine ad services will charge you in this formula: The amount that you bid for a keyword multiplied by the total number of visitors directed to your website…

That’s 1.50 x 150 = $225.00

On the radar…Pay Per Click Business Model - radar

Digital marketers spend enough to get their ads on the first spot of the sponsored ad listings. PPC can deliver lightning-fast traffic to your website. Potential customers will see your business on their radar and have the right ads and quality content will convert each visitor into paying customer.

Adwords to manage PPC campaigns…

Google AdWords is the tool used by digital marketers to manage PPC campaigns and keyword research. The tool will help you generate and analyze traffic on a targeted PPC campaign.

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PPC Campaign…

Taking advantage of the PPC campaign will give you the flexibility to blend into marketing challenges that are constantly changing. Consumers often change their “wants and needs” and having the right strategy that caters to those changes will reward your business with paying customers in no time. You can adjust the frequency of your PPC campaign in just minutes, hours, and days.

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Suitable Keyword/s…

Research a suitable keyword that can maximize your targeted PPC campaign. Choose a keyword with low competition that can draw visitors to your website. Place the highest bid to a keyword with highly specified phrases and have longer tails. Jaaxy is a keyword tool and a free trial is available at Wealthy Affiliate along with many other very useful free online tools.

Expense versus Revenue…Pay Per Click Business Model - scales

You might think that it’s an expensive marketing strategy but when you look at the bigger picture, the cost of a PPC campaign is just a fraction of the revenue that you will gain. In comparison, organic search engine marketing results may lag for weeks or even months – and it needs constant exposure to social media networks so it can draw traffic to your website.

Research Research Research…

Before deciding on which PPC campaign to carry out, you should do research, research, and more research. Having the right information right up your sleeves will give you power. Equip yourself with the right arsenal to battle the challenges ahead of you in the online marketing industry. It will be a roller coaster ride so you should be ready for the highs and lows.

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8 thoughts on “Pay Per Click Business Model”

  1. Hello there,

    Great post, I tried before Bing PPC & I lost the money I put without getting conversions because as you said if you don’t understand how it works you will fail, to be clear I found it complicated to make a good campaign, I have to say also that keyword hunting is not enough, may be a lot of researches can help but studying PPC in close by watching tutorials or reading more about it is the right way before you get rolled in it!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Cheers, Ehab

    • Thank you Ehab, thanks for visiting. Sorry to hear of your experience with PPC – it could happen to anyone. With any situation like this, the best thing is to learn from the experience and that’s not a bad thing. Research is key especially with online marketing and as you have pointed out, there are a lot of useful ways to do this. Wishing you all the best in the future.



  2. This post really came at the right time for me. I’m struggling to get traffic in the early stages here on my website via just focusing on SEO. My next step is to try out PPC but I’m worried about the amount of money I might have to spend.

    What would be a realistic amount of money to spend on a first campaign? I’m excited but worried about the investment as I’m a student. What do you suggest?


    • Hi Jake thanks for visiting and leaving your comments and questions.

      Certainly do not spend more money than you can afford to lose. Always do lots of research before embarking on a PPC campaign – not all campaigns are successfuI. So I have included here a PPC Introduction training video made by Kyle a co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate. I think you may find it very helpful. The video runs for 13.39 minutes. Wishing you every success 🙂

      video link



  3. I have always thought about PPC campaigns but never did one, I just think it is not just the right time for me to advertise my site on the organic searches. Your post really gives a good insight into this and I have definitely gained more knowledge on it after reading this.

    Can I use PPC campaigns for my review posts also? Will it be making me any profit? I will do the research and I think I have some good keywords also to target. How about if someone is planning to start a new website which will be developing real fast can PPC help to drive some quick traffic initially?

    • Hi Hari, thank you for stopping by. Firstly, you use PPC to get traffic – PPC is not a replacement for creating quality relevant content, rather it’s a scaling technique to get more reach through campaigns aligned to relevant content on your website.

      If you don’t earn more than you spend, then there won’t be any profit for you – but done properly, PPC can indeed add to your profits.

      PPC is not a campaign you should be tackling early on when building up a brand new website. But once you have built it up to a point where the content is highly relevant, this is what will convert traffic that’s generated by a PPC campaign.

      Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate shares insight into PPC here in this training video link… 13.39 minutes or so long.



  4. this is so good. thank you, author, for sharing this. I really liked this post and enjoyed reading this as well. will get others to read this. cheers!


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