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A study from 2013 reveals that 79% of consumers are trusting the reviews that they read online. 90% of consumer’s decision is influenced by online reviews according to the article published on Marketing Land.

Product Review Business - Hitting the mark

Reviewing products you have used

One of the powerful ways to earn in blogging is by writing reviews about products you have used. It is one of the strategies in affiliate marketing used by digital marketers to sell products from their partners. Creating reviews needs time, as you will need to have used the product that you are reviewing.

What if I don’t have the resources to have the product I want to review?

Go on and do an in-depth research about the product. It is a meticulous process where you will need to watch videos, search for reviews online, and get facts from compelling reviews. Some people intentionally bad mouth the product; your job here is to identify those reviews and get the facts straight. “Honesty is the best policy,” it is the basic foundation on how to create compelling product reviews.

The things that you should avoid when writing product reviews?

Avoid writing biased product reviews. Even though the product itself is crap and doesn’t have anything positive to offer, just be fair in your reviews. Avoid over-praising the product as well, even though it is a great product – most of us are all guilty of doing this at some time or another. Readers might think it’s a fake review if you exaggerate with flowery words and praises.

A simple guide on how to write compelling product reviewsProduct Review Business - laptop keyboard

It’s always best to find products of high quality and relevance to your niche. Also, find products that are good alternatives for costly mainstream products that your readers would appreciate and love to know about also. It gives your readers options.

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A simple checklist when deciding on what products to review

  1. Look for high-end products that would sell well.
  2. The product should be relevant to your niche.
  3. Look for products that ‘solve problems’

Product popularity check

You will need to know the product’s information such as customer service, existing reviews, reviews written by customers, and customer feedback. There is no point in going for a product that most people think is rubbish.

You can visit consumer forums and ask if someone had already used the product. Use your social media channels to ask your friends if someone has used the product. Feedback is very important for you to know the product better.

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Purchase the product

Okay, let us say that you are satisfied with your research. Some bloggers fail on this part because they are just happy to promote the product but they are not ready to use it for themselves. If you really want to have an honest and compelling review, you should buy the product and use it. Share your experience on what you love about the product.

Affiliate partners give-awaysProduct Review Business - bunch of flowers

Some affiliate partners will give away product to someone in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of their product. This could be a strategy you use to gain sound knowledge for a particular product. There is no harm in asking a partner if they don’t readily offer up any of their products for you to try.

The reader’s trust factor is everything in the affiliate marketing business

Gaining trust from your readers, making them a loyal subscriber to your blog is a huge plus that will benefit your business. If you fail to provide an honest review because you did not buy the product or conduct thorough research, say goodbye to the trust factor. Dishonest and fake reviews will surely hurt your review business.  You should do the research, find the right products, and buy the product before writing a review if at all possible.

How should a review be drafted?

  • Here is how you can break down the content of your product reviews.
  • Title and tagline
  • Product introduction, details, and proof of purchase.
  • Price for the product
  • Product’s features, benefits, and who is it for?
  • Proof of how the product works
  • PROS and CONS
  • Conclusion
  • Call-to-action

A basic approach

This is by no means a comprehensive account of a review strategy, rather it outlines the basic approach should you decide to apply this strategy from your website.

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4 thoughts on “Product Review Business”

  1. Thank you very much for these tips! Writing reviews are often the real money makers for affiliate marketers so it’s critical to follow many of these steps to ensure you are writing a quality review.

    Affliate Partners give-aways – excellent point!! many online marketers really can’t afford to purchase every product they want to review, but often just by asking you are able to get a sample or get “review access” to a system

    Thanks again!

    • Thank you Bret for stopping by. One key to sourcing free product to review yourself is to look for manufacturers and merchants who are not the big brand name companies and whose products don’t have many reviews – these guys are like ‘low hanging fruit’.



  2. These are great tips for writing a product review. I also like to personalize reviews by adding pictures of the product in use around my home, if at all possible. And I haven’t dived into this aspect yet, but doing video reviews of the product in action (or simply sharing your story via video) is a great way to engage with your audience while helping them move through the purchase cycle of the item they are potentially interested in.

    • Thanks for your comments and sharing valuable insight. Video is indeed a great tool to actually review the products you are promoting. More and more people are relying on product reviews before making a purchasing decision so actual footage of you using it should lead to high conversion rates. Thanks again for visiting.


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